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Mission Santa Barbara Cemetery
Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara County, California

Friars' Vaults

In the cemetery, is the mausoleum containing the remains of the church friars. The mausoleum is normally kept locked from the general public, and thus I was not able to record the inscriptions.

There is a plaque in the cemetery which provides some information, which I copied below:

Friars' Vaults

The mausoleum of friar's vaults contain the remains of sixty-four Franciscan friars; five Poor Clare nuns; eleven Franciscan Sisters of Sacred Heart; one secular priest, and forty-four laymen who have been buried here for historical reasons or because they were outstanding benefactors to the Franciscan Order. Of unusual interest among these is a vault marked with the inscription: "Tomás Ygnacio Aquino 1871-1952. Last Canali�o Indian R.I.P." This reputedly last full-blooded Canali�o or Chumash Indian, of the tribe once so populous along the Santa Barbara coast, died on Febr. 8, 1952, at the age of eighty.

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