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Mission Santa Barbara Cemetery
Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara County, California


The information below was compiled from tombstone inscriptions.

Arellanes, Juana Maria, "Spouse of Francisco Vidal, Dauqhter of Teodoro Arellanes"
Arrellanes, Teodoro, Don, d. 1858, age: 76
Beauchamp, Catharine Fitz-Randolph Vail Hume Newhall, b. 12 Nov 1902, d. 29 Oct 1986
Bermudes, Vincenta Sister, d. 25 Dec 1863, age: 20y
Blake, Josephine, b. 07 Dec 1854, d. 27 Feb 1857, "Daughter of Harvey B. and M. Manuela "
Burton, Tomasa, b. 04 Aug 1830, d. 08 Apr 1851
Carrillo, Jose, "Co. C., 1st Native Cal, Cav."
Chapman, Charles H., b. 11 Jan 1888, Rutland, Vermont, d. 07 May 1925, Los Angeles, Calif.
Cota, Francisco A., b. 16 Aug 1787, Mission San Gabriel, d. 21 Aug 1851, Santa Barbara
Cota, Joaquin
Covarrubias, Elena Orella, b. 04 May 1873, d. 16 Nov 1939
Covarrubias, Ernesto O., b. 15 Jun 1875, d. 31 Oct 1927
De Arata, Maria A. Jimeno
De Cesus Olirera De Cota, Maria, d. 14 Jul 1877
De La Cuesta, Micaela C., b. 29 Sep 1832, d. 17 Feb 1883
De La Guerra, Concepcion S., b. 30 Nov 1832, d. 13 Aug 1896
De La Guerra, Francisco, b. 25 Jun 1817, d. 08 Jan 1878
De La Guerra, Joaquin, b. 16 Oct 1822, d. 04 May 1870, "Hijos De Don Jose De La Guerra Y Noriega"
De La Guerra, Jose, b. 25 Jun 1860, d. 18 Jun 1877
De La Guerra, Miguel, b. 04 Nov 1824, d. 25 Apr 1878, "Hijos De Don Jose De La Guerra Y Noriega"
De La Guerra, Osbaldo, b. 11 Jan 1854, d. 26 Apr 1898
De La Guerra, Pablo, b. 19 Jul 1868, d. 22 Nov 1882
De La Guerra De Sep�lveda, Herlinda, b. 05 Aug 1857, S.B., d. 09 Mar 1921, s/w Ygnacio Sep�lveda
De Ord, Angustias Jimeno, Dona, d/o Jose de la Guerra y Noriega
Den., N. A., d. 03 Mar 1862
Dornalech, Mariana L., d. 02 Dec 1860
Garcia De Pico, E., s/w R. Pico de Cavalleri
Hill, Daniel A., "A native of Billerica Mass. and a resident of California since 1823. Who died at this place the 25 January 1865 aged 68 years"
Hill, Thomas R., d. 22 Jul 1862, age: 24y, "Son of Rafael and Daniel Hill"
Hume, Lucy Fitz-Randolph, b. 14 Sep 1937
Janssens, A.V.E., "Father and Mother", s/w M.A. Pico De Janssens
Joyaux, Marie Clotilde, b. 14 Jul 1868, Bordeaux, France, d. 15 Jul 1883, Los Angeles
Koch, Carlota A., San Francisco, d. 16 Jan 1956
Lataillade, Cesareo A., b. 11 Feb 1819, d. 12 Apr 1849
Lataillade, Maria Antonia, b. 05 Jul 1846, d. Apr 30 1916, "Interred Here 1924"
Loureyo, Jose Maria, b. 22 Jun 1802, Bilbao, Spain, d. 18 Aug 1881, Santa Barbara
Malo, Jose Ramon, d. 11 Oct 1859, age: 47y
Malo De Newton, Leonor, b. 11 Apr 1854, Santa Barbara, d. 16 Mar 1913
Ore�a, Arturo G. Jr., Santa Barbara, d. 16 Jun 1934
Ore�a, Arturo Gaspar, Santa Barbara, d. 18 Jun 1936, Seville, Spain
Ore�a, Caroline R., Ballston Spa, NY, d. 15 Mar 1927
Ore�a, Maria Antonia, Ballston Spa, NY, d. 09 May 1988
Pene de Janssens, A.E.
Pene de Janssens, C.V.
Pene de Janssens, D.L.
Pene de Janssens, J.T.
Pene de Janssens, R.E.
Pene de Janssens, V.E.
Peshine, John Henry Hobart
Peshine, Rebecca Ruth Ord
Pico De Cavalleri, R.E., s/w E. Garcia de Pico
Pico de Janssens, M.A., "Father and Mother", s/w A.V.E. Janssens
Pignatelli, Conchita Sep�lveda Chapman, b. 02 May 1888, d. 06 Jul 1972
Quirique, Icigit Donat, Bourdeaux, France, d. 27 Feb 1869
Rickard, Acacia Ore�a, d. 20 Feb 1958, Santa Barbara, "Granddaughter of Dn José De La Guerra y Noriega"
Rickard, James B., d. 28 Aug 1942, Santa Barbara
Rickard, John T., d. 18 May 2000, Santa Barbara, "Father, Mayor, Judge and Gentleman"
Rickard, Marion Foster, d. 19 Feb 1987, Santa Barbara, "First Lady"
Rickard, Robert Ore�a, d. 19 Mar 1945, "Died at Sea"
Sep�lveda, Ygnacio, b. 01 Jul 1842, Los A., d. 02 Dec 1916, Los A.
Shaw, Herbert John, d. 28 Apr 1866, age: 29d
Vail, Edward Fitz-Randolph, b. 20 Oct 1874, d. 06 Jun 1947
Vail, Elizabeth Glancy, b. 20 Apr 1901, d. 21 Feb 1930
Vail, Theodora E., b. 11 Jul 1875, d. 31 Jan 1966
Vail, Theodora Edwards, b. 14 Jan 1909, d. 23 Nov 1909
Welch, Jacob Edward, d. 17 Aug 1869, age: 8m 23d

Note: the record for "Den. N. A." is reportedly that of Nicholas A. Den.

There is also a plaque on the wall of the bell tower, memorializing that of "Juana Maria", a indian woman who had been abandoned on San Nicolas Island, and later brought back to the Mission. She is said to have been buried here.

Other Burials

As noted in the book, "Mission Santa Barbara 1782-1965", by Maynard Geiger, O.F.M., the following burials were described:

Chapman, Joseph, native of Maine, bap. 24 Jun 1822, d. Santa Barbara, bur. 10 Jan 1849, h/o Guadalupe Ortega

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