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St. Peter Catholic Cemetery Records
Blytheville, Mississippi County, Arkansas

Contributed by Perry N. Leslie, April 2000 [pleslie@netnitco.net]. Total records = 20.

Read and compiled 03/01/2000 by Perry Leslie

Also referred to as "Forty and Eight" Cemetery. Located east of Blytheville. St. Peter Church was located on the property at one time, it eventually fell apart. No one knows what happened to the rubble from the church, possibly picked up by passers-by. This cemetery is in good condition and is currently maintained by members of the HARDESTY family. Everyone buried here is believed to be related in some way. Family members believe there are others buried here and the stones were either damaged or removed. I am still researching this cemetery.

ADKISSON , Carl Randolph, b.Feb. 12,1895, d.Aug. 15, 1935
CARTER, Mattie Lenny, b.Apr. 28, 1877, d.Oct. 18, 1923, wife of W.P.
CECIL, C. L. & M. M., b.Feb. 12, 1903, d.June 24, 1904, Sleep on dear, And ? May rest in Jesus Forever blest
HAGAN, John A.,Feb. 5, 1861, d.Aug. 15, 1942
HAGAN, Anna L., Apr. 22,1862, d.Jan. 4, 1942, wife of John
HARDESTY, Joseph, b.Sep. 7, 1945, d.Sep. 7, 1945
HARDESTY, Bonnie, b.1904, d.1953, (maiden name also HARDESTY)
HARDESTY, Edgar, b.Jul. 18, 1904, d.Dec. 16, 1917, Son of T.L. & Mary C.
HARDESTY, George, b.Sep. 28, 1897, d.Dec. 11, 1917, Son of T.L. & Mary C.
HARDESTY, Thomas Lafe, b.1869, d.1923, Father
HARDESTY, Mary Neal, b.1873, d.1954, Mother, United in marriage at Derby, Ind Dec. 12, 1892,(* "LAFE" is short for LaFayette and "Neal" is short for Cornealius)
HUFFMAN, M.A., b.Oct. 4, 1867, d.May 2, 1905, Wife of I.H.
JARBOE, Leo, b.Aug. 2, 1902, d.Oct. 9, 19??, son of Jo & Janie
STEWARD, Mary Louise, b.Sep. 7, 1927, d.Oct. 23, 1927
STEWARD, Eddie Jo, b.1931, d.1935
STEWARD, Cecil Owen, b.1933, d.1935, child of E.L. & N.M.
SWETT, George F., b.JULY 8, 1850, d.Jan 12, 1946
SWETT, Mary E., b.Nov. 29, 1859, d.Aug. 16, 1935
SWETT, Joseph Erle, b.May 15, 1896, d.Nov. 18, 1917, son of George F. & Mary E., Died at Camp Beauregard, LA. CO B
WEBB , John Q., b.1860, d.1910, Father

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