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Malone Cemetery
Franklin County, Alabama

Contributed by Catherine South, Mar 16, 2000 [catscorner_20@hotmail.com]. Total records = 29.

There are 49 Unmarked graves in Malone Cemetery

Hester, James R., b.10 Aug 1877, d.4 Oct 1884, son of S.R. & F. A. Hester, [GT]
Hester, John Chesley, b.28 May 1831, d.23 Feb 1907, [GT]
Hester, Louisa, b.20 Jan 1872, d.6 May 1880, daughter of S.R. & F.A. Hester, [GT]
Hester, Lucinda M., b.4 Nov 1876, d.22 Nov 1876, daughter of J.C. & Mary A. Hester, [GT]
Hester, Lucinda,8 Dec 1805, d.9 Oct 1875, wife of Roling Hester, [GT]
Hester, M. F., b.1 Mar 1853, d.20 Apr 1898, wife of R.M. Hester, [GT]
Hester, Mary Ann, b.1 May 1836, d.13 Jun 1916, wife of J.C. Hester, [GT]
Hester, Roling, b.23 Jan 1807, d.19 Jul 1882, [GT]
Hester, Samuel M., b.10 Aug 1877, d.30 Sep 1877, son of S.R. & F.A. Hester, [GT]
Hester, Z.W.H., b.21 Jul 1843, d.30 Aug 1914, [GT]
Howard, Elbert, b.11 Dec 1905, d.20 Jun 1907, [GT]
Howard, Vernon, b.21 Jul 1913, d.27 Jul 1921, [GT]
Howard, Zollie, b.22 Feb 1911, d.30 Aug 1914, [GT]
Malone, Arra M., b.23 Dec 1893, d.11 Aug 1895, [GT]
Malone, B. Docis Malone, b.6 Jun 1870, d.24 Aug 1892, [GT]
Malone, Clarence, b.21 Jul 1908, d.22 Jul 1908, son of J.O.& M.A.Malone, [GT]
Malone, David Eugene, b.3 Oct 1868, d.29 May 1894, son of David Abraham, [GT]
Malone, Etta H., b.17 Oct 1903, d.24 Oct 1904, daughter of J.A. & L.A. Malone, [GT]
Malone, Infant, b.11 Jan 1901, d.12 Sep 1901, Ollie M. Malone's infant, [GT]
Malone, Infant, b.4 Nov 1876, d.22 Nov 1876, daughter of L.A.& Malsey A. Malone, [GT]
Malone, James, b.1797, d.13 Aug 1879, [GT]
Malone, L. A., b.11 Aug 1854, d.11 Jan 1880, [GT]
Malone, Mary J. Norman "Mollie", b.8 Dec 1847, d.24 Mar 1882, wife of D.A. Malone 8 Dec 1847, d.24 Mar 1882, [GT]
Malone, Mary Malone, b.22 Aug 1838, d.11 Feb 1892, wife of R. G. Malone, [GT]
Malone, Matilda, b.13 Jul 1823, d.29 Dec 1898, [GT]
Malone, Pearl M., b.27 Nov 1905, d.13 Jun 1907, daughter of J.A. & L.A. Malone, [GT]
Malone, Ramon, b.21 Jan 1914, d.9 Aug 1914, son of J.O. & M.A. Malone, [GT]
Quillin, William David, b.1 Dec 1858, d.10 Mar 1880, son of H.T. & J.E. Quillin, [GT]
Sibley, Lillian, b.6 Sep 1875, d.19 Oct 1892, daughter of D.A. & M.J. Malone, [GT]

This grave is behind old Malone house, near cemetery.
Malone, Polly, b.1801, d.26 Oct 1842, wife of James Malone


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