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Lee Cemetery Records
Old Lewisville, Lafayette County, Arkansas

Contributed by Pat Foster King, May 2000 [pfking@dellepro.com]. Total records = 18.

Lee Cemetery at Old Lewisville, AR, Lafayette County located just east of Wilson Cemetery at Old Lewisville, AR. It is on the old home place, Seclusa. This is complete burials although it has been vandalized. This is my great grandparents family burial grounds.

Boyd, Charlie, d. 12-2-1893, Row 2-North
Boyd, F. Adelaid, b. 8-15-1823, d. 3-28-1859, Row 2-North
Bright, Gaillard L., b. 1886, Row 2-North
Bright, Sallie W., b. 12/30/1796, d. 12/26/1866, Row 2-North
Bright, Suzie Lee, b. 1862, d. 4/19/1888, w/o D. W. Bright, Row 2-North
Garland, Ann E., b. 8-11-1819, d. 11-29-1889, Row 1-South
Garland, Frances, b. 7-4-1798, d. 3-10-1867, Row 1-South
Garland, John, b. 12-18-1828, d. 10-27-1852, Row 1-South
Garland, Josiah Jr, b. 9-7-1831, d. 5-8-1848, Row 1-South
Garland, Josiah, b. 2-7-1798, d. 8-23-1871, Row 1-South, my great great grandfather & the father of Carolina Garland Lee, my great grandmother. Garland City, AR was named for Josiah Garland.
Garland, William H., b. 6-1-1820, d. 8-30-1862, Row 1-South
Lee, Allen, b. 9-26-1864, d. 8-2-1870, Row 2-North
Lee, Amzi N., b. 3-15-1829, d. 4-28-1906, my great grandfather, Row 1-South
Lee, Amzie, b. 5-24-1867, d. 3-18-1885, Row 2-North
Lee, Carolina Garland, b. 9-20-1833, d. 2-21-1920, my great grandmother, Row 1-South
Lee, Fannie, b. 7-27-1861, d. 8-28-1866, Row 2-North
Lee, Linwood Lee, Jr., b. 11-18-1896, North of A. E. Garland
Lee, W. Garland, b. 4-18-1858, d. 8-14-1866, Row 2-North

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