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Scofield Mine Disaster, Scofield, UT

scofield mine disaster200 men and boys lost their lives inside the mine after an explosion occurred on May 1, 1900.

On the morning of May 1, 1900, a dust explosion at Winter Quarters Mine killed 200 men. Some were killed instantly from the blast, but most were killed by toxic gas as they tried to escape. Some reports placed the death toll as high as 250. Officially, the death count stands at 200.

Every family in Scofield, UT was affected. The disaster left 107 widows and 268 fatherless children. 61 of the dead were Finnish Americans. At the time, the Winter Quarters Mine explosion was the deadly in the US History. Today, it ranks as the fifth.

The explosion was covered in newspapers across the country. News travelled overseas, and the country of France extended its condolences to Washington DC.

List of Deceased

  • scofield mine deaths
  • scofield mining deaths

128 of the 200 miners were named in a list published in the Idaho Daily Statesman, May 3, 1900, on Page 1. The paper published five more names in an addendum on May 6, 1900, Page 1.

You can retrieve the full, high-resolution, newspaper article from GenealogyBank.


Adamson, A.
Aho, Victor
Anderson, J.
Balk, Richard
Barnes, ____, and son
Bederson, H.
Burns, John
Coulthard, G.
Davis, John Q.
Davis, Roger
Davis, William
Delelift, J.
Douack, John
Douglas, W.
Erickson, H.
Erickson, ____
Evans, D. T.
Evans, E.
Evans, R. S.
Ferrish, Thomas, and son
Gatherum, J.
Gatherum, Thomas
Gatherum, W.
Gordon, Gus
Gordon, L. E. C.
Graves, Joe
Haikkala, A.
Haikkela, H.
Haikkela, John
Hardee, E.
Hardee, T. J.
Hendras, Mat
Hougla, C.
Hougla, John
Houta, A.
Houta, John
Huilitala, E.
Huilitala, N.
Hunter, Adam, and son
Hunter, Dave
Hunter, J. A.
Hunter, J. C.
Hunter, John
Hunter, Robert
Hunter, Willie
Jackasola, William
Jacobson, John
Jacobson, W.
Jappa, Erick
Jenkins, J. J.
Jones, Edward
Jones, John
Jones, Levi
Jones, William
Kalso, F.
Kangas, M.
Keranien, John
Kerbelia, John
Ketolax, Alex
Kilenclo, L.
Klienda, A.
Klienda, J.
Klienda, W.
Kongas, A.
Korpi, John
Koski, Charles
Koski, John
Koski, Mat
Lackso, C.
Langstaff, and son
Lappi, Charles
Law, Clyde
Lehtola, J.
Leyshere, Louis
Lezson, Valentine
Lindberg, Oscar
Lindgrens, I. I.
Lundgren, J.
Mackey, A.
Mackey, S.
Miller, H. A.
Miller, Isaac A.
Miller, N. R.
Milstead, Robert
Neilson, W.
Ninu, M.
Nuenu, Oscar
Ogan, Lee
Ogan, Victor
Padfield, David
Padfield, Sam
Padfield, Thomas
Panattila, M.
Patterson, M.
Penattila, A.
Pesola, C.
Pinkala, H.
Pisola, John
Pitman, Dan, and son
Pitman, John
Pitman, M.
Powell, William
Price, John Jr.
Pttogankar, M.
Reese, R. D. Reese, Richard T.
Reese, William
Reilley, T. H.
Reilley, Tom
Samuels, William
Selien, J.
Stewart, Dick
Street, Edwin
Strong, Frank Jr.
Strong, Frank Sr.
Suma, Abram, and eight brothers
Thomas, Dick
Walkame, N.
Wallace, James
Warile, Alfred
Warrilla, A.
Webber, John
Webber, Thomas
Webber, William
Williams, Dan
Williams, L.
Williams, R., and son
Willstead, W.
Wilson, Alex Jr.
Wilson, Henry
Wilson, James
Wilson, Willie

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