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Single Springs Cemetery Records
Franklin County, Alabama

Contributed by Gene Thorn [thorns@bellsouth.net] Total records = 141.

There are 21 unmarked graves in Single Springs Cemetery. It is located in Franklin County Alabama, south of Vina. Go south on highway 19, turn left (east) on highway 32, go 1/2 mile, turn right on gravel road, it is behind the Single Springs Missionary Baptist Church. Updated 7 March 1996, by Gene & Brenda Blackburn Thorn, Red Bay, Alabama 35582

Avery, Clearcy A., b.1858, d.1947
Avery, D. Granville, b.1854, d.1910
Avery, Eunice M, b.6 Sep 1881, d.16 Sep 1965
Avery, Grancille P., b.10 Apr 1830, d.23 May 1910, Co. E. 31 Miss. Inf. C.S.A.
Avery, John F., b.31 Aug 1873, d.31 Jul 1897
Avery, Nancy Clemontine, b.22 Sep 1884, d.6 Apr 1953
Berry, W. R., b.4 Mar 1871, d.24 Feb 1876, son of J. H. & L. E. Berry
Bonds, Charlie, b.7 Feb 1902, d.2 Feb 1989
Bonds, Virgie Emerson, b.8 Feb 1901, d.14 Aug 1983, wife of Charlie Bonds, married 11 Jan 1926
Bray, Olma, b.1920, d.1995
Chandler, Catherine M., b.July 1874, d.22 Aug 1932
Chandler, Della Mae, b.20 Dec 1903, d.23 Dec 1938
Chandler, James "Shade", b.28 Dec 1901, d.17 Jan 1963
Chandler, Robert P., b.31 Jul 1875, d.2 Oct 1963
Childers, Melvie F., b.24 Jan 1895, d.7 Oct 1897, daughter of Wess & Annie Childers
Childers, Nellie, b.3 Dec 1901, d.3 Dec 1901, daughter of W. A. & M. A. Childers
Cole, Amy Louise Cole, b.14 Dec 1967, d.29 Jun 1968
Cole, child, 1972, from Defiance, Ohio
Cole, child, 1972, from Defiance, Ohio
Cole, child, 1972, from Defiance, Ohio
Cole, Elizabeth Ann Cole, b.24 Sep 1966, d.28 Jun 1968
Cole, Garth Cole, b.3 Nov 1932, d.28 Jun 1968
Cole, Garth Joseph Cole, b.16 Sep 1964, d.29 Jun 1968
Cole, Lottie Mae, b.18 May 1907, d.25 Apr 1948
Cole, William Harold, b.26 Jul 1965, d.21 Jan 1989, "Willie"
Cole, William Riley, b.1 Apr 1901, d.7 Mar 1979
Crocker, Kenneth Clyde, b.10 Sep 1959, d.13 Dec 1994
Emerson, Allen, b.14 Nov 1970, d.24 Jul 1988
Emerson, Audie Lee, b.24 Sep 1913 -
Emerson, Donnie L., b.6 Mar 1893, d.1 May 1961
Emerson, Dovie L., b.27 Mar 1922, d.19 Jul 1972, wife of R. Henderson Emerson
Emerson, George L., b.3 May 1904, d.2 Jul 1905, son of G. M. & L. A Emerson
Emerson, Georgia M., b.10 Dec 1907, d.18 Jul 1974, wife of Audie Lee Emerson, married 19 May 1929
Emerson, Infant, b.16 Nov 1899, d.7 Dec 1899, son of P. S. & N. E. Emerson
Emerson, J. Archie, b.1909, d.1978
Emerson, J. R., b.3 Aug 1867, d.10 Jun 1950
Emerson, James Franklin, b.4 Mar 1911, d.26 Apr 1932
Emerson, James Oneal, b.15 Sep 1932, d.?
Emerson, James Wendall, b.24 May 1942, d.29 Apr 1946, son of J. A. & Reca Emerson
Emerson, M. L., b.(no dates) 4th Ala. Cav. Confederate State America
Emerson, Mack C., b.22 Jul 1896, d.21 Jun 1984
Emerson, Martha J., b.8 Jul 1906, d.?, wife of Mack Emerson
Emerson, Nancy, b.26 Jan 1880, d.31 Dec 1922
Emerson, P. S., b.23 May 1869, d.31 Dec 1940
Emerson, Patsy Warner, b.17 Feb 1934, d.8 Apr 1959
Emerson, R. Henderson, b.30 Nov 1914, d.15 Jan 1982
Emerson, Reco O., b.1915, d.1991
Emerson, Roy, b.30 Dec 1918, d.4 Feb 1994
Emerson, Sarah Ann, b.1843, d.1923
Emerson, Warner, b.17 Feb 1934, d.7 Oct 1980
Emerson, Willodean, b.3 Nov 1933, d.19 Dec 1934
Gann, Sarah Ann, b.9 May 1921, d.1 Mar 1976
Gentry, Janet, b.16 Jun 1950, d.5 Jul 1951, daughter of R. L. & Ruby Gentry
Green, Thelma M., b.13 Mar 1916 -
Green, William D., b.13 Dec 1909, d.12 May 1962
Hagood, ?, (no dates)
Hagood, ?, (no dates)
Hammock, William Paul, b.17 Sep 1984, d.17 Sep 1984, son of Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Hammock
Higgins, Nancy "Sis", b.3 Jan 1865, d.1 Jun 1934
Lewis, Kiddy, b.?, d.22 Feb 1865
Lewis, James W., b.1812, d.24 Jul 1897
Lewis, Joshua, b.16 Feb 1840, d.24 Feb 1865
Lindsley, Franklin, b.1845, d.April 1850, son of C & M Lindsley
Lindsley, Presley, b.18 Jul 1808, d.11 Dec 1842, son of C & M Lindsley
Mayfield, Lee Ann , b.20 Apr 1874, d.24 Dec 1947
McKinney, Infant, b.13 Jul 1915, d.16 Jul 1915, daughter of R. M. McKinney
Miller, John, b.1879, d.1939
Miller, July Ann, b.7 Oct 1847, d.13 Mar 1907, wife of J. E. Miller
Miller, Lenare D., b.25 May 1914, d.25 Aug 1977
Miller, Lillie Mae, b.12 Sep 1918, d.8 Feb 1991
Miller, Salley, b.1883, d.1958
Mitchell, Barbara J., b.1954, d.1956
Mitchell, Carnell, b.8 Dec 1916, d.30 Aug 1961
Mitchell, Claude, b.14 Jan 1917, d.9 Mar 1959
Mitchell, Fancis, b.22 Oct 1883, d.23 Jan 1978, wife of J. W. Mitchell, marreid 10 Feb 1907
Mitchell, Foy G., b.24 Dec 1923 -
Mitchell, J. W., b.7 Apr 1884, d.2 Feb 1971
Mitchell, James Dennis, b.1 Aug 1959, d.25 Apr 1996
Mitchell, Joy, b.12 Jun 1963, d.? , wife of Sammy Mitchell, marreid 10 Feb 1995
Mitchell, Mildred L., b.4 Aug 1926, d.22 Apr 1990, wife of Foy Mitchell, marreid 28 Oct 1946
Mitchell, Ozie Strickland, b.22 Aug 1889, d.20 Mar 1967, wife of Fines Mitchell
Mitchell, Sammy, b.7 Mar 1970, d.5 Jan 1996
Mitchell, William Fines, b.27 May 1887, d.25 Dec 1920
Nichols, Baby, b.28 Feb 1942, d.5 Mar 1942
Nichols, Clifton, b.9 Nov 1905, d.24 Feb 1989
Nichols, Eva, b.2 Feb 1916, d.?, wife of Clifton Nichols, married 4 Nov 1934
Nichols, Jack, b.27 Jun 1942, d.12 May 1995
Nichols, Jackson S. "Vester", b.5 Aug 1910, d.26 Feb 1984
Nichols, Josh, b.27 Feb 1875, d.17 Sep 1944
Nichols, Martha Lee, b.15 Apr 1913, d.2 Sep 1985
Nichols, Miley Ann, b.7 Feb 1870, d.13 Jul 1953
Nichols, Oran, b.23 Oct 1916, d.17 Jan 1978
Nichols, Prue, b.31 Jul 1921 -
Palmer, Maggie, b.26 Sep 1900, d.28 Sep 1921
Pharr, Clementine Pharr, b.5 Mar 1902, d.3 Nov 1996, wife of Joe Pharr, married 19 Oct 1923
Pharr, Infant, b.1 Mar 1927, d.2 Mar 1927, son of Mr. & Mrs. Joe W. Pharr
Pharr, Joe W., b.4 Feb 1904, d.15 Dec 1972
Powell, Beanie, b.26 Dec 1898, d.29 Dec 1918, wife of W. W. Powell
Rogers, Clemmie M., b.22 Nov 1919, d.?, wife of Kirksey T. Rogers, married 12 Mar 1934
Rogers, Jimmy Carlton, b.6 Mar 1936, d.9 Jul 1937, son of Mr. & Mra. K. T. Rogers
Rogers, Kirksey T., b.15 Mar 1911, d.17 Jan 1984
Scott, Almeta Scott, b.15 Apr 1915, d.22 Mar 1937
Scott, Calvin Scott, b.18 Oct 1867, d.25 Feb 1903
Scott, E. R., b.18 Jul 1909, d.26 Apr 1963
Scott, Egbert J. Scott, b.17 Dec 1881, d.30 Jan 1919
Scott, Floyd Scott, b.13 May 1905, d.26 Jan 1919, son of E. H. & W. D. Scott
Scott, Fredy Reeves Scott, b.27 Jul 1900, d.21 Jun 1901, son of P. M. & W. D. Scott
Scott, Infant, b.11 Feb 1907, d.23 Feb 1907, child of E. J. & W. O. Scott
Scott, Lonie Scott, b.8 Nov 1911, d.23 Jul 1962
Scott, Lora Scott, b.5 Dec 1895, d.26 Mar 1976, wife of Richard
Scott, P. M. Scott, b.29 Sep 1858, d.17 Aug 1939
Scott, Peter Martin, b.1790, d.?
Scott, Richard, b.8 Oct 1891, d.10 Jul 1949
Scott, W. H. Scott, b.24 Mar 1908, d.15 May 1909, son of W. O. & S. M. Scott
Scott, William Joseph, b.19 Mar 1930, d.5 Aug 1931, son of Mr. & Mrs. Richard Scott
Scott, Winnie D. Scott, b.4 Dec 1860, d.22 Nov 1922, wife of Peter NM. Scott
Simmons, Harvey, b.10 Apr 1908, d.12 Jun 1974
Simmons, James A., b.2 Oct 1929, d.52 Oct 1929
Simmons, Linda A., b.2 Nov 1945, d.9 Feb 1946
Simmons, Linnis, b.19 Feb 1913, d.15 Feb 1988
Simmons, Sharon D., b.12 Sep 1954, d.12 Sep 1954
Stedham, Ozell, b.1892, d.1930
Stidham, Aaron, b.1868, d.15 Dec 1922
Stidham, Ella, b.29 Jun 1879, d.7 Oct 1941
Stidham, Estell, b.28 Jun 1915, d.?, wife of Homer Stidham, marreid 28 Sep 1935
Stidham, Homer Lee, b.5 Mar 1916, d.12 Oct 1992
Stidham, Marie, b.20 Feb 1943, d.20 Feb 1943 , daughter of J. D. & C. Stidham
Stidham, Risty, b.1895, d.1962
Uptain, Annie, b.10 Jan 1895, d.1 Jan 1944
Uptain, J. W., b.4 Nov 1871, d.7 Oct 1910
Uptain, Jamie L., son of Joe & Annie Uptain
Uptain, Joseph, b.10 Mar 1880, d.2 Jul 1966
Uptain, Lillie Tyler, b.1 Nov 1911, d.12 Dec 1957
Uptain, Mandia J., b.2 Jul 1874, d.2 Apr 1943
Uptain, N. R., b.11 Nov 1869, d.5 Dec 1933
Uptain, T. S., b.11 Mar 1913, d.11 Jun 1913
Upton, Dward, (no dates)
Upton, Erlene, (no dates)
Upton, Shawnda Earlene, b.15 Feb 1992, d.15 Feb 1992
Williams, Frances L., b.23 Oct 1930, d.23 Apr 1984
Williams, Herbert C. Williams, b.25 May 1925, d.??
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