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San Ysidro Cemetery
San Ignacio, San Diego County, California

Compiled and contributed by Steve Paul Johnson [steve@cleardigitalmedia.com].  Recorded on October 30, 1999. Total records = 21.

This is a small fenced and gated cemetery located within the tiny indian community of San Ignacio.  I counted a total of 142 grave markers, most of which were well-weathered simple wooden crosses with no names visible on them.  Only 21 markers contained names.

To reach this cemetery, refer to the map and directions on the main page, "Cemeteries of San Ignacio".

- Steve Paul Johnson

Alberas, Francisco Mateo, b. 1874, d. 06 Mar 1946
Arenas, Glenn, b. 07 Nov 1920, d. 13 Sep 1979, "US Army World War II"
Bito, Antonio A., b. 21 May 1892, d. 02 May 1982, "In loving memory, Rest in peace"
Cassell, Christy Lee, d. 13 Jun 1991, "We hold you in heaven"
Chaparoso, Dominga, b. 1839, d. 1954
Chaperosa, Nicholas, d. 18 Feb 1969, "In loving memory"
Chaperosa, Daniel, b. 04 Mar 1915, d. 01 Aug 1953, "California Pvt. US Army World War II BSM-PH"
Chapparosa, Leonard M., b. 22 Aug 1938, d. 07 Jan 1987, "Beloved husband & father, Free at last - in Gods country"
Chapparosa, Greg, b. 1944, d. 1978, "Our special husband and daddy, 'JACKSON'"
Chutnicut, Batisto Roberto, b. 10 May 1892, d. 04 Jan 1959
Chutnicut, Theodore, b. 1925, d. 1945, "Pvt. First Class, Gave his life on Okinawa Island"
Curo, Alvin, b. 27 Jun 1947, d. 20 Mar 1991, "SP4 US Army Vietnam"
Lario, Pauline, b. 21 Jun 1921, d. 09 Jan 1979
Monreal, Joseph Jeremiah, b. 07 Jul 1982, d. 09 Jan 1986
Norte, Marie M., b. 02 May 1932, d. 18 Aug 1997, "Always in our hearts"
Norte, Gus Casimero, b. 05 Mar 1926, d. 16 Feb 1960, "California HA1 USNR World War II"
Rogads, Irene A. Norte, b. 07 Apr 1914, d. 26 Apr 1955, "In loving memory by her husband, rest in peace"
Segundo, Leo B., b. 06 Dec 1903, d. 31 Dec 1955, "In loving memory"
Siva, Thurlo J, b. 18 Aug 1933, d. 30 Apr 1990, "GY SGT US Marine Corps Korea Vietnam, SS-PH"
Velmora, Peter Siva, b. 1901, d. 1948, "Dad, Rest in peace"
Welmas, Julian, b. 24 Jul 1913, d. 06 Jan 1955, "California PFC 363 QM Service Co. World War II BSM"


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