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Crawford-Ryan Cemetery Morgan County, Alabama
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Crawford-Ryan Cemetery Morgan County, Alabama
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Crawford-Ryan Cemetery Records
Morgan County, Alabama

Lat: 34° 22' 27"N, Lon: 86° 36' 20"W
Eva Twp, T8S R1W Sec 2

Contributed by Sandy Ryan, Jul 22, 2007, last edited Aug 14, 2009 [sandy1of3@bellsouth.net]. Total records = 52.

Heading south on 231 turn right onto Apple Grove Road. Graveyard is on the left 10 miles on Apple Grove Rd. This is two miles south of the community of Apple Grove and about that far north of Ryan Crossroads, on the east side of the road in the field.

This small cemetery was established in c.1821 as the Crawford Cemetery on a piece of land set aside for this purpose, located inside the Crawford farm. The cemetery is still owned by the Crawford family but it is currently maintained by Thomas Arthur Ryan a descendant of Phillip Ryan.

Mr Ryan told us that when he took over the graveyard it was in poor condition, but he had several loads of dirt hauled in to fill in the graves that had sunken in, attempted to fix some of the tombstones, and added a stone over Phillip Ryan's grave. Many of the stones are so old that that they are illegible, and many have been stacked to the side as they were broken and illegible.

I read and transcribed this cemetery on Jul 22, 2007. This includes all existing and legible stones and markers.

- Sandy Ryan

Blevins, Elisha J., b. 24 Dec 1826, d. 27 Jun 1862
Blevins, Franklin S., b. 21 Sep 1868 , d. 26 Sep 1868, children of W.S. and S.A. Blevins, s/w William and Samuel Blevins
Blevins, Nancy, b. 20 Mar 1823, d. 11 Nov 1896, wife of E.J. Blevins
Blevins, Samuel E., b. 15 Jul 1881, d. 10 Sep 1882, s/w Franklin and William Blevins
Blevins, William E., d. 26 Oct 1874, age: 19 d, children of W.S. and S.A. Blevins, s/w Franklin and Samuel Blevins
Brindle, Ora Eral, b. 19 Jun 18?? , d. 26 Oct 188?, daughter of B and D.A. Brindle
Brown, B. B., b. 1853, d. 1921
Chaney, Abamitie A., b. 11 Oct 1881, d. 21 Jul 1889, daughter of W.C and S.F. Chaney
Forman, James, b. May 1817, d. Dec 1888
Hall, Sarah C., b. 8 Apr 1835, d. 15 Oct 1881, erected by Samuel Hall
Hembree, Aner Aldora, b. 24 Feb 1878, d. 25 Sep 1883, daughter of A.L. and J. Hembree
McAnally, Ora Metta, b. 2 Dec 1885, d. 23 Dec 1885, daughter of Pinkney P. and Luttie A.
Morrow, Sallie A., b. 13 Sep 1812, d. 14 Aug 1867, wife of S.B. Morrow and Daughter of Enoch and Mary A. Windes
Oden, R. R. R., b. 12 Dec 1826, d. 13 Oct 1826, daughter of P. and M.J. Oden
Prince, infant, b. 14 Jan 1897, d. 14 Jan 1897, infant son of L and F.Z. Prince
Ryan, B. E., no dates, age: 2y 9m, son of C.M. and S.E. Ryan
Ryan, Cathrine L, b. 28 Dec 1876, d. 27 Jul 1877, daughter of J. and S.D. Ryan
Ryan, Cephas M., b. 28 Aug 1854, d. 27 Jan 1938, father
Ryan, J?on H. , b. 13 Oct 1863, d. 5 Aug 1866, children of E. and E. Ryan, s/w John W.D. Ryan
Ryan, James Dr., b. 4 Nov 1816, d. 13 Jul 1864
Ryan, James W., b. 7 Jan 1846, d. 9 Sep 1861
Ryan, John Sr., b. 27 Apr 1806, d. 16 Oct 1885, s/w Mary Ryan
Ryan, John W.D., b. 15 Sep 1869, d. 7 Aug 1870, children of E. and E. Ryan, s/w J Ryan
Ryan, Mary A., b. 14 Sep 1841, d. 25 Oct 1842, children of O.C.W. and Martha Ryan, s/w Thomas and P.A. Ryan
Ryan, Mary, b. 24 May 1812, d. 7 Dec 1895, wife of John Ryan Sr., s/w John Ryan Sr.
Ryan, Mary, d. 1831, wife of John Ryan Sr.
Ryan, Nancy S. A., b. 15 Mar 1826, d. 19 Dec 1895, wife of Dr. J.H. Ryan
Ryan, P. A., b. 24 Jun 1849, d. 20 Jun 1850, children of O.C.W. and Martha Ryan, s/w Mary A. and Thomas Ryan
Ryan, Philip, b. 1785, d. c.1821, son of William Ryan
Ryan, Sarah Delila, b. 24 Aug 1842, d. 1 Sep 1887, wife of John Ryan , erected by W.S. Stinson Hartselle Alabama
Ryan, Sarah Sen., b. 18 Oct 1793, d. 27 Aug 1850, s/w Thomas Ryan
Ryan, Sarah Z., b. 26 Jun 1850, d. 2 Jul 1855
Ryan, Sarah Z. D., b. 26 Apr 1877, d. 28 Aug 1877, daughter of E. and E. Ryan
Ryan, Thomas Sen., b. 6 Jan 1791, d. 17 Aug 1850, s/w Sarah Ryan
Ryan, Thomas W., b. 27 Jul 1848, d. 6 Jul 1855
Ryan, Thomas, b. 31 Jul 1845, d. 23 Dec 1846, children of O.C.W. and Martha Ryan, s/w Mary A. and P.A. Ryan
Ryan, W. A., no dates
Scott, Ernest Wyeth, b. 29 Jul 1889, d. 16 Feb 1896, son of T.T. and H.A. Scott, born in Greenville
Taylor, Robert M., b. 6 Sep 1861, d. 28 Jul 1880, children of B.R. and R.R. Taylor, s/w Sallie S. Taylor
Taylor, Ru?ama, b. 20 Oct ? , d. 13 Jun ?
Taylor, Sallie S., b. 2 Oct 1854 , d. 6 Apr 1882, children of B.R. and R.R. Taylor, s/w Robert M. Taylor
Tipton, George Washington, b. 1807, d. 1886, new stone
Tipton, H. L., d. 1902
Tipton, L. L., d. 1894
Tipton, M. L., d. 1894
Wade, Sarah J., b. 24 Nov 1835, d. 16 Oct 1874, age: 38y 10m 22d, wife of J.H. Wade, erected by E.J. Oden
Wheeler, E. Eva, no dates
Windes, Eld. Enoch Sr., b. 1 Jul 1809, d. 9 Mar 1872, s/w Mary Ann Windes
Windes, George B., b. 7 Sep 1854, d. 16 Aug 1867, son of Enoch Windes Sr.
Windes, George W., b. 7 Oct 1832, d. 14 Nov 1837, son of Enoch Windes
Windes, Kittie S., b. 6 Feb 1846, d. 9 May 1866, daughter of Enoch Windes Sr.
Windes, Mary Ann, b. 10 Oct 1818, d. 9 Oct 1877, s/w Eld. Enoch Windes Sr.

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