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San Ignacio Cemetery
San Ignacio, San Diego County, California

Compiled and contributed by Steve Paul Johnson [steve@cleardigitalmedia.com].  Recorded on October 30, 1999. Total records = 16.

This is a small fenced and gated cemetery located within the tiny indian community of San Ignacio.  I counted a total of 95 grave markers, most of which were well-weathered simple wooden crosses with no names visible on them.  Only 16 markers contained names.

When I visited, the gate was not locked, but was fashioned shut using chains, ropes, and bungee cords.  It was clear that outsiders were not wanted.  I did not enter, but instead walked around the cemetery and was still able to record the tombstone inscriptions.  Only one tombstone, that of a "Deatherage", I did not record as it was located in the "dead center" of the cemetery; I could not quite read the finer engravings.

To reach this cemetery, refer to the map and directions on the main page, "Cemeteries of San Ignacio".

- Steve Paul Johnson

Deatherage, Theresa Marie
Deatherage, Christopher Scott, b. 02 Sep ????, d. 04 Jul 19??
Norte, Angela, d. 19 Aug 1919, Age 85 yrs
Norte, Josephine M., b. 20 Dec 1916, d. 17 Feb 1957, "At rest"
Norte, Fidel, b. 25 Apr 1906, d. 31 Mar 1971, "Beloved brother and sister-in-law", Buried with Marjorie Norte
Norte, Marjorie, b. 26 May 1920, d. 31 Mar 1971, "Beloved brother and sister-in-law", Buried with Fidel Norte
Norte, Edward Joseph, b. 03 Feb 1919, d. 01 Mar 1986, "California AIC US Air Force Korea"
Norte, [Can't Read], d. 16 Jul 19??
Norte, Ignacio, b. 1872, d. 1942, "Rest in peace"
Norte, Virginia, b. 1893, d. 1945, "Mother, Rest in peace", Buried with Merced Norte
Norte, Merced, b. 19--, d. 1943, "Son, Rest in peace", Buried with Virginia Norte
Norte, Antonio, b. 1839, d. 1942, "At rest"
Segundo, A., d. 02 Jan 19??
Siva, Anita Segundo, d. 1924, "Beloved grandmother passed away 1924"
Siva, Barthol P., d. 28 Mar 1916
Siva, Alexander G., b. Aug 1904


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