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Waiharara Cemetery
Northland Province, New Zealand

Contributed by Alan Wagener, May 2000 [myra@mackay.net.au]. Total records = 40.

Waiharara is a small village on the main highway north of Kaitaia, New Zealand, some 15 km south of Houhora Harbour. The cemetery is both pioneer and current.

Brcich, Jim, d. 16-Dec-45
Collins, Laurance, d. 8-Jan-33, b. 1932, Age 2 mnths
Hoggard, Albert, d. 28-Jun-49, b. 1880, Age 69
Hoggard, Albert Roy, d. 31-Oct-77, b. 29-May-12, Age 65
Hoggard, Barbara Mary, d. 31-Jul-53, b. 1-Dec-44, Age 9
Hoggard, Elizabeth, d. 1972, b. 1882, Age 90
Jackson, Arthur George, d. 11-Dec-62, b. 1905, Age 57, h/o Doris Florence Jackson
Jackson, Doris Florence, d. 15-Jul-87, b. 1907, Age 80, w/o Arthur George Jackson
Jackson, Keith Alexander, d. 16-Jun-40, b. 1931, Age 9, s/o Doris + Arthur Jackson
Kelley, Albert, d. 12-Apr-46, b. 1862, Age 84
Kosovich, Ivan, d. 18-Nov-42, b. 1873, Age 69
Marinkovich, Edward Vincent, d. 8 Nov 1874, b. 1905, Age 69
Marinkovich, Frank, d. 5-Dec-85, b. 1909, Age 76
Marinkovich, Ivan George, d. 18-Nov-80, b. 1906, Age 74, h/o Irene, f/o John + Frank
Marinkovich, John, d. 9-Aug-42, b. 1867, Age 75, h/o Nellie Marinkovich
Marinkovich, Nellie, d. 17-Dec-34, b. 1880, Age 54, w/o John Marinkovich
Milich, George, d. 24-Apr-46, b. 1944, Age 2 yrs 8 mnths
Morning, Ada, d. 27-Jun-39
Quinton, H. W, , d. 21-Jul-50, b. 1869, Age 81
Radley, George, d. 15-Oct-33, b. 1860, Age 73, Uncle of T. Radley
Salle, Antonio, d. 24-Aug-44, b. 1869, Age 75
Srhoj, Ljubomir, d. 21-May-41, b. 1917, Age 24
Srhoj, Mate, d. 7-Oct-64, b. 1873, Bogomolje, Yugoslavia, Age 91, h/o Vica Srhoj
Srhoj, Vica, d. 24-Feb-69, b. 1884, Bogomolje, Yugoslavia, Age 85, w/o Mate Srhoj
Steed, George, d. 16-Aug-42, Killed at sea, b. 1915, Age 27, 2nd s/o Thomas + Helen Steed
Steed, Hannah, d. 12-Jul-76, w/o James Steed
Steed, Helen Lawson, d. 5-Nov-76, b. 1880, Age 96, w/o Thomas Steed
Steed, J., d. 5-Aug-45, b. 1880, Age 65, TPR 5389 8th contingent
Steed, James, d. 3-Aug-71, b. 1924, Age 47, h/o Hannah Steed (Moeke), f/o Gordon, Joseph, Gilbert, Moira and Te Rangihiroa
Steed, Matthew Melville, d. 22-Jun-68, b. 1912, Age 56, Eldest s/o Thomas + Helen Steed
Steed, Maud Winifred, d. 14-Sep-81, b. 1890, Age 91, w/o William John Steed
Steed, R. I., d. 6-Aug-73, b. 1923, Age 50, 452458 SPR 1939-1945 war
Steed, Ramsay Gordon, d. 16-Jun-40, Accidentally drowned, b. 1922, Age 18, Youngest s/o Heen + Thomas Steed
Steed, Thomas, d. 28-May-37, b. 1875, Age 62, h/o Helen Lawson Steed
Steed, Thomas Alison, d. 29-Aug-86, b. 1917, Age 69, h/o Isabel, f/o Yvonne, Tommy, Richard, Mark, Fiona + Colin
Steed, William John, d. 12-Jul-63, b. 1883, Age 80, h/o Maud Winifred Steed
Stewart, Ray Ernest (Jack), d. 22-Apr-79, b. 1912, Age 67, f/o Peter and John. 2nd NZEF Reg No. 240491
Stewart, Rosa, d. 11-Oct-37, b. 1885, Age 52, w/o James Stewart
Thornton, Boris Dare (Bean), d. 1-Sep-86, b. 1917, Age 69
Yerkovich, Caroline, d. 3-Jan-34, Motutangi, b. 1901, Age 33, w/o Turk
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