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Greenmount Cemetery
Durango, La Plata County, Colorado

Lat: 37° 16' 31"N, Lon: 107° 53' 15"W

This is not a complete listing of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.netl Last edited Feb 25, 2010. Total records = 77.

Contributor's Index:

Airy, Jos. P., no dates, Co A 32 IA Inf 13, [JD]
Bailly, Dan'l B., no dates, Lieut Co C 2 Minn Inf 15, [JD]
Bartlett, Ephraim, no dates, Co B 144 IL Inf, just north of Sec 14, [JD]
Bleeker, J. G., no dates, Co G 45th Ill Inf 13, [JD]
Boyle, Rob't, no dates, Co K 102nd Ill Inf, just north of Sec 14, [JD]
Brawner, Geo. F., no dates, Co H 25 Wis Inf 15, [JD]
Briggs, Chas F., no dates, Co C 142 Ill Inf 14, [JD]
Briggs, Geo. W., no dates, Co M 12 Ind Cav 15, [JD]
Burdick, Josiah, no dates, SGT Co D 100th Ill Inf, just north of Sec 14, [JD]
Burnham, Samuel A., no dates, Co I 2 N.Y.H.A. 8, [JD]
Champlain, J. G., no dates, Co F 119th IL Inf, just north of Sec 14, [JD]
Chavez, Ramon, no dates, Co B 4 N.M. Inf 14, [JD]
Cheek, C. L., no dates, Co F 44th Ill Inf, just north of Sec 14, [JD]
Connor, Michael, no dates, Co H 43 Wisc Inf 20, [JD]
Cordova, Mariano, no dates, Co H 1 N.M. Inf 15, [JD]
Crocker, Mich'l, no dates, Co C 2 MO Cav 20, [JD]
Curry, John R., no dates, Co C 13 IA Inf, just north of Sec 14, [JD]
Dennison, R. L., no dates, Co I 2 Colo Cav, just north of Sec 14, [JD]
Dobbins, Jos. W., no dates, Co G 3 Colo Cav 3, [JD]
Dugan, Edw'd, no dates, Co A 3 R.I.H.A. 14, [JD]
Favor, Albert A., no dates, Co K 6 IA Cav 15, [JD]
Fosbinder, Peter, no dates, Co C 80 Ill Inf 20, [JD]
Foster, James C., no dates, Co C 15 Ind Inf 15, [JD]
Freeman, D. W., no dates, Co B 1 Colo Cav 14, [JD]
Griffith, D. S., no dates, Asst Surg 90 PA Inf 9, [JD]
Halstead, Elliott, no dates, Co E 43 Ind Inf 14, [JD]
Harper, J. P., no dates, LT COL 3 U.S.C.H.A. 13, [JD]
Heatherington, Elmer H, no dates, Co A Colo Inf 14 Sp Am War, [JD]
Hefferman, J. J., no dates, Maj 55th Ill Inf 14, [JD]
Heindell, David, no dates, Co I 28 Ill Inf 14, [JD]
Heindell, Samuel, no dates, Co I 28 Ill Inf 14, [JD]
Howard, Benj., no dates, Co I 10 Ill Cav 13, [JD]
Jackson, C. B., no dates, Co G 105th Ill Inf 13, [JD]
Jaques, Henry L., no dates, Co F 15 Kan Cav 14, [JD]
Kinzer, Hezekiah, no dates, Co K 1 Colo L.A. 14, [JD]
Klapper, Wm., no dates, Co D 14 US Inf 14, [JD]
LaCount, Wm. H., no dates, Co K 27 Wisc Inf 15, [JD]
Lemmon, Cyrus A., no dates, Co B 72 Ohio Inf 15, [JD]
Leonard, J. F., no dates, SGT Co D 6th U.S. Cav 21, [JD]
Lewis, Augustus, no dates, Co E 10th Ill Inf 14, [JD]
Martion, Jos., no dates, Co D 28 Ind Inf 15, [JD]
Matts, Florence, no dates, Co L 1st W.VA Cav, just north of Sec 14, [JD]
May, Samuel F., no dates, Co C 147 PA Inf 15, [JD]
McConnell, Charles E., no dates, Pvt 1 Ohio Cav 14 Sp Am War, [JD]
Milton, Wm. E., no dates, Co D 78 Ill Inf 14, [JD]
Mossman, Leander J., no dates, Co M 11 Kan Cav 15, [JD]
Mullin, Loudin, no dates, Capt A.Q.M. U.S. Vol 15 GAR marker, [JD]
Nelson, Thos, no dates, Co G 22nd Wis Inf 13, [JD]
Ogden, John, no dates, Co K 3 Wisc Inf 3, [JD]
Pollock, J. P., no dates, Co B 5th IA Cav 15, [JD]
Poor, Asa C., no dates, Co A 35 NY Inf 15, [JD]
Potter, Janet Evelyn (Quilhot), b. 2 Sep 1934 Detroit, MI, d. 26 Nov 2001 Sun City Center, FL, w/o Lester Gene Potter, [RH]
Potter, Kolene Adrianne, b. 9 Aug 1959 Fullerton, CA, d. 30 Nov 2007 Mooresville NC, d/o Janet E. & Lester G. Potter, [RH]
Potter, Leslie Jean, b. 8 Sep 1962 in Fullerton, CA, d. 31 Oct 1981, d/o Janet E. & Lester G. Potter, [RH]
Rawson, C. E., no dates, Cano(?) 2nd Mass Inf 13, [JD]
Reardon, Dennis, no dates, Co D 1 NY MTD Rifles 14, [JD]
Rose, J. J. M., no dates, Co D 14 IA Inf 14, [JD]
Russell, Jas. L., no dates, Co B 170 Ohio N.G. 8, [JD]
Sackett, Seth, no dates, Co I 3rd Colo Cav 13, [JD]
Sauvage, Lorenzo, no dates, 7th Ohio L.A. 15, [JD]
Shultz, J. E., no dates, Co D 148th NY Inf, just north of Sec 14, [JD]
Shute, H. J., no dates, Co G 26th NY Cav 13, [JD]
Sleeth, J. T., no dates, Co D 18 MO Inf 15, [JD]
Spear, Elijah H, no dates, Co F 13 MO Inf 15, [JD]
Spencer, Jacob, no dates, Co A 13 Ill Inf 15, [JD]
Starr, John B, no dates, Corp Co F 13 Kan Inf 13, [JD]
Tague (?), Wm., no dates, Co F 24th Ohio Inf 15, [JD]
Thomas, Chas, no dates, Co M 15th Kan Cav, just north of Sec 14, [JD]
Thompson, D. A., no dates, Co E 3 MO S.M. Cav 15, [JD]
Tiffany, Geo. E., no dates, Co G 15 Mass Inf 13, [JD]
Town, M. L., no dates, Lieut Co D 12 Kan Inf 13, [JD]
Wall, Wm., no dates, Corp Co ? 6th Kan Cav, just north of Sec 14, [JD]
Walters, Antoniio, 8-25-1845, d. 5-1-1945, Colorado 6 Cav 14, [JD]
Welsh, L. S., no dates, Co C 2nd Ohio Cav, just north of Sec 14, [JD]
Wolf, William, no dates, Co C 2nd Colo Cav 13, [JD]
Woods, W. D., no dates, Co D 12 Kan Inf 13, [JD]
Zimmerman, Josiah, no dates, 22nd Ohio Batty 14, [JD]

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