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Valley Grove Cemetery
Pike County, Arkansas

Contributed by Richard Rodgers, February 20, 2000 [rerodgers@windstream.net]. Total records = 128.

Valley Grove Cemetery
Location: From Kirby, Arkansas take Highway 84 E and go 3.5 miles.

ADAMS, Linet, b.9/25/1895, d.11/17/1904, son of Lee and Martha Adams
BAGWELL, Dora, b.4/9/1896, d.4/2/1967, wife of W. d.Bagwell
BAGWELL, W. D., b.7/26/1894, d.11/16/1990
BERRY, Ellen, b.6/20/1897, d.7/5/1955, wife of Tom Berry
BERRY, Robert K., b.6/20/1871, d.7/4/1960
BERRY, Sarah Eliza, b.10/31/1872, d.2/22/1934, wife of Robert K. Berry
BERRY, Tom, b.9/10/1894, d.5/22/1976
BERRY, William Ezra, b.12/1/1905, d.2/14/1921
BURNETT, James M., b.1856, d.1936
BURNETT, Laura E., b.1864, d.1938, wife of James M. Burnett
BUTLER, Claudis Fay, b.1930, d.1930
CHANEY, Allie, b.8/5/1876, d.1/18/1904
CLINE, C. C., b.1851, d.1928
CLINE, George F., b.5/13/1898, d.12/6/1958
CLINE, Jettie D., b.1/25/1903, d.9/20/1988, wife of George F. Cline
COSBY, J. M., b.8/14/1856, d.8/30/1936
DUNLAP, Berniece Irene, b.5/8/1913, d.10/3/1997, wife of Warren E. Dunlap
DUNLAP, Ernie W., b.4/2/1914, d.12/7/1995
DUNLAP, Fannie Woodall, b.12/17/1915, d.No date, m. 12/7/1934, wife of Ernie W. Dunlap
DUNLAP, Warren Earl, b.9/16/1913, d.4/19/1956
DUREN, E. L. (Elder), b.1883, d.1959
DUREN, Minda, b.1884, d.1978
FANT, Hershell D., b.4/11/1934, d.9/22/1983, m. 6/28/1959
FANT, Janelle Dunlap, b.8/30/1937, d.No date, m. 6/28/1959, wife of Hershell D.Fant
FOX, Dollie J., b.10/22/1892, d.10/21/1984, wife of Jesse N. Fox
FOX, Jesse N., b.12/7/1886, d.11/14/1976
FOX, Jesse N. Jr., b.6/5/1923, d.5/31/1967
FOX, John Marion, b.1858, d.1949
FOX, Mary N., b, 8/23/1862, d.2/23/1946, wife of John Marion Fox
FOX, Zena E., b.1/15/1883, d.5/5/1973
GREEN, Oda, b.1889, d.1922
HAWKINS, August C., b.3/16/1915, d.3/11/1946
HAWKINS, Saphrey, b.2/6/1874, d.8/7/1964
HENTHORN, Nora L., b.6/3/1916, d.7/8/1918
HERRON, Audy Elizabeth, b.10/30/1895, d.12/6/1895
HERRON, Essie, b.2/26/1904, d.9/29/1905
HERRON, Gracy Flora, b.5/4/1898, d.5/16/1899, daughter of S. C. & A. V. Herron
HERRON, I. N., b.3/18/1835, d.2/22/1918
HERRON, I. N. Mrs., b.10/31/1836, d.1/25/1932
HERRON, J. C., b.3/3/1893, d.10/12/1895
HERRON, John N., b.11/26/1887, d.2/6/1888
HERRON, Lonly E., b.6/18/1908, d.broken stone unreadable
HIGGS, Mintie, b.4/19/1899, d.11/261983
HORN, Burl Henry, b.9/30/1851, d.6/18/1926
HORN, Dora, b.1895, d.1973, wife of Joe Horn
HORN, Elizabeth Bankston, b.2/3/1855, d.2/24/1932, wife of Burl H. Horn
HORN, Elkander, b.12/11/1857, d.11/1897
HORN, Ellizzie Ann, b.2/22/1821, d.5/23/1903
HORN, Harlon P., b.12/21/1914, d.12/28/1978
HORN, Herman P., b.10/17/1910, d.8/16/1920
HORN, Joe, b.1890, d.1953
HORN, Lorene, b.11/15/1937, d.1/27/1939
HORN, Mary Cantrell, b.1858, d.1899
JACKSON, Leora M., b.7/31/1893, d.10/31/1978, wife of William H. Jackson
JACKSON, William H., b.5/30/1885, d.10/25/1937
KEITH, Annie L. Pasley, b.8/11/1881, d.8/1902
KIRKPATRICK, Clifton C., b.2/10/1893, d.6/23/1969
KIRKPATRICK, Infant daughter, b.8/20/1928, d.8/20/1928
KIRKPATRICK, Infant son, b.10/3/1927, d.10/10/1927
KIRKPATRICK, John W., b.11/23/1930, d.No date, Son of Clifton C. Kirkpatrick
KIRKPATRICK, Mattie B., b.12/24/1882, d.9/23/1933
KIRKPATRICK, Ollie Lou, b.9/9/1897, d.12/13/1930, wife of Clifton C. Kirkpatrick
MCCAULEY, J. R., b.1/26/1887, d.2/11/1909
MCCLANE, Annie, b.1872, d.1922
MCWHA, Allen, b.5/30/1894, d.1/13/1918
MCWHA, Jacob, J., b.5/10/1889, d.5/6/1970
MCWHA, John, b.2/27/1858, d.3/24/1914, m. 10/4/1888
MCWHA, Lois, b.9/22/1915, d.4/21/1918
MCWHA, Martha Dee, b.8/7/1927, d.8/24/1927
MCWHA, Mary E., b.9/11/1855, d.3/5/1918, wife of William McWha
MCWHA, Sallie E., b.7/22/1864, d.5/14/1942, m. 10/4/1888, wife of John McWha
MCWHA, Sarah Jane, b.12/23/1894, d.10/9/1973, wife of Jacob J. McWha
MCWHA, William, b.12/14/1853, d.6/8/1930
MITCHELL, Alford Wood, b.2/27/1859, d.4/ 27/1938
MITCHELL, Matilda Wilson, b.9/18/1860, d.6/10/1934, wife of Alford Wood Mitchell
MITCHELL, Octavia D., b.9/28/1871, d.12/29/1942
MORAN, Amanda Roberts, b.1834, d.1905, wife of John Milner Moran
MORAN, Bell, b.1877, d.1933, wife of Henry Moran
MORAN, Dosha A., b.1898, d.1990
MORAN, Henry, b.1874, d.1945
MORAN, Infant Son, b.10/20/1911, d.11/2/1911
MORAN, John Milner, b.1827, d.1908
MORAN, Milton, b.6/25/1919, d.7/10/1921,
MORAN, Nolen Z., b.8/9/1920, d.8/13/1945, twin of Olen d.Moran, Tech 4, 31st Tank BN 7, Armed Division, WW II, BSM,
MORAN, Olan Clinton, b.3/6/1893, d.12/31/1950
MORAN, Olen D., b.8/9/1920, d.1950, twin of Nolen Z. Moran
NEAL, Mattie, b.5/8/1890, d.9/12/1953
ODEN, Joseph B., b.5/29/1832, d.5/2/1906
PARKER, Hattie Berry, b.2/22/1903, d.5/11/1938
SELF, Ernie, b.9/18/1912, d.11/21/1982
SELF, Joseph E., b. 3/2/1883, d.8/23/1957
SELF, Pearl, b.6/22/1893, d.9/23/1985, wife of Joseph E. Self.
SELF, Wilma Jean, b.7/21/1934, d.11/10/1945
SPARKS, James W., b.1853, d.1930
SPATES, Mary E., b.1/1/1862, d.7/1/1947
STINETT, Martha E., b.10/21/1866, d.1/12/1906, wife of R. Stinett
TARPLEY, Claud C., b.11/9/1906, d.4/1/1910
TARPLEY, David M., b.1873, d.1969
TARPLEY, Minnie E., b.12/3/1898, d.9/26/1905
TARPLEY, Susan H., b.1870, d.1942, wife of David M. Tarpley
THOMPSON, Rebeca, b.1857, d.1926, wife of William Thompson
THOMPSON, William, b.1874, d.1922
TISDALE, Paul David, b.2/14/1950, d.2/14/1950
TOLLESON, F.M., b.5/11/1854, d.7/13/1914
TOLLESON, James A., b.4/4/1845, d.7/8/1919
TOLLESON, Martha A., b.8/5/1835, d.9/14/1899, wife of James A. Tolleson
WATTS, H.J., b.3/2/1861, d.5/10/1915
WATTS, Rosie Lurena, b.3/13/1890, d.7/1/1949
WHITE, Howard E., b.1894, d.1957
WHITE, Sylvia A., b.1901, d.No date, wife of Howard E. White
WIDENER, Isla, b.3/1842, d.3/8/1896
WIDENER, Pearl, b.6/10/1893, d.1/2/1955
WIDENER, Sarah J., b.8/28/1853, d.7/14/1909, wife of W. G. Widener
WIDENER, W. G., b.2/9/1849, d.12/9/1930
WOODALL, Arthur N., b.3/5/1889, d.3/13/1982
WOODALL, Clara K., b.1/2/1894, d.11/6/1980, wife of Arthur N. Woodall
WOODALL, Docia, b.10/17/1884, d.11/30/1972, wife of Walter Woodall
WOODALL, Edward, b.2/10/1887, d.7/27/1935
WOODALL, Hattie Moran, b.1888, d.1907
WOODALL, James Wayne, b.6/17/1924, d.7/4/1962
WOODALL, John, b.2/10/1932, d.2/29/1992
WOODALL, Lillie V., b.11/18/1888, d.12/11/1979, wife of Edward Woodall
WOODALL, Lusinda F., b.3/9/1859, d.4/23/1950, wife of W. S. Woodall
WOODALL, Myrtle, b.11/1/1891, d.10/12/1966, wife of Will Woodall
WOODALL, Ocie, b.12/22/1903, d.4/24/1924, husband of Hazel Woodall
WOODALL, W. S., b.1853, d.1927
WOODALL, Walter, b.9/20/1882, d.10/4/1963
WOODALL, Will, b.6/22/1880, d.10/7/1958

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