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Mission La Purísima Concepción Cemetery
Lompoc, Santa Barbara County, California

2295 Purisima Road
Lompoc, CA 93436
(805) 733-3713

Lat: 34°40'18"N, Lon: 120°25'18"W

Submitted by Steve Paul Johnson, Apr 28, 2001 [steve@cleardigitalmedia.com]. Total records = 46.

The original mission, named "Mission Vieja de la Purisima", was located about 4 miles south of its present location, in the city of Lompoc. In December of 1812, it was destroyed by an earthquake. Construction of the present day mission began in Los Berros Canyon, just north of the Lompoc city limits, on September of 1813. Persons who died during the construction were most likely interred at the temporary cemetery (refer to the bottom-most photograph).

Fr. Mariano Payeras, who had served at La Purisima since 1804, had been appointed the president of the California Missions in 1813. He is interred beneath the altar of the church. There is floor panel which is inscribed:




The information below was excerpted from a small book entitled, "Prominent Indian Families at Mission La Purísima Concepción as Identified in Baptismal, Marriage, and Burial Records", by Glenn J. Farris and John R. Johnson, published December 1999 by the California Mission Studies Association.

Secundino Maluhuit, b. abt 1776, d. 1825, husband of Calista
Calista, b. abt 1782, d. 1830, wife of Secundino Maluhuit

Castor Uastiol, d. 1825, 2nd husband of Ana Francisca

Esteban Taluxma, d. 1842, 3rd husband of Ana Francisca
Modesta, d. 1826, previous wife of Esteban Taluxma

Manuel Palaquiau, bap. 1799, d. 1835, husband of Maria Segunda, and Ylariona
Ylariona, d. 1825, wife of Manuel Palaquiau

Patricio Gelalamaichet, d. 1821, husband of Prisca
Prisca, d. 1833, wife of Patricio Gelalamaichet

Maria del Rosario, b. abt 1766, d. 1833, wife of Gonzalo Gilimiasu, Felipe, and Melesio
Gonzalo Gilimiasu, d. 1815, 1st husband of Maria del Rosario
Felipe, d. 1824, execution, 2nd husband of Maria del Rosario

Cirilo Sajatauluichet, b. 1790, d. 1832, husband of Faustina
Faustina, d. 1833, wife of Cirilo Sajatauluichet

Agustin Nipucal, bap. 1788, d. 1814, husband of Maria Antonia
Maria Antonia, d. 1815, 2nd wife of Agustin Nipucal

Acursio Sulcucaxu, d. 1815, husband of Andronica Antonia
Andronica Antonia, b. 1793, d. 1837, wife of Acursio Sulcucaxu and Patricio Sapilulat
Patricio Sapilulat, d. 1836, husband of Andronica Antonia

Guido Majaquiauit, bap. 1791, d. 1834, husband of Pascuala and Rosa Maria
Pascuala, d. 1816, wife of 1st wife of Guido Majaquiauit

Jose Miguel Chionio, b. abt 1779, d. 1824, husband of Fecunda and Apolinaria
Apolinaria, b. abt 1791, d. 1823, 2nd wife of Jose Miguel Chionio

Benvenuto Ulunumaxu, b. abt 1787, d. 1831, husband of Yginia, Maria Antonia, and Silvestra
Yginia, d. 1819, 1st wife of Benvenuto Ulunumaxu
Maria Antonia, d. 1826, 2nd wife of Benvenuto Ulunumaxu
Silvestra, d. 1833, wife of Silvestre and Benvenuto Ulunumaxu

Jose Andres Sulupcucasu, d. 1824, execution, husband of Clara
Clara, d. 1839, wife of Jose Andres Sulupcucasu

Lorenzo Selmahuiyol, b. abt 1782, d. 1820, husband of Maria Caridad
Maria Caridad, b. abt 1782, d. 1829, wife of Lorenzo Selmahuiyol and Constantino Puluyassuit
Constantino Puluyassuit, d. 1838, husband of Maria Caridad

Ana Columba, d. 1835, wife of Froylan Yahuihet, Crispiano Stanajuyuyu, and Erasmo
Froylan Yahuihet, b. abt 1787, d. 1824, husband of 1st huband of Ana Columba
Crispiano Stanajuyuyu, d. 1826, 2nd husband of Ana Columba
Erasmo, d. 1835, 3rd husband of Ana Columba

Mariano Sulmaiameuit, d. 1829, husband of Maria Gertrudis
Maria Gertrudis, d. 1832, wife of Mariano Sulmaiameuit

Gregorio Alexo Saputinunahuit, d. 1844, smallpox, husband of Maria Antonina
Maria Antonina, d. 1844, smallpox, wife of Gregorio Alexo Saputinunahuit

Junipero Luliapichet, d. abt 1783, d. 1835, husband of Maria del Rosario and Baldomera
Maria del Rosario, d. 1822, 1st wife of Junipero Luliapichet
Baldomera, d. 1841, 2nd wife of Junipero Luliapichet

Gordiana, d. 1819, 1st wife of Pacomio Pogui

Beatriz, bap. 1789, d. 1841, wife of Pastor Choyama


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