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Fairhaven Memorial Park
Santa Ana, Orange County, California

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online.
Crawley, Della M., b. 1886, d. 1966, Mother, Lawn Z, [JS]
Crawley, Emery E., b. 13 Nov 1914, d. 13 Jan 1997, Husband, Father & Grandfather, Lawn AK, [JS]
Crawley, Frank H., b. 1894, d. 1981, Beloved Husband, Masons symbol, Lawn I, [JS]
Crawley, Illiah M., b. 1911, d. 1998, Beloved Wife, FATAL (OES) symbol, Lawn I, [JS]
Crawshaw, Gladys D., b. 1892, d. 1918, Lawn U, [JS]
Creamer, Victor, b. 1896, d. 1922, Lawn U, [JS]
Creech, Cheryl Linda, b. 1939, d. 1959, Daughter, Lawn AK, [JS]
Creech, James P., b. 1908, d. 1970, Beloved Husband & Father, Lawn AK, [JS]
Creech, Mildred A., b. 1906, d. 1995, Wife & Mother, Lawn AK, [JS]
Creighton, Natala B., b. 1887, d. 1962, Lawn AL, [JS]
Crellin, Amelia K., b. 29 Nov 1852, d. 24 Nov 1909, s/w Edward M. Crellin, Lawn U, [JS]
Crellin, Edward M., b. 22 Mar 1832, d. 4 Nov 1917, s/w Amelia K. Crellin, Lawn U, [JS]
Crenshaw, Andrew W., b. 1923, d. 2001, Red, Lawn AK, [JS]
Crenshaw, Harriett Anne, b. 1899, d. 1949, Mother, Lawn AH, [JS]
Crenshaw, Ira M., b. 1900, d. 1991, s/w Velma L. Crenshaw, Court of Reflection, [JS]
Crenshaw, Velma L., b. 1902, d. 1989, s/w Ira M. Crenshaw, Court of Reflection, [JS]
Crenshaw, Vergil Lee, b. 13 Jun 1921, d. 13 Feb 2003, S Sgt US Army WWII, Lawn AK, [JS]
Cress, Jennifer Lea, b. 25 Mar 1982, d. 27 Mar 1982, Our baby, Lawn AN, [JS]
Criddle, Elijah, b. 1847, d. 1933, Father, sss, Lawn K, [JS]
Criddle, Lucinda E., b. 1852, d. 1923, Mother, sss, Lawn K, [JS]
Criddle, Roy F., b. 1897, d. 1949, Son, Husband, sss, Lawn K, [JS]
Criss, Loren E., b. 1904, d. 1953, Lawn R, [JS]
Crissman, Lawrence A., b. 1921, d. 1968, Brother, Lawn AK, [JS]
Criswell, John H., b. 1876, d. 1938, PA Co H 10th U. S. Inf. SP-AM ?, USWV, Lawn S, [JS]
Criswell, Pearl M., b. 1876, d. 1960, Lawn S, [JS]
Critchett, Anna C, b. 1873, d. 1954, Lawn AG, [JS]
Critchett, Carl, b. 1874, d. 1965, Lawn AG, [JS]
Crites, Earl J., b. 1897, d. 1975, Court of Reflection, [JS]
Crites, Thelma W., b. 1903, d. 1970, Court of Reflection, [JS]
Crocker, Bertha E., b. 1904, d. 1956, Mother, Lawn AE, [JS]
Crockett, Florence B., b. 1875, d. 1918, Lawn U, [JS]
Crockett, Robert, b. 1844, d. 1930, Masons symbol, Lawn U, [JS]
Crocoll, Gertrude M., b. 1902, d. 1986, Lawn AE, [JS]
Crofoot, Harriet S, b. 1867, d. 1953, Lawn AH, [JS]
Crone, Julia, b. 1858, d. 1919, Mother, Lawn Z, [JS]
Croney, Ollie M., b. 1898, d. 1984, Lawn AJ, [JS]
Crook, Virgina E., b. 1932, d. 2003, Loving Wife & Mother, Serenity Garden, [JS]
Crooks, Lizzie L., b. 1903, d. 1989, Lawn Z, [JS]
Crooks, Neal Leroy, b. 1924, d. 1991, US Navy WWII, Lawn Z, [JS]
Crooks, Royce N., b. 1901, d. 1994, Husband & Father, Lawn Z, [JS]
Crookshank, Anna L., b. 15 Mar 1876, d. 11 Mar 1912, Lawn L, [JS]
Crookshank, Beulah B., b. 23 Dec 1906, d. 20 Jun 1969, Lawn L, [JS]
Crookshank, Clarence S., b. 17 Apr 1867, d. 22 Mar 1934, Lawn L, [JS]
Crookshank, Conrad C., b. 21 Jan 1878, d. 15 Apr 1949, Lawn L, [JS]
Crookshank, Ivor G., b. 10 Dec 1904, d. 14 Jul 1906, Lawn L, [JS]
Crookshank, Lida E., b. 08 Sep 1869, d. 15 May 1965, Lawn L, [JS]
Crookshank, Marcella, b. 19 Nov 1880, d. 01 Aug 1964, Lawn L, [JS]
Crookshank, Margaret Amelia, b. 16 Mar 1841, d. 21 Apr 1937, Lawn L, [JS]
Crookshank, Miles McInnes, b. 24 Dec 1839, d. 15 Jan 1916, Lawn L, [JS]
Crookshank, Ronald C., b. 08 Jun 1936, d. 09 Feb 1985, Lawn L, [JS]
Crookshank, Ronald M., b. 28 Sep 1907, d. 22 Apr 1973, Lawn L, [JS]
Crosby, Charles ?, b. 1878, d. 1923, s/by Emma M. Crosby, Lawn Z, [JS]
Crosby, Donald H., b. 1926, d. 1999, Serenity Garden, [JS]
Crosby, Emma M., b. 1850, d. 19?4, s/by Charles ? Crosby, Lawn Z, [JS]
Crosby, Frank Edgar, b. 1906, d. 1971, In memory, Lawn South, [JS]
Crosby, Martha E., b. 1876, d. 1963, Mother, Lawn AE, [JS]
Crose, Charles F., b. 1856, d. 1917, Lawn L, [JS]
Crose, Nina, b. 1858, d. 1940, Lawn L, [JS]
Cross, Emma Ford, b. 1863, d. 1940, Lawn AH, [JS]
Cross, Mary Emily, b. 1861, d. 1953, Mom, Grandmother, Lawn U, [JS]
Cross, O'Neal H., b. 1888, d. 1959, Loving Wife & Mother, Lawn AK, [JS]
Cross, Orlin Edgar, Sr., b. 1884, d. 1957, Loving Husband & Dad, Lawn AK, [JS]
Cross, Raymond C., b. 1906, d. 1988, In memory, Lawn South, [JS]
Cross, Victoria L., b. 1909, d. 1994, In memory, Lawn South, [JS]
Cross, William M, b. 1870, d. 1941, Lawn AH, [JS]
Crossley, Cora Lee, b. 1902, d. 1992, Beloved Wife & Mother, Lawn AK, [JS]
Crossley, Thomas G., b. 19 Dec 1892, d. 07 Aug 1967, TX Pvt Co L 331 Inf 83 Div WWI, Lawn AK, [JS]
Crossno, Daisy G., b. 1922, d. 1971, Wife & Mother, Lawn AJ, [JS]
Crouch, Bertha E., b. 1894, d. 1986, Mom, Lawn AK, [JS]
Crouch, Carl D., b. 1917, d. 1972, Daddy & Papa, Loving Husband, Lawn AK, [JS]
Crouch, Curtis H., b. 1913, d. 1968, Lawn AK, [JS]
Crouch, Helene M., b. 1911, d. 1966, Loving Wife & Mother, Lawn Z, [JS]
Crouch, Isabel W., b. 1912, d. 1988, A very special lady, Lawn AK, [JS]
Crouch, John H., b. 1887, d. 1963, Dad, Masons symbol, Lawn AK, [JS]
Crouch, Joseph S., b. 1852, d. 1948, Father, Lawn AE, [JS]
Crouch, Lucille I., b. 1917, d. 1993, Loving Wife & Mother, Lawn AK, [JS]
Crouch, Lucille M., b. 22 Aug 1919, d. 26 Mar 2000, Nan, Loving Grandma, Lawn AK, [JS]
Crouch, Martha E., b. 1862, d. 1946, Mother, Lawn AE, [JS]
Crouch, Mary Olive, b. 1898, d. 1991, Beloved Mother, Lawn South, [JS]
Crouch, Milton W, b. 1897, d. 1971, Mason symbol, Lawn AG, [JS]
Crouch, Ralph J., b. 1915, d. 1975, Loving Husband & Father, Lawn AK, [JS]
Crouse, Beulah Rosella, b. 1920, d. 2004, Beloved Wife, Mother & Grandmother, Serenity Garden, [JS]
Crouse, Roscoe G., b. 1891, d. 1968, Lawn Z, [JS]
Crout, Herbert R., b. 1902, d. 1964, Lawn AL, [JS]
Crow, Betty, b. 1908, d. 1972, Beloved Wife & Aunt, Lawn AK, [JS]
Crow, Conrad E., b. 21 May 1844, d. 14 Oct 1923, OH Co C 148th Reg N. Guards CW, GAR, Lawn S-104-3, [JS]
Crow, Conrad R., b. May 21, 1844, d. Oct 14, 1923, GAR C 148th Inf Ohio Fr, S-104-3, [MR]
Crow, Kenneth R., b. 1916, d. 1957, Lawn AK, [JS]
Crow, Sarah J., b. 21 Mar 1847, d. 30 Dec 1909, w/o Conrad E. Crow, Lawn S, [JS]
Crowe, Charles W., b. 23 Jul 1909, d. 04 Apr 1993, CSC US Navy WWII & Korea, Lawn AK, [JS]
Crowe, Jon Michael, b. 1946, d. 1997, Beloved Son, Brother & Uncle, Lawn AK, [JS]
Crowe, Marjorie L., b. 11 Jun 1912, d. 10 May 1995, Beloved Wife, Mother & Grandmother, Lawn AK, [JS]
Crowell, Catherine, b. 1910, d. 1921, Lawn S, [JS]
Crowell, Claude S., b. 15 Jul 1894, d. 26 Apr 1950, CA Pvt 143rd Fld Arty 40th Div WW I, Masons symbol, Lawn R, [JS]
Crowell, Manley E., b. 1859, d. 1950, Lawn R, [JS]
Crowell, Marian, b. 1924, d. 1989, Mother and Grandmother, Lawn South, [JS]
Crowell, Russell W., b. 22 Mar 1908, d. 10 Mar 1980, God's Soldier, Salvation Army symbol, Lawn I, [JS]
Crowell, Ruth Rebecca, b. 1899, d. 1980, Lawn R, [JS]
Crowl, C. Wayne, b. 1907, d. 1997, Pa, Serenity Garden, [JS]
Crowley, Blanche, b. 1885, d. 1971, Beloved Mother, Lawn South, [JS]
Crowley, Donald E., b. 15 Jul 1905, d. 28 Aug 1995, Serenity Garden, [JS]
Crowley, Donnabelle, b. 08 Feb 1909, d. 17 Sep 1999, Serenity Garden, [JS]
Crowley, Rosella M, b. 1870, d. 1947, Lawn AH, [JS]
Crowther, Florence, b. 1854, d. 1935, Mother, Lawn S, [JS]
Crowther, J. A., b. 1848, d. 1914, Father, Lawn S, [JS]
Crowther, Jennifer C., d. 16 Aug 1986, Our Daughter, Lawn AN, [JS]
Crozier, Della G., b. 1867, d. 1892, Lawn R, [JS]
Cruickshank, A. J., b. 1865, d. 1945, s/w Josephine M. Cruickshank, Lawn L, [JS]
Cruickshank, Alice, b. 1873, d. 1911, s/w Marguerite C. Berling, Lawn K, [JS]
Cruickshank, Constance V., b. 1907, d. 1977, Urn, s/w Miles J. Cruickshank, Lawn L, [JS]
Cruickshank, Josephine M., b. 1868, d. 1961, Urn, s/w A. J. Cruickshank, Lawn L, [JS]
Cruickshank, Josephine N., b. 1909, d. 1997, Lawn L, [JS]
Cruickshank, Miles J., b. 1904, d. 1971, s/w Constance V. Cruickshank, Lawn L, [JS]
Crum, James L., b. 28 May 1937, d. 14 Oct 2000, Beloved Husband & Father, Serenity Garden, [JS]
Crumley, Camilla E., b. 1889, d. 1961, Lawn Z, [JS]
Crumley, Madeline M., b. 1912, d. 1980, Loving Wife, Lawn Z, [JS]
Crumley, Meredith E., Jr., b. 1908, d. 1967, Loving Husband, Lawn Z, [JS]
Crumley, Meredith E., b. 1887, d. 1958, Lawn Z, [JS]
Crummie, Emily T., b. 1851, d. 1921, Lawn T, [JS]
Crummie, James, b. 1848, d. 1918, Lawn T, [JS]
Crumrine, Annie M., b. 1887, d. 1968, Mother, Lawn AE, [JS]
Crumrine, Arch E., b. 1883, d. 1946, Father, Lawn AE, [JS]
Crutcher, Danny Thomas, b. 1956, d. 1972, Beloved Son & Brother, Lawn South, [JS]
Crutchfield, James E., b. 1891, d. 1971, Lawn AJ, [JS]
Cruz, Raymond Jr, b. 03 Dec 1933, d. 18 Oct 1952, CA Pfc US Marine Corps, Lawn AG, [JS]
Cruz, Senona, b. 1884, d. 1970, Lawn AN, [JS]
Cruzen, Adelaide M., b. 1874, d. 1955, Mother, Lawn AE, [JS]
Cruzen, Archie, b. 1869, d. 1948, Dad, Lawn AE, [JS]
Cruzen, Edith Hazel, b. 1909, d. 1956, Wife, Mother, Lawn AL, [JS]
Cruzen, Linnie L., b. 1875, d. 1973, Mother, Lawn AE, [JS]
Cruzen, Mabel Ellen, b. 1896, d. 1950, Mother, Lawn AE, [JS]
Cruzen, Ralph W., b. 1898, d. 1974, In memory, Lawn South, [JS]
Cruzen, Thomas F., b. 1870, d. Chuzen, Father, Lawn AE, [JS]
Cruzen, Vay A., b. 1897, d. 1984, In memory, Lawn South, [JS]
Cryan, Matthew John, b. 23 Jul 1919, d. 12 Nov 1970, Canal Zone Sgt US Air Force WWII & Korea, Lawn AN, [JS]
Cuadros, Trinidad, b. 1866, d. 1953, Father, Lawn U, [JS]
Cubbon, Catherine, b. 15 Jun 1847, d. 11 Nov 1897, Lawn L, [JS]
Cubbon, Elmer B., b. 1878, d. 1943, Lawn L, [JS]
Cubbon, John H., b. 18 Oct 1880, d. 09 Jan 1881, Lawn L, [JS]
Cubbon, John, b. 15 Jun 1848, d. 02 Feb 1933, Lawn L, [JS]
Cubbon, Lillian H., b. 1881, d. 1966, Lawn L, [JS]
Cubbon, William R., b. 1877, d. 1946, Father, Lawn L, [JS]
Cubillas, Raquel, b. 1888, d. 1973, Beloved Mother and Grandmother, Lawn South, [JS]
Cudworth, Florence M., b. 1886, d. 1957, Lawn U, [JS]
Cudworth, L. Grace, b. 1891, d. 1911, Lawn U, [JS]
Cudworth, Wirt W., b. 1888, d. 1979, Lawn U, [JS]
Cuervo, Peggy N., b. 1936, d. 1992, You are the wind beneath my wings., Court of Reflection, [JS]
Cuevas, Antonia R., b. 11 Jan 1920, d. 14 Nov 2002, Loving Wife Mom Gramma & Nana. I have fought the good fight. I have finished my course. I have kept the faith, Lawn South, [JS]
Cuff, Juanita E., b. 1921, d. 1992, s/w Thomas P. Cuff, Serenity Garden, [JS]
Cuff, Thomas P., b. 1918, d. 2001, US Army WWII, s/w Juanita E. Cuff, Serenity Garden, [JS]
Culley, Virginia Margaret, b. 1911, d. 1949, Wife, Mother, Lawn AE, [JS]
Cullinan, John M., b. 1890, d. 1965, Husband, Lawn Z, [JS]
Cullinan, Lydia H., b. 1897, d. 1963, Wife & Mother, Lawn Z, [JS]
Cullum, Cleo W., b. 1921, d. 1969, Our beloved Mother, Lawn South, [JS]
Cully, Orville L., b. 1883, d. 1958, Lawn AK, [JS]
Cully, Pearl M., b. 1885, d. 1957, Lawn AK, [JS]
Cully, Zelma F., b. 1923, d. 1990, In loving memory. We"ll talk through the stars, Lawn South, [JS]
Culver, Baby, d. 07 Sep 1919, Lawn I, [JS]
Culver, Christine E., b. 03 Feb 1972, d. 15 Aug 1974, Daughter, Lawn AN, [JS]
Culver, Fred M., b. 1871, d. 1918, Lawn R, [JS]
Culver, Mary Frances, b. 1882, d. 1944, Lawn AH, [JS]
Cumberworth, Margaret J., b. 15 Nov 1898, d. 01 Nov 1987, Beloved Wife & Mother, Lawn Z, [JS]
Cumberworth, Matthew P., b. 1882, d. 1977, Beloved Husband & Dad, Lawn Z, [JS]
Cumberworth, Robert M., b. 06 Jun 1922, d. 22 Feb 1992, Beloved Husband & Father, Lawn Z, [JS]
Cumming, Carrie, b. 1841, d. 1916, Lawn I, [JS]
Cummings, Albert L, b. 18 Aug 1893, d. 17 Oct 1944, CA Pfc 115 Ammo TN 40 Div WWI, Lawn AH, [JS]
Cummings, Barbara H., b. 20 Jun 1929, d. 20 Nov 81, s/w O. Kemper Anderson, Lawn AK, [JS]
Cummings, George W., b. 1876, d. 1970, Lawn Z, [JS]
Cummings, Grace, b. 12 Jun 1893, d. 27 Aug 1969, My dear darling Wife, Lawn AE, [JS]
Cummings, Harry B., b. 1887, d. 1971, Our Father, Lawn AE, [JS]
Cummings, Iva M., b. 1880, d. 1924, Lawn K, [JS]
Cummings, John Scott, b. 02 Feb 1965, d. 20 Jun 1967, Our little feller, Lawn Z, [JS]
Cummings, Kimberly Lanette, d. 19 Jan 1968, Lawn Z, [JS]
Cummings, Leslie Bud, b. 1904, d. 1985, Husband, Father, s/w Marjory Ann Reed Cummings, Lawn AH, [JS]
Cummings, Mable Culver, b. 1905, d. 1988, Lawn R, [JS]
Cummings, Marie K., b. 1904, d. 1926, Lawn K, [JS]
Cummings, Marjory Ann Reed, b. 1906, d. 2000, Wife, Mother, s/w Leslie Bud Cummings, Lawn AH, [JS]
Cummings, Mary I., b. 1926, d. 1971, Beloved Sister, Lawn South, [JS]
Cummings, Maud P., b. 1892, d. 1978, Lawn Z, [JS]
Cummings, Monika R., b. 1948, d. 1971, Wife & Son, Lawn Z, [JS]
Cummings, Robert, d. Feb, d. May 23, GAR G 7th Cav Penn Fr, X-, [MR]
Cummings, Thomas J., b. 1907, d. 1970, Husband, Lawn AN, [JS]
Cummings, Vildred Lamay, b. 1902, d. 1924, Lawn Z, [JS]
Cummings, Violet, b. 1898, d. 1918, Beloved Mother, Lawn Z, [JS]
Cummins, Benjamin Moss, b. 25 Apr 1896, d. 30 Sep 1956, KS Bugler US Navy WWI, Lawn AG, [JS]
Cunning, Sarah E, b. 1918, d. 1996, Our Beloved Mom & Grans, Lawn AG, [JS]
Cunningham, Andrew, b. 1885, d. 1969, Beloved Husband & Father, Lawn AK, [JS]
Cunningham, Bryan Andrew, b. 28 Dec 1990, d. 22 Jan 1991, Beloved Son & Brother, Lawn AN, [JS]
Cunningham, C. Lucile, b. 1902, d. 1969, Wife, Mother, Lawn AK, [JS]
Cunningham, Charles L., b. 13 Jun 1934, d. 16 Mar 1958, CA A3C HQ 22nd Bon Wing AF, Lawn L, [JS]
Cunningham, Clinton H., b. 1901, d. 1964, Husband, Dad, Lawn AK, [JS]
Cunningham, Elizabeth, b. 1886, d. 1958, Lawn AK, [JS]
Cunningham, Elsie W, b. 1898, d. 1956, Lawn AG, [JS]
Cunningham, Enola C., b. 1897, d. 1978, Lawn AK, [JS]
Cunningham, Jack B., b. 1904, d. 1968, Loving Husband & Dad, Bopoo, Lawn L, [JS]
Cunningham, John J., b. 1871, d. 1947, Husband, Lawn AE, [JS]
Cunningham, Mrs. A. M., b. 1859, d. 1953, Missionary to China, Lawn AE, [JS]
Cunningham, Peggie May, b. 1925, d. 1960, Lawn AL, [JS]
Cunningham, Rev. A. M., b. 1861, d. 1943, Missionary to China, Lawn AE, [JS]
Cunningham, Russell M., b. 1898, d. 1956, Masons symbol, Lawn AK, [JS]
Cunningham, Sarah M., b. 1873, d. 1960, Wife, Lawn AE, [JS]
Cunningham, W. G., b. 1894, d. 1962, Lawn AK, [JS]
Cunningham, Wilma V., b. 1906, d. 1976, Lawn AK, [JS]
Cuppett, Roscine Robinson, b. 1888, d. 1968, Marmee, Lawn L, [JS]
Cupples, R. William, b. 1914, d. 1969, Beloved Husband & Dad, Lawn AN, [JS]
Cuprien, Frank W., b. 1871, d. 1948, Artist palette, Lawn L, [JS]
Curiel, Joe D., b. 1932, d. 1967, Beloved Husband & Father, Lawn Z, [JS]
Curley, Joyce, b. 1937, d. 1993, Our angel, s/w Shirley Curley, Court of Reflection, [JS]
Curley, Shirley, b. 1910, d. 2000, Mother, s/w Joyce Curley, Court of Reflection, [JS]
Curnutt, Edith E., b. 05 Nov 1882, d. 18 Oct 1962, Mother, Lawn S, [JS]
Curnutt, William F, b. 1887, d. 1955, Masons symbol, Lawn AG, [JS]
Curran, Francis E. Jr., b. 1945, d. 1973, In memory of our beloved, Lawn South, [JS]
Curran, Larry Lee, b. 18 Jan 1937, d. 04 Jan 1997, Big Larry, Lawn Z, [JS]
Curran, Ralph King, b. 01 Jun 1900, d. 10 Jan 1964, CA S2 USNR WWI, Lawn L, [JS]
Curran, Winifred Williams, b. 31 Jan 1899, d. 20 Jan 1996, Beloved Wife, Mother & Grandmother, Lawn L, [JS]
Curren, Cecil L., b. 1883, d. 1953, Masons symbol, Lawn L, [JS]
Curren, Mollie B., b. 1893, d. 1989, OES symbol, Lawn L, [JS]
Current, Henrietta, b. 1898, d. 1988, Mom, Lawn AE, [JS]
Current, Joseph Sam, b. 1883, d. 1954, Lawn AG, [JS]
Current, Minnie K., b. 1893, d. 1963, Lawn AL, [JS]
Current, Oscar E., b. 17 Jun 1890, d. 24 Apr 1948, MO Sgt 313 Engrs 88 Div WWI, Lawn AE, [JS]
Currie, Ethlyn B., b. 1880, d. 1935, Mother, Lawn R, [JS]
Currie, William R., b. 1865, d. 1934, Father, Lawn R, [JS]
Currier, Kristine Michelle, b. 19 Jun 1972, d. 01 Jul 1972, Lawn AN, [JS]
Curry, Ella A., b. 1863, d. 1958, Wife, Mother, Lawn AE, [JS]
Curry, Elzie E., b. 1866, d. 1946, Husband, Father, Lawn AE, [JS]
Curry, Jesse R., b. 1893, d. 1973, Beloved Husband & Father, Lawn AL, [JS]
Curry, Marie Dora, b. 1901, d. 1968, Beloved Wife & Mother, Lawn AL, [JS]
Curtice, A. C., b. 1858, d. 1922, IOOF symbol, Lawn U, [JS]
Curtice, Hattie B., b. 1859, d. 1936, Rebekah Lodge symbol, Lawn U, [JS]
Curtis, Abner S., b. 1855, d. 1916, Lawn S, [JS]
Curtis, Agnes Steirs, b. 28 Jul 1898, d. 04 May 1987, Beloved Mother, Lawn AK, [JS]
Curtis, Bertha B., b. 11 May 1900, d. 29 May 1986, Beloved Wife & Mother, Our special lady, Lawn Z, [JS]
Curtis, Clifford E., b. 10 Nov 1913, d. 3 Feb 1969, NY S2 US Navy WWII, Lawn AJ, [JS]
Curtis, Edward J., b. 1888, d. 1964, Husband, Father, Lawn AK, [JS]
Curtis, Flossie O., b. 1910, d. 1972, Beloved Wife, Lawn AN, [JS]
Curtis, George B., b. 1879, d. 1963, Father, Lawn Z, [JS]
Curtis, Inez A., b. 1860, d. 1953, Lawn S, [JS]
Curtis, James O., Sr., b. 04 Dec 1895, d. 18 Apr 1965, OH Cpl 63 Ballon Co Air Svc WWI, Lawn Z, [JS]
Curtis, Joe William, b. 1899, d. 1970, Beloved Husband & Dad, Lawn AN, [JS]
Curtis, Lulu Rose, b. 1915, d. 1964, Wife, Lawn AK, [JS]
Curtis, Rebecca C., b. 1884, d. 1921, Mother, Lawn Z, [JS]
Curtis, Richard A. Sr., b. 1879, d. 1955, Husband, Father, Lawn AL, [JS]
Curtis, Wesley E., b. 1909, d. 1962, Loving Husband & Dad, Masons symbol, Lawn L, [JS]
Cusenbary, James D., b. 1874, d. 1950, Lawn L, [JS]
Cusenbary, Margaret P., b. 1880, d. 1950, Lawn L, [JS]
Cushman, Charles E., b. 1894, d. 1966, Husband & Father, Lawn AK, [JS]
Cushman, Helen, b. 1897, d. 1989, Wife, Lawn AK, [JS]
Cutler, Laura S, b. 1859, d. 1946, Mother, Lawn AH, [JS]
Cutright, Frank, b. 1875, d. 1946, Husband, Daddy, Lawn AH, [JS]


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