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Woodlawn Cemetery
Santa Monica, Los Angeles County, California

??, Female, d. c.1 Jul 1906 Temescal Canyon, Pacific Palisades, CA, Gunshot wound, bur. Aug 11, 1906, Lot:34 Sec:1 #A, [MW]
??, John Doe, male, d. 9 Jun 1910 - name possibly George Kindap, [MW]
??, John Doe, male, d. bef.29 Nov 1909, carbolic acid - suicide, [MW]
??, John Doe, d. 1 Nov 1923, Gunshot wound to the right temple-suicidal, male, [MW]
??, John Doe, d. 11 Aug 1911, drowning, [MW]
??, John Doe, d. 30 Jun 1914, Sillborn, infant male, [MW]
??, John Doe, d. bef.11/7/24, unknown skeleton, male, [MW]
??, John Doe, d. ca.12 Mar 1930, Gunshot wound to the head - whether homocidal or suicidal unable to determine, male, [MW]
??, John Doe, d. ca.8 Aug 1924, Age ca.60,-drowning accidental or sucidal unknown, male, [MW]
??, John Doe, male, Disninteered the re-interred on 4 Aug 1995 for the following reason: "The remains of a male were found to be interred in Grave F-329-19 in error, approximately 20-30 years ago. He has been disinterred and placed in the above listed grave until we are able to find who he is and where he belongs.", [MW]
??, Martha Doe, d. 20 Mar 1923, drowning (suicidal), female, [MW]
??, Matha Doe, d. ca.10, Aug 1924, drowning - unable to determine whether homocide, suicide, or accident, female, [MW]
??, Unidentified male infant, d. 3 Dec 1915, Stllbirth, [MW]
??, Unidentified male, d. 12 Jan 1903, Age 45, suicide, [MW]
??, Unidentified male, d. 12 May 1907, Drowning, [MW]
??, Unidentified male, d. 16 Sep 1904, Drowning, [MW]
??, Unidentified male, d. 2 Apr 1904, Drowning, [MW]
??, Unidentified male, d. 20 Feb 1904,, [MW]
??, Unidentified male, d. 8 Aug 1902, Drowning (suicide), [MW]
??, Unidentified male, d. bef.12 Jan 1902, Age 33, [MW]
??, Unidentified male, d. ca.3 Feb 1918, Drowning (suicidal), [MW]
??, Uniedified Infant, d. 22 Jun 1911, Premature, [MW]
??, Unknown female, d. 3 Oct 1917, drowning (suicidal), [MW]
??, Unknown female, d. 3 Oct 1917, drowning (suicidal), [MW]
??, Unknown, Redhead, [MW]


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