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Towai Cemetery
Towai, Northland Province, New Zealand

Lat: 35.5000, Long: 174.1308, (Towai town)

Contributed by Mal Ferris, Jan 26, 2002 [aidyn98@xtra.co.nz]. Total records = 37.

Turn left off State Highway 1 at Towai, aprox 30km north from Whangarei on road signposted "Maromaku" (Maromaku Rd). Aprox 2 km down this road on right hand side.

I have transcribed all marked graves from tombstones when I walked the cemetery in Jan 2002. There are a few unmarked graves around.

In the year 2000 the North Auckland district had a project, and the cemetery was cleaned up. It was previously very overgrown and had been closed since 1953. The cemetery has been rededicated and reopened from 2000. New gates were erected, gifted by the local Agricultural Association.

- Mal Ferris

Allan, Donald Hallard, b. 17 Dec 1926, d. 23 May, 1928, son of Charlotte and Charles
Atkins, Lima, d. 13 Oct 1943, age: 77y, wife of John
Balero, Andrew, d. 27 Jul 1919, age: 73y
Balero, Michael, d. 23 Nov 1918, age: 38y, eld. son of Andrew and Margaret
Brydon, Alexander Dunsmore, d. 14 Aug 1916, age: 27y, bro of Manae
Brydon, Manae McDonald, d. 12 Aug 1939, age: 82y
Brydon, Samuel, d. 28 Mar 1916, age: 59y
Callaghan, David Cyril, d. 8 May 1919, age: 3y, son of James and Rose
Callaghan, Rose, d. 19 Jan 1935 ag 49y, wife of James
Christie, Bessie, d. 27 Sep 1917, age: 9 mnths, Daug of F & F Christie, s/w Winnie
Christie, Winnie, d. 11 Jul 1919, age: 7y, Daug of F & F Christie, s/w Bessie
Collington, Alfred, d. 1 Jan 1917, age: 69y, husb. of Mary
Gilbert, Elizabeth A. J., d. 22 Jun 1938, age: 74y
Gilbert, Henry, d. 20 Mar 1936, age: 81y
Lindsay, Gertie, d. 11 Oct 1901, age: 2, Child of Alex and Mary
Lockerbie, Elizabeth, d. 19 Apr 1889, age: 46y
Mason, Samuel, d. 22 Nov 1924, age: 65y
McLeod, Maimie, d. 25 May 1939, age: 38y, wife of John H., mother of Roy
Mitchell, Catherine, d. 28 May 1939, age: 79y, wife of John
Mitchell, John, d. 7 Jan 1904, age: 54y
Montacue, Francis, d. Oct 1907, age: 47y, husb. of Annie
O'Hanlon, James Felix, d. 25 Oct 1925, age: 88y, husb. of Teresa
O'Neil, Charles John, d. 25 Sep 1931, age: 67, husb. of Millicent
O'Neil, Millicent, d. 22 Oct 1953, "mother"
Pattison, Thomas R., d. 31 Dec 1892, age: 11y
Pollock, Alexander Dunsmore, d. 21 July 1940, age: 81, bro. of Minnie Brydon
Poole, Laura Alice, d. 21 Oct 1931, age: 52y, wife of M. G.
Poole, Malcolm George, d. 15 May 1950, age: 77y
Sorenson, Herman, d. 17 Dec 1951, age: 55yy
Sorenson, Lucy Rose, d. 28 Jul 1933
Thomson, James, d. 29 Sep 1929, age: 75y
Timperley, Elizabeth, d. 1896, (Mum)
Timperley, Joseph, d. 1914, (Dad)
Veysey, Florence Alberta, d. 25 Jul 1899, age: 33y (stone erected by son, L. O. Veysey), wife of Charles O.
Wyatt, Elizabeth, d. 17 Oct 1941, age: 85y
Wyatt, Frederick Joseph, d. 18 Dec 1923, age: 29y
Wyatt, Frederick, d. 11 Sep 1941, age: 90y
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