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Lanier Cemetery Records
Talladega County, Alabama

Cemetery is located in Talladega County, US 235 between Childersburg and Pell City, located just before the first railroad tracks after turning off of Plant Road. This Cemetery is next to Oak Grove United Methodist Church, however the church has no records of burials.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 37.

Contributor's Index:

Fannin, Dorothy, b. 03-31-1937, d. 05-08-1938, d/o Mr. & Mrs. JD Fannin, [CH]
Fannin, George F., b. 7-12-1899, d. 04-15-1934, In plot with Mamie and John, [CH]
Fannin, James D., b. 3-2-1897, d. 01-21-1973, [CH]
Fannin, Jeptha M, b. 1840, d. 1900, Son, [CH]
Fannin, John F., b. 3-1-1860, d. 12-25-1930, [CH]
Fannin, John H., b. 1818, d. 1901, Father, [CH]
Fannin, Mamie S., b. 7-15-1877, d. 06-25-1939, stone with John F., [CH]
Fannin, Mollie, b. 06-03-1909, d. no date, [CH]
Reeves, ???, b. 12-14-1898, d. 06-07-1901, d/o TE & EH Reeves, [CH]
Reeves, F. (Francis) Marion, b. 2-12-1870, d. 02-05-1927, [CH]
Reeves, Ida, b. No dates, [CH]
Reeves, Mrs., No dates, [CH]
Reeves, Sanford, b. 07-16-1914, d. 09-15-1915, [CH]
Reeves, Sarah E., b. 8-30-1841, d. 4-1-1899, [CH]
Roe, Mary F. (Reeves), b. 7-4-1866, d. 12-07-1911, w/o HC Roe, [CH]
Roe, James C., b. 09-03-1905, d. 07-03-1906, s/o HC and MF Roe, [CH]
Roe, Martha, b. 9-9-1835, d. 2-6-1898, w/o John Roe, [CH]
Roe, Sarah Rebecca, b. 1-29-1898, d. 06-30-1900, d/o HC & MF Roe, [CH]
Roe, William Carl, b. 12-17-1895, d. 10-03-1901, s/o HC and MF Roe, [CH]
Rowe, Mary Etta, b. 1-28-1888, d. 12-30-1962, [CH]
Silcox, Adelle Vincent, b. 1899, d. 1956, [CH]
Vincent, Adeline Alliston, b. 01-08-1905, d. no date, w/o David, [CH]
Vincent, Charles E., b. 11-12-1928, d. 04-04-1970, stone with Irma, [CH]
Vincent, David H, b. 1836, d. 1886, CO I 30 ALA INF CSA, [CH]
Vincent, Emily Hare, b. 1872, d. 1928, [CH]
Vincent, Emmett C, b. 5-2-1887, d. 12-15-1960, [CH]
Vincent, Ezekiel , b. 1814, d. 1857, [CH]
Vincent, Ezekiel Henderson, b. 7-9-1858, d. 10-10-1927, [CH]
Vincent, Henry David, b. 5-10-1883, d. 12-14-1950, stone with Myrtle, [CH]
Vincent, Infant, b. no dates, s/o EH & Emily Vincent, [CH]
Vincent, Irma J, b. 04-10-1921, d. 09-03-1995, stone with Charles, [CH]
Vincent, James H, b. 08-17-1915, d. 04-06-1944, SGT 894 Tank Destroyer BN WWII, [CH]
Vincent, Jane, b. 1815, d. no date, w/o Ezekiel, [CH]
Vincent, Jessie Rowe, b. 1-17-1892, d. 07-13-1983, [CH]
Vincent, Lizzie, b. 10-13-1895, d. 08-11-1927, d/o EH & VE Vincent, [CH]
Vincent, Myrtle Lee, b. 12-24-1903, d. 02-28-1927, stone with Henry, [CH]
Vincent, Varina Ellen, b. 9-17-1861, d. 02-28-1901, w/o EH Vincent, [CH]

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