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San Francisco National Cemetery
San Francisco, San Francisco County, California

GPS: 37.801144, -122.462814

1 Lincoln Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94129

Published: July 25, 2016
Total records: 31,995

Surnames E

Records of burials published here were acquired from the US Department of Veterans Affairs. They includes dates of death up to March 20, 2016.

Eads, William S
, b. 11/05/1916, d. 12/05/1982, Section I, Site C-184, US ARMY, CAPT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Eagan, Patrick, d. 10/18/1905, Section NAWS, Site 1011, US ARMY, ORD SGT ORD DEPT
Eagan, Thomas F, d. 07/01/1902, Section NAWS, Site 617, US ARMY, PVT C 5TH US CAV, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Eagan, Thomas H, d. 01/08/1941, Section EW, Site 635, US ARMY, PVT 12TH AERO SQ, WORLD WAR I
Eagen, Alice Marcellus, d. 01/10/1939, Section OSD, Site 94, Wife of John James Eagen, US ARMY, CAPT
Eagen, John James, d. 04/25/1937, Section OSD, Site 94, US ARMY, CAPT, WORLD WAR I
Eager, Beulah W, b. 12/18/1906, d. 08/22/1961, Section G, Site 26, Wife of William L Eager, US NAVY, LT CDR
Eager, Nellie E, d. 10/22/1928, Section ES, Site 656-A, Wife of Walter Hill Eager, US ARMY, PVT D 6TH MASS INF
Eager, Walter H, d. 03/17/1917, Section ES, Site 656-A, US ARMY, PVT D 6TH MASS VOL I, CIVIL WAR
Eager, William Lawrence, b. 06/30/1901, d. 03/13/1970, Section G, Site 25, US NAVY, LT CMDR, WORLD WAR II
Eagle, Thomas A, d. 08/04/1919, Section A, Site 163, US ARMY, PVT A 15TH US INF
Eanter, George, d. 04/04/1938, Section EE, Site 1714, US ARMY, PVT TROOP I 6TH US C
Earl, Harold, d. 01/06/1939, Section EE, Site 441, US NAVY, YEO 3RD CLASS, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Earl, Mark W, d. 11/17/1929, Section B, Site 642, US ARMY, CORPL HQ 2D, WORLD WAR I
Earle, Augusta C, d. 12/31/1891, Section OS, Row 47, Site 7, Wife of Richard T Earle, US ARMY, LT 2ND US INF
Earley, Claude, d. 12/02/1938, Section EE, Site 1552, US ARMY, CORPL A 313TH SERV B, WORLD WAR I
Early, Albert Conrad, b. 05/16/1911, d. 08/10/1984, Section ES, Site C-3, US ARMY, MAJOR, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Early, Earnest D, d. 03/11/1904, Section NAWS, Site 353, US ARMY, PVT 27TH C A C
Early, Richard, d. 12/30/1935, Section DE, Site 106, US ARMY, CORPL C 23RD KAN VOL, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Earnest, James, d. 09/11/1905, Section NAWS, Site 855, US ARMY, PVT H C, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Earp, Dillos D, d. 01/09/1934, Section C, Site 714, US ARMY, PVT A 138TH I11 VOL, CIVIL WAR
Easley, Amy Maxine, b. 02/15/1927, d. 02/14/1997, Section PPWS, Site 409-AA, Wife of Franklin A Easley, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Easley, Benjamin F, d. 11/12/1902, Section NAWS, Site 730, US ARMY, MUS B 30TH US INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Easley, Bruce Hills, d. 04/12/1985, Section MA, Site 62, US ARMY
Easley, Charles F, d. 12/25/1899, Section NA, Site 260, US ARMY, PVT BAND 34TH USV IN
Easley, Franklin A, b. 02/19/1923, d. 03/16/1992, Section PPWS, Site 409-AA, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Easley, Horace P, b. 05/09/1916, d. 06/30/1983, Section I, Site C-237, US AIR FORCE, LT COL, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Easly, Benjamin, d. 12/16/1904, Section NAWS, Site 564, US ARMY, PVT K 86TH OHIO VOL, CIVIL WAR
Easman, Hank, d. 04/30/1931, Section B, Site 1213, US ARMY, PFC C 312TH SER BN, WORLD WAR I
East, John R, d. 01/05/1936, Section DE, Site 134, US ARMY, CORPL A HQ BN, WORLD WAR I
Easterday, Charles L, d. 06/01/1940, Section DS, Site 1565, US ARMY, PVT D 28TH US INF
Easterly, George W, d. 08/21/1937, Section DW, Site 1052, US ARMY, SGT A 18TH ENGRS, WORLD WAR I
Eastley, Einar Lief, b. 12/01/1906, d. 03/20/1960, Section C, Site 297-A, US ARMY, CAPT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Eastley, Esther Virginia, b. 05/21/1909, d. 05/28/2007, Section C, Site 297-A, Wife of Einar Lief Eastley, US ARMY, CAPT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Eastling, John M, d. 06/05/1931, Section B, Site 1265, US ARMY, COOK 3RD INF
Eastman, Donald Phillip, b. 09/17/1924, d. 01/03/1987, Section A, Site 309-A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
Eastman, John, d. 09/25/1900, Section ES, Site 1243, US ARMY, PVT K 35TH USV INF
Easton, Charles H, d. 05/29/1937, Section DS, Site 1135, US ARMY, SGT CO I, WORLD WAR I
Easton, Verna H, d. 04/10/1946, Section DS, Site 1135, Wife of Charles H Easton, US ARMY, SGT CO 1 E O T C
Eastwold, Delia H, b. 05/11/1890, d. 06/16/1950, Section OS, Row 136, Site 8, Wife of Oscar Andrew Eastwold, US ARMY, COL
Eastwold, Oscar Andrew, b. 04/04/1887, d. 01/28/1966, Section OS, Row 136, Site 8, US ARMY, COL, WORLD WAR I
Eaton, Edward G, b. 06/22/1876, d. 06/22/1900, Section ES, Site 910, US ARMY, PVT CO I, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Eaton, Helen M, b. 11/09/1889, d. 03/24/1949, Section OS, Row 51, Site 9, Wife of Helen M Eaton, US ARMY, LT COL
Eaton, Joseph, d. 03/27/1909, Section PPNAW, Site 100, CIVILIAN WAKE ISLAND NAS, CIVILIAN EMP
Eaton, Louis A, d. 09/14/1932, Section OSA, Row 71, Site 7, US ARMY, 1ST LT CO B 6TH CA V, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Eaton, William Henry, b. 09/24/1891, d. 11/19/1955, Section OS, Row 51, Site 9, US ARMY, LT COL, WORLD WAR II
Ebaugh, Albert, d. 02/23/1920, Section NAWS, Site 618-A, US ARMY, CPL QM CORP, WORLD WAR I
Ebbing, William, d. 04/14/1923, Section A, Site 490, US ARMY, SUPPLY SGT 1ST CO, WORLD WAR I
Ebel, Julius, b. 03/24/1871, d. 04/27/1934, Section C, Site 879, US ARMY, PVT BATTY H 3RD ARTY, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Ebeling, Frederick Theodore, d. 09/03/1931, Section B, Site 1348, US NAVY, LANDSMAN, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Ebelke, Jack, d. 08/29/1935, Section C, Site 1532, US ARMY, PVT D 115TH ENGRS, WORLD WAR I
Eberhard, Nathan, d. 06/16/1869, Section WS, Site 1050, US ARMY, PVT E 8TH US CAV
Eberle, Joseph, d. 04/20/1924, Section A, Site 684, US ARMY, PVT G B 14 MAINE INF
Eberly, Frank C, d. 09/02/1934, Section C, Site 1041, US ARMY, CORPL AMB CO 43, WORLD WAR I
Ebert, Carl Frederick, d. 04/26/1931, Section B, Site 1177, US NAVY, CH PM MATE, WORLD WAR I
Ebert, Ernest A, d. 02/17/1933, Section C, Site 43, US ARMY, TECH SGT MED DEPT
Ebert, Frank J, d. 03/28/1886, Section WS, Site 124-A, US ARMY, PVT B 1ST US ARTY
Ebert, Henry Theodore, d. 10/26/1932, Section C, Site 211, US NAVY, BOATSWAIN MATE 2D, WORLD WAR I
Ebert, Jacob, d. 09/03/1898, Section WS, Site 690, US ARMY, PVT A 23RD US INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Eberwine, John E, d. 01/02/1922, Section OS, Row 125, Site 5, US NAVY, LT
Eberwine, Teresa J, b. 04/29/1881, d. 05/18/1969, Section OS, Row 125, Site 7, Wife of John E Eberwine, US NAVY, LT
Eble, Charles F, d. 04/02/1926, Section OS, Row 112, Site 2, US ARMY, 1ST LT MED AD CORP
Echsner, Theodore J, d. 05/23/1907, Section NAWS, Site 1164, US ARMY, PVT H 14TH US CAV
Eck, Edward, d. 02/04/1929, Section B, Site 402, US ARMY, ARTF G 6TH US INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Eckardt, Juanita M, b. 02/28/1935, d. 08/14/2002, Section H, Site CA-1G, Wife of William H Eckardt Sr, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
Eckardt, William H Sr, b. 10/26/1926, d. 08/22/1988, Section H, Site CA-1G, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
Ecker, Eugene Chester, b. 11/01/1878, d. 01/23/1954, Section OS, Row 128, Site 5, US ARMY, CAPTAIN, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR, WORLD WAR I
Ecker, Mahri Nordquist, b. 09/09/1894, d. 12/01/1974, Section OS, Row 128, Site 5, Wife of Eugene Chester Ecker, US ARMY, CPT, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Eckerson, Theodore J, d. 01/25/1935, Section C, Site 1237, US ARMY, PFC MED DEPT, WORLD WAR I
Eckert, Edward, d. 09/25/1937, Section DW, Site 872, US ARMY, CPL ORD DEPT, WORLD WAR I
Eckert, Isabelle M, b. 01/18/1830, d. 01/07/1954, Section DW, Site 872, Wife of Edward R Eckert, US ARMY, CPL
Eckert, Peter J, d. 03/18/1900, Section ES, Site 1297, US ARMY, PVT L 16TH US INF
Eckert, Walter, d. 03/26/1934, Section C, Site 843, US ARMY, PVT M G TROOP 17 CAV, WORLD WAR I
Eckhardt, Leo, b. 04/10/1923, d. 05/27/1962, Section OSA, Row 87, Site 2, US ARMY, SFC, WORLD WAR II
Eckhart, Donald J, b. 07/15/1917, d. 03/19/1991, Section OSD, Site 143-A, US ARMY, 1 LT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Eckman, Walter A, b. 05/08/1907, d. 05/28/1987, Section A, Site 400-E, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
Eckstein, Adam, d. 10/30/1876, Section WS, Site 898, US ARMY, G 6TH US CAV
Eckstein, Burton Robert, b. 12/21/1902, d. 09/27/1988, Section B, Site 1578-A, US AIR FORCE, LTC, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Eckstein, Cash, d. 01/08/1934, Section C, Site 715, US ARMY, PVT M 2ND OREGON VOL, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Eckstein, Marian Alice, b. 04/16/1910, d. 03/16/2001, Section B, Site 1578-A, Wife of Burton Robert Eckstein, US AIR FORCE, LTC, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Eckstein, Theresa, b. 07/04/1882, d. 01/23/1955, Section C, Site 715, Wife of Cash Eckstein, US ARMY, PVT CO M 2ND
Eckstien, Marvin V, d. 07/22/1913, Section PPE, Site 93, Son (Minor Child) of Sigmund Eckstien, US ARMY, PVT K 16TH US INF
Eckstrom, Doris V, b. 10/31/1911, d. 08/06/2005, Section OSA, Row 69, Site 2, Wife of Hartley Clayton Eckstrom, US ARMY, LT COL, WORLD WAR II
Eckstrom, Hartley Clayton, b. 05/15/1911, d. 04/18/1968, Section OSA, Row 69, Site 2, US ARMY, LT COL, WORLD WAR II
Eckstrom, John L, d. 02/02/1907, Section OSA, Row 2, Site 1, US NAVY, MATE
Ecluse, Carroll A L, d. 03/22/1944, Section MA, Site 85-6, US ARMY AIR FORCES, MAJ
Eddington, Edyth, b. 03/14/1908, d. 12/19/1990, Section EE, Site 916-A, Wife of Thomas W Eddington, US ARMY, LTC, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Eddington, Thomas Wadsworth, b. 02/27/1909, d. 09/18/1959, Section EE, Site 915-A, US ARMY, LT COL, WORLD WAR II
Eddy, Asher R, d. 01/27/1879, Section OS, Row 60, Site 6, US ARMY, COL
Eddy, Charles David, d. 09/29/1906, Section EE, Site 1642, US MARINE CORPS, PM
Eddy, Ellery W, d. 07/30/1865, Section OS, Row 60, Site 4, US ARMY, MAJOR
Edell, Lewis, d. 12/12/1929, Section A, Site 1282, US ARMY, PVT E 1ST N J, CIVIL WAR
Edell, Nellie A, d. 12/21/1926, Section A, Site 1282, Wife of Lewis Edell, US ARMY, PVT E 1
Edelman, Charles Hebrew, d. 07/26/1922, Section A, Site 355, US NAVY, 1ST CL BOY
Edelsten, Ernest, d. 07/25/1900, Section ES, Site 954, US ARMY, SGT A 35TH USV INF
Eden, Albert J, d. 08/24/1915, Section WS, Site 479-A, US ARMY, PVT D 18TH US INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Edenholm, Otto, d. 03/18/1927, Section A, Site 1356, US ARMY, 1ST SGT E 7TH US INF
Edgar, Benjamin, b. 04/02/1919, d. 10/14/1989, Section C, Site 1220-A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
Edgar, William S, d. 12/12/1930, Section OSA, Row 1, Site 8, US ARMY, CAPT Q M CORP
Edgell, George E, d. 09/28/1898, Section GHT, Site 405, US ARMY, PVT H 3RD US ARTY
Edger, Benjamin J Jr, d. 10/05/1932, Section OSA, Row 63, Site 7, US ARMY, COL
Edger, Edith Downing, b. 11/28/1882, d. 10/02/1973, Section OSA, Row 63, Site 5, Wife of Benjamin J Edger Jr, US ARMY, COL
Edger, Herbert, b. 10/27/1911, d. 07/05/1985, Section OSA, Row 63, Site 7, US ARMY, COL, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
Edger, Warren J, d. 03/06/1925, Section PPNA, Site 179-A, Son (Minor Child) of Benjamin J Edger Jr, US ARMY, COL
Edgeton, Earnest Elbert, b. 08/19/1925, d. 01/27/1954, Section NA, Site 524-B, US ARMY, SGT AVN DET 30TH ENG, WORLD WAR II
Edick, Janet Maxine, b. 01/09/1918, d. 03/11/1957, Section NAWS, Site 729-B, Wife of Alfred Merton Edick, US ARMY, M/SGT
Edie, Clementine Kip, b. 06/15/1872, d. 10/05/1966, Section OS, Site 118A-5, Wife of Guy L Edie, US ARMY, COL
Edie, Guy L, d. 04/08/1930, Section OS, Site 118A-7, US ARMY, COL
Edison, George H, d. 01/22/1931, Section B, Site 1084, US ARMY, ASST BAND LEADER HQ
Edling, Leonard J, d. 06/19/1899, Section ES, Site 552, US ARMY, PVT E 21ST US INF
Edmonds, Charles W, d. 06/11/1899, Section ES, Site 523, US ARMY, PVT E 1ST US ARTY
Edmonds, Horace A, d. 12/19/1905, Section GHT, Site 330, US ARMY, PVT B 81ST OHIO VOL, CIVIL WAR
Edmonds, Jane, d. 07/22/1939, Section GHT, Site 330, Wife of Horace A Edmonds, US ARMY, PVT B 81ST OHIO VOL
Edmonds, Kenneth E, d. 10/01/1918, Section A, Site 197, US ARMY, PVT 348 MACH GUN
Edmondson, Thomas W, d. 09/07/1926, Section A, Site 1211, US ARMY, COOK 165 AERO SQUAD, WORLD WAR I
Edmondson, William Grayson, b. 04/02/1935, d. 02/16/1985, Section PPE, Site C-5, US ARMY, SP 3
Edmunds, Newton, d. 09/09/1891, Section OS, Row 49, Site 2, Son (Minor Child) of Unknown Edmunds, US ARMY, CAPT 1ST US INF
Edoff, Joel E, d. 03/06/1928, Section B, Site 67, US ARMY, SGT 33REGT
Edstrom, Mamie, b. 09/08/1902, d. 10/16/1977, Section EE, Site 1262, Wife of Roy E Edstrom, US ARMY, PVT
Edstrom, Roy E, d. 07/28/1939, Section EE, Site 1262, US ARMY, PVT M G 162ND INF 41, WORLD WAR I
Edwards, Alex, d. 04/01/1906, Section PPNAW, Site 35, CIVILIAN WAKE ISLAND NAS, CIVILIAN BUTCHER
Edwards, Alvin S, d. 08/17/1926, Section A, Site 1198, US ARMY AIR SERVICE, SGT 660, WORLD WAR I
Edwards, Betty E, b. 03/03/1895, d. 01/02/1974, Section OSD, Site 237, Wife of John I Edwards, US ARMY, CPT
Edwards, Callistus James, d. 03/21/1931, Section B, Site 1108, US ARMY, PVT HOSP CORP, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Edwards, Carl T, d. 07/28/1918, Section A, Site 154, US ARMY, PVT G 16TH INF
Edwards, Charles A, d. 06/28/1932, Section C, Site 103, US ARMY, CPL BAND 27TH INF
Edwards, Charles W A, b. 03/12/1908, d. 12/17/1960, Section EE, Site 38-A, US ARMY, GY SGT, KOREA
Edwards, Charley Lee, d. 03/16/1927, Section A, Site 1355, US ARMY, CORP, WORLD WAR I
Edwards, Clarence B, d. 10/16/1938, Section EE, Site 217, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
Edwards, Cora M, d. 10/23/1936, Section C, Site 1023, Wife of Harry F Edwards, US ARMY, PVT
Edwards, Dagny, b. 04/08/1915, d. 02/01/2009, Section WS, Site 656-B, Wife of Ralph Haesler Edwards, US ARMY, SGT CO A 303RD SIG S, WORLD WAR II
Edwards, Daniel R, d. 08/24/1899, Section ES, Site 848, US ARMY, PVT E 18TH US INF
Edwards, Edward, d. 02/24/1909, Section NAWS, Site 1368, US ARMY, PVT E 1ST CA VOL INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Edwards, Edward J, d. 10/25/1934, Section OSA, Row 96, Site 10, US ARMY, CAPT
Edwards, Elihu, d. 06/15/1901, Section ES, Site 1082, US ARMY, PVT C 38TH USV INF
Edwards, Elliott R, d. 07/28/1933, Section C, Site 539, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
Edwards, Florence Maude, b. 04/19/1882, d. 02/23/1970, Section OS, Row 125, Site 3, Wife of Samuel H Edwards, US ARMY, MAJOR
Edwards, Frank, d. 02/08/1888, Section WS, Site 216, US ARMY, MUS E 1ST US INF
Edwards, George, d. 03/02/1937, Section DS, Site 1261, US NAVY, LANDSMAN, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Edwards, George F, d. 05/14/1900, Section NA, Site 627, US ARMY, CPL C 40TH USV INF
Edwards, George W, d. 07/17/1910, Section A, Site 22, US NAVY, SEAMAN
Edwards, George W, d. 12/30/1930, Section B, Site 1048, US ARMY, SGT CO A, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Edwards, Gorden Charles, b. 10/01/1917, d. 12/14/1998, Section B, Site 1062, US ARMY, CAPT, WORLD WAR II
Edwards, Grant Humbert, b. 08/21/1905, d. 05/27/1949, Section OSD, Site 411, US ARMY, LT COL
Edwards, H G, d. 07/05/1856, Section WS, Site 1171, US ARMY, PVT B 14TH US INF
Edwards, Harry C, d. 12/04/1899, Section ES, Site 549, US ARMY, PVT F 12TH US INF
Edwards, Harry F, d. 08/28/1934, Section C, Site 1023, US ARMY, PVT CO B, WORLD WAR I
Edwards, Henry L, b. 05/09/1924, d. 12/28/1989, Section DE, Site 391-AA, US NAVY, SC 2C, WORLD WAR II
Edwards, Herschel Lloyd, b. 02/22/1899, d. 06/02/1951, Section WS, Site 839-B, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II, WORLD WAR I
Edwards, J R, b. 01/01/1915, d. 04/30/1987, Section A, Site 366-A, US ARMY, LTC, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
Edwards, James F, b. 10/15/1924, d. 08/12/1990, Section DW, Site 891-A, US COAST GUARD, STM 2/C, WORLD WAR II
Edwards, James G, d. 02/17/1933, Section C, Site 374, US ARMY, SGT I 106TH INF, WORLD WAR I
Edwards, James J, b. 06/14/1915, d. 06/05/1982, Section I, Site C-18, US NAVY, CWO, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Edwards, James L, d. 07/17/1940, Section EE, Site 818, US ARMY, PVT H 2D TEX VOL INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Edwards, Jeannette C, b. 01/08/1883, d. 10/10/1976, Section NA, Site 1247-B, Wife of Samuel H Edwards, US ARMY, SGT, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Edwards, Jesse M, d. 10/24/1934, Section ES, Site 1234-B, US ARMY, PFC MED DEPT, WORLD WAR I
Edwards, John Henry, d. 06/20/1936, Section DW, Site 430, US ARMY, PVT 8TH 2ND BN 165TH, WORLD WAR I
Edwards, John I, d. 01/26/1939, Section OSD, Site 236, US ARMY, CAPTAIN
Edwards, Joseph Frederick, d. 11/09/1942, Section PPNAW, Site 456, Son (Minor Child) of Dawson Edwards, US ARMY, MR SGT SERV 159 INF
Edwards, Joy, b. 01/09/1925, d. 12/12/1992, Section B, Site 1062, Wife of Gorden C Edwards, US ARMY, CAPT, WORLD WAR II
Edwards, Kathryn Agnes, d. 10/18/1935, Section B, Site 1108, Wife of Callistus James Edwards, US ARMY, PVT
Edwards, Perry P, d. 03/23/1940, Section DS, Site 1641, US ARMY, PVT I 159 INF, WORLD WAR I
Edwards, Ralph Haesler, b. 10/14/1916, d. 11/12/1952, Section WS, Site 655-B, US ARMY, SGT CO A 303RD SIG S, WORLD WAR II
Edwards, Ray C, d. 10/28/1938, Section EE, Site 1572, US ARMY, PVT E 82ND INF, WORLD WAR I
Edwards, Ray W, b. 01/09/1917, d. 03/01/1981, Section NA, Site 1467, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
Edwards, Ruth M, b. 12/02/1899, d. 09/12/1985, Section WS, Site 839-B, Wife of Herschel Edwards, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II, WORLD WAR I
Edwards, Ruth Rose, b. 06/12/1904, d. 07/16/1974, Section NA, Site 1247-B, Daughter (Adult) of Samuel H Edwards, US ARMY, SGT
Edwards, Samuel H, d. 12/24/1936, Section OS, Row 125, Site 3, US ARMY, MAJOR, WORLD WAR I
Edwards, Samuel H, b. 03/06/1874, d. 09/29/1954, Section NA, Site 1248-B, US ARMY, SGT TROOP H 5TH CAV, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Edwards, Sara D, b. 05/16/1887, d. 09/19/1963, Section B, Site 1112, Wife of Thomas T Edwards, US ARMY, PVT CO G 1ST KENT, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Edwards, Thomas T, b. 04/14/1870, d. 02/25/1931, Section B, Site 1112, US ARMY, PVT G 1ST KENT VOL I, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Edwards, Velva May, b. 08/29/1896, d. 12/05/1970, Section C, Site 539, Wife of Elliott Edwards, US ARMY, PVT TROOP G 10TH CAV, WORLD WAR I
Edwards, Westley, b. 01/04/1892, d. 04/01/1992, Section PPWS, Site 63-B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
Edwards, Wiley, d. 05/11/1935, Section C, Site 1383, US ARMY, 1ST SGT BATTY E 6TH
Edwards, William, d. 01/05/1876, Section WS, Site 1242, US ARMY, PVT K 12TH US INF
Edwards, William H, d. 12/11/1915, Section WS, Site 647-A, US ARMY, SGT C 104TH PA VOL I, CIVIL WAR
Egan, Ann I, b. 12/30/1889, d. 08/10/1964, Section NAWS, Site 1611-B, Wife of Harry Earl Egan, US NAVY, CY TD 3, WORLD WAR I
Egan, Charles, d. 08/06/1876, Section WS, Site 1107, US ARMY, CORP
Egan, Edward, d. 02/21/1927, Section A, Site 1335, US ARMY, TECH SGT Q M CORP, WORLD WAR I
Egan, Edwin H, d. 01/20/1937, Section DW, Site 694, US ARMY, SUP SGT BTRY C 48TH, WORLD WAR I
Egan, George P, d. 04/10/1911, Section NAWS, Site 1751, US ARMY, ACT HOSP STWD, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Egan, Harry Earl, b. 01/10/1885, d. 12/26/1956, Section NAWS, Site 1611-B, US NAVY, MESS ATT 3, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Egan, James, d. 04/22/1922, Section A, Site 313, US ARMY, SGT C TROOP 3D CAV
Egan, John W, d. 01/31/1938, Section EE, Site 116, US ARMY, 1ST CL PVT 12TH CO, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Egan, Thomas, d. 05/06/1901, Section NA, Site 388, US ARMY, PVT I 45TH USV INF
Egard, Theodore, d. 06/25/1881, Section WS, Site 1106, US ARMY, PVT I 6TH US CAV
Egerblade, Axel F, b. 12/21/1880, d. 08/19/1953, Section PPNAW, Site 270, US ARMY, SGT 4 PLAT 10TH ORD, WORLD WAR I
Egerblade, Nellie E, d. 04/20/1933, Section PPNAW, Site 270, Wife of Axel F Egerblade, US ARMY, PFC ORD DEPT
Eggers, Edward Davis, b. 08/25/1913, d. 04/10/1982, Section DW, Site 496, US NAVY, ENG DRAFT 1ST CLASS, WORLD WAR II
Eggers, William, d. 05/05/1979, Section MA, Site 121, US ARMY, CPL
Eggert, Charles, d. 03/16/1900, Section GHT, Site 395, US NAVY, SEAMAN
Eggert, John F, d. 07/26/1938, Section OS, Row 120, Site 8, US COAST GUARD, 2ND LT, WORLD WAR I
Eggleson, Frank W, b. 02/05/1922, d. 08/20/1991, Section OSD, Site 489-AA, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
Eggleson, Marian Ellen, b. 03/09/1924, d. 12/19/2002, Section OSD, Site 489-AA, Wife of Frank W Eggleson, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
Eggleston, Frank L, d. 12/19/1925, Section A, Site 1036, US ARMY, 1ST SGT 409, WORLD WAR I
Eggleston, Thomas James, b. 10/28/1886, d. 08/10/1953, Section OS, Row 141, Site 1, US NAVY, LT, WORLD WAR I
Eggleston, Vera B, d. 04/10/1945, Section OS, Row 141, Site 1, Wife of Thomas James Eggleston, US NAVY, LT
Eggling, Christ, d. 10/17/1874, Section WS, Site 438, US ARMY, PVT B 1ST US CAV
Eggson, John, d. 01/31/1933, Section C, Site 394, US ARMY, PVT G 809TH PIONEER, WORLD WAR I
Egland, Clarence Clifford, b. 06/30/1917, d. 10/14/1960, Section NAWS, Site 185-B, US ARMY, SFC, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Egle, Lee E, d. 05/10/1904, Section PPNA, Site 139, CIVILIAN WAKE ISLAND NAS, CIVILIAN
Ehalt, Stanley J, b. 03/26/1913, d. 12/21/1984, Section GHT, Site C-8, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
Ehlert, Mamie, d. 01/19/1947, Section NA, Site 429-G, Wife of Paul Ehlert, US ARMY, QM SGT SG
Ehlert, Paul, d. 08/27/1927, Section NA, Site 429-G, US ARMY, QM SGT, WORLD WAR I
Ehm, Oscar H, d. 02/11/1936, Section DE, Site 314, US ARMY AIR SERVICE, PVT 837, WORLD WAR I
Ehrlich, Amanda Victoria, b. 10/21/1895, d. 10/04/1994, Section EE, Site 874-A, ARMY NURSE CORPS, ARMY NURSE, WORLD WAR I
Ehrlich, Celine L, b. 04/17/1923, d. 10/22/2007, Section A, Site 1137-A, Wife of Robert Simon Ehrlich, US ARMY, CAPT, WORLD WAR II
Ehrlich, Max Charles, b. 06/15/1895, d. 11/22/1959, Section EE, Site 873-A, US ARMY, COL, WORLD WAR II, WORLD WAR I
Ehrlich, Robert Simon, b. 02/02/1913, d. 04/22/1986, Section A, Site 1137-A, US ARMY, CAPT, WORLD WAR II
Eiche, Christian P, d. 12/27/1904, Section NAWS, Site 589, US ARMY, PVT I 38TH MASS VOL, CIVIL WAR
Eichenberger, Rudolph, d. 03/25/1940, Section EE, Site 779, US ARMY, PVT D 1ST BN NEV INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Eichhorn, Abram S, d. 10/07/1940, Section EW, Site 739, US ARMY, PVT BTRY 120TH, WORLD WAR I
Eicholtz, Levi E, d. 09/21/1900, Section ES, Site 1181, US ARMY, CPL B 4TH US CAV
Eichwaldt, John A, d. 01/02/1941, Section F, Site 36, US ARMY, PVT 28TH CO C A C
Eilers, Dorothy Viola, b. 01/11/1924, d. 09/28/2008, Section PPE, Site C-25, Wife of James J Eilers, US AIR FORCE, CWO 4, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Eilers, James J, b. 07/14/1918, d. 03/30/1985, Section PPE, Site C-25, US AIR FORCE, CWO 4, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Eilers, William, d. 07/09/1852, Section WS, Site 312, US ARMY, PVT I 2ND US INF
Eilfgang, Gottfried, d. 11/07/1899, Section ES, Site 562, US ARMY, PVT C 4TH US INF
Eimers, Herman Melvin, b. 07/17/1911, d. 09/18/1981, Section NA, Site 1240-B, US NAVY, AMM 2C, WORLD WAR II
Eimers, Lucille, b. 12/24/1917, d. 01/03/1952, Section NA, Site 1240-B, Wife of Herman Melvin Reimers, US NAVY, AMM 2C
Einsfield, Peter, d. 05/09/1896, Section WS, Site 550, US ARMY, PVT I 28TH NYV INF
Eisenberger, Doreen, b. 04/01/1924, d. 04/28/1993, Section WS, Site 288-B, Wife of Robert Eisenberger, US ARMY, CAPT, WORLD WAR II
Eisenberger, Patricia, b. 08/19/1948, d. 03/21/1956, Section WS, Site 289-B, Daughter (Minor Child) of Robert Eisenberger, US ARMY, CAPTAIN
Eisenberger, Robert R, b. 02/03/1918, d. 07/10/2010, Section WS, Site 288-B, US ARMY, CAPT, WORLD WAR II
Ekeberg, John M, b. 05/01/1912, d. 07/22/1991, Section OSD, Site 128-AA, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
Eklund, Charles S, d. 05/30/1934, Section C, Site 963, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
Eklund, Gustave, d. 01/13/1901, Section NA, Site 580, US ARMY, PVT I 18TH US INF
Ekola, Mathew, d. 07/07/1900, Section ES, Site 1303, US ARMY, PVT C 34TH USV INF
Ekwurzel, George Macy, b. 05/27/1875, d. 06/21/1958, Section OS, Row 33, Site 7, US ARMY, COL, WORLD WAR I
Ekwurzel, Lucile Thorp, b. 07/24/1888, d. 02/04/1954, Section OS, Row 33, Site 7, Wife of George Macy Ekwurzel, US ARMY, COL
Elbert, Otto, d. 10/24/1901, Section NA, Site 633, US ARMY, PVT G 4TH US INF
Elberty, George W, d. 06/03/1904, Section NAWS, Site 421, US ARMY, SGT A 46TH PENN VOL, CIVIL WAR
Elberty, Susan Ann, d. 11/25/1910, Section NAWS, Site 421, Wife of George W Elberty, US ARMY, SGT A 46TH PA VOL IN
Elden, John, b. 03/19/1845, d. 01/18/1929, Section B, Site 311, US ARMY, PVT B 4TH MAINE VOL, CIVIL WAR
Elder, Alice D, b. 06/22/1902, d. 04/20/1985, Section ES, Site 1199-A, Daughter (Adult) of Claude L Ortega, US ARMY, PVT
Elder, Anna B, d. 07/15/1921, Section PPNA, Site 67-A, Wife of Harry G Elder, US ARMY, CAPT BREVET MAJOR
Elder, Wesley W, d. 11/10/1937, Section DW, Site 883, US ARMY, PVT A 1ST US CAV
Eldridge, Albert, d. 02/21/1940, Section DS, Site 1649, US ARMY, PVT G 8TH CA INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Eldridge, Meade Holme, d. 09/04/1938, Section OSD, Site 210, US NAVY, LT
Eldridge, Unnamed Infant, d. 03/04/1943, Section PPNAW, Site 241-A, Son (Minor Child) of Cleburne Eldridge, US ARMY, PVT 1 CL
Elfen, Henry, d. 03/27/1926, Section A, Site 1105, US ARMY, REGT CO SGT 28 INF
Elgin, John Eli, b. 12/27/1913, d. 05/05/1957, Section WS, Site 281-B, US AIR FORCE, MAJOR, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Eliasson, Bror Sigfrid, d. 04/08/1926, Section A, Site 1113, US NAVY, CHIEF BOATSWAIN MATE
Elie, Olaf C, d. 05/04/1936, Section DE, Site 412, US ARMY, PVT F 314TH AM TRAIN, WORLD WAR I
Elking, Robert L, b. 09/19/1935, d. 09/10/1989, Section C, Site 723-A, US ARMY, SGT, VIETNAM
Elkins, Charles Alfred, d. 02/21/1931, Section B, Site 1132, US MARINE CORPS, PFC, WORLD WAR I
Elkins, Frank Callihan, Section MA, Site 18, US NAVY, CDR
Elleau, Henry, d. 12/18/1890, Section GHT, Site 247, US ARMY, PVT E 12TH NYV INF
Elleau, Pauline, d. 03/27/1903, Section GHT, Site 247, Wife of Henry Elleau, US ARMY, PVT E 12 N Y INF
Ellenor, Robert B, d. 12/13/1924, Section A, Site 810, US ARMY, PVT G 302 AMM TRAIN, WORLD WAR I
Ellery, John, d. 07/29/1900, Section ES, Site 1180, US ARMY, PVT C 46TH USV INF
Elliget, Donald A, b. 12/30/1912, d. 08/25/1984, Section H, Site 12, US ARMY, COL, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Elliget, Young Won, b. 01/28/1919, d. 01/23/2006, Section H, Site 12, Wife of Donald A Elliget, US ARMY, COL, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Ellingsen, Elise, d. 02/01/1950, Section OSA, Row 17, Site 1, Wife of Olaf Ellingsen, US NAVY, ENSIGN
Ellingsen, Olaf, d. 12/02/1926, Section OSA, Row 17, Site 3, US NAVY, ENSIGN, WORLD WAR I
Ellingsworth, Robert, Section NAWS, Site 1614, US ARMY, PVT
Ellingsworth, Samuel, d. 09/28/1919, Section NAWS, Site 324-A, US ARMY, PVT F 3RD US INF
Elliott, Archie, d. 12/07/1900, Section ES, Site 1006, US ARMY, PVT I 37TH USV INF
Elliott, Chester A, d. 02/02/1932, Section B, Site 1552, US ARMY, PVT 8TH CO, WORLD WAR I
Elliott, Frances Vaughn, d. 03/25/1940, Section OS, Row 42, Site 1, Daughter (Minor Child) of Washington L Elliott, US ARMY, COL
Elliott, Frank B, d. 09/12/1940, Section EE, Site 677, US ARMY, PVT 1 CL B 129TH M G, WORLD WAR I
Elliott, George N, b. 04/18/1914, d. 09/22/1986, Section A, Site 758-A, US NAVY, SONARMAN 1C, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Elliott, Harold Bell, d. 02/12/1934, Section C, Site 768, WOMEN'S ARMY AUX CORPS, FIREMAN 3RD CL
Elliott, James W, d. 12/06/1940, Section EW, Site 538, US ARMY, PVT 304TH BN TANK CO, WORLD WAR I
Elliott, John, d. 01/18/1917, Section WS, Site 1223-A, US ARMY, CH MUS BAND 7TH INF
Elliott, John B, d. 05/13/1899, Section ES, Site 442, US ARMY, PVT B 12TH US INF
Elliott, Marie C, d. 08/12/1942, Section OSD, Site 481, Wife of William Elliott, US ARMY, COL
Elliott, Reiko, b. 09/30/1933, d. 12/31/1991, Section F, Site 167-A, Wife of Mayson C Elliott, US AIR FORCE, M/SGT, VIETNAM
Elliott, Robert C, d. 11/14/1908, Section NAWS, Site 1342, US ARMY, CPL C 1ST LA VOL CAV, CIVIL WAR
Elliott, Roy G, d. 12/20/1936, Section DS, Site 1350, US ARMY, PVT CAS DET 4TH ROT, WORLD WAR I
Elliott, Russell T, d. 08/15/1900, Section ES, Site 1311, US ARMY, PVT K 14TH US INF
Elliott, Samuel W, d. 08/19/1910, Section NAWS, Site 1479, US ARMY, PVT D 10TH US INF
Elliott, Thomas H, d. 09/24/1932, Section C, Site 245, US ARMY, PVT F 31ST INF, WORLD WAR I
Elliott, Valeria Biddle, d. 05/06/1900, Section OS, Row 42, Site 1, Wife of Washington Elliott, US ARMY, COL
Elliott, Walter B, d. 10/02/1917, Section OS, Row 91, Site 2, US ARMY, CAPT
Elliott, Washington Lafayette, b. 03/31/1825, d. 06/29/1888, Section OS, Row 42, Site 3, US ARMY, COL
Elliott, William, d. 09/30/1943, Section OSD, Site 480, US ARMY, COL
Ellis, Arthur J, d. 01/28/1900, Section NA, Site 564, US ARMY, PVT H 44TH USV INF
Ellis, Calvin G, d. 01/01/1986, Section MA, Site 81, US ARMY, SGT
Ellis, Caroline, d. 08/17/1940, Section WS, Site 1016, Wife of Charles Ellis, US ARMY, PVT TROOP C K 1ST CA
Ellis, Charles, d. 05/03/1913, Section WS, Site 1016, US ARMY, PVT C K 2ND CAL VOL, CIVIL WAR
Ellis, Charles P, d. 08/14/1900, Section NA, Site 513, US ARMY, PVT D 6TH US INF
Ellis, David O, d. 03/15/1893, Section GHT, Site 259, US ARMY, CORP KK 8TH KAN VOL
Ellis, Earl K, b. 09/26/1886, d. 01/11/1938, Section EE, Site 147, US ARMY, PVT 128TH SPRUCE SQU, WORLD WAR I
Ellis, Elsie, b. 12/05/1889, d. 07/11/1951, Section EE, Site 147, Wife of Earl K Ellis, US ARMY, PVT 128TH SP SQ
Ellis, George H, d. 03/26/1904, Section PPNA, Site 128, Related to H J Ellis, US ARMY, PVT 60TH C A C
Ellis, Gerald Hill, b. 02/06/1916, d. 05/10/1984, Section I, Site C-222, US ARMY, LT COL, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Ellis, Henry C, d. 04/15/1905, Section NAWS, Site 773, US NAVY, SEAMAN
Ellis, Herbert E, d. 06/11/1900, Section ES, Site 1304, US ARMY, PVT A 22ND US INF
Ellis, Isaac N, d. 11/12/1913, Section WS, Site 1261, US ARMY, PVT F 15TH KAS VOL, CIVIL WAR
Ellis, James, d. 06/16/1868, Section WS, Site 286, US ARMY, PVT E 1ST US CAV
Ellis, James Alton, d. 08/28/1929, Section B, Site 617, US NAVY, SEAMAN 1ST CLASS
Ellis, John S, d. 07/13/1931, Section B, Site 1232, US ARMY, PVT H 1ST WASH VOL, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Ellis, John W, d. 04/15/1918, Section NA, Site 401-A, US ARMY, SGT 1C MED DEPT
Ellis, Laurence D, d. 10/14/1939, Section OSD, Site 507, US ARMY, 2D LT INF, WORLD WAR I
Ellis, Llewellyn, d. 12/09/1912, Section WS, Site 971, US ARMY, PVT A 16TH US INF
Ellis, Louise Elna, b. 09/15/1919, d. 06/06/1983, Section I, Site C-222, Wife of Gerald H Ellis, US ARMY, LT COL, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Ellis, Robert Dunning, b. 06/30/1932, d. 12/14/1987, Section C, Site 30-A, US COAST GUARD, SN, KOREA
Ellis, William A, d. 02/01/1938, Section EW, Site 1808, US ARMY, MUS E 25TH US INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Ellison, Alfonso, d. 06/12/1934, Section C, Site 913, US NAVY, FIREMAN 1 CL, WORLD WAR I
Ellison, James H, d. 10/06/1938, Section EE, Site 225, US ARMY, CORPL B 36TH INF, WORLD WAR I
Ellison, John Y, b. 05/12/1913, d. 10/20/1950, Section NAWS, Site 595-B, US ARMY, SFC 29 INF REGT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Ellman, Axel, b. 09/30/1869, d. 05/23/1952, Section WS, Site 664-B, US ARMY, FARRIER TR B 4TH REG, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Ellman, Hanna, b. 08/03/1869, d. 12/13/1954, Section WS, Site 664-B, Wife of Axel Farrier Ellman, US ARMY, TR B 4TH CAV
Ellman, Helen, d. 03/07/1908, Section PPNAW, Site 91, Daughter (Adult) of Axtel Ellman, US ARMY, PVT B 4TH US CAV
Ellsworth, Charles H, d. 04/04/1882, Section WS, Site 69
Ellsworth, Johanna, d. 06/04/1899, Section PPE, Site 209, Wife of Unknown Ellsworth, US ARMY, SGT
Ellsworth, Mabel, d. 12/09/1897, Section PPE, Site 192, Daughter (Adult) of Unknown Ellsworth, US ARMY, ORD SGT DEPT RET
Ellsworth, William L, d. 08/25/1937, Section DW, Site 836, US ARMY, PVT 5TH RECRUIT CO F, WORLD WAR I
Elsholz, Otto, d. 07/14/1936, Section DW, Site 473, US ARMY, PVT MED DEPT, WORLD WAR I
Elsley, John William, d. 07/09/1933, Section ES, Site 1037-B, US NAVY, GUNNER MATE 3RD CL, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Elsner, Margaret Lindsay, b. 08/11/1913, d. 03/21/1997, Section OSD, Site 139-A, US MARINE CORPS, SGT, WORLD WAR II
Elsner, William H, b. 10/10/1917, d. 10/12/1990, Section OSD, Site 139-A, US MARINE CORPS, SGT, WORLD WAR II
Elsus, Christie, d. 02/19/1934, Section C, Site 759, US ARMY, SGT 350TH MOTOR TRUC, WORLD WAR I
Elsworth, Charles E, d. 08/12/1899, Section WS, Site 770, US ARMY, ORD SGT DEPT
Elton, Eugene W, d. 02/19/1938, Section DW, Site 993, US ARMY, CPL E 34TH ENGRS, WORLD WAR I
Elton, Maude Emily, b. 11/05/1898, d. 05/18/1965, Section DW, Site 993, Wife of Eugene W Elton, US ARMY, CPL CO E 34TH ENGR
Eltringham, Robert L Jr, b. 09/19/1913, d. 04/05/1992, Section PPWS, Site 57-B, US NAVY, CSP, WORLD WAR II
Elvidge, Janice Margaret, b. 11/09/1918, d. 01/03/1959, Section B, Site 294-A, Wife of Dare Freeman Elvidge, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, WORLD WAR II
Elwood, Hillard, d. 10/07/1900, Section ES, Site 1246, US ARMY, PVT M 34TH USV INF
Elwood, Steve H, d. 03/04/1940, Section DS, Site 1614, US ARMY, PVT 1ST
Ely, Eugene Julius, b. 04/04/1875, d. 11/12/1949, Section OSA, Row 50, Site 6, US ARMY, COL, WORLD WAR I
Ely, Gladys L, b. 11/30/1892, d. 11/04/1989, Section C, Site 1298-A, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II, WORLD WAR I
Ely, Juliet Taylor, b. 12/01/1988, d. 01/06/1971, Section OSA, Row 50, Site 6, Wife of Eugene Julius Ely, US ARMY, COL
Ely, Marion H, d. 10/16/1931, Section OSA, Row 37, Site 8, US ARMY, CADET
Elzey, Paul, d. 09/07/1913, Section WS, Site 1267, US ARMY, PVT I 25TH US INF
Embleton, John R, d. 06/05/1940, Section EW, Site 922, US ARMY, PVT B 604TH ENGR, WORLD WAR I
Emerick, Charles, d. 12/21/1918, Section NA, Site 895-A, US ARMY, PVT BTRY A 2ND F A
Emerson, Burr, d. 10/12/1933, Section C, Site 648, US ARMY, PVT F 316TH ENGRS, WORLD WAR I
Emerson, George W, Section NAWS, Site 1585, US ARMY, CPL
Emerson, Harry R, d. 01/12/1941, Section DS, Site 1144-A, US ARMY, PVT 1 CL C 1ST GAS R, WORLD WAR I
Emerson, Josephine Carol, b. 12/25/1907, d. 04/20/1965, Section H, Site 84, Wife of Walter W Emerson, US NAVY, CDR, WORLD WAR II, WORLD WAR I
Emerson, Marie M, b. 09/07/1888, d. 01/29/1979, Section DS, Site 1144-A, Wife of Harry R Emerson, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
Emerson, Russell L, d. 01/18/1939, Section EE, Site 417, US ARMY, SGT D 63RD ARTY, WORLD WAR I
Emerson, Walter W, b. 08/09/1898, d. 02/22/1984, Section H, Site 84, US NAVY, CMDR, WORLD WAR II, WORLD WAR I
Emery, Carl E, d. 03/30/1925, Section A, Site 881, US ARMY, PVT HQ CO 7TH BN 151, WORLD WAR I
Emery, Clark M, d. 06/02/1939, Section EE, Site 1389, US ARMY, SGT A 30TH US INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Emery, George W, d. 09/06/1921, Section A, Site 138, US ARMY, PVT BTRY F 6TH ART, WORLD WAR I
Emery, Leander, d. 01/01/1908, Section NAWS, Site 1677, US ARMY, PVT
Emery, Nathaniel William, d. 08/30/1937, Section OSD, Site 131, US MARINE CORPS, 1ST LT, WORLD WAR I
Emery, Porter R, d. 02/21/1934, Section PPNAW, Site 282, CIVILIAN WAKE ISLAND NAS, CIVILIAN FATHER IN L
Emielita, Rudolph P, b. 12/29/1916, d. 10/24/1985, Section EE, Site 388-A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
Emmanuelli, Elena, b. 08/25/1923, d. 08/09/2007, Section I, Site C-316, Wife of Louis Almasi, US AIR FORCE, T SGT, WORLD WAR II
Emmert, John, d. 05/31/1884, Section ES, Site 825-B, US ARMY, CORP A 21ST MO INF
Emmett, Frances Powell, b. 08/03/1882, d. 10/05/1973, Section C, Site 83, Wife of William J Emmett, US ARMY, 1ST SGT, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Emmett, William J, d. 06/22/1932, Section C, Site 83, US ARMY, 1ST SGT I 14TH INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Emmons, Bert J, d. 10/12/1900, Section ES, Site 993, US ARMY, PVT E 1ST US ARTY
Emmons, William B, d. 02/21/1901, Section ES, Site 1143, US ARMY, WAGONER B 4TH US CAV
Emmrich, Ernst, d. 04/06/1916, Section WS, Site 835-A, US ARMY, PVT GEN MTD SERV
Emro, Joseph, d. 04/17/1936, Section PPNAW, Site 329, Son (Minor Child) of John A Emro, US ARMY, PFC MED DEPT
Enderle, Charles W, d. 09/13/1903, Section NAWS, Site 367, US ARMY, PVT F 11TH US CAV, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Enderlein, William Phillip, b. 04/08/1945, d. 11/21/1989, Section C, Site 1332-A, US NAVY, CDR, VIETNAM
Endress, Christ G, d. 02/08/1936, Section DE, Site 296, US ARMY, PVT HOSP CORPS
Endress, John C, d. 12/28/1918, Section NA, Site 900-A, US ARMY, 1ST SGT TR E 14TH CA
Engel, Norma E, d. 06/11/1991, Section MA, Site 125-2, US ARMY, SGT
Engelhardt, Frederick, d. 02/26/1891, Section ES, Site 1227-B, US ARMY, PVT D 20TH N Y INF
England, Berton, d. 09/25/1900, Section NA, Site 439, US ARMY, PVT F 30TH USV INF
England, Edward C, d. 04/24/1902, Section NA, Site 1107, US ARMY, SGT MAJ, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
England, John G, d. 10/21/1900, Section ES, Site 1149, US ARMY, PVT I 37TH USV INF
Engle, Dorathy E, b. 10/01/1905, d. 04/21/2001, Section B, Site 15-A, US AIR FORCE, LT COL, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
Engle, Frank Nki, b. 03/18/1887, d. 11/29/1962, Section B, Site 15-A, US ARMY, MAJ, WORLD WAR I
Engle, Kenyon Lyle, b. 05/17/1891, d. 06/20/1954, Section WS, Site 352-B, US ARMY, 2ND LT, WORLD WAR I
Engle, Nelson B, d. 12/25/1906, Section GHT, Site 331, US ARMY, SGT C 11TH MICH VOL, CIVIL WAR
Engle, Violet M, b. 09/04/1888, d. 10/25/1978, Section WS, Site 352-B, Wife of Kenyon Engle, US ARMY, 2ND LT, WORLD WAR I
Englehart, Alva F, d. 04/15/1945, Section OSD, Site 834, US ARMY, COL
Englehart, Helen G, b. 10/06/1904, d. 05/25/1993, Section OSD, Site 834, Wife of Alva F Englehart, US ARMY, COL, WORLD WAR II
Engles, Betty, b. 04/30/1932, d. 05/19/1989, Section C, Site 671-A, Wife of H Campbell Engles, US AIR FORCE, LTC, KOREA, VIETNAM
Engles, Herman Campbell, b. 02/18/1930, d. 09/22/2014, Section C, Site 671-A, US AIR FORCE, LTC, KOREA, VIETNAM
English, Ann Louise, b. 01/18/1910, d. 10/24/1994, Section DE, Site 243-A, Wife of Edgar V English, US ARMY, TECH 5, WORLD WAR II
English, Carl T, b. 06/08/1921, d. 03/29/1989, Section C, Site 618-A, US ARMY, MSGT, KOREA, VIETNAM
English, Edgar V, b. 06/01/1908, d. 02/10/1990, Section DE, Site 243-A, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
English, Gordon P, d. 09/06/1938, Section EW, Site 1680, US ARMY, CORPL F 429TH MO SUP, WORLD WAR I
English, Jesse Winston, b. 09/24/1902, d. 11/01/1977, Section C, Site 936-A, US AIR FORCE, M/SGT, WORLD WAR II
English, John, d. 02/06/1867, Section WS, Site 1295, US ARMY, CORP A 32ND US INF
English, John T, d. 12/02/1937, Section DW, Site 877, US ARMY, PVT H 8TH CA VOL INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
English, Lelia P, b. 11/09/1898, d. 06/09/1960, Section C, Site 936-A, Wife of Jesse W English, US AIR FORCE, M/SGT, WORLD WAR II
English, Robert D, b. 08/05/1904, d. 07/20/1951, Section WS, Site 833-B, US ARMY, CORPL
English, Robert W, d. 06/30/1917, Section PPNAW, Site 192, CIVILIAN WAKE ISLAND NAS, CIVILIAN EMP
English, William, d. 10/01/1920, Section NAWS, Site 1225-A, US ARMY, PVT C 29TH IND INF, CIVIL WAR
English, William F, d. 08/05/1908, Section NAWS, Site 1288, US ARMY, PVT 115TH C A C
Engstrom, James Howard, b. 11/02/1945, d. 05/31/1990, Section DS, Site 1143-A, US ARMY, PFC, VIETNAM
Engwall, Charley, d. 07/29/1916, Section WS, Site 1009-A, US ARMY, PVT 60TH C A C
Engwicht, George, d. 11/26/1918, Section NA, Site 849-B, US ARMY, PVT 41ST ENGRS, WORLD WAR I
Enloe, Newton T III, d. 06/17/1991, Section MA, Site 125-5, US NAVY, AOC
Ennis, Fred E, d. 06/14/1930, Section B, Site 887, US ARMY, PVT I 363RD INF, WORLD WAR I
Ennis, Helen Margaret, b. 01/12/1900, d. 01/27/1974, Section OSA, Row 112, Site 1, Wife of Riley Finley Ennis, US ARMY
Ennis, Ira V, d. 07/07/1928, Section A, Site 1500, US ARMY, PVT B 1ST BN CA ART, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Ennis, John William, b. 11/07/1911, d. 08/11/1990, Section DW, Site 1019-A, US NAVY, M3, WORLD WAR II
Ennis, Joseph, d. 12/20/1925, Section A, Site 1032, US ARMY, SGT A 55 COAST ART
Ennis, Loren G R, d. 06/29/1937, Section DW, Site 1043, US MARINE CORPS, PVT, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Ennis, Mattie M, b. 10/08/1908, d. 01/27/1998, Section DW, Site 1019-A, Wife of John William Ennis, US NAVY, M3, WORLD WAR II
Ennis, Riley Finley, b. 04/23/1897, d. 09/11/1963, Section OSA, Row 112, Site 1, US ARMY, MAJOR GEN, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, WORLD WAR I
Enos, Antone S, d. 03/17/1936, Section DE, Site 324, US ARMY, CPL F 115TH AM TN, WORLD WAR I
Enos, Frank, d. 08/01/1920, Section NAWS, Site 1050-A, US ARMY, PVT L 2ND MASS VOL C, CIVIL WAR
Enos, John J, d. 10/14/1939, Section EW, Site 1135, US ARMY, PFC 12TH INF, WORLD WAR I
Enrich, Infant Son, Section PPE, Site 154, Son (Minor Child) of Unknown Enrich, US ARMY, SGT
Enright, Gertrude F, b. 12/21/1877, d. 08/15/1955, Section F, Site 358, Wife of John J Enright, US ARMY, SGT CO L 15TH INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Enright, John F, d. 01/22/1943, Section F, Site 358, Son (Minor Child) of John J Enright, US ARMY, SGT L 15TH INF
Enright, John J, d. 10/25/1943, Section F, Site 358, US ARMY, SGT L 15 INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Ensele, Paul A, d. 12/22/1931, Section B, Site 1487, US ARMY, CORPL REGT, WORLD WAR I
Enwright, Jeremiah, d. 08/20/1901, Section NAWS, Site 272, US ARMY, PVT H 21ST US INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Enz, Louis F, d. 07/31/1936, Section DW, Site 467, US ARMY, PFC BTRY F 62ND ARTY, WORLD WAR I
Epperly, Byron M, d. 01/22/1940, Section DS, Site 1696, US ARMY, SGT MTC, WORLD WAR I
Epperson, Bernie, d. 10/28/1933, Section C, Site 649, US ARMY, PVT I 365TH INF, WORLD WAR I
Epperson, Frank Marion, b. 04/13/1914, d. 07/02/1954, Section OSD, Site 67, US ARMY, CAPTAIN 560TH MP, WORLD WAR II
Epperson, Ralph C, d. 05/09/1927, Section A, Site 1414, US ARMY, SGT MED DEPT
Epstein, Reese N, b. 05/19/1922, d. 05/07/1982, Section I, Site C-30, US AIR FORCE, SMSGT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
Erath, John W, b. 06/03/1916, d. 07/03/1990, Section DS, Site 1177A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
Erazmus, Pearl I, d. 02/28/1939, Section NA, Site 609-B, Wife of Stanley J Erazmus, US ARMY, SERGT Q M CORP
Erazmus, Stanley J, d. 09/21/1918, Section NA, Site 609-B, US ARMY, SGT Q M CORP
Erb, Eugene, Section NAWS, Site 1654, US ARMY, PVT
Erdahl, Olaf, d. 08/12/1937, Section DW, Site 1060, US ARMY, PVT H 308TH INF, WORLD WAR I
Erdman, Amelia, d. 10/18/1934, Section ES, Site 641-A, Wife of William G Erdman, US ARMY, CHIEF MUS BAND 7TH I
Erdman, Frank, b. 07/11/1862, d. 08/15/1929, Section B, Site 564, US ARMY, PVT F 1ST US INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Erdman, George B, b. 09/10/1912, d. 10/18/1986, Section A, Site 730-A, US ARMY, MAJOR, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Erdman, Mary, b. 11/21/1877, d. 06/17/1958, Section B, Site 564, Wife of Frank Erdman, US ARMY, PVT CO F 1ST US INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Erdman, William G B, d. 05/12/1917, Section ES, Site 641-A, US ARMY, CH MUS BAND 7TH
Ericksen, Jens J, d. 04/30/1921, Section A, Site 115, US ARMY, PVT 1 CL 6TH CO
Ericksen, Ole Emil, d. 07/09/1937, Section DW, Site 791, US MARINE CORPS, 1ST SGT
Erickson, Albert W, d. 03/27/1917, Section ES, Site 505-A, US ARMY, PVT 4TH C A C
Erickson, Alice L, b. 03/30/1913, d. 01/08/1992, Section H, Site CA-213, Wife of Dean L Erickson, US NAVY, S2C, WORLD WAR II
Erickson, Andrew, d. 05/12/1936, Section DE, Site 366, US NAVY, MACHINIST
Erickson, August, d. 06/14/1925, Section A, Site 937, US COAST GUARD, COXSWAIN, WORLD WAR I
Erickson, Carl J, d. 01/09/1941, Section F, Site 179, US ARMY, CPL A 1ST M G BN, WORLD WAR I
Erickson, Charles, d. 08/29/1900, Section NA, Site 343, US ARMY, PVT I 6TH US CAV
Erickson, Dean L, b. 04/12/1916, d. 07/17/1988, Section H, Site CA-213, US NAVY, S2/C, WORLD WAR II
Erickson, Delbert, d. 10/29/1937, Section EE, Site 20, US ARMY, PVT Q M CORP, WORLD WAR I
Erickson, Emil E, b. 09/09/1897, d. 09/14/1979, Section H, Site 58-A, US NAVY, CWO, WORLD WAR II
Erickson, Emil G, d. 04/30/1932, Section C, Site 47, US ARMY, PVT HQ 51ST INF, WORLD WAR I
Erickson, Eric G, d. 08/14/1917, Section ES, Site 827-A, US NAVY, ORD SEAMAN
Erickson, Floyd Harold, b. 10/05/1918, d. 03/01/1984, Section I, Site C-373, US NAVY, SEAMAN 1ST CLASS, WORLD WAR II
Erickson, Fred, d. 08/05/1898, Section WS, Site 668, US ARMY, PVT L 2ND IOWA VOL, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Erickson, Fred, d. 01/16/1900, Section ES, Site 461, US ARMY, PVT E 13TH US INF
Erickson, George P, d. 04/29/1940, Section DS, Site 1663, US ARMY, SGT SUPPLY CO 37TH, WORLD WAR I
Erickson, Gertrude R, b. 12/17/1899, d. 06/28/1979, Section H, Site 58-A, Wife of Emil E Erickson, US NAVY, CWO, WORLD WAR II
Erickson, Gustave S, d. 01/10/1926, Section A, Site 1053, US ARMY AIR SERVICE, PVT 1 CL, WORLD WAR I
Erickson, Herman, d. 03/12/1941, Section DS, Site 1140-A, US ARMY, PVT 347TH FIRE TK, WORLD WAR I
Erickson, John, d. 01/07/1919, Section PPE, Site 142-A
Erickson, John Hilmer, b. 10/18/1917, d. 04/30/1948, Section C, Site 199, US MARINE CORPS, 2ND LT
Erickson, John M, d. 11/01/1938, Section EE, Site 337, US ARMY, PVT F 361ST INF, WORLD WAR I
Ericsson, Adolph F, d. 11/07/1937, Section EE, Site 16, US ARMY, CORPL BATTY F 1ST
Erikson, Agatha, b. 04/13/1901, d. 01/31/1999, Section A, Site 1168-A, Wife of Alden F Erikson, US ARMY, LTC, WORLD WAR II
Erikson, Alden F, b. 11/23/1899, d. 05/14/1986, Section A, Site 1168-A, US ARMY, LTC, WORLD WAR II
Erlebach, Otto S, d. 03/23/1938, Section A, Site 320-B, US ARMY, PFC HOSP CORPS, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Erlenwein, Louis, d. 10/27/1899, Section WS, Site 814, US ARMY, CORP F 12TH US INF
Ernst, Frederick, d. 02/24/1901, Section NA, Site 1104, US ARMY, PVT I 8TH US INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Erson, Ernest, d. 12/09/1901, Section NA, Site 1367, US ARMY, PVT D 15TH US CAV, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Ertman, Louise, b. 05/30/1870, d. 07/09/1957, Section C, Site 88, Wife of Michael Ertman, US ARMY, CPL CO D 8TH US INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Ertman, Michael, b. 01/29/1868, d. 05/23/1932, Section C, Site 88, US ARMY, CPL D 8TH US INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Ertola, Charles Alfred, b. 07/08/1894, d. 05/20/1964, Section OS, Row 100, Site 5, US NAVY, HA 1C, WORLD WAR I
Ervin, Floyd J, d. 11/19/1934, Section C, Site 1090, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
Erwin, Ethelyn Rita, b. 11/26/1922, d. 08/13/1979, Section NA, Site 1447, Wife of Kenneth S Erwin, US NAVY, JN 1, WORLD WAR II
Erwin, Kenneth S, b. 08/31/1921, d. 03/10/1980, Section NA, Site 1447, US NAVY, JN 1, WORLD WAR II
Erwin, William H, d. 12/06/1899, Section ES, Site 1309, US ARMY, PVT A 4TH US CAV
Escobar, Andres Duque, b. 10/17/1899, d. 05/09/1959, Section EE, Site 425-A, US NAVY, OS1, WORLD WAR II
Escobar, Ernesto D, b. 11/14/1906, d. 12/12/1999, Section EE, Site 425-A, US ARMY, CAPT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
Escobar, Lucila D, b. 10/31/1913, d. 01/12/2003, Section EE, Site 425-A, Wife of Ernesto D Escobar, US ARMY, CAPT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
Escudero, Anthony Lucas Sr, b. 05/09/1920, d. 08/10/1996, Section B, Site 1603-A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
Escudero, Ethel E, b. 12/22/1928, d. 10/12/1988, Section B, Site 1603-A, Wife of Anthony Lucas Escudero Sr, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
Eshom, Robert E, d. 12/08/1926, Section A, Site 1271, US ARMY, ORD SGT CAS DET 1516, WORLD WAR I
Eskitch, Frances E, b. 03/07/1902, d. 03/16/1994, Section H, Site 51-C, Wife of Rudolph Eskitch, US NAVY, SK1/C, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
Eskitch, Rudolph, b. 03/02/1911, d. 05/31/1979, Section H, Site 51-C, US NAVY, SK 1C, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
Eslick, Montgomery C, d. 10/02/1911, Section PPNAW, Site 141, CIVILIAN WAKE ISLAND NAS, CIVILIAN CH CK Q M D
Esman, Mary H, b. 11/05/1884, d. 05/18/1968, Section C, Site 1512, Wife of Willie Esman, US ARMY, PVT CO C 40TH, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Esman, Willie, b. 01/04/1880, d. 09/27/1935, Section C, Site 1512, US ARMY, PVT C 40TH US VOL IN, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Esmarch, Arthur, b. 01/28/1883, d. 03/15/1959, Section PPNA, Site 177-A, US ARMY, M/SGT, WORLD WAR II, WORLD WAR I
Esmarch, Henry, d. 11/17/1924, Section PPNA, Site 177-A, Son (Minor Child) of Arthur Esmarch, US ARMY, STF SGT Q M CORP
Esmarch, Nina, b. 10/31/1903, d. 11/25/1966, Section PPNA, Site 177-A, Wife of Arthur Esmarch, US ARMY, MSGT, WORLD WAR II
Espaias, Felix, d. 10/13/1927, Section A, Site 1587, US NAVY, MESS ATT 1C
Espanol, Mariano, b. 01/04/1899, d. 02/13/1987, Section A, Site 712-A, US NAVY, MATT 2C, WORLD WAR I
Esparza, Gilbert M, b. 07/18/1916, d. 12/14/1989, Section C, Site 1282-A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
Espenshade, Kathleen, b. 07/07/1923, d. 11/03/1994, Section PPWS, Site 225-B, Wife of Robert Espenshade Sr, US ARMY AIR CORPS, AVIATION CADET, WORLD WAR II
Espenshade, Robert Sr, b. 12/08/1920, d. 05/31/1992, Section PPWS, Site 225-B, US ARMY AIR CORPS, AVIATION CADET, WORLD WAR II
Espenson, Hans P, d. 06/08/1900, Section ES, Site 928, US ARMY, PVT E 37TH USV INF
Esperance, Gaston Emile, d. 04/04/1940, Section DS, Site 1594, US NAVY, A M M 1C, WORLD WAR I
Esperanzate, Pedro, d. 03/11/1933, Section C, Site 364, US NAVY, MESS ATT 2ND CL
Esperson, Esper K, d. 11/03/1935, Section DE, Site 69, US ARMY, COOK 27TH 166TH D B, WORLD WAR I
Espineda, Egmideo Simeon, d. 09/26/1935, Section DE, Site 57, US ARMY, SGT E 1ST HAW INF, WORLD WAR I
Espinosa, Joseph A, d. 08/15/1940, Section EE, Site 504, US ARMY, PVT 1CL TROOP F 11TH, WORLD WAR I
Espinoza, Alfred, b. 01/02/1944, d. 01/09/1992, Section PPWS, Site 403-A, US ARMY, SP 4, VIETNAM
Espinoza, Cirilo C, b. 07/08/1928, d. 02/16/1989, Section H, Site 158, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
Espinoza, Enriqueta, b. 01/10/1928, d. 07/12/1979, Section H, Site 158, Wife of Cirilo Espinoza, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
Espinoza, Francisco A, d. 03/25/1939, Section EW, Site 1494, US ARMY, PVT C 9TH F S BN, WORLD WAR I
Espinoza, Philip, d. 09/16/1924, Section A, Site 763, US ARMY, PVT 1CL A 363 INF, WORLD WAR I
Esquibel, Amdo, d. 06/24/1919, Section NAWS, Site 454-A, US ARMY, PVT 31ST US INF, WORLD WAR I
Esseltine, Charles E, d. 06/30/1938, Section DW, Site 980, US ARMY, PVT G 18TH INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Essex, Clarence F, b. 08/22/1893, d. 08/18/1954, Section NA, Site 530-B, US ARMY, SFC, WORLD WAR II, WORLD WAR I
Essex, Kenneth Clark, b. 09/22/1935, d. 02/02/1957, Section NA, Site 527-B, US AIR FORCE, AIRMAN 1/C, KOREA
Essig, Margaret T, b. 04/12/1885, d. 12/01/1962, Section NAWS, Site 890-B, Wife of William Henry Essig, US NAVY, CH ELEC M, WORLD WAR I
Essig, William Henry, b. 06/23/1884, d. 12/01/1956, Section NAWS, Site 889-B, US NAVY, CH ELEC M TE, WORLD WAR I
Estelita, Raymond E, b. 07/02/1924, d. 12/08/1991, Section F, Site 142-A, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
Esterley, John, d. 01/22/1908, Section NAWS, Site 1224, US ARMY, MUS D 148TH I11 VOL
Esterly, James E, d. 07/21/1900, Section NA, Site 449, US ARMY, PVT L 38TH USV
Esterly, Milton T, d. 01/22/1935, Section OSA, Row 87, Site 4, US ARMY, MAJOR, WORLD WAR I
Estes, David H, d. 10/20/1899, Section WS, Site 803, US ARMY, PVT M 14TH US INF
Estes, Irene Miriam, b. 01/22/1875, d. 12/07/1962, Section GHT, Site 410-B, Wife of William Edward Estes, US ARMY, PVT CO L 10TH MI CAV
Estes, Joseph V T, d. 03/06/1939, Section C, Site 1623, US ARMY, PVT TROOP B 1ST CAV
Estes, L Parlin, b. 04/07/1908, d. 05/07/1984, Section GHT, Site 410-B, US ARMY, LTC, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
Estes, Melville B, d. 12/17/1939, Section EE, Site 981, US ARMY, SGT B 316TH SUP TN, WORLD WAR I
Estes, Ruby A, b. 02/01/1914, d. 11/21/1993, Section NA, Site 1381-A, Wife of Samuel O Estes, US ARMY, MSGT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Estes, Samuel O, b. 01/31/1915, d. 12/24/1985, Section NA, Site 1381-A, US ARMY, MSGT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Estes, Theo W, d. 09/24/1917, Section PPNAW, Site 198, US ARMY, PVT 1ST C A C
Estes, William E, d. 10/24/1942, Section GHT, Site 409-B, US ARMY, PVT L 10 MICH CAV, CIVIL WAR
Estey, Eugenie, b. 08/11/1875, d. 02/13/1968, Section B, Site 1311, Wife of Frank T Estey, US ARMY, PVT CO F 6TH MASS IN, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Estey, Frank T, b. 12/09/1864, d. 08/24/1931, Section B, Site 1311, US ARMY, PVT F 6TH MASS INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Estill, William, d. 05/19/1918, Section NA, Site 532-A, US ARMY, COOK MED DEPT
Estko, Joseph, d. 01/25/1930, Section B, Site 746, US ARMY, PVT B 8TH US CAV
Estlund, Donald N, b. 07/05/1919, d. 11/30/1989, Section C, Site 1329-A, US ARMY, 1ST SGT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
Estlund, Gloria Dorothy, b. 08/04/1923, d. 06/09/2004, Section C, Site 1329-A, Wife of Donald N Estlund, US ARMY, 1ST SGT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
Estrada, Clifford V, d. 05/18/1936, Section DW, Site 606, US ARMY, PFC HQ M P CO
Estudillo, Alfred, d. 11/19/1938, Section EE, Site 1568, US ARMY, PVT 6TH CORP MOBILE, WORLD WAR I
Esty, Adele Gordon, b. 10/18/1879, d. 11/17/1961, Section OSA, Row 118, Site 1, Wife of Thomas B Esty, US ARMY, LT COL
Esty, Thomas B, d. 09/28/1935, Section OSA, Row 118, Site 3, US ARMY, LT COL, WORLD WAR I
Etchells, Robert Francis, d. 07/17/1936, Section DW, Site 485, US NAVY, FIREMAN 2ND CLASS, WORLD WAR I
Etheridge, Bennie, d. 05/01/1939, Section EE, Site 1470, US ARMY, PVT BTRY C 11TH F A
Etheridge, Frances Dorothy, b. 05/10/1899, d. 07/24/1961, Section B, Site 1334-A, US ARMY, TEC 3
Ethier, Elie, d. 08/14/1921, Section A, Site 130, US NAVY, BLACKSMITH, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Ethridge, Perry E, d. 06/03/1900, Section ES, Site 1173, US ARMY, PVT A 22ND US INF
Eubank, Charles Edward, b. 05/09/1923, d. 12/27/1983, Section I, Site C-350, US ARMY, MSGT, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
Euston, Arthur, d. 02/09/1899, Section ES, Site 867, US ARMY, PVT E 26TH USV INF
Eut, George O, d. 08/04/1880, Section WS, Site 1163, US ARMY, HOSP STEWARD
Evanoski, Leo John, b. 11/30/1912, d. 08/27/1976, Section I, Site 37, US ARMY, SFC, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Evans, Albert B, b. 05/01/1909, d. 04/12/2005, Section DW, Site 748-A, US ARMY, COL, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
Evans, Alfred L, b. 07/17/1928, d. 04/20/1990, Section DS, Site 1102-A, US ARMY, S/SGT, KOREA, VIETNAM
Evans, Arthur M, d. 10/05/1918, Section OS, Row 111, Site 7, US ARMY, 1ST LT MED CORP
Evans, Benjamin, d. 05/01/1901, Section NA, Site 1079, US ARMY, PVT BAND 5TH US CAV, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Evans, Charles R, d. 11/14/1939, Section OSD, Site 446, US ARMY, 2ND LT QMC
Evans, Claude D, d. 07/12/1923, Section A, Site 527, US ARMY, PVT 7TH CO COAST ART
Evans, Dorothy J, d. 06/14/1939, Section PPNAW, Site 392, Daughter (Minor Child) of Charles R Evans, US ARMY, WARRANT OFFICER
Evans, Edna Ruth, b. 07/11/1911, d. 08/25/1995, Section DW, Site 748-A, Wife of Albert B Evans, US ARMY, COL, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
Evans, Edwin, d. 02/02/1933, Section C, Site 392, US ARMY, PVT B 33D ENGRS, WORLD WAR I
Evans, Ernest, d. 10/17/1935, Section OSA, Row 117, Site 7, US NAVY, LT
Evans, Fred A, d. 01/06/1928, Section A, Site 68-A, US ARMY, CORP A 47 VOL INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Evans, Frederick D, d. 10/02/1923, Section A, Site 565, US ARMY, SGT HQ DET
Evans, Frederick Lewis, d. 08/03/1927, Section OSA, Row 12, Site 9, US NAVY, PAY CLERK
Evans, George H, d. 06/27/1902, Section NAWS, Site 338, US ARMY, CPL H 16TH US INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Evans, Harry P, d. 02/06/1930, Section B, Site 729, US ARMY, PVT 1ST CL 3D, WORLD WAR I
Evans, Houston V, d. 02/10/1915, Section OS, Row 84, Site 1, US ARMY, CAPT MAJOR US INF
Evans, Howard R, b. 05/03/1921, d. 08/25/1952, Section OS, Site 109A 12, US AIR FORCE, CAPTAIN 301ST RFG SQ, WORLD WAR II
Evans, Isaac, d. 02/06/1903, Section NAWS, Site 312, US NAVY, BOATSWAIN MATE, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Evans, Jack Milton, d. 02/22/1940, Section EE, Site 492, US MARINE CORPS, PVT
Evans, John, d. 07/21/1900, Section NA, Site 965, US ARMY, PVT C 49TH USV INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Evans, John, d. 10/28/1899, Section NA, Site 552, US ARMY, PVT K 19TH US INF
Evans, John, d. 06/22/1871, Section WS, Site 1245, US ARMY, PVT G 12TH US INF
Evans, John Francis, d. 06/26/1928, Section B, Site 120, US ARMY, PVT D 134 US INF
Evans, John J, d. 01/28/1940, Section EE, Site 993, US ARMY, SGT D 27TH INF, WORLD WAR I
Evans, John W, d. 02/08/1939, Section EE, Site 404, US ARMY, PFC REPAIR UNIT 327, WORLD WAR I
Evans, Joseph B, d. 06/14/1902, Section NAWS, Site 498, US ARMY, PVT F 9TH US CAV, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Evans, Julia, b. 12/25/1901, d. 01/07/1984, Section EE, Site 993, Wife of John J Evans, US ARMY, SGT 27TH INF, WORLD WAR I
Evans, Lemuel L, b. 02/18/1846, d. 07/22/1928, Section B, Site 177, US ARMY, PVT B 53D IND INF
Evans, Lesley, d. 02/19/1918, Section NA, Site 415-A, US ARMY, PVT 25TH US INF
Evans, Patrick, d. 03/07/1937, Section DS, Site 1259, US ARMY, PVT A 116TH ENGRS
Evans, Richard, d. 07/29/1934, Section C, Site 1007, US ARMY, CORPL BATTY D 51ST, WORLD WAR I
Evans, Robert, Section WS, Site 900, US ARMY, SGT C 10TH US CAV
Evans, S G, d. 03/13/1870, Section WS, Site 1172, US ARMY, SGT K 21ST US INF
Evans, Thomas, d. 04/17/1938, Section DW, Site 998, US NAVY, GUNNERS MATE 1ST CL
Evans, Vernon C, d. 06/30/1931, Section B, Site 1240, US ARMY, PVT G
Evans, Victor H, d. 11/23/1940, Section F, Site 26, US ARMY, PVT BTRY B 18TH, WORLD WAR I
Evans, Virginia F, b. 11/07/1849, d. 04/19/1946, Section B, Site 177, Wife of Lemuel L Evans, US ARMY, PVT CO B 53 IND INF
Evans, Willard, b. 06/14/1880, d. 05/24/1960, Section C, Site 907-A, US ARMY, SGT TRP I 12TH REGT
Evans, William R, d. 06/21/1909, Section NAWS, Site 1421, US ARMY, SGT M 12TH US CAV
Evart, John J, b. 03/10/1926, d. 05/23/1990, Section DS, Site 1134-A, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
Evart, Mable A, b. 09/28/1925, d. 04/04/1999, Section DS, Site 1134-A, Wife of John J Evart, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
Eveland, Anna J, b. 10/03/1907, d. 01/24/1989, Section H, Site CA-286, Wife of William Eveland, US ARMY, LTC, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Eveland, William, b. 01/21/1901, d. 04/05/1976, Section H, Site CA-286, US ARMY, LTC, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Evenson, Charles, d. 08/20/1933, Section C, Site 597, US ARMY, PFC A 305TH BN TANK, WORLD WAR I
Evenson, Merrill B, b. 07/14/1937, d. 10/15/1991, Section ES, Site C-23, US ARMY, LTC, VIETNAM
Everett, George P, d. 02/05/1916, Section WS, Site 1020-A, US ARMY, CPL F 15TH US INF
Everett, Henry, d. 10/13/1873, Section WS, Site 432, US ARMY, PVT
Everington, Joseph W, d. 03/01/1899, Section ES, Site 957, US ARMY, PVT C 18TH US INF
Everly, De Witt Charles, d. 05/13/1937, Section DW, Site 744, US NAVY, SEAMAN 2ND CL
Everly, Howard F, d. 02/17/1900, Section NA, Site 833, US ARMY, PVT I 33RD USV INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
Everly, Ulysses S, d. 08/20/1938, Section EW, Site 1753, US ARMY, BAND SGT HQ CO 815, WORLD WAR I
Evers, Henry M, d. 06/28/1934, Section C, Site 936, US ARMY, PVT CANNON ORD DEPT
Everson, Emil, d. 08/05/1936, Section DW, Site 497, US ARMY AIR CORPS, CHAUFFER 492ND AERO, WORLD WAR I
Everts, Clinton Roderick, b. 05/14/1912, d. 04/25/2001, Section F, Site 160-A, US AIR FORCE, LT COL, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
Everts, Edward, d. 05/17/1901, Section OS, Row 52, Site 2, US ARMY, SURGEON
Everts, Edward Aloysius, b. 10/03/1885, d. 11/13/1929, Section OS, Row 114, Site 7-A, US ARMY, CAPTAIN
Everts, Jane A, d. 02/21/1942, Section OS, Row 52, Site 2, Wife of Edward Everts, US ARMY, SURGEON
Everts, Louise M, b. 05/06/1913, d. 08/26/1991, Section F, Site 160-A, Wife of Clinton R Everts, US AIR FORCE, LT COL, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
Everts, William Ship, b. 12/28/1887, d. 05/20/1955, Section OS, Site 112A 3, US ARMY, MAJOR, WORLD WAR I
Evins, Thomas E, d. 07/18/1900, Section PPE, Site 233, US ARMY, MAJOR SURG
Evje, Corrinne J, b. 01/19/1924, d. 08/25/1986, Section A, Site 732-A, US NAVY, MM 3, WORLD WAR II
Evje, Harvey Clinton, b. 06/02/1921, d. 07/07/1997, Section A, Site 732-A, US ARMY AIR CORPS, 1ST LT, WORLD WAR II
Evjen, Alice L, b. 07/18/1906, d. 05/10/1985, Section PPE, Site C-53, US ARMY, 2ND LT, WORLD WAR II
Evolga, Sergie Demian, d. 01/26/1931, Section B, Site 1083, US ARMY, SGT 9TH TRAIN BATTY, WORLD WAR I
Ewald, Marcus H, b. 05/18/1914, d. 02/07/1979, Section WS, Site 1209-B, US NAVY, Q M C, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
Ewell, Fayette Carter, b. 02/13/1890, d. 09/18/1959, Section WS, Site 282-B, US ARMY, WAGONER BTRY A 127 F, WORLD WAR I
Ewers, Lucille, b. 08/15/1894, d. 01/28/1989, Section F, Site 349, Wife of Edgar V Ewers, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR I
Ewing, Betty-Lou Boone, b. 12/07/1917, d. 06/28/2006, Section OSD, Site 501-AA, Wife of Jewel Winn Ewing, US ARMY, LT COL, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
Ewing, Cleo D, d. 06/09/1948, Section OSD, Site 267, Wife of Hugh F Ewing, US ARMY, MAJOR
Ewing, Edward J, d. 11/13/1936, Section DW, Site 653, US ARMY, PVT G 127TH INF, WORLD WAR I
Ewing, Frank Joseph, d. 03/16/1925, Section A, Site 872, US NAVY, MESS ATT 3RD CLASS
Ewing, Hugh F, d. 02/19/1939, Section OSD, Site 266, US ARMY, MAJOR
Ewing, Jewel Winn, b. 01/07/1914, d. 09/13/1991, Section OSD, Site 501-AA, US ARMY, LT COL, WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM
Ewing, Mabel E, d. 10/17/1948, Section GHT, Site 353, Daughter (Minor Child) of William Haley, US ARMY, PVT CO H 4TH NYV HY
Exner, Charles Randolph, d. 09/15/1895, Section WS, Site 523, US ARMY, ACT HOSP STWD
Eyer, George W, d. 06/05/1940, Section DE, Site 346-A, US ARMY, CORP I 31ST INF
Eymann, Karl T, d. 12/25/1932, Section C, Site 282, US ARMY, PVT MED DEPARTMENT
Eyraner, Edward, d. 03/07/1900, Section ES, Site 1078, US MARINE CORPS, PVT
Eytel, Rudolph, d. 07/18/1903, Section NA, Site 1337, US ARMY, PVT A 1ST US CAV

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