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Wall Cemetery Records
Marble, Madison County, Arkansas

Lat: 36° 07' 47"N, Lon: 93° 34' 32"W

Contributed by Robert Cline, Jul 13, 2002 [clinefam@yournet.com]. Total records = 42.

Go on Highway 412 through the town of Marble, on the first county road #2425, turn right . Follow this dirt road (the road is really washed out, so be careful for the underneath on your vehicle) The road will continue on like you will be driving into someone's private drive. The cemetery will be on the left side of the road.

There really is no parking places or anything just park there in the grass in front of the gate. Most of the graves here are the old 1800's or early 1920's.

If anyone would like to reach me concerning this cemetery or would like me to scan a headstone picture for them (as I have a picture of all headstone's there) please feel free to contact me.

I transcribed this cemetery in Jul of 2002.

- Robert Cline

Bottom, Thomas, b. Oct 26, 1829, d. Jun 26, 1901, son of Allen & Margaret
Bottoms, Polina, b. Nov 12, 1842, d. Apr 04, 1920, wife of Tom
Davis, Harriet A., b. Jan 26, 1838 d. May 20, 1924, s/w William
Davis, William, b. 1817 d. Aug 2, 1902, s/w Harriet A
Delaplain, Mary J., b. Feb 15, 1837, d. Jun 27, 1913
Grigg, Infant, d. Jul 19, 1934, s/ like twin daughters, son of Mr & Mrs Hubert
Grigg, Twins, b. Aug 29, 1935, d. at birth, Infant d/o Mr & Mrs Hubert, s/like infant son Grigg
Gullick, Mary M., b. Feb. 18, 1829, d. Aug 28, 1906
Hargis, James E., b. Aug 29, 1912 d. Jun 11, 1916, At rest in Jesus arms, s/like Omer Hargis
Hargis, James Perry, b. Jan 29, 1873 d. Nov. 6, 1949, s/w Tennie C
Hargis, Omer B., b. Feb 01, 1916, d. Sep 12, 1917, At rest in Jesus arms
Hargis, Tennie C., b. Jan. 11, 1878 d. Oct 15, 1925, s/w James Perry
Hargis, W. R. (Bill), b. Jul 14, 1903, d. Sep 22, 1997, photo
Holland, Jesse, b. Sep 27, 1832, d. Oct 21, 1919, Asleep in Jesus, Blessed thought (stonein front of fence hard to read)
Jones, Frank, b. 1841 d. Apr 01, 1928, s/w Martha
Jones, Harriett, b. Apr 23, 1890, d. Sep 05, 1893, Dau of F & M E Jones, s/like Harvey Jones, gone but not forgotten
Jones, Harvey, b. Jul 17, 1894, d. Feb 25, 1897, son of F. & M.E., We will meet again, s/like Harriett Jones
Jones, Martha E., b. Sep 16, 1873 d. Oct 24, 1950, s/w Frank
McAge, John Wm, b. J-- 21, 1802, d. no date, son of Wm A & A (rest of stone is under the ground)
Mo??e, Sarah, b. Nov 24, 1836, Died Aug 28, 1885, wife of Dudley, dau of Allen & Margaret Bottom, Blessed are the dead
Monger, Charles T, b. Oct 13, 1884, d. Nov. 17, 1886, s/like Eddy T Monger
Monger, Eddy T, b. Jan 4, 1892 d. Nov. 12, 1895, s/like Charles T Monger
Monger, Martha J., b. Jan 19, 1833, d. Jul 26, 1922, weep not, for she is at rest
Roger, W. M., no dates, hard to read, either Wm. Roger or W. M. Roger)
Shrum, Pearl May, b. Jul 28, 1898, d. Jun 17, 1916, Those that die in faith shall live again
Smith, Infant, d. Nov 27, 1924 Dau of Walter & Dora
Tate, Harriet, b. Apr 23, 1847, d. Nov 20, 1876, wife of Alston, dau of Allen & Margaret Bottom, Blest be the Lord...
Teenor, C. H., b. Jun 26, 1844, d. can't read, s/w Isabelle
Teenor, Eliza, b. Feb. 22, 1816, d. Aug 14, 1886, s/like & wife of J.A. Teenor'
Teenor, Isabelle, b. Mar 05, 1847, d. Jul 09, 1883?, beloved wife of & s/w C.H.
Teenor, J. A., b. Aug 21, 1837, d. Jul 31, 1904, Those that knew him best, loved him most, s/like Eliza Teenor
Wagnon, Catherine S., b. Dec 07, 1837, d. Nov 12, 1881, Gone but not forgotten, wife of Peter
Wall, D. S., b. Feb 28, 1855, d. Mar 8, 1917, Father, s/w O.R.
Wall, Drew, b. Mar 22, 1808, d. Mar 13, 1873, (stone like Elizabeth Wall's)
Wall, E. A., b. Sep 05, 1847, d. Sep 02, 1911
Wall, Elizabeth, b. Jul 15,1814, d. May 22,1897, wife of Drew, stone just like Drew Wall's, In Memory of
Wall, Emma, b. Apr 16, 1845, d. Dec 17, 1926
Wall, Margaret R., b. Dec. 9, 1871, d. Dec? 25, 1912, wife of J. D, difficult to read
Wall, O. R., b. Sep 24, 1853, d. no date, Mother, s/w & w/o D.S.
Wall, Walter, b. Jan 07, 1897, d. Dec 30, 1897, son of J.D. & M.R.
Whiteley, Gertrude, b. Jul 26, 1888, d. May 14, 1918 or 1913, At Rest, wife of G. F.

Catharine (this stone was once a pretty tall stone but has broken into and has green mold growing over it...I did make out the Catherine written in an arch at the top of this stone)
(this stone is the shape of a coffin and the top is homemade with hand writting on it. the only thing I could make out was a death year of 1897.)

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