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Southern General Cemetery
Dunedin, Otago Province, New Zealand

The Southern Cemetery in Dunedin, as the name implies, is at the southern end of the City. It is one of the oldest in the city and is in a very attractive location. The cemetery lies facing to the north-east on a hill side. The graves are in their rows as is the norm, but surrounded and interspersed by old mature trees. It is composed of several divisions, perhaps the largest is the Southern General Cemetery. Standing at the higher side, one has a quiet view down the Otago Harbour, up which the early settlers arrived in the sailing ships from the time the town was developed in 1848, [DP]

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 11.

Contributor's Index:

Darling, Elizabeth, d. 09 Apr 1883,Dunedin, age: 71y, Sister of Eliza Clarissa, Blk. 22; Lot 6, [DP]
Dick, Eliza Clarissa, d. 29 Apr 1864, Dunedin, age: 38y, s/w Husband, Blk. 22; Lot 6, [DP]
Dick, Thomas Edinburgh SCT, d. 5 Dec 1900,Dunedin, age: 76y, s/w Family, Blk. 22; Lot 6, [DP]
Flemming, Agnes Ann, d. 16 Jun 1899, Dunedin, age: 66y, Sister of Eliza Clarissa, Blk. 22; Lot 6, [DP]
Low, Elizabeth, d. 9 Apr 1924, Dunedin, age: 69y, Dau. Thomas Dick, Blk. 22; Lot 6, [DP]
Low, Thomas Bell, d. 12 Sep 1886, age: 31y, Husb. of Elizabeth Low, M.I. Died at sea, [DP]
Purdie, Elizabeth Millar, d. 22 Dec 1899, Ashley Downs, age: 87y, s/w William Purdie Husband, Blk 11; Lots 43-44-45, [DP]
Purdie, Jessie Don, d. 27 Jun 1860, Dunedin, age: 20y, s/w William Purdie Father, Blk 11; Lots 43-44-45, [DP]
Purdie, Margaret Hannah, d. 13 Jan 1861, Dunedin, age: 26y, s/w William Purdie Father, Blk 11; Lots 43-44-45, [DP]
Purdie, William, d. 30 May 1876, Dunedin, age: 80y, s/w Family, Blk 11; Lots 43-44-45, [DP]
Robinson, Charlotte, d. 26 Oct 1873, Dunedin, age: 34y, Sister of Eliza Clarissa, Blk. 22; Lot 6, [DP]

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