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Saint Patrick Churchyard Motherwell, North Lanarkshire County, Scotland
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Saint Patrick Churchyard
Motherwell, North Lanarkshire County, Scotland

Contributed by George Athyslops, Dec 02, 2005, edited Dec 16, 2005 [george-athyslops@blueyonder.co.uk]. Total records = 26.

From Motherwell Civic Centre turn right down Airbles Road turn 1st or 2nd left and follow signs to Barons Haugh Bird Sanctuary and use the car park there. On foot go back onto the road you turned off and go right, this road is known as the Whitewalk, go downhill, The road becomes dirt track when you pass the secluded houses, The cemetery gate is on your left no more than a 100yds further on.

If you pass the cemetery gate the path goes left at end of the cemetery wall and over a small stream then down towards the river Clyde, just before the stream, if you look to your left at the end of the cemetery wall, you will see 4 small stones to mark the graves of dogs.

As far as I can find out this is the churchyard for Saint Patrick Church, which dates back to 1608. It is situated in the large country estate called Dalzell Estate and is known locally as Old Dalzell cemetery. Sadly it has became very dilapidated. Many of the stones being tipped over or badly weathered.

It is a walled cemetery to which entry is gained through a large iron gate (which opens freely even after all these years) with maybe 100 plots inside, there is an old building which may have been a church at one time but I am only guessing.

This includes all existing and legible stones I was able to get when I visited this cemetery on Oct 30, 2005. I will revisit and get some I was unable to get at a later date. A work in progress.

- George Athyslops

Ballie, Daniel, d. 1827, age: 37yr
Boyce, John, d. 1852, age: ?yr
Clason, Reverand James, d. 1852, age: 69yr, Minister of the Free Church of Dalziel
Courtney, Agnes, d. 1894, age: 72yr, s/w Agnes Courtney
Cullen, Catherine, d. 1849, age: 39yr, w/o John Hamilton
Hamilton, Archibald, d. 1870, age: 42yr
Hamilton, Archibald, d. 1891, age: 27yr, Rourke New South Wales, s/o Archibald Hamilton
Hamilton, David, d. 1838, s/o John Hamilton
Hamilton, David, d. 1875, age: 6yr, s/o Archibald Hamilton
Hamilton, Elisabeth, d. 1834, d/o John Hamilton
Hamilton, James, d. 1881, age: 25yr, s/o Archibald Hamilton
Hamilton, John, d. 1881, age: 80yr, Farmer of Flemington
Hamilton, William, d. 1834, s/o John Hamilton
Harvie, Janet, d. 1849, age: 59yr, Daughter of Rev John Harvie, w/o James Clason
Harvie, John, d. 1834, age: 11yr, s/w James Clason
King, Hugh, d. 1879, age: 68yr, Of Lawmuir Farm, u/o William King
King, James, d. 1889, age: 80yr, f/o William King
King, Marion, d. 1853, age: 59yr, w/o Daniel Ballie
King, William, d. 1901, age: 58yr
Longmuir, Barbara, d. 1880, age: 73yr, m/o William King
Neilson, Margaret, d. 1812, w/o Thomas Wardrope
Prentice, John, d. 1890, age: 67yr
Reid, John, d. 1771, his Wife and Children
Sommerville, Jane, d. 1907, age: 78yr, w/o Archibald Hamilton
Wardrope, Thomas, d. 1812, age: ?yr
Wilson, Jane, d. 1922, age: 65yr, w/o William King
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