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Mill Hill Historic Park
Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut

2 East Wall Street, Norwalk, CT

Lat: 41° 07' 03"N, Lon: 73° 24' 35"W

Take Exit 16 (East Avenue) off of I-95 in Norwalk. Go north on East Avenue about 1 mile to the second traffic light after the Norwalk Inn and Conference Center. Mill Hill Historic Park is on your immediate left adjacent to Hubbell Lane.

This is the third oldest cemetery in Norwalk, first established as Mill Hill Burying Ground in 1750, it is also known as Town House Hill Cemetery. It is shaded and set back from the road making it barely noticeable. The grounds are well maintained, though many stones are unreadable due to age.

This cemetery is managed by the Norwalk Historical Society. Mailing address: PO Box 1640, Norwalk, CT 06852.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 69.

Contributor's Index:

Beers, Lydia, d. Jun 30, 1796, age: 71yr, w/o Nathan, [LH]
Beers, Nathan, d. Jun 16, 1805, age: 88yr, [LH]
Beers, Sarah, d. Jul 19, 1781, age: 22yr, d/o Nathan and Lydia, [LH]
Benedict, Esther, d. Aug 4, 1802, age: 59yr, w/o Jesse, [LH]
Benedict, Seth, d. Oct 3, 1764, age: 39yr, 4m, [LH]
Betts, Dolly, d. May 13, 1832, age: 66yr, w/o Isaac, [LH]
Betts, Hannah, d. Jun 13, 1842, age: 33yr, w/o William B. Betts, d/o James and Sarah Griffith, [LH]
Betts, Isaac, d. Oct 21, 1827, [LH]
Burrall, Deborah, d. Mar 12, 1823, age: 62yr, w/o Samuel, [LH]
Burrall, John, d. June 2, 1801, age: 19yr, 5mo, s/o Mav and Ann Burrall, [LH]
Burrall, Jonathan, d. Sep 4, 1772, age: 51yr, [LH]
Burrall, Jonathan, no dates, [LH]
Burrall, Samuel, d. Mar 16, 1821, age: 60yr, [LH]
Burrall, Samuel, no dates, [LH]
Burrall, Samuel, d. Jun 26, 1793, age: 10yr, s/o Samuel and Deborah, [LH]
Burrall, Theophilus, d. Jan 1, 1772, age: 24yr, [LH]
Comstock, Moses, d. Jan 18, 1766, age: 82yr, [LH]
Comstock, Sarah, d. Feb 11, 1796, [LH]
Down, Hannah, d. May 8, 1802, age: 37yr, w/o W___ott Down, [LH]
Eells, James B (Lieut), b. 1800, d. Oct 20, 1826, s/o Beard and Patty Eells, [LH]
Eells, Patty, d. Jul 1, 1818, age: 75yr, w/o Beard Eells, [LH]
Eells, Ruth, d. Sep 23, 1823, age: 2mo, d/o James B and Ruth Eells, [LH]
Griffith, George Reed, d. Jan 5, 1832, age: 1yr, 8mo, s/o Henry B and Louisa Griffith, [LH]
Griffith, Henry Francis, d. Oct 3, 1831, age: 1yr, 6mo, s/o Henry B and Louisa Griffith, [LH]
Griffith, James, d. Mar, 1829, age: 49, [LH]
Griffith, Sarah, d. Aug 31, 1818, age: 71yr, 7mo, relict of James, [LH]
Griffith, William Truman, d. Feb 16, 1832, age: 3, s/o Henry B and Louisa Griffith, [LH]
Grumman, Sarah, d. Feb. 1899, age: 82yr, 1mo, 2da, [LH]
Grumman, Mrs, d. Sep 15, 1795, w/o Samuel, age: 73yr, [LH]
Hedenberg, Jane, d. Nov 25, 1821, age: 22y, 11m, w/o Frances L. Hedenberg, [LH]
Hoyt, Joseph W, d. Sep 19, 1832, age: 1yr, 1mo, s/o Joseph W and Sarah Ann Hoyt, [LH]
Hyatt, Amiline, d. Jun 17, 1832, adopted d/o Joseph E and Jane A, [LH]
James, Daniel, d. Aug 28, 1843, age: 70yr, [LH]
Kellogg, Deacon Jarvis, d. Jul 18, 1831, age: 61yr, [LH]
Kellogg, Epenetus, d. Jun 19, 1774, age: 56yr, [LH]
Kellogg, Frances E, d. Apr 1, 1833, age: 26yr, w/o Charles Kellogg, [LH]
Kellogg, Hannah, d. 1826, w/o Jarvis Kellogg, [LH]
Kellogg, Jane, d. Feb 1810, age: 30, w/o Martin Kellogg, [LH]
Kellogg, Jemima, d. Jun 9, 1789, age: 71yr, w/o Epenetus, [LH]
Kellogg, Lydia, d. May 7, 1779, age: 17yr, d/o Epenetus and Jemima Kellogg, [LH]
Kellogg, Mercy, d. Apr 22, 1850, ag 79yr 10mo 11da, widow of Dea. Jarvis Kellogg, [LH]
Lockwood, Anna, d. Dec 3, 1774, age: 31yr, d/o Joseph, [LH]
Lockwood, David, d. Jun 1818, age: 39yr, [LH]
Lockwood, David, d. Oct, 1751, age: 35yr, [LH]
Lockwood, Eliphalet, d. Oct 14, 1753, age: 78yr, [LH]
Lockwood, Hezekiah, d. Jul 1816, age: 6yr, [LH]
Lockwood, Hezekiah, d. Jun 10, 1827, age: 67yr, [LH]
Lockwood, Joseph (Deacon), d. Nov 23, 1760, age: 81, [LH]
Lockwood, Joseph, d. Jun 20, 1773, age: 63yr, [LH]
Lockwood, Mary, d. Mar 6, 1761, age: 89yr, relict of Eliphalet, [LH]
Lockwood, Rebecah, d. Sep 25, 1775, age: 59yr, w/o Joseph dec, [LH]
Lockwood, Ruth, d. Nov 4, 1774, age: 33yr, d/o Joseph, [LH]
Marvin, David, d. Aug 13, 1800, age: 22yr, s/o Isaiah and Sarah, [LH]
Meeker, Joseph S, d. Nov 2, 1846, [LH]
Meeker, Rebecca, d. Oct 29, 18??, [LH]
Middlebrook, Charles, d. Nov 17, 1817, age: 7yr, s/o Mather and Betsy Middlebrook, [LH]
Platt, John, d. Jul 4, 1771, age: 70, [LH]
Platt, Justus, d. Feb 19, 1751, age: 16, s/o John and Sarah, [LH]
Rogers, Uriah MD, d. Dec 23, 1776, age: 38, [LH]
Sage:, Kenneth, d. May 19, 1832, [LH]
Scofield, Rufus, d. Mar 4, 1825, age: 48yr, [LH]
Scofield, Samuel, d. Oct 1850, age: 18yt, [LH]
Smith, Abigail, d. Sep 3, 1831, age: 72yr, relict of Josiah, [LH]
St. John, James, d. May 20, 1754, age: 86yr, [LH]
St. John, Nathan, no dates, [LH]
St. John, Samuel, d. 1779 (the base/roots of a large tree have nearly engulfed this stone), [LH]
Walker, William A.B., d. Dec 6, 1768 in Norwalk, age: 20, s/o Hon. Robert Walker, Esq of Stratford, [LH]
Weeks, Susan, d. Aug 20, 1828, age: 69y, w/o Stephen Weeks, [LH]
Wilcox, Jeremiah, d. Dec 1, 1836, age: 36y, [LH]

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