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Old Prospect Cemetery Records
Prospect, Lawrence County, Alabama

Lat: 34° 27' 16"N, Lon: 87° 22' 57"W
Valley Twp, Sec 9

Contributed by Sunni Montgomery, Aug 20, 2004 [sunnimontgomery@aol.com].  Total records = 58.

This cemetery is located 3 miles south of Landersville, in what was once known as the Prospect Community on County Road #7.

This cemetery is one of the oldest in Lawrence County and has been neglected for far too long. When I first visited it was a blanket of weeds, grass and bushes cover the ground. Many of the tombstones are broken and/or worn away. There are many graves without markers. The first burial was 1826.

In late May of 2004 R. B. Masterson & Sunni Evan Montgomery began clearing the cemetery. Mr. Gay White and his brother were also assisting us, though neither of us knew of the other until Aug of 2004. An additional stone was found during the cleanup. The cemetery is in much better condition as of this writing. We plan on maintaining it with help from relatives and interested individuals.

I have transcribed from a previous work located at the Lawrence County Archives and compiled by Rayford and Mary Hyatt, date unknown. I have added additional names from stones we found, plus full names, initials, parents and war service to help others. All added info is confirmed and verified through County records unless otherwise noted. Completed Aug 18, 2004.

- Sunni Montgomery

Armor, Emily Caroline, b. Sep 15, 1821, d. Nov 25, 1862
Armor, James M., b. Sep 7, 1829, d. Apr 17, 1863, CSA Pvt. Co B 4th Ala Cav.
Armor, Jane, b. Mar 24, 1791, d. Apr 17, 1863, wife of Robert
Armor, John Alexander, b. Sep 1, 1816, d. Feb 10, 1855
Armor, Robert, b. Jan 14, 1776, d. Sep 4, 1878, (Pvt. Capt. Looney's Co. Tenn. Militia War of 1812)
Blankenship, Infant 1, no dates, child of Sam & Nanny Blankenship)
Blankenship, Infant 2, no dates, child of Sam & Nanny Blankenship
Burch, M. A., no dates
Burch, M., no dates
Chilcoat, Eliza Jane (Armor), b. Nov 9, 1820, d. Dec 26, 1845
Chilcoat, Serena Adeline, b. Dec 02, 1843, d. Aug 09, 1846
Christenberry, Curn, b. Jan 20, 1897, d. Oct 16, 1918, (Pvt US Army WW1, h/o Lucy Ann) (Distinguished Service Cross recipient)
Christenberry, Lucy A. C., b. Apr 28, 1855, d. Jul 23, 1939, (d/o James H. Rutherford & Margaret T. Montgomery)
Craig, Benjamin W., d. 1892
Craig, Burch, no dates, (small grave)
Craig, Francis F., b. Jul 19, 1835, d. Dec 6, 1884, (wife of Harvey Craig) "Asleep In Jesus"
Craig, Julia Ann, b. 1856, d. 1914
Ellis, Mary E., b. Dec 03, 1840, d. Jun 01, 1874, wife of George W.
Flannigan, Dorthie V., b. Mar 15, 1878, d. Oct 10, 1931, (d/o of Lucy & John T. Christenberry),
Free, L. D., b. Sep 26, 1857, d. Oct 5, 1925, (h/o Missouri)
Free, Missouri, b. Oct 5, 1858, d. Aug 30, 1901
Greenhaw, Louise J.C., b. Apr 30, 1848, d. Jul 01, 1875, (wife of W. B.)
Hardin, R. D., b. Sep 13, 1823, d. June 27, 1873
Jones, Keren H., d. Apr 11, 1826, Erected by her only son
Masterson, Annie Clara, b. Aug 23 1887, d. Mar 4, 1889, (d/o J.C.& M.J. Masterson)
Masterson, John P. G., d. Apr 03, 1865, killed during a slave uprising at the end of the Civil War, "Our Darling One Hath Gone Before To Meet Us On The Blissful Shore"
Masterson, John. C., no dates, s/o John Patric Guthridge Masterson and Matilda Clementine Roberts, family Bible
Masterson, Mary J. Brock, no dates, w/o J. C. Masterson m. 4th Oct 1881, LC. Per the Kirkland/Masterson Family Bible
McMickin, William, b. Jun 23, 1873, d. Jul 27, 1895
Montgomery, Andrew Jackson, no dates CSA 4th Ala. Cav. (Buried in Montgomery Cemetery)
Montgomery, Cynthia Parks, b. Mar 15, 1849, d. Apr. 12, 1891, (d/o Wesley J. Parks & wife of A. J. Montgomery, CPM on marker)
Montgomery, Elizabeth McNorton, no dates (2nd wife of Jackson Craig Montgomery, Aka: Sarah, Mother, s/w Jackson Craig **
Montgomery, Infant, b. Aug 5, 1895, d. Aug 31, 1895, (d/o Wesley Paul & Julia Alice Little) "Sleep On Sweet Babe And Take Thy Rest God Called Thee Home He Thought It Best"
Montgomery, Infant, b. Jul 10, 1851, d. Jul 25, 1851, (son of W. H. & P.A.)
Montgomery, Infant, b. Jul 10, 1893, d. Jul 10, 1893, (child of A. J & M. P. Montgomery) *
Montgomery, Infant, b. Sep 21, 1896, d. Sep 21, 1896, (child of A. J. & M. P. Montgomery)
Montgomery, Jackson Craig, b. Jul 19, 1815, d. Sep 22, 1904, Father, CSA Pvt. Co. A. 4th Ala Cav., s/w Elizabeth McNorton **
Montgomery, Permelia Adeline, b. Apr 12, 1827, d. Sep 27, 1852, (d/o Matthew Roberts & Susan Wells, w/o of William Henry Montgomery m. Sep 1850)
Montgomery, R. C.(Robert Craig), no dates, Co A. 4th Ala Cav, "Faded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven"
Montgomery, William F., b. Jul 15, 1852, d. Jul 29, 1852, (infant) *
Montgomery, William H., b. Sep 23, 1855, d. Oct 14, 1858, (s/o R. C. & M. J.)
Norwood, Martha C., b. Dec 31, 1838, d. Jan 23, 1862, (wife of Nathaniel)
Norwood, Nathaniel S., b. Feb 12, 1833, d. Mar 19, 1898, Co. A. 4th Ala. Cav. (listed as N. S. Norwood)
Parks, Wesley J., b. Mar 19, 1815, d. Apr 28, 1863, CSA Pvt. 10th Ala. Cav., (s/o Johnson Parks & Lucy Hargrove)
Parks, William J., b. Jan 8, 1843, d. Jan 25, 1864, CSA Pvt. Co. A. 4th Ala. Cav., (s/o Wesley J.)
Pearson, Charley E., b. Jan ?, d. Oct 14, 1899, "It Is The Lord Let Him Do What Seemeth Good"
Roberts, Infant 1, no dates, child of Wesley Roberts)
Roberts, Infant 2, no dates, child of Wesley Roberts)
Roberts, James W., b. Aug 25, 1873, d. Oct 4, 1877, (s/o J. M & F. A.)
Roberts, Luther G., b. Mar 01, 1869, d. Apr 5, 1869, (s/o J. M. & F. A.)
Roberts, Margaret Ann, no dates
Roberts, Nancy J. Sutton, no dates (wife of Pleasant A. Roberts)
Roberts, Pleasant A., b. 1825, d. 1900 (Pvt. Co. C. 8th AL. Cav. CSA)
Roberts, Timothy, b. Nov 07, 1870, d. Nov 15, 1870, (s/o J. M. & F. A.)
Roberts, William Washington, no dates, s/o Pleasant and Nancy Roberts)
Rutherford, James Horace, b. Aug 18, 1829, d. Mar 15, 1904, CSA Pvt 4th Ala. Cav., (s/o of Griffin Rutherford & Elizabeth Dobbins, h/o of Margaret T. Montgomery)
Rutherford, Margaret T, b. Jul 30, 1830, d. Aug 31, 1904, (These stones are in good shape and look as if they were replaced from the originals)
Wells, Susan, b. Jan 1761, d. Oct 15, 1831 Ascended to Heaven

* (These 2 stones are still readable but, showing significant wear, a large pine tree is pushing against William's stone)
(**This stone has fared better than most as it is made of gray marble, not sandstone. It is a double marker with Father & Mother on each side, probably placed by son Luke Montgomery. My grandfather and I have had it recently repaired and reset. The dates were obtained from Jackson's CSA Pension file and do not appear on his marker.)
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