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Riverton Cemetery
Southland Province, New Zealand

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 59.

Contributor's Index:

Bates, Harriet, d. May 11, 1922 Colac, age: 100yr, w/o Nathaniel, [MP]
Beer, Florence Annie Louisa, d. 2 Jun 1914, age: 18yr 8mo, d/o Henry & Lillian Beer s/w Henry & Lillian Beer & Henry Norman Beer, [SM]
Beer, Henry Norman, d. 10 Apr 1934, age: 46yr, s/o Henry & Lillian Beer s/w Florence, Henry & Lillian Beer, [SM]
Beer, Henry Symonds, d. 6 Jan 1928, age: 56yr, h/o Lillian Constance Beer s/w Florence, Lillian & Henry Norman Beer, [SM]
Beer, Lillian Constance, d. 27 Sep 1923, age: 55yr, w/o Henry Symonds Beer s/w Florence, Henry & Henry Norman Beer, [SM]
Belsham, G., d. 10 Feb 1976 age: 55yr, 10929 2nd NZEF Pte NZ Infantry, [MP]
Belsham, Manny, d. 23 Apr 1959, age: 47yr, h/o Nessie Belsham, [MP]
Belsham, Tama Hika Gordon, d. 10 Feb 1978, age: 55yr, h/o Ulva L. Belsham, [MP]
Bonney, Alfred, d. 19 Jun 1946, 72yr, [JB]
Bonney, Christina Reubina, d. 23 Oct 1952, 85yr, [JB]
Bonney, Crighton Winning, d. 17 Oct 1977, 70yr, [JB]
Bonney, Ivan Alfred, d. 21 Jul 1980, 75yr, [JB]
Brice, Matthew, b. 1920, d. 1950, [MP]
Bull, Freda May, b. 2 Jan 1921, d. 5 Nov 1982, w/o James Henry Bull, dearly love mother and Taua, [MP]
Christie, Susan Maree, d. 09 Jan 1998, age: 29yr, fiancee of Mark and m/o their son Kyle Galbraith, d/o Harvey and Mary, [MP]
Cleaver, David Samuel, d. 21 Mar 1961 age: 18yr, killed at Riverton, s/o Margaret & Thomas., [MP]
Cleaver, Ian Douglas, d. 20 Feb 1989 Colac, age: 44yr, drowned, s/o Margaret and Thomas, [MP]
Corkery, Margaret Mary, d. Nov 15 1982, age: 58yr, w/o Frank, [MP]
Corkery, Thomas Francis 'Frank', d. d. Apr 9, 1986, age: 65yr, h/o Margaret Mary, [MP]
Daniel, Elizabeth (Stevens), d. 17 Jun 1892, age: 59yr, s/w Theophilus Daniel, w/o Theophilus, [PA]
Daniel, Herbert, d. 23 Dec. 1890, age: 24yr, s/w Theophilus Daniel, [PA]
Daniel, Theophilus, d. 22 Mar 1893, age: 76yr, Sacred to the Memory, s/w his beloved wife Elizabeth and son Herbert, [PA]
Davis, Henare Thomas,d. 14 Nov 1967, h/o Hazel Henrietta Davis, f/o Atanui, [MP], [MP]
Davis, Wiremu, b. 1926, d. 1982, Ko Aparima Te Awa Ko Takitimu Nga Waaka Ko Te Waipounanu Te Whenua Ko Kaitahu Me Katimamoe Me Waitaha Te Iwi, [MP]
Geary, Bartholemew, d. 13 Dec 1916, age: 80 yr, h/o Hannah, [JP]
Geary, Hannah, d. 8 Aug 1912, age: 73 yr, w/o Bartholemew, [JP]
Goodwillie, Caroline (Hunt), d. 25 Dec. 1907, age: 66yr, Beloved w/o Charles Goodwillie, s/w Marion and Thomas, [PA]
Goodwillie, Charles, d. 2 Dec 1930, age: 90yr, s/w Caroline, s/o Caroline & Charles Goodwillie, [PA]
Goodwillie, Marion, d. 17 Jun 1898, age: 16yr, s/w Caroline, d/o Caroline & Charles Goodwillie, [PA]
Goodwillie, Thomas Edward, d. 1 Nov 1906, age: 29yr, s/w Caroline Goodwillie age different in family records, [PA]
Greber, Hanapera Reina Moera, b. 3 Feb 1920 d. 26 Sep 1999, nee Cleaver, [MP]
Greber, John Thomas, d. Sep 1988, age: 33yr, s/o John Greber, [MP]
Henderson, Frank, d. 6 Aug 1907 age: 65yr, plot 550, [GR]
Henderson, Jane (Rowles), d. 27 Apr 1890 age: 37, plot 1631, w/o Frank, [GR]
Howell, Anna Maria, d. 20 Sep 1869, age: 15yr, d/o John & Caroline Howell, s/w Mary Elizabeth, [PA]
Howell, Charles, b. May 1848, d. 13 Jan 1863, [PA]
Howell, John, d. 25 May 1874 Sydney, NSW, Australia, age: 64yr, landed at Jacob's River in the year 1837, [PA]
Howell, Mary Elizabeth, d. 7 Sep 1870, age: 11yr, s/w Anna Maria Howell, [PA]
Hughes, Catherine N. (Lammie), d. 24 Jul 1987, Dearly loved wife and mother, [MP]
Hughes, Kaylene Sandra, d. 26 Jun 1963, age: 9yr, d/o Robert and Catherine, [MP]
Hughes, Robert Maakarini, d. 24 May 1983, age: 78yr, h/o Catherine N, [MP]
MacDougall, Allan William, d. 2 Jan 1921, s/w Duncan MacDougall s/w Elizabeth MacDougall, [SM]
MacDougall, Duncan, d. 17 Jul 1958, s/w Elizabeth MacDougall s/w Allan MacDougall, [SM]
MacDougall, Elizabeth, d. 27 Mar 1948, s/w Duncan MacDougall s/w Allan MacDougall, [SM]
McDougall, Maud Madaline, d. 28 Dec 1926, age: 74yr, w/o Duncan McDougall s/w Duncan Charles Nichol, [SM]
Mulqueen, Grace, d. 3 Dec 1995, age: 62yr, w/o Patrick, [MP]
Mulqueen, Patrick, d. 27 Jan 1963, age: 49yr, h/o Grace Mulqueen, [MP]
Nichol, Duncan Charles, d. 28 Jun 1914, age: 3rd year, wee Jumie, s/o Margaret & late Charles S Nichol s/w Maud MacDougall, [SM]
Portnick, Hira Tottie, d. 3 May 1973, age: 58yr, [MP]
Portnick, William C (Friday), d. 23 Dec 1966, age: 51yr, beloved husband of Tottie, [MP]
Robb, I. A., d. 08 Feb 1965, Sgt 2nd N.Z.E.F. 13206 N.Z. Medical Corps, [MP]
Rowles, George, d. 17 Nov 1909 age: 85, Father of Jane, [GR]
Rowles, Jane, d. 24 Feb 1895 age: 72yr, w/o George & Mother of Jane, [GR]
Whyte, John Lennox, d. 13 Jul 1925, h/o Jane L Whyte, [SM]
Wilkinson, Annie, d. 17 Nov 1987, age: 92yr, w/o Francis A, [MP]
Wilkinson, Charles Thomas, d. Jan 22 1978 age: 66yr, h/o Catherine Sylvia, f/o Kevin, [MP]
Wilkinson, Francis A., d. 21 Nov 1965, age: 72yr, h/o Annie V., [MP]
Woods, James, d. 15 Feb 1969, age: 60yr, h/o Martha, [MP]
Woods, Martha, d. 19 Dec 1979, age: 70yr, [MP]

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