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Philadelphia Cemetery Locust Fork, Blount County, Alabama
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Philadelphia Cemetery Records
Locust Fork, Blount County, Alabama

Locust Fork, Alabama 35097

Township 13 South, Range 1 West, Section 30

Contributed by Barry Huffstutler, Jan 24, 2002 [barryh@citynet.net]. Total records = 260.

From the County Seat (Oneonta) take US Route 231 West to the town of Cleveland. Then turn Left (South) State Route 79 and this will take you to the town of Locust Fork. You stay on State Route 79 until you come to Center Spring Road where you turn Right. Go to Philadelphia Road and then turn Left. Go to the top of the hill and the church and cemetery are on the right hand side.

I have digital pictures of the graves if anyone want one e-mail to them.

Survey was finish in Jan. 2002. (2 - Unmarked Graves)

- Barry Huffstutler

Alexander, Leland H., Sr., b. 04-23-1894, d. 12-12-1969, age: 75yr
Alexender, Pearl (Reid), b. 10-26-1903, d. 03-23-1937, age: 34yr
Ashworth, Mary Sue, b. 05-20-1923, d. 06-01-1924, age: 1yr
Avery, Rosa (Huffstutler), b. 02-10-1879, d. 08-09-1959, age: 80yr, Daughter of William 'Billie' Huffstutler"
Bacas, Mary E. (Statham), b. 09-27-1928, d. 02-10-2000, age: 72yr
Barnett, Mary Elizabeth, b. 03-08-1928, d. 03-01-1994, age: 66yr
Barnett, Mary Tine, b. 1889, d. 1942, age: 53yr
Bentley, Elzie M., b. 06-22-1921, d. 09-02-1966, age: 45yr, Parents: Walter M. & Idea (Reid) Bentley
Blythe, Nathaniel Wayne, b. 06-15-1988, d. 06-15-1988, age: 0yr
Bolton, Dewey, b. 09-23-1900, d. 02-19-1926, age: 26yr
Brakefield, Clarence Daniel, Jr., b. 11-21-1949, d. 11-23-1949, age: 2-Dyr, Parents: Clarence Daniel & Jewel Brakefield
Brakefield, Clarence Daniel, b. 08-22-1927, d. 08-30-1995, age: 68yr, Parents: Rhueben Roy & Kittie Lula Brakefield, m. 06-01-1948
Brakefield, Earnest 'OB', b. 10-18-1922, d. 06-25-1990, age: 68yr, Parents: Rhueben Roy & Kittie Lula Brakefield, m. 09-30-1946
Brakefield, Frances Conrad, b. 11-17-1924, d. 01-08-2002, age: 78yr, Husband of Edna Louise (Stover) Brakefield, m. 03-11-1946
Brakefield, Kittie Lula (Huffstutler), b. 12-06-1896, d. 07-19-1983, age: 87yr, Husband of Rheuben Roy Brakefield, m. 11-04-1921
Brakefield, Rheuben Roy, b. 11-15-1900, d. 09-08-1981, age: 81yr, Wife of Kittie Lula Elizabeth Brakefield (Huffstutler), m. 11-04-1921
Bromley, Elmer Dee, b. 02-08-1928, d. 11-05-1928, age: 9mo, Parents: Grover and Nancy (Huffstutler) Bromley
Bromley, Velma Lee, b. 02-08-1928, d. 10-22-1928, age: 9mo, Parents: Grover and Nancy (Huffstutler) Bromley
Calvert, Alonzo L., b. 1869, d. 09-18-1939, age: 70yr, Husband of Georgia Ann Calvert (Huffstutler), m. 10-22-1894
Calvert, Authar L., b. 11-10-1894, d. 07-04-1895, age: 1yr, Parents: William L. & Rocksy Ann Calvert
Calvert, Edgar, Sr., b. 05-26-1907, d. 09-16-1961, age: 54yr, Parents: Zachariah & Solema (Huffstutler) Calvert, m. 07-31-1951
Calvert, Edna Y. (Huffstutler), b. 10-17-1879, d. 03-22-1907,1879,1907, age: 28yr, m. 11-01-1895
Calvert, Elton W., b. 11-07-1916, d. 10-23-1984, age: 68yr
Calvert, Ercy C., b. 08-22-1910, d. 09-11-1983, age: 73yr, Husband of Helen Calvert
Calvert, Etta Alma, b. 06-03-1888, d. 08-08-1974, age: 86yr, Wife of Joseph B. Calvert
Calvert, Georgia Ann (Huffstutler), b. 1875, d. 10-25-1941, age: 66yr, Wife of Alonzo L. Calvert, m. 10-22-1894
Calvert, Georgia Ann, b. 08-29-1874, d. 08-20-1958, age: 84yr
Calvert, Halum F., b. 01-05-1892, d. 02-05-1892, age: 1mo, Parents: James J. & Martha Lou Calvert
Calvert, Helen L., b. 12-04-1919, d. 05-27-1992, age: 73yr, Wife of Ercy C. Calvert
Calvert, Homer C., b. 02-13-1910, d. 05-03-1929, age: 19yr, Parents: William L. & Rocksy Ann Calvert
Calvert, Infant, b. N/D, d. N/D,, age: yr, Infant Dau. of J. R. and Georgia Calvert
Calvert, James J., b. 08-08-1862, d. 07-27-1947, age: 85yr, Husband of Martha Lou Calvert (Wall), m. 12-06-1888
Calvert, Joseph B., b. 12-16-1872, d. 12-28-1958, age: 86yr, Husband of Etta Alma Calvert
Calvert, Julia Ann (Huffstutler), b. 1866, d. 1950, age: 84yr, Wife of William Bell Calvert, m. 08-29-1888
Calvert, Julius Earl, b. 11-12-1897, d. 07-24-1962, age: 65yr, m. 02-16-1919
Calvert, Mabelle, b. 09-29-1906, d. 10-24-1906, age: 1mo, Parents: James J. & Martha Lou Calvert
Calvert, Martha Lou (Wall), b. 09-30-1872, d. 12-02-1948, age: 76yr, Wife of James J. Calvert, m. 12-06-1888
Calvert, Paul Edward, b. 10-21-1948, d. 07-07-1999, age: 51yr, Parents: Percy O. & Marcella Ruth Calvert
Calvert, Percy O., b. 06-30-1914, d. 06-23-1952, age: 38yr, Son of Zachariah 'Zack' & Solema Calvert, m. 05-01-1946
Calvert, Rocksy Ann (Holt), b. 09-28-1874, d. 02-10-1934, age: 60yr, Husband of William L. Calvert, m. 12-28-1892
Calvert, Roxie Annie, b. 04-09-1894, d. 01-22-1905, age: 11yr, Parents: James J. & Martha Lou Calvert
Calvert, Solema Vessie (Huffstutler), b. 06-19-1881, d. 02-08-1960, age: 79yr, Wife of Zachariah 'Zack' Calvert, m. 10-16-1904
Calvert, Sylvester, b. 05-03-1898, d. 01-27-1950, age: 52yr, Parents: James J. & Martha Lou Calvert
Calvert, Vida, b. 09-25-1880, d. 05-13-1913, age: 33yr, Wife of J.B. Calvert
Calvert, William Artie, b. 09-13-1906, d. 10-25-1973, age: 67yr, Parents: James J. & Martha Lou Calvert, m. 06-15-1946
Calvert, William Bell, b. 1866, d. 1949, age: 83yr, Husband of Julia Ann Calvert (Huffstutler), m. 08-29-1888
Calvert, William E., b. Jan. 1895, d. 10-25-1930, age: 35yr, Parents: James J. & Martha Lou Calvert
Calvert, William Edgar, b. 05-26-1907, d. 09-16-1961, age: 54yr, Parents: James J. & Martha Lou (Wall) Calvert, m. 02-28-1923
Calvert, William L., b. 11-08-1871, d. 11-07-1946, age: 75yr, Wife of Rocksy Ann Calvert (Holt), m. 12-28-1892
Calvert, Zachariah 'Zack', b. 07-26-1880, d. 05-24-1937, age: 57yr, Husband of Solema Vessie Calvert (Huffstutler), m. 10-16-1904
Carson, Lora (Love), b. 02-22-1907, d. 03-16-1929, age: 22yr
Colvert, Infant, b. 1916, d. 1916, age: 0yr, Infant Daughter of Walter & Julia Bell Colvert
Colvert, Infant, b. 1918, d. 1918, age: 0yr, Infant Son of Walter & Julia Bell Colvert
Colvert, Julia Bell (Calvert), b. 01-06-1898, d. 04-30-1987, age: 89yr, Husband of Walter Isaac 'Ike' Colvert, m. 10-31-1915
Colvert, Walter Isaac 'Ike', b. 11-10-1891, d. 11-30-1918, age: 27yr, Husband of Julia Bell Colvert (Calvert), m. 10-31-1915
Copeland, Lela Mae (Calvert), b. 10-24-1905, d. 05-28-1929, age: 24yr, Wife of Ollie Copeland, m. 01-02-1926
Cox, J.M., b. 01-26-1878, d. 05-25-1914, age: 36yr
Fox, Velma (Calvert), b. 10-06-1893, d. 10-21-1973, age: 80yr, Parents: William L. & Rocksy Ann Calvert
Franklin, James Wyatt, b. 09-20-1939, d. 09-30-1984, age: 45yr
Hambrice, Infants (2), b. 01-08-1918, d. 01-08-1918, age: 0yr, Parents: G. C. and Myrite Hambrice
Hambrice, Myrite Lee, b. 10-02-1894, d. 04-15-1918, age: 24yr, Wife of G. C. Hambrice
Harkness, Larry Neil, b. 12-11-1953, d. 02-23-1995, age: 42yr, Parents: James Daniel & Carol Annette (Huffstutler) Harkness -- (Buried in a Unmarked Grave)
Hays, Bertha, b. 02-13-1906, d. 06-29-1977, age: 71yr, Wife of Canie Hays, m. 12-01-1921
Hays, Buster, b. 08-25-1926, d. 04-26-1931, age: 5yr
Hays, Canie, b. 01-26-1902, d. 06-02-1981,1902,1981, age: 79yr, Husband of Bertha Hays, m. 12-01-1921
Hays, Mary C., b. 08-01-1832, d. 10-22-1902, age: 70yr, Wife of Bud Hays
Hays, Standwick, b. 1832, d. 1927, age: 95yr
Helms, Jack, b. 07-08-1934, d. 06-19-1992, age: 58yr, Husband of Carolyn (Reid) Helms
Helms, Tommy, b. 03-19-1963, d. 03-19-1963, age: 0yr, Infant son of Jack and Carolyn (Reid) Helms
Higginbotham, Fred, Jr., b. 10-20-1930, d. 03-24-1969, age: 39yr, Husband of Carolyn Joyce (Scott) Higginbotham, m. 09-17-1955
Higginbotham, J C, b. 06-04-1934, d. 06-20-1967, age: 33yr, Husband of Opal Jeanette (Huffstutler) Higginbotham, m. 09-10-1955
Hill, Infants (2), b. N/D, d. N/D,, age: yr
Hill, Mattie, b. 12-10-1882, d. 03-17-1905, age: 23yr
Hogeland, Walter J., b. 08-21-1928, d. 12-20-1999, age: 71yr
Hogeland, Wattie Eileen, b. 08-10-1924, d. 11-12-1928, age: 4yr
Holcombe, Mack Coy, b. 04-25-1880, d. 12-28-1962, age: 82yr, Husband of Martha Virginia (Hambrick) Holcombe
Holcombe, Martha Virginia (Hambrick), b. 10-05-1882, d. 10-11-1960, age: 78yr, Wife of Mack Coy Holcombe
Holt, John C., b. 06-22-1883, d. 12-21-1940, age: 57yr
Holt, Louhanie (Love), b. 02-02-1880, d. 02-15-1942, age: 62yr
Holt-Coats, Fannie, b. 12-30-1886, d. 07-13-1961, age: 75yr
Huffstutler, Ada 'Sada' (Love), b. 03-28-1882, d. 10-26-1918, age: 36yr, Husband of John Lewis Huffstutler, m. 11-11-1900
Huffstutler, Adam J. 'Add', b. Dec. 1834, d. 11-06-1918, age: 84yr, Husband of Celissa Huffstutler (Callahan) 2nd. Wife, m. 10-28-1878
Huffstutler, Arthur E., b. 02-27-1903, d. 01-07-1971, age: 68yr, Husband of Maybelle Huffstutler (Hays)
Huffstutler, Bertie Lee (Scott), b. 07-19-1912, d. 12-27-1946, age: 34yr, Wife of Willis Cannie Huffstutler 1st. Wife, m. 08-13-1927
Huffstutler, Carrie E., b. N/D, d. N/D,, age: yr
Huffstutler, Cellissa (Callahan), b. 05-27-1838, d. 02-13-1924, age: 86yr, Wife of Adam J. 'Add' Huffstutler, m. 10-28-1878
Huffstutler, Cora Leila (Sargent), b. 09-11-1890, d. 01-08-1964, age: 74yr, Husband of Joseph Monroe Huffstutler, m. 08-05-1906
Huffstutler, Donnie Ray, b. 04-28-1954, d. 05-02-1954, age: 5-Dyr, Parents: Junie B. & Francis (Reid) Huffstutler
Huffstutler, Elaine, b. 05-27-1956, d. 05-27-1956, age: 0yr, Parents: Samuel Francis & Emma Huffstutler
Huffstutler, Elmer C., b. 08-25-1908, d. 11/28/1984, age: 11yr, Son of Minnie Huffstutler (Sargent)
Huffstutler, Emma (Hogeland), b. 07-13-1917, d. 11-28-1984, age: 67yr, Wife of Samuel Francis Huffstutler, m. 12-04-1937
Huffstutler, Etta Ophelia (Reid), b. 04-05-1893, d. 03-22-1975, age: 82yr, Wife of George Martin Huffstutler, m. 11-09-1913
Huffstutler, Frances Marion, b. 07-16-1876, d. 01-19-1954, age: 78yr, Husband of Minnie Savanah Huffstutler (Calvert), m. 02-12-1896
Huffstutler, Francis Austin, b. 11-03-1926, d. 11-10-1926, age: 7-Dyr, Parents: Francis & Annie (Funderburg) Huffstutler
Huffstutler, George C., b. 01-23-1907, d. 12-09-1941, age: 34yr, Parents: John Lewis & Ada (Love) 'Sada' Huffstutler"
Huffstutler, George C., b. 07-17-1896, d. 07-24-1923, age: 27yr, Husband of Leona Huffstutler (Loggins), m. 10-28-1917
Huffstutler, George Martin, b. 01-27-1891, d. 11-25-1961, age: 70yr, Husband of Etta Ophelia Huffstutler (Reid), m. 11-09-1913
Huffstutler, Gracie, b. 02-08-1900, d. 10-18-1901, age: 1yr, Parents: Frances Marion & Minnie (Calvert) Huffstutler
Huffstutler, Henry Robert, b. 01-13-1905, d. 09-29-1933, age: 28yr, Parents: John Lewis & Ada 'Sada' Huffstutler, m. 05-04-1926
Huffstutler, Henry, Jr., b. 09-23-1841, d. 11-02-1911, age: 70yr, Husband of Mary Malissa Huffstutler (Hix), m. 03-13-1864
Huffstutler, Infant, b. N/D, d. N/D,, age: yr, Infant Son of William 'Billie' Huffstutler"
Huffstutler, James D., b. 03-05-1875, d. 02-16-1919, age: 44yr, Husband of Ida Elizabeth Huffstutler (Murphree), m. 11-12-1896
Huffstutler, John Lewis 'Jack', b. 1872, d. 1959, age: 87yr, Husband of Ada 'Sada' Huffstutler (Love), m. 11-11-1900
Huffstutler, John Lewis 'JB', b. 04-29-1879, d. 08-08-1961, age: 82yr, Husband of Lela Drucilla Huffstutler (Sargent), m. 08-07-1904
Huffstutler, Joseph 'Joe', b. 02-22-1854, d. 07-29-1925, age: 71yr, Husband of Matilda Isabella Huffstutler (Hays), m. 06-09-1878
Huffstutler, Joseph Monroe, b. 05-07-1886, d. 01-07-1965, age: 79yr, Husband of Cora Leila Huffstutler (Sargent), m. 08-05-1906
Huffstutler, Lela Drucilla (Sargent), b. 01-26-1885, d. "Jan, 1979", age: 94yr, Wife of John Lewis 'JB' Huffstutler, m. 08-07-1904
Huffstutler, Lewis M., b. 1845-1847, d. 1917, age: 72yr, Husband of Sarah Huffstutler (Blackburn), m. 09-10-1876
Huffstutler, Lizzie, b. 01-22-1888, d. 10-30-1913, age: 25yr
Huffstutler, Mary Bell (Hogeland), b. 03-28-1926, d. 11-29-1989, age: 63yr, Wife of Willis Cannie Huffstutler 2nd. Wife, m. 02-05-1951
Huffstutler, Mary Malissa (Hix), b. 07-28-1842, d. 08-30-1923, age: 81yr, Wife of Henry Huffstutler, m. 03-13-1864
Huffstutler, Matilda Isabella (Hays), b. 04-10-1860, d. 01-21-1920, age: 60yr, Wife of Joseph 'Joe' Huffstutler, m. 06-09-1878
Huffstutler, Maybelle (Hays), b. 05-04-1905, d. 08-24-1984, age: 79yr, Wife of Arthur E. Huffstutler
Huffstutler, Mildred, b. 08-23-1925, d. 09-10-1933, age: 8yr, Parents: Arthur E. & Maybelle Huffstutler
Huffstutler, Minnie (Sargent), b. 03-16-1878, d. 08-01-1930, age: 52yr, 1st. Wife of Claudie R. Huffstutler, m. 09-23-1902
Huffstutler, Minnie Savanah (Calvert), b. 12-02-1876, d. 11-06-1955, age: 79yr, Wife of Frances Marion Huffstutler, m. 02-12-1896
Huffstutler, Nancy E., b. 04-27-1876, d. 06-26-1956, age: 80yr, Parents: Henry & Mary Malissa Huffstutler
Huffstutler, Omaree, b. 08-09-1921, d. N/D,, age: yr, Parents: George Martin & Etta Ophelia Huffstutler, m. 03-14-1945
Huffstutler, Oscar E., b. 09-05-1922, d. 08-12-1924, age: 2yr, Parents: Arthur E. & Maybelle Huffstutler
Huffstutler, Samuel Francis 'Pop', b. 04-18-1911, d. 09-28-2000, age: 89yr, Husband of Emma Louise Huffstutler (Hogeland), m. 12-04-1937
Huffstutler, Sarah (Blackburn), b. Jan. 1865, d. 1922, age: 57yr, Wife of Lewis M. Huffstutler, m. 09-10-1876
Huffstutler, Sarrah M., b. 10-16-1878, d. 03-31-1937, age: 59yr, Parents: Henry & Mary Malissa Huffstutler
Huffstutler, Stanley Jackson, b. 10-16-1950, d. 10-17-1950, age: 1-Dyr, Parents: Samuel Francis & Emma Huffstutler
Huffstutler, William 'Billie', b. 01-29-1850, d. 06-30-1893, age: 43yr, Husband of Mary Elizabeth (Yarbrough) Huffstutler, m. 01-05-1869
Huffstutler, William H. 'Billie', b. 01-07-1841, d. 06-29-1921, age: 80yr, Husband of Matrth M. (Ellis) Huffstutler, m. 10-06-1870
Huffstutler, Willis Cannie, b. 03-20-1907, d. 10-26-1982, age: 75yr, Parents: Frances Marion & Minnie (Calvert) Huffstutler
Hughes, Virgil J., b. 07-16-1899, d. 02-16-1931, age: 32yr
John, Jacob, b. 02-07-1850, d. 11-06-1918, age: 68yr, Husband of Margaret S. John
John, Margaret S., b. 03-19-1850, d. 01-07-1919, age: 69yr, Wife of Jacob John
Jones, George D., b. 05-18-1857, d. 07-13-1921, age: 64yr, Husband of Mary E. Jones
Jones, Mary E., b. 1859, d. 1935, age: 76yr, Wife of George D. Jones
Kirkland, Juliet (Statham), b. 12-24-1928, d. 12-16-1988, age: 60yr
Little, Elizabeth (Parson), b. 1840, d. 02-03-1913, age: 73yr, Wife of R. J. Little, m. 12-05-1855
Little, Infant, b. 03-15-1908, d. 03-15-1908, age: 0yr, Parents: Eugene and Nancy (Calvert) Little
Little, R. J., b. 07-22-1832, d. 01-22-1909, age: 77yr, Husband of Elizabeth (Parson) Little, m. 12-05-1855
Love, Anna N. (Hays), b. 05-25-1900, d. 12-05-1979, age: 79yr, Wife of Samuel B. Love, Sr."
Love, Annie, b. Mar. 1911, d. 03-05-1928, age: 17yr
Love, Billy Ray, b. 01-10-1945, d. 01-10-1945, age: 0yr, Infant son of Weldon & Emma Lou Love
Love, Dora C. (Hambrick), b. 09-17-1887, d. 09-12-1984, age: 97yr, Wife of Fate Love
Love, Fate, b. 01-04-1889, d. 10-19-1951, age: 62yr, Husband of Dora C. (Hambrick) Love
Love, Felton F., b. 08-12-1852, d. 04-11-1930, age: 78yr, Husband of Vianna E. Love
Love, Irene, b. 01-18-1915, d. 12-08-1924, age: 9yr, Parents: S.B. and Nettie Love
Love, James, b. 12-17-1937, d. 12-17-1937, age: 0yr, Infant son of Weldon & Emma Lou Love
Love, Larry 'Butch', b. 09-09-1948, d. 09-01-1987, age: 39yr
Love, Lattie C., b. 05-05-1891, d. 03-14-1921, age: 30yr, Parents: F. F. and V. E. Love
Love, Mamie Jean, b. 09-15-1930, d. 10-20-1930, age: 1-Myr
Love, Meree, b. 06-06-1913, d. 12-16-1917, age: 4yr, Parents: S.B. and Nettie Love
Love, Nettie, b. 03-16-1881, d. 02-01-1923, age: 42yr, Wife of S. B. Love
Love, Samuel B., Sr., b. 03-05-1887, d. 02-12-1975, age: 88yr, Husband of Anna N. Love (Hays)
Love, Viannia E., b. 05-29-1856, d. 08-05-1923, age: 67yr, Wife of Felton F. Love
McCay, Omogine (Washburn), b. 1924, d. 2000, age: 76yr
McPherson, Frances E., b. 06-19-1863, d. 01-10-1906, age: 43yr, Wife of S. H. McPherson
Miller, S. E., b. 10-20-1832, d. 10-23-1924, age: 92yr
Moore, Amelia, b. N/D, d. N/D,, age: yr
Moore, Mack, b. N/D, d. N/D,, age: yr
Morton, Infant, b. 05-06-1894, d. 05-06-1894, age: 0yr, Parents: Wilson and Deliah (Huffstutler) Morton
Palmer, Arlie C., b. 08-04-1907, d. 10-10-1968, age: 61yr, Husband of Lorene Palmer
Palmer, Lorene, b. 04-09-1914, d. 07-12-1994, age: 80yr, Wife of Arlie C. Palmer
Parker, Infant, b. N/D, d. N/D,, age: yr
Parker, Oliver C., b. 1885, d. 1924, age: 39yr
Peek, Comella (Reid), b. 07-22-1904, d. 10-15-1980, age: 76yr, Wife of Ocie Augustus Peek
Peek, Ella Virginia, b. 04-01-1866, d. 04-09-1951, age: 85yr, Wife of James Henry Peek
Peek, James Henry, b. 08-13-1870, d. 10-11-1950, age: 80yr
Peek, Ocie Augustus, b. 12-27-1904, d. 12-30-1949, age: 45yr, Husband of Comella Peek (Reid)
Reid, Alma, b. 06-10-1902, d. 06-07-1903, age: 1yr, Parents: Elias & Frances Reid
Reid, Aubery E., b. 12-17-1922, d. 11-26-1975, age: 53yr
Reid, Bertie (Cox), b. 10-17-1882, d. 10-11-1941, age: 59yr, Wife of Mose W. Reid, m. 01-02-1897
Reid, Billie, b. 07-18-1920, d. 03-02-1922, age: 2yr, Parents: Miles C. & Birdye Reid
Reid, Birdie, b. 12-20-1893, d. 02-11-1972, age: 79yr, Wife of Miles C. Reid
Reid, Catherine M., b. 10-07-1917, d. 10-02-1969, age: 52yr, Wife of Owen H. Reid
Reid, Curtice, b. 08-18-1900, d. 03-12-1904, age: 4yr, Parents: Elias & Frances (Morton) Reid
Reid, Curtis, b. 08-30-1914, d. 12-01-1917, age: 3yr, Parents: George and Cora (Huffstutler) Reid
Reid, Dennis, b. 02-27-1830, d. 04-09-1907, age: 77yr, Husband of Salemma (Calvert) Reid
Reid, Elias Dewey, b. 11-11-1868, d. 12-13-1926, age: 58yr, Husband of Fraces J. (Morton) Reid
Reid, Elias, b. 08-31-1834, d. 12-19-1915, age: 81yr, Husband of Selemma Reid (Huffstutler), m. 08-29-1954
Reid, Elizabeth (Huffstutler), b. 07-02-1844, d. 04-19-1913, age: 69yr, Husband of Miles Reid, m. 12-16-1868
Reid, Emma, b. 07-22-1872, d. 03-23-1931, age: 59yr, Wife of Myles W. Reid
Reid, Frances Josephine (Morton), b. 04-17-1867, d. 06-13-1961, age: 94yr, Wife of Elias Dewey Reid
Reid, George M., b. 08-31-1855, d. 01-17-1940, age: 85yr, Husband of Mary E. Reid, m. Abt. 1878
Reid, Henry Camilous, b. 05-27-1860, d. 02-28-1937, age: 77yr, Husband of Frances Reid (Skelton), m. 02-14-1878
Reid, Henry H., b. 09-07-1862, d. 03-01-1929, age: 67yr, Husband of Mell Cenie Reid, m. Abt. 1880
Reid, James Callaway, b. 04-15-1862, d. 01-30-1935, age: 73yr, Husband of Nellie Josephine Reid (Hayes)
Reid, James K., b. 12-12-1850, d. 06-10-1912, age: 62yr, Husband of Melcenie Reid
Reid, Jerry Dean, Sr., b. 11-30-1942, d. 04-27-1997, age: 55yr
Reid, John Henry, b. 11-13-1906, d. 02-21-1918, age: 12yr, Son of Henry & Mell Cenie Reid
Reid, Lewis Columbus, b. 12-18-1864, d. 07-29-1917, age: 53yr, Husband of Theodosia Lou Ella Reid (Hays)
Reid, Lloyd, b. 03-22-1931, d. 08-26-1935, age: 4yr, Son of Miles C. & Birdie Reid
Reid, Lou Ella, b. 09-18-1871, d. 09-27-1896, age: 25yr, Wife of L. G. Reid
Reid, Malissie (Huffstutler), b. 1839, d. 1912, age: 73yr, Wife of William Nelson Reid, m. 04-17-1858
Reid, Mary A., b. 10-07-1858, d. 08-23-1908, age: 50yr, Parents: Dennis and Salemma (Calvert) Reid
Reid, Mary E., b. 10-12-1856, d. 01-21-1931, age: 75yr, Husband of George M. Reid, m. Abt. 1878
Reid, Melcenie, b. 07-22-1855, d. 02-25-1946, age: 91yr, Wife of James K. Reid
Reid, Mell Cenie, b. 07-16-1860, d. 12-15-1946, age: 86yr, Wife of Henry H. Reid, m. Abt 1880
Reid, Miles C., b. 08-28-1891, d. 08-29-1958, age: 67yr, Husband of Birdie Reid
Reid, Miles, b. 05-24-1851, d. 05-10-1924, age: 73yr, Husband of Elizabeth Reid (Huffstutler), m. 12-16-1868
Reid, Minnie Lee (Washburn), b. 08-05-1875, d. 08-25-1954, age: 79yr, Wife of Lewis Columbus Reid (Second Wife), m. 01-02-1898
Reid, Mose W., b. 12-26-1876, d. 08-05-1942, age: 66yr, Husband of Bertie Reid (Cox), m. 01-02-1897
Reid, Myles W., b. 11-11-1879, d. 12-28-1951, age: 72yr, Husband of Emma Reid
Reid, Nellie J., b. 08-31-1868, d. 05-14-1953, age: 85yr
Reid, Ola Palistine, b. 09-31-1917, d. 02-08-1919, age: 2yr, Parents: Mr. & Mrs. M.L. Reid
Reid, Owen H., b. 07-26-1919, d. 11-17-1995, age: 76yr, Husband of Catherine M. Reid
Reid, Pearlie, b. 08-04-1898, d. 08-24-1899, age: 1yr, Parents: Elias & Frances (Morton) Reid
Reid, Rebert O., b. 12-13-1917, d. 08-23-1968, age: 51yr
Reid, Rufus M. C., b. 1926, d. 1976, age: 50yr
Reid, Selemma (Huffstutler), b. 08-20-1832, d. 07-10-1910, age: 78yr, Wife of Elias Reid, m. 08-29-1854
Reid, Theodosia Lou Ella (Hays), b. 09-18-1871, d. 09-27-1936, age: 65yr, 1st. Wife of Lewis Columbus Reid
Reid, Ulysses, b. 1908, d. 1925, age: 17yr
Reid, William Lonnie, b. 08-16-1889, d. 06-07-1917, age: 28yr
Reno, Era (Calvert), b. 06-18-1910, d. 01-24-1983, age: 73yr, Wife of Hue Floyd Reno, m. 02-28-1928
Reno, Hue Floyd, b. 10-10-1905, d. 12-05-1964, age: 59yr, Husband of Era (Calvert) Reno, m. 02-28-1928
Reno, Sheila Susan, b. 11-29-1962, d. 12-31-1986, age: 24yr
Roberts, Idella (Reid), b. 05-31-1906, d. 03-17-1986, age: 80yr
Rudolph, Bertha, b. 02-16-1908, d. 05-25-1940, age: 32yr
Sargent, Alice Uallie, b. 05-27-1882, d. 11-26-1912, age: 30yr, Wife of Dolphus Sargent
Sargent, Paul, b. 02-11-1918, d. 08-03-1962, age: 44yr
Sargent, Thomas L. 'Tom', b. 02-28-1896, d. 07-02-1922, age: 26yr
Scott, Clara Emma Ella (Huffstutler), b. 11-02-1904, d. 07-31-1959, age: 55yr, Wife of Clarence Scott, m. 08-30-1931
Scott, Clarence, b. 06-21-1905, d. 06-12-1967, age: 62yr, Husband of Clara Emma Ella Scott (Huffstutler), m. 08-30-1931
Sergent, Georgia, b. 10-10-1861, d. 07-18-1941, age: 80yr
Sheridan, Alma (Little), b. 04-08-1901, d. 05-23-1925, age: 24yr, Wife of Claud Sheridan
Sheridan, Clyde, b. 02-11-1895, d. 06-15-1957, age: 62yr, Husband of Georgia E. Sheridan
Sheridan, Georgia E., b. 10-28-1903, d. 09-21-1991, age: 88yr, Wife of Clyde Sheridan
Speakman, Clevie E., b. 03-18-1960, d. 01-01-1979, age: 37yr
Statham, Anne N., b. 09-20-1911, d. 09-30-1970, age: 59yr, Wife of Herbert H. Statham
Statham, Dorothy J., b. 06-17-1932, d. 01-17-1934, age: 2yr, Parents: George & Verona Statham
Statham, Florence, b. 1867, d. 1948,1867,1948, age: 81yr, Husband of Richard A. Statham
Statham, Frank A., b. 01-10-1906, d. 03-07-1969,1906,1969, age: 63yr
Statham, George Franklin, b. 02-17-1901, d. 08-12-1973, age: 72yr, Husband of Verona Statham (Huffstutler), m. 02-19-1922
Statham, George M., b. 03-18-1925, d. 08-03-1985, age: 60yr, Husband of Velma T. Statham
Statham, Gladys Aileen, b. 04-09-1922, d. 08-11-1955, age: 33yr
Statham, Herbert H., b. 09-16-1903, d. 06-30-1969, age: 66yr, Husband of Anne N. Statham
Statham, Infant, b. 10-10-1929, d. 10-10-1929, age: 0yr, Infant Daughter of George & Verona Statham
Statham, James E., b. N/D, d. 12-31-1929,, age: yr
Statham, James Richard, b. 06-11-1926, d. N/D,, age: yr
Statham, John Joseph, b. 1897, d. 1982, age: 85yr
Statham, Richard A., b. 1863, d. 1948, age: 85yr, Husband of Florence Statham
Statham, Verona G. (Huffstutler), b. 05-11-1907, d. 05-21-1981, age: 74yr, Wife of George Franklin Statham, m. 02-19-1922
Theodosia Lou Ella Reid (Hays),", b. ",09-18-1871, d. 09-27-1936, age: 65yr, 1st. Wife of Lewis Columbus Reid
Thomas, Pearl Sailors Washburn, b. 12-16-1902, d. 12-15-1999, age: 97yr
Turner, A. J., b. 10-08-1845, d. 03-03-1916, age: 71yr
Vaughn, Clyde, b. 01-13-1906, d. 09-21-1955, age: 49yr, Husband of Jeannie Pauline Vaughn (Calvert), m. 04-10-1941
Vaughn, Jennie Pauline (Calvert), b. 02-13-1906, d. 07-23-1996, age: 90yr, Wife of Clyde Vaughm, m. 04-10-1941
Walker, James 'Bud', b. 10-22-1870, d. 08-10-1949, age: 79yr
Walker, Margaret J., b. 1832, d. 06-19-1923, age: 91yr
Wall, Earl, b. 10-28-1900, d. 03-01-1902, age: 2yr, Parents: William and Mary (Calvert) Wall
Wall, Ernest W., b. 01-06-1898, d. 07-18-1994, age: 96yr, Husband of Selma C. Wall
Wall, Mary A. (Calvert), b. 10-01-1865, d. 04-20-1932, age: 67yr, Wife of William Abner Wall
Wall, William Abner, b. 12-25-1869, d. 08-15-1925, age: 56yr, Husband of Mary A. (Calvert) Wall
Wall, Willie M., b. 03-25-1895, d. 10-24-1896, age: 1yr, Parents: William and Mary (Calvert) Wall
Washburn, A. L., b. 04-01-1876, d. 11-10-1965, age: 89yr
Washburn, Birtie, b. 01-19-1883, d. 02-07-1960, age: 77yr, Wife of Thomas O. Washburn
Washburn, Daniel G., b. 06-13-1886, d. 11-30-1954, age: 68yr, Husband of Ora Grace Washburn
Washburn, Dewey, b. 05-15-1911, d. 05-15-1911, age: 0yr
Washburn, Mary, b. 06-07-1875, d. 08-05-1935, age: 60yr, Wife of A. L. Washburn
Washburn, Ora Grace, b. 02-28-1904, d. 08-14-1990, age: 86yr, Wife of Daniel G. Washburn
Washburn, Pauline, b. 12-30-1911, d. 08-17-1913, age: 2yr
Washburn, Thomas O., b. 01-06-1883, d. 12-20-1969, age: 86yr, Husband of Birtie Washburn
White, R. Cela, Riney, b. 11-26-1858, d. 03-06-1890, age: 32yr
Whitehead, Greggry, b. 10-16-1890, d. 09-19-1913, age: 23yr
Wilson, Bruce Jackson, b. 09-18-1928, d. 01-13-1998, age: 70yr, Husband of Wilma Frances (Scott) Wilson, m. 01-20-1949

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