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Barnette Cemetery Records
Montgomery County, Alabama

Contributed by Clarence Brannon [citymounty@mindspring.com]. Visit his website, "Descendants of Thomas Albert Brannon". Total records = 9.

Barnette Cemetery is near Mathews, Alabama, located on Mathews Road, Montgomery Co. Road 079, 1.4 miles west of Flowers Road, Montgomery Co. Road 037. I surveyed this cemetery on Feb. 15, 2000 and found it to be in deplorable condition. Some of the graves appear to have been pilfered. Those markers whose inscriptions I could read are presented here.

Barnette, Colonel William, b.April 4 1761 d.April 1832, Revolutionary Soldier
Barnette, Mary Elizabeth, b.May 4 1797, d.April 22 1857, wife of David L. Taliaferro
Barnette, William R., b.September 24 1813 d. September 1839
Gilmer, Thomas W.
Gilmer, Mary M., b.March 18 1813 and on same tombstone with Mary M. Peal
Barnette, T. Well, b.January 19, 1818, d.September 1826?
Gilmer, Julia Ann, b.1818, d.1842
Gilmer, Francis L., b.01/19/1825, d.01/7/1865
Peal, Mary M., November 18 1830, only date, same stone as Mary M. Gilmer

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