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Husky Chapel Cemetery Records
Fort Payne, DeKalb County, Alabama

Contributed by Lana Floyd, May 2000 [w4ctk@farmerstel.com]. Total records = 43.

Husky Chapel Cemetery
Located on top of Lookout Mountain
in DeKalb County Alabama
Transcribed 14 September 1999 by Lana Floyd

From U. S. Highway 11, take 3rd Street going east, merge into East Adamsburg Road. At the five way intersection, turn right on Dogtown Road and travel about 1.5 miles until you reach Jennings Road which deadends across from the entrance to the cemetery.

At one time, a church named Huskey's Chapel was adjacent to the cemetery and the old road went past the church, but that structure is no longer present and the road was rerouted to its current roadbed about 1950. The cemetery is sometimes referred to as the "Jennings Cemetery" possibly due to its location at the end of Jennings Road or several "Jennings" buried there.

The term "marker" means a marble, cement, or cinder block was on the gravesite but no information was on the marker. Rock marker means the grave was identified by a native stone placed at the head of the grave, sometimes with a foot stone also in place.

Ballenger, G. May, b. Feb 25, 1822-?, d. May 12, 1895, age 7?3(or 8)y 2m 17d, gone but not forgotten
Ballenger, Howard T., b. Dec 11, 1919, d. Jan 31, 1923, asleep in Jesus marker, (broken, part ?missing) ?emblem, (part of words missing)
Barnard, James F., Co L 12 LA INF, C. S. A., ?, A Masonic Emblem On Stone, (no dates)
Barnard, Permelia F., b. 1843, d. 1928
Eidson, Martha , b. Aug 6, 1860, d. Jul 14, 1898, Mother>
Eidson, Oscar, b. Oct 29, 1876, d. Sep 3, 1908, gone to a better land
Eidson, Robert W., b. Dec 23, 1849, d. Jan 20, 1933, Father
Hall, Arthur N., b. Jan 1, 1915, d. Sep 26, 1979, Daddy, ssw Jeanette
Hall, Jeanette S., b. Mar 5, 1918, d. (blank), Mother at rest, ssw Arthur
Hulgan, Talithy, b. Feb 12, 1837, d. Jun 13, 1911, age 74 your dear mother is gone but not forgotten (unable to read rest of epitaph)
Jackson, Wayne Wilson, b. Aug10, 1944, d. Nov 3, 1997, Precious Lord take my hand
Jennings, Altzl, b. May 16, 1884, d. Jul 20, 1975
Jennings, Annie M., b. Sep 7, 1891, d. Jan 6, 1959, Jesus loves the pure and holy
Jennings, Beatrice, b. Oct 21, 1909, d. Jan 7, 1987, IHLE
Jennings, Glen L. Jennings, b. Mar 10, 1918, d. Aug 27, 1966, military marker also, ALA TEC5 125 MECZ Cav Recon Sq WW II
Jennings, Luther C., b. Oct 29, 1919, d. Jan 10, 1959, military marker, ALA EVT 318 MP Escort GD CO WWII
Jennings, Reuben S.(Buck), b. May 22, 1923, d. Jan 20, 1969, at rest, military marker also, Ala S SGT HQ & HQ DET SCH TRP WWII
Lyons, Annie M., b. 9-2-1885, d. 4-11-1962
Lyons, infant, (no dates)
Lyons, infant, (no dates)
Lyons, K. B., b. 11-9-1883, d. 9-19-1922, twas hard to give thee up but thy will O God be done, Woodmen of the World emblem
Robertson, Joseph C., white male widower, born in North Carolina, b. 26 Feb 1833, d. 27 Jun 1917 at 2 AM, age 84 yr 4 mo 1da, bur. at Huskey Chapel Cemetery-, Book 2, Page 160, Alabama Death Certificates, De Kalb (County).
Robinson, Alice L., b. Nov 10, 1873, d. Jan 27, 1897, w/o A. C. Robinson
Robinson, James E., b. Feb 20, 1895, d. Jan 6, 1896, s/o A. C. and A. L. Robinson
Sharp, Baby, (carved into stone marker)
Stephens, D. P. (no dates), b. Doc Patterson Stephens (personal research notes)
Stephens, John B., b. 1911, d. 1978
Stephens, John, b. 1857, d. 1935, age 78, with Sara Ann
Stephens, Lillie L., b. Feb 9, 1890, d. Mar 31, 1970
Stephens, Myrtle A., b. 1905, d. 1974, w/o John B
Stephens, Parlee, (no dates)
Stephens, Sara Ann, b. 1855, d. 1936, age 81, rest in peace (hand engraved into a cement slab between the two stone markers)
Stephens, Stella, b. 1914, d. 1915, in heaven
Stephens, Timmie, b. Apr 6, 1888, d. Dec 11, 1960, at rest marker
Stephens, Verona, (no dates)
Taylor, Ruby J., b. Apr 6, 1912, d. (blank)
Taylor, Tomie A., b. Sept 12, 1910, d. Aug 6, 1974
Thompson, Nancy Elizabeth, b. Aug 20, 1887, age 40 y 6 m
Whittle, Willie, b. Dec 15, 1902, d. Feb 12, 1903
Womack, Leona, b. 1894, d. 1983, (daughter of D. P. Stephens)

Rock markers, Ten, one with "PGM" carved into the stone
Other Markers, Sixteen

Quoted from the Heritage of DeKalb County, Alabama, 1998 edition. Page 28:

"Huskey's Chapel Church, School, and Cemetery

Huskey's Chapel Baptist Church was built by John Huskey and he served as the pastor for several years, The Church was organized about 1895. It is located one mile south of five points on Lookout Mountain.

This oldest grave is that of James Robinson, 1896.

The building was used as a school, also. It was a one room wood building with board shingle roof. There was a wood burning stove in the center of the room, a few desks and homemade benches. Water was carried in buckets from the well at Mr. Wright's house across the road.

The Church and school was closed about 1930 and moved to Delmar Church about one mile away. Students later went to Fort Payne Schools, and Adamsburgh.

Huskey's Chapel Cemetery is all that remains at this site. It can be located on many old maps of the area.

Jeanette Stephens Hall submitted this information . She is the daughter of Timothy and Lily Long Stephens. She grew up in this area. Her parents, grandparents and husband are buried in this cemetery."

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