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Lyon Cemetery
Easton, Fairfield County, Connecticut

lyon cemetery easton connecticut
Lyon Cemetery, Easton, CT

GPS: 41.291899, -73.314548

Sport Hill Rd
Easton, CT 06612

Contributed by: Thomas M. Edwards [mial]
Date published: January 1, 2022
Total records: 50

Lyon Cemetery is owned by Town of Easton, maintained by the Cemetery Committee of Easton.

Cemetery History

The Lyon Cemetery was established in 1800 as a burial ground for the Lyon Family. As time went on, early settlers of the town of Easton were buried here, so now, you are able to see members of other families interred here. The most recent burial is that of Adeline Lyon, who died Nov. 16, 1881. A memorial headstone was placed here for Olius L. Lyon, who served as a Private in the Civil War. He is buried in an unmarked grave in North Carolina.

Lyon Cemetery has also been referred to as, "Rock House Cemetery".

As of this writing, the condition of the cemtery remains very good, grass neatly mowed, shrubs taken care of, most stones upright and standing.

Cemetery Records

Records published here were compiled by Thomas M. Edwards on December 27, 2021 based on visits to the cemetery and previously published documents, including an older transcription compiled by H.D. Byrnes in November 17, 1934 (Hale Index).

BRADLEY, Eliphalet H., d. 23 Jun 1881, 73y 8m 23d, s/w Jane Bradley
BRADLEY, Hezekiah H., d. 1 May 1838, 1y 1m, Son of E. H. & Sally Bradley
BRADLEY, Jane (White), d. 23 Sep 1875, 33y, Wife of Eliphalet (s/w Eliphalet)
BRADLEY, Julia A., d. 8 Mar 1843, 2y 6m, Dau. of E. H. & Sally Bradley
BRADLEY, Sally, d. 22 Nov 1865, 52y 9m 11d, Wife of Eliphalet
BRADLEY, William F., d. 10 Nov 1843, 4m, Son of E. H. & Sally Bradley
COLEY, Nathan, d. 10 Apr 1853, 75y 2m 1d
COLEY, Pruella, d. 8 Dec 1844, 68y, Wife of Nathan Coley
HALL, Aaron P., d. 9 Nov 1837, 55y 5m 8d, Broken, many pieces, in rear of cemetery. Footstone still stands in correct location.
HALL, Rebecca, d. 28 Jun 1852, 7y 6m 12d, Daughter of Aaron & Lucinda
HALL, Rebecca, d. 29 Jul 1832, 21y 1m 19d, Daughter of Aaron & Hannah
HAWLEY, Elizabeth (Lyon), d. 27 Aug 1856, 78y, "Of Danbury, "Daughter of Zachariah & Ruth Lyon. Wife of Lemuel Hawley.
HAWLEY, Lemuel, d. 22 Mar 1846, 74y, "Of Newtown"
LYON, Abraham, d. 28 Feb 1813, 50y
LYON, Adeline, d. 16 Nov 1881, 66y 3m 2d, Wife of Daniel Lyon
LYON, Anna, d. 3 Aug 1850, 89y 6m
LYON, Daniel, d. 28 Jan 1815, 62y
LYON, Daniel, d. 7 Jun 1864, 55y 10m 10d
LYON, Ebenezer, d. 3 Sep 1801, 80y
LYON, Elizabeth, d. 10 Oct 1842, 51y 9m 23d, Wife of Philo
LYON, Gershom, d. 3 May 1801, 75y, Worn. Barely readable.
LYON, Huldah, d. 2 May 1833, 80y 10m
LYON, John, d. 30 Nov 1846, 17y 10m, Son of Levi & Lucinda Lyon.
LYON, Larison, d. 15 Nov 1846, 20y 5m, Son of Levi & Lucinda Lyon.
LYON, Levi, d. 4 Sep 1838, 52y 3m 23d
LYON, Lonzi, d. 9 Dec 1846, 23y, "Order of the Odd Fellows Symbol"
LYON, Mary, d. 10 May 1801, 81y, Wife of Gershom Lyon
LYON, Mary, d. 25 Feb 1802, 25y, Daughter of Ebenezer Lyon
LYON, Olius Levi PVT, b. 1842, d. 11 Dec 1864, Salisbury, NC, "PVT, CO E, 12 CONN INF, CIVIL WAR. Died in Confederate Prision."
LYON, Orva, d. 14 Dec 1846, 24y 4m 16d
LYON, Philo, d. 26 Feb 1869, 81y 6m 28d
LYON, Philo, d. 21 Jul 1838, 14d, Son of Daniel & Adeline Lyon. Stone no longer visible.
LYON, Royal P., d. 15 Apr 1852, 7y 3m 15d, Son of Orva & Cloa A. Lyon
LYON, Thomas, d. 1 Dec 1819, 71y
NICHOLS, Mary (Platt), d. 10 Aug 1856, 42y 3m, Daughter of Ebenezer L. & Anna Platt. Wife of Stephen Nichols
PLATT, Aaron , d. 10 Dec 1863, 88y 2m, Stone base still upright, stone itself is gone.
PLATT, Anna, d. 2 Mar 1855, 60y, Wife of Ebenezer L. Platt
PLATT, Ebenezer L., d. 19 Aug 1859, 67y
PLATT, Edward, d. 29 Jan 1855, 35y, Son of Ebenzer L. & Anna Platt.
PLATT, Elizabeth, d. 21 Sep 1857, 83y 4m 17d, Wife of Hezekiah Platt
PLATT, Hezekiah, d. 26 Oct 1825, 61y
PLATT, Hezekiah Jr., d. 30 Aug 1819, 2y 1m 3d
PLATT, Marietta, d. 11 Feb 1856, 28y, Daughter of Ebenezer L. & Anna Platt.
PLATT, Milly Mrs., d. 31 Aug 1814, 24y, Wife of Aaron Platt
PLATT, Polly Mrs., d. 23 Mar 1813, 30y, Wife of Aaron Platt. Stone no longer stands, footstone up in correct location.
SCOFIELD, John, d. 15 Oct 1857, 38y 2m 24d
TODD, Bethel, d. 15 Apr 1846, 81y 2m 12d
TODD, John, d. 26 Jul 1866, 73y
TODD, Ruth, d. 3 Dec 1852, 80y 5m 21d, Wife of Bethel Todd.
TODD, William , d. 1 May 1831, 23y 3m 16d

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