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Bonds Cemetery
Franklin County, Alabama

Contributed by Gene Thorn, Apr 11, 2000, last updated, Apr 26, 2001
[thorns@bellsouth.net]. Total records = 226.

Bonds Cemetery
Located on Bonds Cemetery Road
Franklin County, Alabama
updated by Gene & Brenda Thorn, 5 July 1997

About 5 miles north on highway 21 off of highway 24 between Red Bay and Russellville. Turn right on Bonds Cemetery Road, about 5 miles at end of road. Decoration is 1st Saturday in August.

Atkinson, G.B., b.17 Apr 1864, d.19 Jul 1864
Atkinson, Jeff Davis, b.7 Jun 1861, d.12 Oct 1866, son of N. J. & R. A. Atkinson
Bentley, Calvin A., b.18 Jun 1887, d.26 Sep 1971
Bentley, Eva A., b.26 Jul 1887, d.9 Feb 1927, wife of Calvin Bentley
Bentley, Mattie Eva, b.14 Oct 1912, d.29 Mar 1913, daughter of J. C. & D. M. Bentley
Black, Mabra Jean Thorn, b.18 Jun 1944, d.17 Apr 1990, daughter of Doil & Pud Thorn
Blackburn, Rev. W. B., b.5 Apr 1815, d.15 Jan 1885
Bolton, Felix A., son of F. M. & G. J. Bolton
Bolton, Frank A., b.11 Oct 1848, d.19 Aug 1917
Bolton, Josephine H., b.17 Sep 1848, d.15 Noc 1915
Bolton, Louis V., b.20 May 1882, d.Dec 1907
Bolton, Lucy Ophelia, b.6 Feb 1908, d.10 Oct 1911, daughter of H. J. & G. A. Bolton
Bolton, Luella, b.7 Jul 1867, d.12 Apr 1908, wife of H. J. Bolton
Bolton, R. G. W., b.7 Jan 1880, d.18 Nov 1887
Bolton, Stella Veattie, b.19 Jan 1914, d.4 Feb 1914, daughter of S. N. & R. A. Bolton
Bonds, A. T., b.4 Aug 1820, d.5 Nov 1883
Bonds, Diana M., b.2 Mar 1824, d.26 Feb 1910, wife of A. T. Bonds
Bonds, Ernest C., b.2 Jul 1898, d.15 Mar 1899, son of S. T. & M. Bonds
Bonds, Infant, b.11 Feb 1929, d.14 Feb 1929, son of Mr. & Mrs L. C.
Bonds, Infant, b.6 Apr 1862, d.6 Apr 1862
Bonds, James Andrew Clarence, b.7 Apr 1879, d.17 Apr 1880, son of S. T. & R. M. E.
Bonds, John C., b.19 Apr 1893, d.10 Mar 1894, son of S. T. & M. Bonds
Bonds, Missouri Vastile, b.14 Sep 1884, d.29 Oct 1884, daughter of S. T. & R. M. E.
Bonds, Nancy J., b.20 Sep 1875,, d.at age 22
Bonds, Tip, b.2 Jun 1860, d.7 Dec 1860, son of A. T. & D. M. Bonds
Bonds, W. J., b.29 Apr 1848, d.17 Mar 1871
Bonds, Wesley F., b.20 Apr 1891, d.20 Dec 1891, son of S. T. & M. Bonds
Bonds, William Albert Turner, b.31 Jul 1882, d.25 Oct 1883, son of S. T. & R. M. E.
Burgess, Benjamin, b.11 Jul 1784, d.9 Oct 1864
Burgess, Infant, b.6 Jan 1858, d.6 Jan 1858, son of William & Susan Burgess
Burgess, Ive, b.2 Apr 1897, d.13 Jun 1898, daughter of Ames & George Ann Burgess
Burgess, Lydia, b.22 Oct 1797 in Tennessee, d.9 Oct 1892, wife of Benjamin Burgess
Burgess, Martha Ann Elizabeth, b.26 Jun 1862, d.10 Apr 1863, daughter of William & Susan
Burgess, Susan, b.15 Oct 1824, d.31 Mar 1920, wife of William Burgess
Burgess, William M., b.25 Jun 1822, d.17 Dec 1881
Burgess, William, b.18 Sep 1826, d.17 jan 1902
Burns, Mary Francis, b.&, d.10 Jan 1924, daughter of B. E. & Susie Burns
Carter, Albert G., b.14 Dec 1891, d.6 Jan 1920
Cheatham, Albert, b. 17 Dec 1909, d. 4 Mar 1986, h/o Lora Bell Lewey Cheatham
Cheatham, Hansel U., b. 18 Sep 1934, d. 19 Sep 1934, s/o Albert & Lora Bell Lewey Cheatham
Cheatham, Infant, b. 22 Jun 1936, d. 22 Jun 1936, s/o Albert & Lora Bell Lewey Cheatham
Cheatham, Lora Bell, b.26 May 1909, d.12 Nov 1958
Coats, Cora, b.28 Feb 1886, d.28 Dec 1910, wife of Obediah D. Coats
Crisp, Clovis C., b.8 Oct 1898, d.27 Dec 1898, son of J. D. & Martha E. Crisp
Crisp, Tincy, b.11 May 1904, d.19 Jul 1904, son of J. D. & Martha J. Crisp
Cross, Jonas B., b.16 Mar 1835, d.25 Dec 1883
Cross, Lewis, Arlander C., b.5 May 1874, d.15 Oct 1884, son of J. B. & M. A. Cross
Cross, Richard B., 15 Dec 1863, d.20 Jan 1865, son of N. B. & M. A. Cross
Daniel, Twin, b.21 Jun 1901, d.21 Jun 1901, son of J. A. & M. A. Daniel
Daniel, Twin, b.21 Jun 1901, d.21 Jun 1901, son of J. A. & M. A. Daniel
Davidson, Infant, b.16 Jul 1896, d.18 Jul 1896, son of R. H. & M. J. Davidson
Davidson, Infant, b.24 Jul 1894, d.25 Jul 1894, daughter of R. H. & M. J. Davidson
Davidson, Infant, b.7 Sep 1897, d.7 Sep 1897, son of R. H. & M. J. Davidson
Davidson, Robert J., b.3 Sep 1893, d.15 Sep 1896, son of R. H. & M. J. Davidson, son of R. H. & M. J. Davidson
Emerson, Peter Martin, b.2 May 1901, d.30 Jun 1934
Emerson, Son, 1933, only date, Son of Joe & Addie
Fowler, Roy M., b.22 Apr 1934
Fowler. Edith Juanita, b.20 Jun 1938, d.11 Jun 1993, wife of Roy Fowler, married 22 Jun 1957
Gray, Infant, b.&, d.22 Feb 1868, daughter of J. L. & M. J.
Gray, James L., b.17 Feb 1840, d.6 Aug 1913
Gray, James Walter, b.5 Aug 1877, d.24 Oct 1877, son of J. L. & M. J. Gray
Gray, Mary Jane, b.2 Mar 1849, d.5 Feb 1894, wife of J. L. Gray
Groins, Infant, b.&, d.1934, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Goins
Groins, Infant, b.&, d.1936, son of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Goins
Groins, Mamie Gertrue, b.26 Mar 1921, d.13 Oct 1921, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Goins
H. C. P., (no other information)
Hall, Amanda F., b.25 Mar 1827, d.10 Oct 1891
Hall, E. W., b.10 May 1849, d.28 Dec 1857
Hall, George Sylvester, b.15 Dec 1840, d.30 Sep 1883
Hall, John M., b.22 Dec 1833, d.27 Apr 1879
Hall, John, b.Feb 1822, d.Feb 1893
Hall, Lydia, b.17 Sep 1867, d.24 Jan 1868
Hall, Thomas, b.22 Nov 1810, d.23 Feb 1890
Hendrix, , Charley, b.25 Feb 1882, d.8 Dec 1958
Hendrix, , Ethel, b.18 Oct 1885, d.17 Jun 1965, wife of Charley Hendrix
Hendrix, Cohen Otto, b.16 Jul 1904, d.13 Jan 1967
Hendrix, Infant, b.25 Jun 1920, d.25 Jun 1920, son of Charley & Ethel Hendrix
Hendrix, Infant, b.6 Jan 1926, d.6 Jan 1926, son of Charley & Ethel Hendrix
Hendrix, Mary C., b.22 Nov 1840, d.20 Apr 1926
Hendrix, Mattie, b.5 Apr 1915, d.16 Nov 1980
Hester, Hosea, b.Oct 1884, d.Sep 1886
Hoyt, Thorn, Nell, b.8 Jun 1938, d.8 Jun 1938, daughter of Sardis & Vernice
Jerdon, Mary F., b.22 Nov 1843, d.22 Jul 1895
Jerdon, W. A., b.11 Aug 1836, d.14 Sep 1867
John Hendrix, b.17 Apr 1847, d.18 May 1931
Johnson, Vivian Gertrude, b.29 May 1901, d.20 Aug 1902, daughter of J. P. & L. A. Johnson
Kimmons, H. R., b.1809, d.12 Jun 1873
King, Affa Alerzean, b.18 Aug 1905, d.29 Jan 1913
King, Clayton, b.1 Jan 1910, d.7 Jan 1910, son of W. H. & M. S. King
King, Clell Ray, b.29 Oct 1928, d.3 Nov 1928, son of F. A. & Bertie King
King, Elbert L., b.1871, d.1952
King, Infant, b.18 Sep 1928, d.18 Sep 1928, son of L. C. & A. L. King
King, Joseph "Joe", b.1868, d.1949
King, Laura Bertha Massey, b.2 Nov 1873, d.1969, wife of Joe King
King, Margaret Catherine, b.5 Sep 1897, d.12 Jan 1899
King, Merret E., b.14 Feb 1836, d.12 Mar 1911, wife of William E. King
King, Susan, b.8 May 1886, d.31 Mar 1910, wife of W. H. King
King, William, b.17 Oct 1906, d.22 Nov 1906, son of W. H. & M. S. King
King, Wright Hampton, b.4 Dec 1880, d.1952
King, Zane Hilton, b.29 Jan 1932, d.17 Jul 1933, son of F. A. & Bertie King
Kuykendall, Jimmack, b.15 Oct 1865, d.2 Mar 1940
Kuykendall, Nancy Telitha Henry, b.20 Dec 1869, d.31 Jan 1948, wife of Jimmack Kuykendall
Langley, Charles Rufus, b.27 Jan 1848, d.12 Mar 1871, son of David & Nancy Ann Langley
Langley, David, d.21 May 1885, at age of 75
Langley, Nancy Ann, b.4 Sep 1808, d.31 Dec 1876, wife of David Langley
Leftwich, Fred, b.12 Oct 1886, d.19 Jun 1918
Ligon, Sam, b.7 Apr 1770, d.27 Nov 1854, grandfather of S. S. Strickland
Malone, Milus b., b.18 May 1888, d.24 May 1888, son of M. C. & J. L. Malone
Massey, Elijah A., b.22 Apr 1891, d.2 Aug 1892, son of M. T. & D. A. Massey
Massey, George H., b.18 May 1883, d.6 Dec 1884, son of MT. & D. A. Massey
Massey, Infant, b.&, d.6 Mar 1885, daughter of M. T. & D. A.
Massey, Infant, b.13 Jul 1889, d.7 Mar 1890, son of M. T. & D. A.
Massey, Martha Ada Catherine, b.6 Jan 1890, d.28 Aug 1896
Massey, Matthew T., b.29 Sep 1858, d.16 Oct 1900
McAfee, Bonnie, b.3 Oct 1882, d.18 Feb 1937
McAfee, Claude, b.22 Jan 1885, d.21 Mar 1971
McCalpin, Frances S., b.27 Jun 1851, d.19 Nov 1911, wife of W. J. McCalpin
McCalpin, William J., b.3 Oct 1853, d.6 Jan 1911
McKinney, Charlie Nelson, b.15 Sep 1894, d.23 Dec 1982
McKinney, Clive, b.23 Apr 1907, d.17 Feb 1938
McKinney, Coulage, b.6 May 1929, d.1 Jul 1929, son of H. S. & Odie
McKinney, Darcus King, b.10 Feb 1894, d.15 Oct 1980, wife of Charlie Nelson McKinney
McKinney, Doskey S., b.5 Jan 1876, d.19 Aug 1961, wife of William H. McKinney
McKinney, Edgar, b.25 Jan 1892, d.29 Jul 1894, son of J. T. & L. B. McKinney
McKinney, Infant, b.12 Oct 1895, d.30 Oct 1895, son of Mr. & Mrs. W. H. McKinney
McKinney, Infant, b.12 Sep 1921, d.13 Sep 1921, son of C. N. & D. O.
McKinney, Infant, b.8 Jul 1925, d.9 Jul 1925, daughter of C. N. & D. O.
McKinney, Jefferson "Jeff" A., b.12 Jun 1886, d.12 Sep 1936
McKinney, Lester, b.18 Feb 1908, d.24 May 1908, son of Sam & Signora Thorn McKinney
McKinney, Liddie L., b.16 Sep 1893, d.24 Mar 1919, 1st wife of William Arthur Thorn
McKinney, Nancy, b.4 Jan 1844, d.12 Sep 1927, wife of Sampson McKinney
McKinney, R. Dan, b.3 Feb 1863, d.13 Apr 1950
McKinney, Raymond Clovis, b.2 Apr 1926, d.2 May 1934, son of J. A. & Victoria
McKinney, Raymond Lee, b.3 Sep 1926, d.18 Oct 1926, son of W. L. & N. N. McKinney
McKinney, Sampson, b.6 Oct 1836, d.1 Oct 1900
McKinney, Susie, b.31 Mar 1902, d.25 Jul 1966, daughter of Dan & Zora McKinney
McKinney, Victoria Bell Thorn, b.5 Mar 1891, d.19 Jul 1944, wife of J. A. McKinney
McKinney, William H., b.22 Jan 1870, d.7 Jul 1948
McKinney, Zora Ann Bonds, b.12 Oct 1871, d.4 Apr 1956, wife of Dan McKinney
McMurray, A. A., b.11 Jan 1875, d.22 Apr 1878
Mobley, John, b.5 Sep 1830, d.16 May 1892
Morrow, John S., b.4 Dec 1860, d.23 Sep 1884
Oden, Rammie Thorn, b.3 Feb 1923, wife of Jack Oden, married 18 Jul 1946
Oden, Wallace Clifton "Jack", b.3 Apr 1923, d.31 Dec 1984
Patterson, Matthew W., b.17 Oct 1873, d.25 Jun 1882, son of P. C. & L. F. Patterson
Patterson, Sidney A., b.28 Feb 1891, d.29 Aug 1892, son of P. C. & L. F.
Patterson, Virginia, b.23 Dec 1896, d.26 Jan 1897, daughter of P. C. & L. F. Patterson
Petree, Augustus, b.6 Feb 1903, d.15 Nov 1903
Petree, Claude G., b.13 Oct 1899, d.13 Feb 1900
Petree, Elizabeth J., b.11 Aug 1817, d.25 Feb 1878, wife of William H. Petree
Petree, John Adron, b.10 Dec 1874, d.29 Sep 1878, son of John W. & E. E. Petree
Petree, Lillie A., b.5 Dec 1878, d.4 Aug 1881, daughter of A. T. & S. A. Petree
Petree, Margaret N. Bonds, b.15 Jun 1853, d.2 Nov 1891, wife of T. H. Petree
Petree, Mary, b.22 Nov 1910, d.24 Sep 1912, daughter of A. P. & A. F. Petree
Petree, Mattie A., b.3 Jul 1883, d.28 Aug 1883, daughter of A. T. & S. H. Petree
Petree, Susanna, b.14 Mar 1858, d.11 Nov 1888, wife of A. T. Petree
Petree, William H., b.25 Sep 1815, d.14 Jan 1897
Petree, William O., b.27 Oct 1877, d.9 Nov 1877, son of A. T. & S. A. Petree
Powell, Mary C., b.11 May 1822, d.27 Jan 1883, wife of Matthew Powell
Powell, Matthew, b.7 Mar 1812, d.2 Nov 1881
Powers, Andrew W., b.22 Oct 1879, d.20 Apr 1926
Powers, Clara B., b.9 Apr 1889, d.9 Dec 1925, wife of Andrew W. Powers
Powers, Wilford, b.18 Jul 1912, d.11 Mar 1915
Russell, Betsy Ann, b.13 Jun 1808, d.15 Feb 1884, wife of David Russell
Russell, David, b.20 Feb 1809, d.25 Aug 1868
Sartin, Clayton, b.23 Jan 1899, d.5 Oct 1909, son of J. F & M. L. Sartin
Smith, Arthur B., b.23 Apr 1871, d.9 Dec 1871, son of C. M. C. & R. A. Smith
Strickland, Albert Z., b.9 Mar 1903, d.9 Aug 1904, son of W. J. & Mary S.
Strickland, Annie Mae, b.12 jan 1920, d.26 Jul 1921
Strickland, Arby C., b.24 Feb 1907, d.4 Oct 1911, daughter of Sid & Izora
Strickland, Bertha Ann, b.17 Nov 1932, d.24 Nov 1932, daughter of Mr. & Mrs Romie
Strickland, Dona O., b.7 Nov ?, d.22 Dec 1892, daughter of J. R. & M. M.
Strickland, Eddie A.,, b.30 Jun 1895, d.17 Oct 1895 son of W. J. & Mary s.
Strickland, Edward Wilson, b.15 Jan 1874, d.12 Oct 1931, son of S. S. Strickland
Strickland, Fronie M., b.13 Jan 1876, d.15 Jun 1946
Strickland, Hershel, b.7 Mar 1927, d.17 Dec 1927
Strickland, Infant, b.11 Oct 1932, d.11 Oct 1932, son of Mr. & Mrs. W. P.
Strickland, Izora Thorn, b.28 Dec 1880, d.21 Mar 1909, wife of Sid Strickland
Strickland, J. Brandon, b.22 Sep 1918, d.16 Dec 1918
Strickland, James T., b.28 Oct 1889, d.17 Jan 1890, son of A. J. & C. D.
Strickland, Lawrence A., b.20 Mar 1888, d.9 Oct 1888, son of M. A. & S. A.
Strickland, Marvin, b.21 Oct 1900, d.8 Jun 1945
Strickland, Mattie, b.10 Nov 1876, d.?
Strickland, Mettie B., b.2 Sep 1899, d.9 Jan 1967, wife of William P. Strickland, married 6 Apr 1919
Strickland, Molley, d.10 Mar 1892
Strickland, Neomia S., b.26 Oct 1841, d.12 Jul 1881
Strickland, Nona V., b.22 May 1923, d.23 Nov 1923, daughter of Sid & Alma Strickland
Strickland, Pernina P., b.6 Nov 1877, d.5 Oct 1884, daughter of S. S. Strickland
Strickland, Richard, b.18 Nov 1868, d.12 Jun 1947
Strickland, Robert Lee, b.13 May 1923, d.3 Jul 1940
Strickland, S. S., b.27 Dec 1835, d.7 Oct 1908
Strickland, Violet, b.11 Jan 1917, d.8 Dec 1932
Strickland, W. J., b.16 Aug 1870, d.30 Jun 1945
Strickland, Warnie D., b.11 Jul 1910, d.29 Jul 1911
Strickland, Wathel J, b.31 May 1934, d.5 Apr 1936
Strickland, William H., b.29 Dec 1890, d.13 Mar 1892, son of A. J. & c. D.
Strickland, William P., b.29 Sep 1898, d.17 Mar 1985
Thompson, George, b.1880, d.1950
Thompson, Nancy E., b.1880, d.19 ?, wife of George Thompson
Thorn, Albert Edgar, b.25 Jan 1895, d.21 Jan 1967
Thorn, Alma Dora Powers, b.22 Jul 1882, d.27 Apr 1936, wife of Joe Thorn & daughter of Will Powers
Thorn, Alvie Loe, b.&, d.Nov 1932, son of Elzie & Verlon Thorn
Thorn, Area, b.28 Mar 1906, d.Dec 1906, daughter of Arthur & Liddie Thorn
Thorn, Audy, b.2 Jan 1905, d.Dec 1905, daughter of Arthur & Liddie Thorn
Thorn, Chirgy, b.18 Aug 1912, d.19 Jun 1914, son of E. L. & U. L. Thorn
Thorn, Clarence E., b.25 Nov 1903, d.22 Jul 1989
Thorn, Clentis Ray, b.16 Apr 1942, d.16 Apr 1942, son of Doil & Elpha Thorn
Thorn, Doil Iron , b.1 Jul 1916, d.17 Nov 1961
Thorn, Early Elmira King, b.10 Aug 1895, d.3 Jan 1968, wife of Albert Edgar Thorn
Thorn, Ellis Loe, b.27 Dec 1887, d.17 jan 1966
Thorn, Elpha V. "Pud" Hester, b.12 Apr 1918, wife of Doil Thorn
Thorn, Josephine Duke, b.3 Jun 1882, d.4 Aug 1943, wife of Dick Thorn
Thorn, Margaret J. Kuykendall, b.3 May 1862, d.11 Mar 1953, wife of William A. Thorn
Thorn, Mavis Louise, b.22 Jan 1924, d.12 Feb 1924, daughter of Clarence & Vada Thorn
Thorn, Ollie Dell, b.9 Oct 1909, d.6 Aug 1911, daughter of Walter A. & Susie B. Thorn
Thorn, Oma Mae, b.29 Jun, 1919, d.8 Jun 1921, daughter of Joe & Alma Thorn
Thorn, Robert R. "Dick", b.11 May 1881, d.7 Dec 1965
Thorn, Vada O. Kuykendall, b.11 Oct 1899,, d.18 May 1974, wife of Clarence Thorn, (her year of birth is wrong on tomb)
Thorn, Vera R., b.19 Feb 1916, d.7 Apr 1919, daughter of Arthur & Liddie Thorn
Thorn, Verlon DeArcie Kuykendall, b.17 Apr 1913, d.13 Feb 1937, wife of Elzie Thorn
Thorn, Walter A., b.19 Jun 1889, d.15 Feb 1918
Thorn, William A., b.5 Jan 1856, d.17 Sep 1937
Thorne, Bulas, b.31 Jul 1921, d.24 May 1922, son of D. O. & A. I. Thorne
Turbyfill, Wilson, b.5 Feb 1780 in Dinwidy Virginia, d.6 Oct 1877
West, Abbie, b.2 Jun 1886, d.25 Jun 1965
West, Rufus A., b.31 Jan 1881, d.24 Mar 1936

There are numerous unmarked graves in cemetery, it has been told that many are the slaves of the Massey and Bonds.


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