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Hukerenui Cemetery
Northland Province, New Zealand

Domain Rd
Hukerenui, NZ

Hukerenui is a small settlement on State Highway One, aprox 30kms north of Whangarei. Turn left at Hukerenui on to Domain Rd from S.H. 1. Cemetary is located near the Mid Northern Rugby Football clubrooms.

Contributed by Mal Ferris, Sep 25, 2001 [aidyn98@xtra.co.nz] . Total records = 35.

This is a work in progress to be finished very soon.

??, Edwin William, h/o Anne Eliza Davey, d. 20 Oct 1905, 54yrs, [MF]
Attwood, Albert Edward, d. 4 Feb 1917, 25yrs, son of James and Elizabeth, [MF]
Attwood, Cyril Victor, s/o W.V. & S., d. 20 May 1922, 9days old, [MF]
Attwood, Elizabeth, w/o James, d. 6 Dec 1908, 46yrs, [MF]
Attwood, James, h/o Elizabeth, d. 1 Aug 1905, 56yrs, [MF]
Attwood, Ralph Henry, d. 24 May 1988, 88yrs, s/o James and Elizabeth, [MF]
Baylis, Edith Mary (Molly), d. 11 Apr 1932, 19yrs 6mnths, [MF]
Baylis, Edith Mary, d. 1 Jun 1959, 67yrs, [MF]
Baylis, Mary Josephine, d. 12 Apr 1938, 87yrs, [MF]
Baylis, Thomas Henry, d. 20 Dec 1908, 72yrs, and wife, [MF]
Baylis, William Robert, d. 8 Jul 1938, 57yrs, [MF]
Cotterill, Minnie, d. 3 Oct 1905, 35yrs, w/o Oliver, [MF]
Cotterill, Oliver, h/o Minnie, d. 9 May 1934, 67yrs, [MF]
Danzey, Alice, d. Apr 11 1902, 6yrs, [MF]
Dobbs, Arthur, d. 16 May 1964, 74yrs, [MF]
Dobbs, Delilah, w/o John, d. 19 Sep 1928, 77yrs, [MF]
Dobbs, Frederick Mervyn, h/o Vera, d. 16 Apr 1962, 49yrs, [MF]
Dobbs, John, h/o Delilah, d. 10 Dec 1916, [MF]
Dobbs, Lizzie (nee Jones), d. 13 Jan 1924, 43yrs, mother of 8, one of two chn who survived of the 22 chn of the William Jones family, [MF]
Dobbs, Mary Ann, w/o Arthur, 1883, d. 1918, [MF]
Dobbs, Reginald, d. 9 Apr 1988, 68yrs, [MF]
Dobbs, William Miles, d. 4 Oct 1958, 89yrs, and wife, [MF]
Gills, Charlotte, w/o John, d. 3 Jun 1908, 65yrs, [MF]
Gills, John, h/o Charlotte, d. 5 Feb 1935, 94yrs, [MF]
Going, Stanley Percy, s/o Cyril & Irene, b. 15 Aug 1925, d. 21 Jun 1930, [MF]
Hayter, Ivy M., d. 4 Nov 1918, 18yrs, [MF]
Hayter, James Albert, d. 25 Feb 1942, 84yrs, h/o Sarah Ann, who d. 5 May 1944, 86yrs, [MF]
Henwood, Joan Carlton, d. 11 Sep 1998, 83yrs, w/o Owen, moth. of Jeanette, Glynn, Robert, Anthony and Michael, [MF]
Henwood, Owen, d. 12 Dec 1979, 72yrs, [MF]
Mitchell, Robert Raymond, h/o Daisy May, f/o Joyce, Ray, Ralph, d. 12 Nov 1963, 63yrs, [MF]
Rouse, Christina D., d. 21 Nov 1918, 39yrs, [MF]
Rouse, E. Tom, b. 1910, d. 1998, [MF]
Rouse, Edwin T., d. 16 Nov 1943, 68yrs, [MF]
Rouse, Esther Jean, d. 24 Nov 1998, 89yrs, [MF]
Rouse, Richard Ian, h/o Jean, fath. of David, Jeanette, Judith, d. 6 Oct 1966, 57yrs, and wife, [MF]

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