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Alamosa Municipal Cemetery
Alamosa, Alamosa County, Colorado

Cemetery & Old Airport Rds.

2150 State Avenue
Alamosa, CO 81101

Lat: 37° 26' 57"N, Lon: 105° 51' 32"W

In Alamosa from Hwy #285 turn right or east onto 17th St, then south on State Ave to Cemetery Rd., left or east to Airport Rd and the cemetery.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 68.

Contributor's Index:

  • [CSA] Colorado State Archives, Veterans Burials

Adams, Benjamin F, b. 24 Dec 1844, PA, [CSA]
Austin, Gerard, d. 2 May 1890, [CSA]
Babcock, H S, [CSA]
Bachus, Henry, b. 9 Feb 1838, Germany, [CSA]
Baldwin, Homer, b. 11 May 1899, MO, [CSA]
Beltran, Francisco, b. 1841, [CSA]
Binder, George J, d. Jul 1888, [CSA]
Carver, Charles H, b. 27 Mar 1841, MO, [CSA]
Chance, John, b. 27 Feb 1838, England, [CSA]
Clark, Z P, b. 1879, TN, [CSA]
Coffelt, Wilburn C, b. 30 Nov 1892, KS, [CSA]
Colson, Burlie D, b. 20 Mar 1897, MO, [CSA]
Dickey, James Russell, b. 4 May 1894, CO, [CSA]
Eckles, Fred L, b. 30 Feb 1894, CO, [CSA]
Evans, George, b. 1845, [CSA]
Gault, John E, b. 28 Jan 1850, WI, [CSA]
Gerber, Emil Arthur, b. 29 Jul 1891, NE, [CSA]
Gladhill, Mardecai, [CSA]
Groshart, Earl, b. Jan 1893, CO, [CSA]
Hair, Francis, b. 27 Feb 1844, TN, [CSA]
Hanold, Laban, b. 31 Dec 1843, OH, [CSA]
Hansen, Peter, b. 25 Oct 1837, Germany, [CSA]
Herard, Francisco, b. 17 Jan 1833, [CSA]
Hines, Hardin, b. 7 Nov 1845, KY, [CSA]
Jones, Henry, b. 27 Feb 1844, IL, [CSA]
Kinch, John W, b. 11 Jul 1846, PA, [CSA]
King, Wiley Foster, b. 11 Aug 1842, GA, [CSA]
Kirkbride, Albert E, b. 13 Apr 1847, IL, [CSA]
Knight, William Edward, d. 3 Jun 1937, [CSA]
Lorimer, James A, b. 4 Dec 1838, OH, [CSA]
Lucero, Manuel, b. 25 Dec 1890, NM, [CSA]
Madison, James, b. 1845, WV, [CSA]
Mascarenas, Carlos, b. 21 Feb 1895, CO, [CSA]
Medina, Davis, b. 3 Nov 1896, CO, [CSA]
Miller, William T, b. 1836, IL, [CSA]
Milyard, Ray Calvin, b. 22 Aug 1890, IA, [CSA]
Mix, M D, b. 1859, NY, [CSA]
Moore, Volney, [CSA]
Nelson, Walter H, b. 6 Jan 1844, [CSA]
Newton, Charles B, b. 1822, PA, [CSA]
Nissen, Ralph E, b. 13 Mar 1896, CO, [CSA]
Owen, Harry, d. 16 Jan 1937, [CSA]
Pearson, David M, b. 15 Feb 1847, IN, [CSA]
Rankin, Joseph, d. 16 Oct 1902, [CSA]
Rearick, Jesse C, d. 10 Jan 1901, [CSA]
Rentfro, Isaac N, b. 8 Sep 1875, IL, [CSA]
Ross, Charles, b. 1836, [CSA]
Roybal, Jose L (Royvail), b. 24 Mar 1895, NM, [CSA]
Russell, James Lowell, b. 29 Jun 1846, PA, [CSA]
Sanchez, Jose Nemecio, b. 31 Oct 1894, NM, [CSA]
Satterstrum, George Martin, b. 18 May 1878, [CSA]
Schultz, James, b. 1836, [CSA]
Shock, John J, b. 14 Aug 1826, [CSA]
Simons, J R, b. 6 Aug 1844, RI, [CSA]
Smart, Jackson L, b. 17 Nov 1830, [CSA]
Smith, Henry, b. 1842, Germany, [CSA]
Snowden, Earl W, b. 14 Aug 1889, MT, [CSA]
Springer, A D, b. 1 Jan 1846, MI, [CSA]
Springer, Paul C, b. 7 Nov 1896, MT, [CSA]
Thomas, William H, b. 1842, England, [CSA]
Tomlins, William F, b. 1846, NY, [CSA]
Valdez, Bernabe, b. 21 Oct 1895, NM, [CSA]
Valdez, Henry C, b. 3 Sep 1892, NM, [CSA]
Wallace, George Washington, b. 10 May 1844, MS, [CSA]
Welch, Michael, b. 1837, [CSA]
Whitehead, William W, b. 19 Jan 1847, NC, [CSA]
Willis, George A, b. 1835, NY, [CSA]
Woods, John, b. 1834, [CSA]

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