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Mount Tabor Baptist Cemetery Records
Geraldine, DeKalb County, Alabama

Lat: 34° 22' 14"N, Lon: 85° 54' 26"W

Contributed by Johnny L. Williams, Mar 07, 2006 [johnnylwilliams@yahoo.com]. Total records = 11.

Located 5 miles East of Geraldine, Dekalb, Alabama. The cemetery is on the right or south side of the road, behind the church.

This small cemetery is owned and maintained by the Mount Tabor Baptist Church east of Gilbert Crossroads.

This cemetery was surveyed by Ralph H. and Louise Allred on Jun 06, 1965. I have transcribed it for the internet with their permisson.

- Johnny L. Williams

Bishop, Minnie B., b. 1872, d. no date, Mother, SS Bishop, William W.
Bishop, William W., b. 1879, d. 1955, Father, SS Bishop, Minnie B.
Coker, Henry Grady, b. 17 Nov 1901, d. 7 Nov 1961, Father, SS Coker, Tessie Mae
Coker, Tessie Mae, b. 21 Dec 1904, d. no date, Mother, SS Coker, Henry Grady
Downer, Elmer H., b. 3 Mar 1895, d. 23 Feb 1962, SS Downer, Gladys M.
Downer, Gladys M., b. 22 Jan 1901, d. no date, Mother, SS Downer, Elmer H.
Mitchell, Edward Howard Jr., b. 2 Jun 1960, d. 3 Jun 1960
Tucker, Andrew H., b. 18 May 1876, d. 7 Mar 1957, SS Tucker, Ola I.
Tucker, Ola I., b. 2 Oct 1876, d. no date, SS Tucker, Andrew H.
Turner, Drucilla, b. 25 Mar 1902, d. no date, SS Turner, Ross G.
Turner, Ross G., b. 24 Feb 1896, d. 17 Jan 1964, SS Turner, Drucilla, Ala Pvt US Army, WWI

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