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McNutt Memorial Cemetery Records
Portersville Gap, DeKalb County, Alabama

Lat: 34° 18' 37"N, Lon: 86° 47' 02"W

Contributed by Johnny L. Williams, Mar 07, 2006 [johnnylwilliams@yahoo.com]. Total records = 14.

Located 4 miles N. E. of Collinsville on Hwy 11 to Portersville, then 2� miles E., just before you reach Hwy 76 on south side of road.

This small cemetery is owned and maintained by the McNutt Memorial Methodist Church near Portersville Gap.

This cemetery was surveyed by Ralph H. and Louise Allred on July 19, 1964. I have transcribed it for the internet with their permisson.

- Johnny L. Williams

Benefield, Cassie I., b. 11 Oct 17, d. SS Benefield, Howard T.
Benefield, Howard T., b. 2 Nov 1907, d. 26 Sep 1962, SS Benefield, Cassie I.
Files, Jerry Don Jr., b. 17 Jan 1964, d. 17 Jan 1964
Johnson, Idoniou L., b. 20 Jun 1884, d. 27 Dec 1961, SS Johnson, Marion C.
Johnson, Marion C., b. 16 Sep 1888, d. SS Johnson, Idoniou L.
McNutt, Algeron S., b. 9 Sep 1879, d. 19 Mar 1954
McNutt, Ernest A., b. 19 Jun 1891, d. 3 Nov 1960, SS McNutt, Vera E.
McNutt, Vera E., b. 25 Jun 1910, d. SS McNutt, Ernest A.
Miller, Charley C., b. 4 Apr 1881, d. 18 Mar 1955
Miller, Zoe E., 20 Jan 1886, only date
Perkins, Harriett L., b. 8 Oct 1873, d. SS Perkins, Smiley L.
Perkins, Smiley L., b. 29 Apr 1886, d. 1 Jul 1955, SS Perkins, Harriett L.
White, Charles M., b. 7 Feb 1868, d. 15 Jun 1954, SS White, Mary E.
White, Mary E., b. 17 Jun 1866, d. 18 Oct 51, SS White, Charles M.

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