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Mount Zion Cemetery
Greene County, Arkansas

Hwy 141
Walcott, Arkansas

Lat: 3601'23"N, Lon: 9040'58"W

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 21.

Contributor's Index:

Adams, Hulan Bernar, b. 30 Mar 1926, d. 26 Apr 1993, h/o Pearl Catherine (Catty) Wall Adams, s/o Olan (Bodie) Adams and Mildred Kuykendall Adams, [BW]
Book, Jeremy Michael, b. 29 Aug 1971, d. 4 Mar 2001, s/o Brenda Adams Book Ward and Kenneth Paul Book, [BW]
Bowlin, Alta Elizabeth, Walden, b. 1 Mar 1870 AL, d. 19 Mar 1900 AR, w/1 of Benjamin F. Bowlin d/o George Peter Walden & Lucinda E. McDow, [WD]
Bowlin, Benjamin Franklin, b. 27 Feb 1857 AR, d. 12 Sep 1927 AR, s/o John Bowlin & Lucinda Hogan, m1. Alta Elizabeth Walden, m2. Lou I. Allison, [WD]
Bowlin, Emily Frances, Boozerb, b. 24 Jan 1862, d. 27 Oct 1912 AR, m. Wm Pinkney Bowlin in 1880 at AR d/o Frederick Boozer, [WD]
Bowlin, James William, b. 30 Mar 1850 GA, d. 7 Nov 1896 AR,, s/o John Bowlin & Lucinda Hogan, m. Sinie L. Willcockson, [WD]
Bowlin, John Morgan, b. 27 Oct 1854 GA, d. 14 Apr 1935 AR, s/o John Bowlin & Lucinda Hogan, m1. Mary L. Hutchins, m2. Mary, Clements Short, [WD]
Bowlin, Lou I., Allison, b. 23 Mar 1867 TN, d. 16 Aug 1954 AR, w/2 of Benjamin F. Bowlin, [WD]
Bowlin, Lucinda, Hogan, b. 22 Nov 1820 SC, d. 23 Mar 1890 AR, m. John Bowlin in 1845, [WD]
Bowlin, Mary L., Hutchins, b. 18 Mar 1856 AR, d. 16 Apr 1900 AR, m. John Morgan Bowlin in 1874 at AR, d/o William Hutchins & Mary Cupp, [WD]
Bowlin, Ollie Esther, Ross, b. 18 Apr 1879 AR, d. 7 Apr 1913 AR, w/1 of Wm Robert Bowlin, d/o Lewis W. Ross & Charity E. Dennis, [WD]
Bowlin, Sinie L., Willcockson, b. 4 Jul 1850 TN, d. 29 Sep 1918 AR, m. James Wm Bowlin in 1870 at AR, d/o William Willcockson & Mary Rose, [WD]
Bowlin, Vera, White, b. 14 Jan 1897 AR, d. 29 Jun 1933 AR, w/2 of Wm Robert Bowlin, [WD]
Bowlin, William Pinkney, b. 31 Aug 1860 AR, d. 5 Jul 1926 AR, s/o John Bowlin & Lucinda Hogan, m. Mary Emily Boozer in 1880 at AR, [WD]
Bowlin, William Robert, b. 5 Jan 1879 AR, d. 24 Jun 1949 AR, s/o John M. Bowlin & Mary L. Hutchins, m1. Ollie Esther Ross in 1896 at AR, m2. Vera White, [WD]
Willcockson, Adaline, Bowlin, b. 20 Mar 1846 SC, d. 12 Mar 1903 AR, m. James Henry Willcockson in 1868 at AR, d/o John Bowlin & Lucinda Hogan, [WD]
Willcockson, Andrew Jackson, b. 10 Jan 1855 AR, d. 11 Mar 1894 AR, s/o William Willcockson & Mary Rose, m. Sarah E. Bowlin in 1881 at AR, [WD]
Willcockson, James Henry, b. 3 Apr 1845 TN, d. 15 Dec 1916 AR, s/o William Willcockson & Mary Rose, m. Adaline Bowlin in 1868 at AR, [WD]
Willcockson, Mary Jane, Bowlin, b. 8 Mar 1852 GA, d. 14 Dec 1938 AR, m. Thomas Riley Willcockson in 1868 at AR, d/o John Bowlin & Lucinda Hogan, [WD]
Willcockson, Sarah Elizabeth, Bowlin, b. 26 Apr 1862 AR, d. 16 May 1943 AR, m. Andrew J. Willcockson in 1881 at AR, d/o John Bowlin & Lucinda Hogan, [WD]
Willcockson, Thomas Riley, b. 10 Aug 1848 TN, d. 7 Mar 1925 AR, s/o Samuel Willcockson & Frances Gibson, m. Mary Jane Bowlin in 1868 at AR, [WD]


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