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San Francisco National Cemetery
San Francisco, San Francisco County, California

GPS: 37.801144, -122.462814

1 Lincoln Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94129

Published: July 25, 2016
Total records: 31,995

Surnames Q

Records of burials published here were acquired from the US Department of Veterans Affairs. They includes dates of death up to March 20, 2016.

Quadros, James Leo
, b. 03/08/1941, d. 05/31/1959, Section EE, Site 440-A, US AIR FORCE, A 3C
Quaintance, Harry L, d. 12/26/1934, Section C, Site 1171, US ARMY, PVT I 3RD ORE INF N
Quale, Lawrence Howard, b. 05/06/1950, d. 07/31/1957, Section NA, Site 1259-B, Son (Minor Child) of Edwin A Quale, US ARMY, SGT 163RD M P CO
Qualls, Melvin, b. 05/25/1917, d. 09/25/1979, Section I, Site 50-A, US AIR FORCE, COL, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
Qualls, Vilma Lazar, b. 05/05/1917, d. 11/02/2003, Section I, Site 50-A, Wife of Melvin Qualls, US AIR FORCE, COL, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
Qualman, Charles, d. 05/18/1901, Section ES, Site 1247, US ARMY, CAPTAIN K 3RD IND VO, CIVIL WAR
Quander, James A, d. 01/04/1902, Section NAWS, Site 429, US ARMY, SGT C 24TH US INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Quarles, John, d. 04/27/1916, Section WS, Site 839-A, US ARMY, PVT L 9TH US CAV
Quarve, Gilman, d. 07/21/1938, Section DS, Site 1327, US ARMY, SGT 1ST CL 104TH AER, WORLD WAR I
Quass, Harry Peter, d. 04/02/1935, Section C, Site 1330, US NAVY, PH M 1 C, WORLD WAR I
Quentana, Jose E, b. 08/15/1898, d. 06/27/1956, Section NAWS, Site 1626-B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
Query, Joseph H, d. 08/30/1936, Section DS, Site 1476, US MARINE CORPS, PFC
Quesada, Gonzalo, b. 01/24/1929, d. 06/09/1998, Section NAWS, Site 1035-B, US ARMY, CAPT, KOREA, VIETNAM
Quesada, Nanette, b. 09/26/1954, d. 09/26/1954, Section NAWS, Site 1034-B, Daughter (Minor Child) of Gonzalo Quesada Jr, US ARMY, SFC
Quesada, Paul P, d. 11/30/1939, Section EE, Site 1081, US ARMY, PFC D 24TH BN, WORLD WAR I
Quesada-Solorzano, Esperanza, b. 07/28/1929, d. 06/25/2012, Section NAWS, Site 1035-B, Wife of Gonzalo Quesada, US ARMY, CAPT, KOREA, VIETNAM
Quesenberry, Marshall Henry, b. 06/27/1892, d. 02/11/1960, Section OSD, Site 322-A, US ARMY, COL, WORLD WAR II, WORLD WAR I
Quesenberry, Mary Harrison, b. 05/15/1897, d. 05/21/1963, Section OSD, Site 323-A, Wife of Marshall Henry Quesenberry, US ARMY, COL
Quick, George W, d. 06/21/1902, Section NA, Site 1112, US ARMY, SGT G 6TH US INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Quick, Harry J, d. 03/15/1939, Section EE, Site 1-A, US ARMY, PVT BTRY D 2ND
Quick, Janne Mae, b. 12/19/1919, d. 08/14/1971, Section WS, Site 400-B, Wife of Vernon Lee Quick, US AIR FORCE, M/SGT
Quick, Orville M, d. 02/14/1904, Section NAWS, Site 336, US ARMY, PVT K 1ST US CAV, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Quick, Russell Loving, b. 02/02/1913, d. 12/08/1959, Section OSA, Row 74, Site 4, US ARMY, CWO, WORLD WAR II
Quick, Vernon Lee, b. 10/13/1917, d. 05/26/1957, Section WS, Site 399-B, US AIR FORCE, M/SGT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Quigley, Anthony J, b. 03/29/1915, d. 04/23/1975, Section I, Site 133, US NAVY, RADM
Quigley, Charles, d. 07/29/1903, Section NAWS, Site 420, US ARMY, COLOR SFT NCS 18 US, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Quigley, Charles C, b. 06/27/1879, d. 12/18/1953, Section OS, Row 140, Site 10, US ARMY, LT COL, WORLD WAR II, WORLD WAR I
Quigley, Emmeline, d. 07/17/1905, Section PPNA, Site 151, Wife of Charles Quigley, US ARMY, SGT 18TH US INF
Quigley, Frank W, d. 05/08/1934, Section C, Site 873, US ARMY, PVT 662ND AERO SUPPL, WORLD WAR I
Quigley, John, d. 02/15/1924, Section A, Site 647, US ARMY, PVT 1 CL
Quigley, Joseph, d. 09/06/1916, Section ES, Site 486-A, US ARMY, PVT L 15TH US INF
Quigley, Mary Leone, b. 03/13/1879, d. 08/30/1961, Section OS, Row 140, Site 12, Wife of Charles C Quigley, US ARMY, LT COL, WORLD WAR II
Quigley, Romayne A, b. 06/28/1917, d. 05/14/1988, Section I, Site 133, Wife of Anthony Quigley, US NAVY, RADM, WORLD WAR II
Quilici, Katharine Harris, b. 03/14/1904, d. 12/28/1994, Section OS, Row 127, Site 14, Wife of Albert Everett Harris, US ARMY, COLONEL, WORLD WAR II, WORLD WAR I
Quill, James T, d. 11/07/1927, Section A, Site 1580, US ARMY, WAGONER 2D PROV CO, WORLD WAR I
Quill, Michael, d. 08/14/1910, Section NAWS, Site 1448, US ARMY, PVT I 1ST CA VOL INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Quillin, Glenn S, d. 09/21/1942, Section PPNAW, Site 464, Son (Minor Child) of Giles Estelle Quillin, US NAVY, LT
Quinche, Louis, d. 08/19/1909, Section A, Site 18, US NAVY, ORD SEAMAN
Quinlain, Myrven A, d. 01/16/1936, Section DE, Site 110, US ARMY, PVT H 58TH INF, WORLD WAR I
Quinlan, Alfred G, d. 10/22/1884, Section OSA, Row 72, Site 2, US ARMY, 1ST LT 25TH IND INF
Quinlan, Jeremiah, d. 10/13/1899, Section WS, Site 807, US ARMY, CORPL A US ENG CPS, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Quinlan, John, d. 07/07/1899, Section ES, Site 665, US ARMY, SGT BAND 18TH US INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Quinn, Charles, d. 03/07/1918, Section NA, Site 293-A, US ARMY, PVT 3RD BN 166TH D B
Quinn, Frank, d. 12/07/1901, Section PPNA, Site 77, CIVILIAN WAKE ISLAND NAS, CIVILIAN EMPLOYEE
Quinn, James, d. 01/02/1906, Section NAWS, Site 1066, US ARMY, PVT F 15TH US INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Quinn, John, d. 07/30/1900, Section NA, Site 668, US ARMY, PVT K 26TH USV INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Quinn, John W, b. 01/10/1925, d. 11/10/1991, Section F, Site 139-A, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
Quinn, Joseph, d. 11/15/1899, Section WS, Site 826, US ARMY, PVT L 21ST US INF, CIVIL WAR
Quinn, Joseph E, d. 07/10/1896, Section WS, Site 553, US ARMY, PVT E 5TH US ARTY
Quinn, Louis I, d. 09/07/1939, Section EW, Site 1215, US ARMY, CPL HQ 144TH, WORLD WAR I
Quinn, Michael, d. 10/18/1917, Section ES, Site 855-A, US ARMY, PVT G 8TH US CAV
Quinn, Thomas, d. 06/28/1899, Section ES, Site 672, US ARMY, PVT E 4TH US INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Quinn, Thomas, d. 12/06/1908, Section NAWS, Site 1345, US ARMY, 1C PVT E SIG CPS
Quinn, Thomas J, d. 03/02/1929, Section B, Site 386, US ARMY, PVT HQ CO 13TH US IN
Quinn, Will, d. 02/11/1900, Section ES, Site 479, US ARMY, PVT G 17TH US INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Quinn, William, d. 02/21/1939, Section EE, Site 384, US ARMY, SERGT Q M CORP, WORLD WAR I
Quirk, Charlotte L, d. 01/02/1953, Section A, Site 419, Wife of Michael J Quirk, US ARMY, PVT CO C 1ST COLO IN
Quirk, Michael J, d. 10/06/1922, Section A, Site 419, US ARMY, PVT C 1ST COLO INF, WORLD WAR I
Quirk, William J, d. 05/31/1900, Section ES, Site 803, US ARMY, PVT D 1ST CA VOL INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Quiros, George, b. 05/21/1919, d. 01/28/1983, Section I, Site C-158, US ARMY, CAPT, WORLD WAR II
Quist, Maurice Eugene, b. 07/16/1931, d. 08/12/1988, Section H, Site CA-245, US AIR FORCE, A2C, KOREA

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