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Winchester Cemetery Records
Pleasant Site, Franklin County, Alabama

Contributed by Gene Thorn, March 18, 2000 [thorns@bellsouth.net]. Total records = 115.

Winchester Cemetery is located on left side of highway 90, 1 mile west of highway 15 and 90 junction. Updated 10 April 1997 by Gene & Brenda Blackburn Thorn, finding 118 unmarked graves

A. G., (no dates)
Allred, Moses, b.14 May 1769, d.1863
Bates, Henderson E., b.29 Jan 1900, d.25 Dec 1903, son of B. D. & H. E. Bates
Beavers, M. F., b.12 Feb 1861, d.March 1861
Bolding, Charlie T., b.17 Jan 1867, d.4 Nov 1887
Bolding, Docia, b.29 Mar 1855, d.27 Jan 1900
Bolding, Fannie, b.20 Sep 1841, d.24 Jan 1893, wife of J. T. Bolding
Bolding, Infant, b.24 Aug 1906, d.24 Aug 1906, daughter of D. I. & M. T. Bolding
Bolding, Infant, b.4 Sep 1905, d.5 Sep 1905, daughter of D. I. & M. T. Bolding
Bolding, James P., b.15 Oct 1841, d.23 Jun 1907
Bolding, Mary F., b.29 Mar 1865, d.23 Sep 1902
Bolton, Eliza Jane, b.3 Jun 1836, d.25 Aug 1899
Bolton, R. M., b.23 Dec 1866, d.22 Jan 1867, son of R. & E. J. Bolton
Bolton, Redden, b.12 Dec 1822, d.18 Nov 1885
Bourland, Letha Bolton, b.25 Jun 1891, d.9 Dec 1969 (she has a tomb by her husband, Barney C. Bourland, in Itasca Cemetery, Hill County Texas, but her body is buried here, for lack of money to ship her body to Texas)
Britton, D. B., b.13 Sep 1874, d.1 Oct 1875, daughter of W. K. & S. J. Britton
Britton, S. J., b.30 Oct 1855, d.18 Sep 1874, daughter of R. & E. J. Bolton, wife of W. K. Britton
Buchanan, Mrs. Lidie Jane, (no dates)
C. W., (no dates)
Choat, Jessie B., b.10 May 1850, d.17 Oct 1858, son of V. H. & H. H. Choat
Collum, E. R., b.24 Aug 1875, d.20 Aug 1879
Crowell, Elizabeth Hodge, b.30 Dec 1816, d.30 Apr 1910, wife of David Crowell
Duncan, George Washington, b.10 Oct 1867, d.9 Aug 1905
Duncan, Mary Lillie Winchester, b.12 Nov 1868, d.29 Dec 1935
E. G., (no dates)
E. J. Frazier, b.22 Mar 1858
Fort, Robert Walter , b.1884, d.1898
Frazier, L. A., b.?, d.May 1857
Frazier, Little Mattie May, b.6 Feb ?, d.22 Aug 1877
Frazier, N. E., b.6 May 1847, d.30 Sep 1855
Frazier, (no dates)
Frazier, (no dates)
Garland, Bonaparte, b.1801, d.16 Aug 1884 Pvt Tenn. MTD Vols. Indian War, State Representative from Franklin County, 1841 -1843, and from Tuscaloosa 1845 - 1846, the Capitol was in Tuscaloosa. State Representative from Franklin County, 1847 - 1848, the Capitol was in Montgomery.
George, Abraham B., b.15 Jun 1829, d.14 Dec 1901 Co. L Pickett's Ala. Cav. C.S.A.
George, Alexander A., b.3 Oct 1851, d.5 Feb 1859, son of J. C. & L. George
George, Alexander, b.17 Aug 1798, d.12 Mar 1877
George, Elizabeth, b.1801, d.13 Dec 1852
George, Nancy Cameline Crowell, b.6 Apr 1850, d.31 May 1912, wife of A. B. George
George, Priscilla Conwell, b.11 Feb 1801, d.5 Sep 1857, wife of Alexander George
George, Priscilla E., b.3 Dec 1848, d.13 May 1855, daughter of J. C. & J. George
George, W. P., b.30 Jun 1854, d.31 Jul 1857, son of A. M. & C. C. George
George, William A., b.25 Aug 1847, d.28 Dec 1847
H. C., (no dates)
Herril, James, b.5 Jun 1794, d.20 Oct 1858
Hutcheson, Hazekiah, b.7 Jul 1797, d.30 Aug 1848
Hutcheson, Sarah jane, b.22 May 1826, d.11 Jul 1851, wife of J. C. Hutcheson
J. L. T., b.3 May 1852, d.1 Sep 1857
J. M., 1831, only date
James, Daniel, b.18 Mar 1868, d.18 Feb 1898
James, Joe, b.23 May 1878, d.7 Nov 1902, son of Elias & Cynthia James
L. A. E., (no dates)
L. E. B., (no dates)
Lambert, Infant, b.25 Nov 1900, d.25 Nov 1900, son of J. H. & Ella Lambert
Leatherwood, James B., b.15 Apr 1854, d.8 Feb 1855, son of W. A. & M. J. Leatherwood
Lee, Robert F., M.D., b.27 Oct 1857, d.8 Apr 1909
Malone, Amos M., b.8 Oct 1867, d.22 Oct 1942
Malone, Mollie M., b.5 Feb 1871, d.28 Jul 1929
Malone, Nora, b.26 Feb 1912, d.13 Sep 1936
Malone, Vera May, b.7 Jan 1905, d.17 Jul 1905, daughter of A. M & M. M. Malone
Mathews, William, b.27 Jul 1834, d.28 Mar 1870
McGaughy, Millie Irene, b.22 Jan 1906, d.9 Apr 1988
McGaughy, Orlon M., b.13 May 1909, d.19 Jan 1964
McMurray, F. A., b.1 Sep 1854, d.1 Aug 1857
McMurray, J. C., b.6 May 1856, d.2 Sep 1857
McMurray, Joseph, b.1792, d.1865
McMurray, Sally Manda McCollum, b. ?, d.1875
McRae, Infant, b.30 Jan 1910, d.18 Jun 1910, son of B. F. & A. A. McRae
McRight, D. C., b.21 May 1889, d.23 Oct 1924
McRight, Robert C., b.4 Oct 1902, d.4 Oct 1902
Messer, Pvt. John Wesley, b.1798, d.1865, born in Snapping Shoals Ga., Co. E 16th Ala. Inf. C.S.A.
Monroe, Winsey A., b.abt 1836, d.4 Jul 1874
Nelson, Lillie W., b.29 Nov 1895, d.21 Dec 1934
Nelson, Rebecca C., b.24 Apr 1862, d.12 Sep 1895
Parrish, Maggie, b.21 Aug 1868, d.24 Oct 1909, wife of J. W. Parrish
Parrish, Maggie, b.9 Oct 1909, d.Jun 1910, daughter of T. W. & Maggie Parrish
Parrish, Thomas Lamar, b.23 Apr 1926, d.24 May 1926, son of T. W. & Pearl Parrish
Parrish, Thomas Webster, b.14 Nov 1861, d.5 Jun 1947
Patterson, John P., b.2 Jul 1860, d.23 Nov 1860, son of A. W. & S. E. Patterson
Patterson, John W., b.1840, d.1913
Patterson, M. J., b.15 Mar 1842, d.22 Nov 1890
Patterson, Mary E., b.1855, d.1931
R. L. B., (no dates)
Riggs, James H., b.25 Jun 1844, d.3 Mar 1901
Riggs, Nancy A., b.25 Dec 1823, d.16 Mar 1900, wife of M. L. Riggs
Rogers, Child, b.?, d.11 Sep 1875, Little son of I. J. & r. J.
Rogers, Child, b.5 Aug 1881, d.7 Aug 1881, Little son of I. J. & r. J.
Rogers, J. B., b.12 Oct 1800, d.30 Sep 1874
Rogers, J. E., b.16 Oct 1839, d.12 Sep 1868
Rogers, John D., b.9 Feb 1851, d.20 Oct 1851, son of T. S. & M. E. Rogers
Rogers, M. F., b.8 Feb 1872, d.26 Sep 1873
Rogers, Margaret, b.1806, d.4 Nov 1872
Rogers, R. A., b.1832, d.1843
Tate, James W., b. ?, d.11 Aug 1849
Tate, Liston A., b.March 1856, d.Sep. 1857, son of H. & M. K. Tate
Tate, Matilda P., b.1836, d.13 Sep 1857, daughter of Jacob & Sarah Tate
Taylor, Elizabeth J., b.30 Jun 1829, d.5 Apr 1855, wife of J. W. Taylor
Templeton, Edwin, b.1889, d.22 Aug 1851
Vance, Indiana V., b.18 Nov 1852, d.4 Oct 1858, daughter of D. B. & L. Vance
Vinson, Annie L., b.26 Jul 1833, d.12 Dec 1916
Vinson, Millie A., b.20 Jul 1846, d.17 Sep 1909
Vinson, R. H., b.17 Dec 1842, d.17 Feb 1930
W. C. R., b.1817, d.Aug 1857
W. R. W., (no dates)
White, B. F., b.20 May 1870, d.1 Nov 1874
Williams, C. W., b.2 Mar 1866, d.27 Apr 1866
Williamson, Isaac G., b.30 Sep 1877, d.30 Aug 1878
Winchester, Ann, b.4 Oct 1844, d.23 Aug 1929
Winchester, Bessie, b.10 Mar 1892, d.22 Jun 1979
Winchester, C. R., b.22 Jan 1876, d.16 Oct 1876
Winchester, Child, 3 graves in row, Infants of Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Winchester
Winchester, Child, 3 graves in row, Infants of Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Winchester
Winchester, Child, 3 graves in row, Infants of Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Winchester
Winchester, E. B., b.3 Mar 1871, d.26 Apr 1940
Winchester, J. M., b.20 Oct 1868, d.18 Oct 1872
Winchester, Jim, b.26 Jul 1897, d.3 Jan 1913
Winchester, M. C., b.2 Nov 1870, d.24 Nov 1874
Winchester, Martha A., b.29 Sep 1849, d.8 Jan 1877
Winchester, Mary Sue, b.11 Jun 1892, d.9 July 1921
Winchester, O. G. "Tavy", b.14 Oct 1885, d.20 Nov 1952
Winchester, Richard, b.17 Feb 1839, d.30 Jun 1919 Col. 4th Ala. Cav. C.S.A.
Winchester, Roy Lee, b.16 Apr 1921, d.27 July 1921
Winchester, Sarah, b.8 Oct 1848, d.6 Sep 1878
Winchester, Stella, b.23 Jul 1878, d.13 Jul 1947
Winchester, W. D., b.26 Mar 1872, d.14 Mar 1876
Winchester, W. H., b.19 Apr 1875, d.20 Nov 1876

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