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Lisbunny Old Cemetery
Nenagh, County Tipperary, Ireland

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net.

Armstrong, Juila, d. 17 Mar 1901, age: 35 yr, d/o Matthew and Margaret Gleeson, [GS]
Ayres, Bridget, d. 18 Mar 1952, w/o John, Sliver Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Ayres, Gemma Collett, d. 17 Jan 1950, age: 2 yr, [GS]
Ayres, Helena, d. 20 Feb 1992, w/o John, [GS]
Ayres, John, d. 14 Dec 1945, h/o Bridget, Sliver Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Ayres, John, d. 18 Dec 1976, h/o Helena, [GS]
Ayres, Martin, d. 21 Nov 1973, age: 77 yr, s/o John and Bridget, [GS]
Ayres, Mary, d. 13 Apr 2009, age: 91 yr, Summerhill, Nenagh, [GS]
Ayres, Michael, d. 19 Jul 1954, s/o John and Bridget, [GS]
Ayres, Paddy, d. 24 Feb 1956, s/o John and Bridget, [GS]
Ayres, Pascal, d. 7 Aug 2005, age: 77 yr, s/o John and Helena, formley Galway and Nenagh, [GS]
Ayres, Peter, d. 27 Feb 1937, s/o John and Bridget, [GS]
Ayres, Phillip, d. 5 Oct 1951, s/o John and Bridget, [GS]
Ayres, Rita, d. 29 Jun 2003, d/o John and Helena, [GS]
Ayres, Sean Flannan, d. 26 Aug 1932, age: 15 mths, [GS]
Barret, James, d. 13 Apr 1937, age: 80yr, h/o Mary, erected by his son M. Barret, [GS]
Barret, Mary, d. 17 Jan 1932, age: 68yr, w/o James, erected by her son M. Barret, [GS]
Behan, Anne, d. 9 Feb 1951, aunt/o Michael J and Edward, [GS]
Blackburn, Maura, d. 6 Aug 1993, age: 59 yr, sis/o Nula Shelley, interred in Lawnswood Leeds, [GS]
Bourke, Bridget, d. 7 Mar 1979, age: 82 yr, [GS]
Bourke, Ciss, d. 7 Mar 1947, d/o Patrick, [GS]
Bourke, Eleanor, d. 13 Feb 1960, age: 7 weeks, [GS]
Bourke, Maria, d. 2 Oct 1947, [GS]
Bourke, Mary, d. 20 Mar 1960, age: 82yr, m/o Nancy Moran, Knockalton, [GS]
Bourke, Mary, d. 7 Apr 1977, [GS]
Bourke, Patrick, d. 21 May 1938, f/o Peter, Dublin Rd, [GS]
Bourke, Paul, d. 19 Dec 1982, [GS]
Bourke, Peter, d. no dates, s/o Patrick, [GS]
Boyd, John, d. 7 Sep 1884, age: 54 yr, erected by his son John, Nenagh, [GS]
Brady, Thomas A.F, d. 5 Aug 1977, foster s/o Thomas and Nora O'Connor, [GS]
Brereton, Mary, d. 30 Oct 1948, age: 67 yr, [GS]
Brindle, Thomas, d. 19 May 19119, age: 53yr, f/o, Michael, Dublin Rd, Nenagh, [GS]
Brindley, James, d. 8 May 1921, s/o Thomas, [GS]
Brindley, John, d. 16 Jun 1964, age: 93yr, h/o Kate, [GS]
Brindley, Kate, d. 16 Jun 1964, age: 93yr, [GS]
Brindley, Kate, d. 22 Oct 1979, age: 69yr, w/o John, [GS]
Brindley, M, Private, d. 14 Feb 1916, Royal Irish Regment, No: 9022, [GS]
Brindley, Michael, d. 3 Nov 1914, age: 20yr, s/o Thomas, Killed in France, [GS]
Broderick, James, d. 17 Mar 1880, age: 53 yr, nephew/o Anne Donohue, [GS]
Brophy, Kitty, d. 26 Dec 1927, age: 18yr, d/o Thomas, Mitchel Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Brophy, Michael, d. 24 Jan 1937, s/o Thomas, Mitchel Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Brophy, Nora, d. 14 May 1948, w/o Thomas, Mitchel Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Brophy, Thomas, d. 1 Dec 1925, age: 56yr, h/o Nora, Mitchel Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Buckley, Anne, d. 3 Oct 1941, age: 62 yr, m/o John, Francis and Annie, Sarsfeild St, Nenagh, [GS]
Buckley, Francis, d. 29 Jan 1938, age: 25 yr, s/o Anne, [GS]
Buckley, John, d. 1 Apr 1933, age: 16 yr, s/o Anne, [GS]
Bulter, Bridget, d. 27 Feb 1949, w/o James, Mc Donagh St, Nenagh, [GS]
Bulter, Denis, d. 24 Feb 1937, age: 20 yr, s/o Edward and Sarah, [GS]
Bulter, Edward, d. 16 Apr 1967, h/o Sarah, [GS]
Bulter, James, d. 17 May 1949, h/o Bridget, Mc Donagh St, Nenagh, [GS]
Bulter, Mary, d. 7 Apr 1926, d/o James and Bridget, [GS]
Bulter, Ned, d. 19 Jun 1945, age: 22 yr, s/o Edward and Sarah, [GS]
Bulter, Sarah, d. 16 Jan 1939, age: 46 yr, w/o Edward, [GS]
Bulter, Sean, d. 4 Aug 2006, Tobhar Mhuire, Nenagh, [GS]
Burns, Patrick, d. 16 Feb 1912, age: 76yr, [GS]
Cadell, Joan, d. 4 Feb 2003, d/o Patrick and Margaret, [GS]
Cadell, John, d. 6 Jul 1958, s/o Edward and Margaret, [GS]
Cadell, Margaret, d. 14 1969, w/o Patrick, [GS]
Cadell, Margaret, d. 2 Dec 1925, w/o Edward, Barrack Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Cadell, Patrick, d. 9 Mar 1940, s/o Edward and Margaret, h/o Margaret, [GS]
Cadell, William, d. 18 Oct 1901, s/o dward and Margaret, [GS]
Cadell, Edward, d. 28 Oct 1877, h/o Margaret, Barrack Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Cahill, Alan, d. 17 Sep 1978, age: 19 yr, grand s/o John and Margaret Quinn, [GS]
Cahill, Bernadette, d. 20 Jul 2008, d/o John and Margaret Quinn, [GS]
Cahill, James, d. 14 Aug 1988, s/o Martin and Nora, [GS]
Cahill, James, d. 5 Aug 1968, Rathkeale, [GS]
Cahill, Kathleen (Hasset), d. 18 Nov 1918, w/o Martin and m/o Martin, [GS]
Cahill, Martin, d. 1 Feb 1964, s/o Kathleen and h/o Nora, [GS]
Cahill, Martin, d. 12 Apr 1916, h/o Kathleen and f/o Martin Ballough, [GS]
Cahill, Martin, d. 29 Dec 1982, s/oMartin and Nora, [GS]
Cahill, Mary Ann (O'Brien-Pyne), d. 28 Apr 1943, w/o Michael, Bachelors Walk, Nenagh, [GS]
Cahill, Michael, d. 15 Oct 1927, h/o Mary Ann, Bachelors Walk, Nenagh, [GS]
Cahill, Nancy, d. 7 Apr 1962, d/o Michael and Mary Ann, [GS]
Cahill, Nora (Hogan), d. 1 May 1962, w/o Martin, [GS]
Cahill, Nora, d. 31 Mar 1972, d/o Michael and Mary Ann, [GS]
Cahill, Tony, d. 18 Jul 1917, s/o Michael and Mary Ann, [GS]
Cahill, Una, d. 30 Jan 1909, d/o Michael and Mart Ann, [GS]
Callagher, James, d. 13 Apr 1918, age: 72 yr, h/o Juila, [GS]
Callagher, Juila, d. 19 Dec 1945, age; 84 yr, h/o James, [GS]
Carroll, John, d. 12 Sep 1863, h/o Mary, erected by his son Dennis, Nenagh, [GS]
Carroll, Mary, d. 8 Aug 1868, age; 74 yr, w/o John, [GS]
Carroll, Mary, d. no dates, age: 3 yr, d/o Dennis, [GS]
Carroll, Patrick, d. Nov 1944, infant grand s/o Mary, [GS]
Carthy, Rose, d. 13 Jan 1931, age: 54 yr, sis/o John and Thomas, [GS]
Casey, Denis, d. 12 Jun 1957, nephew/o John Mackey, [GS]
Cavanagh Charles, d. 29 Mar 1945, age: 80yr, h/o Kate, Friar St, Nenagh, [GS]
Cavanagh, Charles, d. 8 Mar 1915, age: 10yr, s/o Charles, [GS]
Cavanagh, Jimmie, d. 6 Jun 1976, age: 65yr, s/o Charles, [GS]
Cavanagh, John, b. 8 Aug 1908, d. 3 Dec 2002, h/o Margaret, [GS]
Cavanagh, Joseph, b, 25 Feb 1912, d. 6 Feb 2001, [GS]
Cavanagh, Kate, d. 8 Nov 1944, age: 72yr, w/o Charles, Friar St, Nenagh, [GS]
Cavanagh, Margaret 'Peg', b. 24 Aug 1924, d. 20 Apr 1995, w/o John, [GS]
Cawley, Johnny, d. 26 Dec 1993, age: 78 yr, s/o Mary, [GS]
Cawley, Mary, d. 28 Nov 1962, age: 74 yr, m/o Johnny, Sarsfield St, Nenagh, [GS]
Chadwick, Kathleen, d. 28 Nov 1974, age: 62 yr, d/o Richard and Margaret Cleary and w/o Richard, [GS]
Chadwick, Mary Ann, d. 8 Apr 1950, w/o Richard, Rathlean, [GS]
Chadwick, Richard, d. 12 May 1953, h/o Mary Ann, Rathalean, [GS]
Chadwick, Richard, d. 4 Nov 1977, age: 63 yr, h/o Kathleen, [GS]
Chadwick, Rodger, d. 12 Dec 1983, s/o Richard and h/o Sarah, Sarafield St, Nenagh, [GS]
Chadwick, Sarah (O'Keefe), d. 25 Sep 1987, w/o Rodger, Sarsfield St, Nenagh, [GS]
Clayton, Catherine 'Kitty', b. 1909, d. 2002, d/o Jonathan and Kathleen Daly, [GS]
Cleary, Bridget, d. 19 Jan 1973, age: 92 yr, w/o John, [GS]
Cleary, Catherine, d. 27 Nov 1893, erected by her sister Mary Spain, [GS]
Cleary, Dan, d. no dates, age: 6 yr, s/o Margaret and Richard, [GS]
Cleary, Johanna, d. 1 Nov 1893, d/o Margaret and Richard, [GS]
Cleary, John, d. 11 Apr 1914, age: 55 yr, s/o Margaret and Richard and h/o Bridget, [GS]
Cleary, Margaret(Malony), d. 25 Aug 1881, w/o Richard
Cleary, Mary, d. 17 Aug 1885, d/o Margaret and Richard, [GS]
Cleary, Mary, Gabrielle, F.R.C.S, d. 29 Sep 1975 , d/o Thomas P Hogan, interred in Dublin, [GS]
Cleary, Richard, d. 21 Oct 1902, age: 75 yr, h/o Margaret, [GS]
Cleary, Sarah, d. no dates, age: 6 yr, d/o Margaret and Richard, [GS]
Clerihan, Alphonsus, d. 6 Jan 1983, s/o John and Kathleen, [GS]
Clerihan, Angela, d. 20 Nov 1918. d/o John and Kathleen, [GS]
Clerihan, Edward, d. 28 Oct 1966, bro/o Thomas, Kylera, [GS]
Clerihan, John Joseph, d. 8 Sep 1953, s/o John and Kathleen, [GS]
Clerihan, John, d. 11 Jun 1918, h/o Kathleen, River View, Ormand Street, [GS]
Clerihan, John, d. 27 Jan 1967, Grange
Clerihan, Kathleen M, d. 2 Dec 1917, w/o John, River View, Ormand Street, [GS]
Clerihan, Mai, d. 17 May 1995, age: 80 yr, w/o Edward, [GS]
Clerihan, Margaret, d. 18 Jan 1932, age: 14 yr, Grange, [GS]
Clerihan, Margaret, d. 3 Sep 1919, age: 65 yr, w/o Patrick, Kylera, [GS]
Clerihan, Martin, d. 17 Nov 1966, [GS]
Clerihan, Mary, d. 13 Oct 1971, d/o John and Kathleen, [GS]
Clerihan, Minnie, d. 9 Sep 1940, age: 42 yr, Kylera, [GS]
Clerihan, Patrick, d. 30 Mar 1918, age: 82 yr, h/o Margaret, Kylera, [GS]
Clerihan, Thomas, d. 9 Frb 1969, bro/o Edward, [GS]
Coen, Kathleen, d. 14 Sep 1952, d/o John Clerihan, [GS]
Collins, William, d. 9 Aug 1980, [GS]
Collman, Catherine, d. 24 Nov 1951, age: 65yr, d/o Thomas and Mary Murphy, [GS]
Connors, Nora, d. 30 Sep 1969, [GS]
Cooney, Anne, d. 12 Nov 1970, [GS]
Cooney, Anne'Nancy'(Henderson), d. 17 Mar 2008, age: 83 yr, w/o Edward, Lisbunny, [GS]
Cooney, Annie, d. 18 Dec 1923, age: 6 mths, d/o Joseph and Margaret, Graces Street, Nenagh
Cooney, Edward 'Ned', d. 20 Jan 2008, age: 82 yr, h/o Anne, Lisboney, [GS]
Cooney, Eileen(Mc Grath), d. 17 Apr 2000, age: 84 yr, w/o Joseph, [GS]
Cooney, Elaine, d. 14 Apr 1979, age: 1 and a half, grand d/o Anne and Edward, [GS]
Cooney, Ina, d. 17 Feb 1978, age: 19 yr, [GS]
Cooney, J, Private, d. 21 Apr 1917, age: 35 yr, Royal Irish Regiment, no:7631, [GS]
Cooney, Joseph, d. 13 Feb 1895, age: 72 yr, s/o Joseph and Margaret and h/o Eileen
Cooney, Joseph, d. 20 Apr 1926, age; 53 yr, h/o Margaret, Grace's Street, Nenagh
Cooney, Margaret, d. 12 May 1946, age: 66 yr, w/o Joseph, Grace's Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Cooney, PA, d. 24 Apr 1992, age: 83 yr, [GS]
Cooney, Thomas, d. 16 Mar 1914, age: 7 yr, s/o Joseph and Margaret, Graces Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Corbet, Maggie, d. 19 Oct 1980, [GS]
Coyne, Edward, d. 23 May 1903, age: 76 yr, [GS]
Coyne, Margaret Mary, d. 17 Mar 1907, d/o Edward, erected by her father Edward, [GS]
Coyne, Mary Teresa, d. 19 Oct 1905, w/o Edward, [GS]
Coyne, W. P, d. 3 Jan 1904, age: 37 yr, s/o Edward, interred in Glasnevin Dublin, [GS]
Creagh, Ann, d. 21 Feb 1937, w/o Patrick, Knockalton, [GS]
Creagh, Bridget, d. 12 Nov 1974, grand d/o Patrick and Ann, [GS]
Creagh, Christy, d. 18 Mar 1938, s/o Patrick and Ann, [GS]
Creagh, Edward, d. 30 Jan 1986, h/o Kathlean and s/o Patrick and Ann, [GS]
Creagh, James, b. 16 Nov 1914, d. 23 May 1987, h/o Mary Kate, St Joseph Park, [GS]
Creagh, Kathlean, d. 25 Mar 1968, d in law/o Patrick and Ann, w/o Edward, [GS]
Creagh, Mary Kate, b. 21 Oct 1913, d. 5 May 1987, w/o James, St Joseph Park, [GS]
Creagh, Mary Patricia Josephine , b. 9 Mar 1957, d. 25 Jul 1957, d/o James and Mary, [GS]
Creagh, Patrick, d. 29 Jul 1945, h/o Ann, Knockalton, [GS]
Crosan, William, d. 20 Oct 1974, s/o Peter and Anna Maria, [GS]
Crossan, Anna Maria, d. 30 Sep 1927, w/o Peter, Kenyon, Nenagh, [GS]
Crossan, Bernard, d. 17 Nov 1951, s/o Peter and Anna Maria, [GS]
Crossan, John, d. 232 Jan 1951, s/o Peter and Anna Maria, [GS]
Crossan, Mary, d. 20 Aug 1916, d/o Peter and Anna Maria, [GS]
Crossan, Patrick, d. 13 Mar 1976, s/o Peter and Anna Maria, [GS]
Crossan, Peter, d. 15 Mar 1969, s/o Peter and Anna Maria, [GS]
Crossan, Peter, d. 6 Jan 1917, h/o Anna Maria, Kenyon Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Cudahy, Ciss, d. 27 Apr 1970, [GS]
Cudahy, John, d. 6 Jun 1936, age: 63 yr, [GS]
Cullen, Bridget, d. 13 Jul 1972, w/o Joseph, [GS]
Cullen, Eliza, d. 5 May 1907, age: 65 yr, m/o Thomas, Barrack Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Cullen, Joseph, d. 28 Jul 1973, h/o Bridget, [GS]
Cullen, Mary, d. 16 Nov 1972, d/o Bridget and Joseph, Kenyon Street, Nenagh
Cullen, Mary, d. 2 Jan 1939, age; 72 yr, w/o Thomas, [GS]
Cullen, Oliver, d. 10 Dec 1948, age; 5 mths, St Joseph Park, Nenagh, [GS]
Dalton, Kathleen, d. 1962, d/o Rody and Sarah, [GS]
Dalton, Martin, d. 1949, s/o Rody and Sarah, [GS]
Dalton, Mary, d. 1962, d/o Rody and Sarah, [GS]
Dalton, Patrick, d. 1946, s/o Rody and Sarah, [GS]
Dalton, Rody, d. 1932, h/o Sarah, [GS]
Dalton, Sarah, d. 1893, w/o Rody, [GS]
Daly, Elizabeth, d. 18 Sep 1992, age: 40 yr, d/o James Dywer, died in Melbourne, [GS]
Daly, Emmer, d. 31 Dec 1896, grand d/o James Dwyer, [GS]
Daly, Jonathan 'Jack', d. 1957, s/o Jonathan, [GS]
Daly, Jonathan, b, 1966, d. 1990, s/o Kevin, [GS]
Daly, Jonathan, b. 1873, d. 1964, f/o Jonathan and h/o Kathleen, [GS]
Daly, Kathleen, b. 1935, d. 1965, w/o Jonathan, [GS]
Daly, Kevin, b. 1918, d. 1987, s/o Jonathan and Kathleen, [GS]
Daly, Mary 'May', b. 1913, d. 2003, d/o Jonathan and Kathleen, [GS]
Daly, Patrick, b. 1905, d. 1968, s/o Jonathan and Kathleen, [GS]
Daly, Richard, b.1910, d. 1977, s/o Jonathan and Kathleen, [GS]
Darbinson, Kathleen, Ginger, d. 10 Oct, 2001, [GS]
Darbinson, Mary 'Mollie', d. 9 Jan 1975, age: 78yr, [GS]
Darcy, Mary, d. 1930, Ardcroney, [GS]
Darcy, Nancy, d. 2 Oct 1839, w/o Paul, [GS]
Darcy, Paul, d. 4 Jun 1837, age: 64yr, h/o Nancy, [GS]
Darmody, ?? , d. 10 Feb 1874, erected by his son John Darmody, [GS]
Darmody, Joe, d. 5 Apr 1977, Friar St, Nenagh, [GS]
Darmody, John, d. 24 Apr 1985, Co Founder of World Aid, Sliver St, Nenagh, [GS]
Darmody, John, d. 3 Jun 1972, h/o Winifred, Sliver St, Nenagh, [GS]
Darmody, Margaret, d. 10 Aug 1877, age: 32 yr, w/o John, [GS]
Darmody, Winifred (Condon), d. 20 Mar 1973, w/o John, [GS]
Deignan, Elizabeth(Flannery), d. 10 Aug 1955, w/o Michael, [GS]
Deignan, Michael J, d. 13 Oct 1977, h/o Elizabeth, [GS]
Delaney, Ellen, d. 26 mar 1963, d/o Michael and Ellen, [GS]
Delaney, Ellen, d. 9 Dec 1931, w/o Michael, Sarafield Street, [GS]
Delaney, James, d. 26 Feb 1835, age: 31 yr, s/o Mary Tucker, [GS]
Delaney, Martin, d. 26 Mar 1939, s/o Michael and Ellen, [GS]
Delaney, Michael, d. 29 Feb 1908, h/o Ellen, Sarsfield Street, [GS]
Delaney, Michael, d. 3 Jan 1947, s/o Michael and Ellen, [GS]
Delaney, Patrick, d. 22 Apr 1931, s/o Michael and Ellen, [GS]
Delaney, Stephen, d. 28 Oct 1937, s/o Michael and Ellen, [GS]
Donohue, Anne, d. 25 Dec 1879, age:70 yr, w/o John, Nenagh, [GS]
Donohue, John, d. 12 Mar 1886, age: 24yr, s/o Thomas, [GS]
Donohue, John, d. 27 May 1858, age: 50 yr, h/o Anne, Nenagh, [GS]
Donohue, Thomas, d. 15 Apr 1844, age: 24yr, s/o Thomas, [GS]
Donohue, Thomas, d. 6 ? 1810, age: 25 yr, erected by his son John, [GS]
Duggan, Johanna 'Babs', d. 7 apr 1946, age: 64 yr, d/o Patrock and Kate, [GS]
Duggan, Kate, d. 27 Oct 1912. age: 65 yr, w/o Patrick, [GS]
Duggan, Kathlean, d. 5 Aug 2002, d in law/o Peter, [GS]
Duggan, Kathlean, d. 7 Apr 1924, age: 15 yr, grand d/o Patrick and Kate, [GS]
Duggan, Lelia, d. 5 Oct 1963, grand d/o Patrick and Kate, [GS]
Duggan, Mary, d. 24 Jul 1922, age: 40 yr, d in law/o Patrick and Kate, Killaloe, [GS]
Duggan, Maurean, d. 8 Mar 1924, age: 14 yr, d/o Mary, [GS]
Duggan, Nora, d. 18 Jan 1998, d/o Peter, [GS]
Duggan, Patrick, d. 13 Dec 1897, age: 48yr, h/o Kate, Bendine, [GS]
Duggan, Patrick, d. 26 Jun 1927, age: 46 yr, s/o Patrick and Kate, [GS]
Duggan, Peter, d. 18 Jul 1966, f/o Nora, bendine, Nenagh, [GS]
Duggan, Tom, d. 23 Aug 2007, s/o Peter, [GS]
Dunne, Honora, d. 10 Feb 1893, w/o James, [GS]
Dunne, James, d. 27 Jan 1877, age: 74 yr, h/o Hanora, erected by his son Michael, Nenagh, [GS]
Dunne, Juila, d. 3 Jan 1928, age: 71 yr, d/o Mary and John Maher, [GS]
Dunne, Michael, d. 27 Nov 1914, age: 64 yr, s/o James and Honora, [GS]
Dwyer, Catherine, d. 22 Nov 1908, [GS]
Dwyer, James, d. 21 Mar 1901, age: 82 yr, f/o John and Michael, [GS]
Dwyer, John, d. 15 Dec 1889, age: 42 yr, Nenagh, [GS]
Dwyer, Michael, d. 14 Mar 1912, s/o James, Nenagh, [GS]
Dwyer, Partick, d. 2 Dec 1874, age: 70 yr, h/o Winifred, [GS]
Dwyer, Winifred, d. 28 Jan 1885, age: 71 yr, w/o Patrick, [GS]
Ellard, Catherine, d. 23 Mar 1835, age: 64 yr, w/o William, [GS]
Ellard, James, d. 1 Jan 1901, age: 45 yr, s/o William and Catherine, [GS]
Ellard, William, d. Sep 1931, age: 29 yr s/o James , [GS]
Ellard, William, d. 26 May 180?, age: 84 yr, h/o Catherine, [GS]
Evebard, Anatasia, d. 25 Dec 1917, age: 75 yr, Nenagh, [GS]
Evebard, Cecelia, d. 4 Aug 1944, age: 80 yr, [GS]
Evebard, Martin, d. 12 Aug 1902, [GS]
Evebard, Patrick, d. 24 Dec 1913, [GS]
Eyre, Basil J, d. 5 May 1969, h/o Mary H, [GS]
Eyre, Mary H, b. 23 Jan 1890, d. 1 Dec 1980, w/o Basil and grand d/o John Murray, [GS]
Fahy, Mag, d. no dates, w/o Patrick, Summerhill, [GS]
Fahy, Patrick, d. no dates, h/o Mag, Summerhill, [GS]
Fitzgearld, Francis, d. Oct 1927, son in law/o Denis and Margaret, [GS]
Fitzpatrick, Daniel, d. 7 Dec 1771, [GS]
Fitzpatrick, William, d. 15 May 1931, h/o Julia, [GS]
Fitzpatrick. Julia, d. 4 Jan 1976, w/o William, [GS]
Flaherty, Anne, d. 11 May 1920, age: 71 yr, d/o Patrick, [GS]
Flaherty, Anne, d. 5 Mar 1948, w/o John, Rathnalean, [GS]
Flaherty, John, d. 10 Nov 1920, h/o Anne, Rathnalean, [GS]
Flaherty, Patrick, d. 13 Oct 1851, age: 70 yr, Rathnalean, [GS]
Flaherty, William, d. 11 Jul 1859, age: 22 yr, [GS]
Flanagan, John, Lt Con, d. 14 Mar 1959, age: 53yr, s/o Martin and Mary Ann, [GS]
Flanagan, Martin, d. 1 Nov 1969, age: 82yr, h/o Mary, Mc Donagh St, Nenagh, [GS]
Flanagan, Martin, d. 11 Apr 1986, age: 79yr, s/o Martin and Mary Ann, [GS]
Flanagan, Mary Ann, d. 8 Sep 1954, age: 82yr, w/o Martin, Mc Donagh St, Nenagh, [GS]
Flanagan, Nora, d. 1 Mar 1979, age: 57yr, d in law/o Martin and Mary Ann, [GS]
Flannery, Abina M, d. 4 Jan 1974, age: 66 yr, w/o William, Moanfin, [GS]
Flannery, Ann, d. no dates, w/o Edward, Dublin Rd, Nenagh, [GS]
Flannery, Bridget, d. 18 Feb 1890, age: 60 yr, w/o James, [GS]
Flannery, Bridget, d. 22 Apr 1911, age: 10 yr, d/o Denis, [GS]
Flannery, Bridget, d. no dates, d/o James and Bridget, [GS]
Flannery, Carmel, d. Apr 1938, grand d/o Denis and Margaret, [GS]
Flannery, Christina, d. 12 Sep 1960, w/o Jack, Mc Donagh St, Nenagh, [GS]
Flannery, Denis, d. 27 Jan 1919, age: 62 yr, s/o James and Bridget, Tynoe, [GS]
Flannery, Edward, d. 17 Aug 1908, age: 74 yr, h/o Ann, Dublin Rd, Nenagh, [GS]
Flannery, Edward, d. 23 Feb 1925, bro/o Michael J, [GS]
Flannery, Jack, d. 8 Feb 1957, h/o Christina, Mc Donagh St, Nenagh, [GS]
Flannery, James, d. 12 May 1847, age: 12 yr, s/o Patrick and Alice, [GS]
Flannery, James, d. 16 Feb 1987, [GS]
Flannery, James, d. 26 Nov 1882, age: 65 yr, h/o Bridget, erected by his son Denis, [GS]
Flannery, James, d. 27 Mar 1904, age: 2 mths, s/o Denis, [GS]
Flannery, James, d. 7 Nov 1933, age: 70 yr, [GS]
Flannery, Joe, d. 22 Jan 1937, age: 26 yr, grand s/o Edward and Ann, [GS]
Flannery, Kathlean (Quinlan), d. 3 Dec 1968, age: 38 yr, w/o Michael, [GS]
Flannery, Margaret, d. 1934, Monsea, [GS]
Flannery, Margaret, d. 29 Dec 1949, w/o Denis, Tynoe, [GS]
Flannery, Margaret, d. Apr 1938, grand d/o Denis and Margaret, [GS]
Flannery, Martin, d. 18 Aug 2002, age: 51 yr, s/o Michael, [GS]
Flannery, Mary Anne, d. no dates, d/o James and Bridget, [GS]
Flannery, Mary Jane(M?elroy), d. 11 Jun 1974, w/o Michael J, Tyone, Nenagh, [GS]
Flannery, Mary, d. 8 Apr 1936, age: 70 yr, m in law/o John Forde, Dublin Rd, Nenagh
Flannery, Michael J, d. 20 Jan 1959, bro/o Edward and h/o Mary Jane, Tyone, Nenagh, [GS]
Flannery, Michael, d. 12 Mar 1981, age: 58 yr, [GS]
Flannery, Michael, d. 5 Oct 1981, s/o Denis and Margaret, [GS]
Flannery, Michael, d. 9 May 1903, age: 49 yr, s/o James and Bridget, [GS]
Flannery, Micheal, d. 25 may 1984, age: 59 yr, s/o Jack and Christina and h/o Kathlean, [GS]
Flannery, Patrick, d. 11 Dec 1985, age: 86 yr, [GS]
Flannery, Patrick, d. 15 Jul 1863, age; 68 yr, h/o Alice, Rathnalean, erected by Alice, [GS]
Flannery, Patrick, d. 17 May 1928, age: 71 yr, h/o Sarah, Sheane Hse, Nenagh, [GS]
Flannery, Patrick, d. 28 Jun 1944, age: 77 yr, s/o Edward and Ann, [GS]
Flannery, Sarah, d. 7 May 1942, age: 79 yr, w/o Patrick, Sheane Hse, Nenagh, [GS]
Flannery, Stephen, d. 13 Dec 1903, age: 32 yr, [GS]
Flannery, Stephen, d. 8 Mar 1922, [GS]
Flannery, William, d. 8 Dec 1977, age: 82 yr, h/o Abina, [GS]
Fogarty, Annie, d. 14 Feb 1965, w/o Daniel, [GS]
Fogarty, Daniel, d. 9 Jan 1991, s/o Thomas and Margaret and h/o Annie, [GS]
Fogarty, John, d. 20 Apr 1982, s/o Thomas and Margaret, [GS]
Fogarty, John, d. 26 Feb 1879, age: 79yr, h/o Mary, [GS]
Fogarty, Josephine, d. 10 Feb 1976, w/o William, [GS]
Fogarty, Kitty, d. 14 Feb 2001, w/o Michael, [GS]
Fogarty, Margaret, d. 4 Oct 1938, w/o Thomas, [GS]
Fogarty, Mary Ann, d. 31 Jul 1924, age: 65 yr , w/o Michael, [GS]
Fogarty, Mary Ellen(Doherty), d. 30 Jun 1998, age: 52 yr, w/o Terence, [GS]
Fogarty, Mary, d. 20 Aug 1860, age: 68 yr, erected by her husband John, [GS]
Fogarty, Mary, d. 30 Jun 1998, age: 52yr, [GS]
Fogarty, Michael, d. 12 Nov 1972, s/o Thomas and Margaret and h/o Kitty , [GS]
Fogarty, Michael, d. 17 Oct 1927, age: 70 yr, h/o Mary Ann, [GS]
Fogarty, Terence, d. 4 Sep 1995, h/o Mary Ellen, Veterinary Surgeon, [GS]
Fogarty, Thomas, d. 30 Jan 1948, h/o Margaret, Pallas, [GS]
Fogarty, William 'Laddie', d. 31 Aug 1952, age: 56 yr, s/o Mary Ann and Michael, h/o Josephine, [GS]
Fogarty, William, d. 10 Feb 1861, age: 19 yr, s/o Mary and John, [GS]
Foley, Josephine, d. 24 Nov 1959, d/o Michael and Mary O'Shaughnessy, [GS]
Forde, Bridget, d. 17 Dec 1987, age: 90 yr, w/o John, 9 Mitchel St, Nenagh, [GS]
Forde, John, d. 6 July 1935, age: 50 yr, h/o Bridget, 9 Mitchel St, Nenagh, [GS]
Freeman, Edward, d. 9 Aug 1976, age: 70yr, h/o Mary and s/o James, [GS]
Freeman, James, d. 10 May 1918, St John's Tce, Nenagh, [GS]
Freeman, Martin, d. Jan 1939, infant s/o Mary, [GS]
Freeman, Mary, d. 10 Dec 1937, age: 56yr, d in law/o James, [GS]
Galvin, Delia, d. 8 Mar 1942, w/o John, [GS]
Galvin, John, d. 5 Dec 1969, h/o Delia, Connolly St, Nenagh, [GS]
Galvin, Marion, d. 1 Apr 1936, Grand d/o John and Delia, [GS]
Galvin, Michael, d. 30 Dec 1979, [GS]
Galvin, Mona, d. 26 Feb 2006, age; 84yr, [GS]
Galvin, Timothy, d. 9 Apr 1926, [GS]
Gaynor, Christopher, d. 9 Nov 1988, s/o John, [GS]
Gaynor, John, d. 17 Dec 1919, s/o John, [GS]
Gaynor, John, d. 30 July 1891, age: 36yr, h/o Margaret, [GS]
Gaynor, Margaret, d. 14 Feb 1962, w/o John, [GS]
Gaynor, Maria Anne, d. 13 Apr 1886, age: 3yr, d/o John, [GS]
Gaynor, Patrick, d. 17 Dec 1889, age: 3yr, s/o John, [GS]
Gilmartin, John, d. 3 Jun 1997, s/o Michael and Margaret, [GS]
Gilmartin, Joseph, d. 30 Apr 1952, s/o Michael and Margaret, [GS]
Gilmartin, Margaret, d. 3 Apr 1955, w/o Michael, [GS]
Gilmartin, Mary, d. 7 Aug 1985, d/o Michael and Margaret, [GS]
Gilmartin, Michael, d. 7 Sep 1956, h/o Margaret, [GS]
Gleeson, Ann Marie, d. 21 Aug 1970, infant grand d/o Maureen and Daniel, [GS]
Gleeson, Anna, d. 21 Mar 1962, [GS]
Gleeson, Anthony 'Tony', b. 16 Jan 1960, d. 25 Dec 1999, [GS]
Gleeson, Betty, d. 23 Jul 1968, d/o William and Elizabeth, [GS]
Gleeson, Bridie, d. 11 Aaug 1968, d/o William and Elizabeth, [GS]
Gleeson, Christina, d. 30 Apr 2001, age: 80 yr, Boolagelagh and Kilrush, [GS]
Gleeson, Daniel, b. 19 Oct 1902, d. 28 May 1995, h/o Maureen, Elm Hill, Ballymackey, [GS]
Gleeson, Daniel, d. 30 Aug 1994, age: 72 yr, bro/o Juila, [GS]
Gleeson, Edward, d. 17 Aug 1993, Kilcoleman and late of Ballydrennan, [GS]
Gleeson, Eileen, d. 16 Feb 1938, [GS]
Gleeson, Elizabeth, d. 14 Dec 1959, w/o William, Smithville, [GS]
Gleeson, Ellen, d. 25 Jan 1954, age: 81 yr, w/o Michael, [GS]
Gleeson, Gearld, b. 1935, d. 1935, s/o James and Mary, [GS]
Gleeson, James Anthony, d. 25 Dec 1994, age: 34 yr, [GS]
Gleeson, James, d. 21 May 1979, age: 82 yr, h/o Mary, Ballybeg, Toomeavara, [GS]
Gleeson, James, d. 5 Jul 1912, s/o Thomas and Winifred, [GS]
Gleeson, John, d. 13 Apr 1918, h/o Mary Ann, (Printer), interred in Caslletown, Castlelough, [GS]
Gleeson, John, d. 16 Nov 1888, age: 30 yr, s/o Matthew and Margaret, [GS]
Gleeson, John, d. 27 Dec 1958, [GS]
Gleeson, John, d. no dates, h/o Bridget, Rathalean, [GS]
Gleeson, Joseph, d. 21 Jul 1941, [GS]
Gleeson, Juila, d. 3 Apr 1993, age: 73 yr, sis/o Daniel, Boolagelagh, [GS]
Gleeson, Margaret, d. 23 Sep 1905, w/o Michael, Grange, [GS]
Gleeson, Margaret, d. 27 May 1910, age: 87 yr, w/o Matthew, [GS]
Gleeson, Margaret, d. 31 Mar 1976, d/o Mary and Michael O'Shaughnessy, [GS]
Gleeson, Mary Ann, d. 12 Jun 1935, w/o John, Dublin Rd, Nenagh, [GS]
Gleeson, Mary, d. 10 May 1769, age: 31 yr, [GS]
Gleeson, Mary, d. 11 Mar 1965, d/o Michael and Margaret, [GS]
Gleeson, Mary, d. 26 May 1959, Kilcolman, [GS]
Gleeson, Mary, d. 23 Feb 1980, age: 77 yr, w/o James, Ballybeg, Toomevara, [GS]
Gleeson, Matthew, d. 11 Dec 1914, age: 96 yr, h/o Margaret, [GS]
Gleeson, Maureen (O'Donnell), b. 10 May 1904, d. 10 May 19?? , w/o Daniel, Elm Hill, Ballymackey, [GS]
Gleeson, Michael, d. 1 Oct 1954, [GS]
Gleeson, Michael, d. 12 Apr 1934, h/o Margaret, Grange, [GS]
Gleeson, Michael, d. 15 Aug 1960, age: 81 yr, h/o Ellen, [GS]
Gleeson, Michael, d. 16 Aug 1931, age: 68 yr, s/o Matthew and Margaret, [GS]
Gleeson, Michael, d. 6 Sep 1964, age: 48 yr, s/o Michael and Ellen, [GS]
Gleeson, Michael, d. 7 Sep 1903, s/o Michael and Margaret, [GS]
Gleeson, Patrick, b. Aug 1982, d. Aug 1982, grand s/o James and Mary, [GS]
Gleeson, Patrick, d. 12 May 1965, age: 3 and 6 mths yr, s/o Michael, [GS]
Gleeson, Patrick, d. 28 Feb 1949, [GS]
Gleeson, Sheila, d. 20 Jun 1980, [GS]
Gleeson, Stephen, d. 25 Dec 1976, [GS]
Gleeson, Thomas, d. 26 Apr 1918, h/o Winifred, [GS]
Gleeson, Thomas, d. 9 Oct 1969, age: 86 yr, [GS]
Gleeson, Timothy, Rev, d. 19 Aug 1771, age: 35 yr, [GS]
Gleeson, William, d. 11 May 1939, h/o Elizabeth, Smithville, [GS]
Gleeson, William, d. 15 Dec 1941, age: 82 yr, bro/o, M Rutland, [GS]
Gleeson, Winifred, d. 7 Jan 1912, w/o Thomas, [GS]
Glennon Reid, Mary, d. 23 Jul 1981, [GS]
Glennon, Peggie, d. 1 May 1939, d/o Edward and Ann Flannery, [GS]
Gough, Daniel, d. 3 Nov 1917, s/o Maurice and Johanna, [GS]
Gough, Dick, d. 28 Sep 1981, s/o Maurice and Johanna, [GS]
Gough, Eliza, d. 1 Jul 1933, [GS]
Gough, Ellie, d. 15 May 1911, d/o Maurice and Johanna, [GS]
Gough, Greatta, d. 17 Nov 1920, d/o Maurice and Johanna, [GS]
Gough, Johanna, d. 25 Nov 1960, w/o Maurice, Kenyon Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Gough, Mary, d. 22 May 1989, d/o Maurice and Johanna, [GS]
Gough, Maurice, d. 4 Jan 1941, h/o Johanna, Kenyon Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Gough, Seamus, d. 6 Jul 1984, s/o Maurice and Johanna, [GS]
Gough, William, d. 16 Feb 1981, s/o Maurice and Johanna, [GS]
Grace, Anne, d. 28 Mar 1821, age: 54 yr, w/o Pierce, Islandbawn, [GS]
Grace, Annie(Flaherty), d. 1 Aug 2000, age: 84 yr, w/o Jack, Ballygibbon, Nenagh, [GS]
Grace, Bridget, d. 8 Mar 1948, w/o Dan, Ballinaclough, [GS]
Grace, Dan, d. 13 Sep 1938, h/o Bridget, Ballinaclough, [GS]
Grace, Elizabeth Ann, d. 8 Oct 1968, [GS]
Grace, Elizabeth Deesha, d. 12 Dec 1969, [GS]
Grace, Jack, d. 3 Apr 1996, age: 89, h/o Annie, Ballygibbon, Nenagh, [GS]
Grace, Jimmy, d. 12 Oct 1941, s/o Bridget and Dan, [GS]
Grace, Kathleen, d. 1 Jul 1985, w/o Richard, Knockanpierce, [GS]
Grace, Mary, d. 26 Oct 1991, w/o Pierce, [GS]
Grace, Michael Fr, d. 7 Jan 1989, interred in Nigeria, [GS]
Grace, Nancy, d. 26 Dec 1995, [GS]
Grace, Patrick, d. 29 Aug 1983, [GS]
Grace, Pierce, d. 1 Dec 1834, age: 74 yr, h/o Anne, erected by his son Paul, [GS]
Grace, Pierce, d. 14 Feb 1998, h/o Mary, [GS]
Grace, Richard, d. 21 Oct 2007, h/o Kathleen, Knockanpierce, [GS]
Grey, Dan, d. 14 Feb 1987, age: 57 yr, s/o Michael and Mary Agnes, [GS]
Grey, Denis, d. 14 May 1955, age: 19 yr, s/o Michael and Mary Agnes, died in U.S.A., [GS]
Grey, Mary, Agnes, d. 11 May 1968, age 65 yr, w/o Michael, Gortlandroe, Nenagh, [GS]
Grey, Michael, d. 18 May 1951, age: 52 yr, h/o Mary Agnes, Gortlandroe, Nenagh, [GS]
Grey, Myra, d. 12 Dec 1938 age: 12 yr, d/o Michael and Mary Agnes, [GS]
Grey, Philomena, d. no dates, d/o Tom, Bellean, [GS]
Grey, Tom, d. 20 Oct 1989, age: 61 yr, s/o Michael and Mary Agnes, Bellean, [GS]
Hackett, Sarah, d. 26 Mar 1965, age: 52 yr, d/o Sarah and Edward Bulter, [GS]
Hamilton, Mary, d. 24 Jan 1950, age: 35 yr, d/o John and Honoria Murray, [GS]
Hanlon, Bridget, d. 27 Oct 1984, Ballintotty, Nenagh, [GS]
Hanlon, Daniel, d. 12 Apr 1976, bro/o Mary Ellen, Patrick and Thomas, [GS]
Hanlon, Mary Ellen, d. Sep 1978, sis/o Thomas, Patrick and Daniel, Kenyon Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Hanlon, Nora, d. 11 Sep 1955, [GS]
Hanlon, Partick, d. 2 Jun 1974, br/o Mary Ellen, Thomas and Daniel, [GS]
Hanlon, Thomas, d. 22 Mar 1972, bro/o Mary Ellen, Patrick and Daniel, [GS]
Hanly, Ellis, d. Jun 1871, w/o William, [GS]
Hanly, James, d. 18 Jun 1861, h/o Margaret Mary, [GS]
Hanly, James, d. 18 Jun 1887, age: 23 yr, [GS]
Hanly, James, d. 20 Dec 1879, age: 47 yr, [GS]
Hanly, Margaret Mary, d. 25 Mar 1934, age: 71 yr, w/o James, [GS]
Hanly, Margaret P, d. 18 Dec 1879, age: 75 yr, [GS]
Hanly, Mary Anne, d. 24 Aug 1866, age: 23 yr, [GS]
Hanly, William F, M.D., d. 22 Apr 1869, h/o Ellis, [GS]
Harpur, Kate, d. 13 Jun 1891, age: 60 yr, w/o Patrick, [GS]
Harpur, Patrick, d. 31 Jul 1890, age: 64 yr, h/o Kate, [GS]
Hassey, Mary, d. 24 Apr 1952, w/o Michael, Barrack St, Nenagh, [GS]
Hassey, Michael, d. 23 Oct 1953, h/o Mary, Barrack St, Nenagh, [GS]
Hassey, Mona, d. Sep 1914, [GS]
Hayden, Ann, d. no date infant d/o Maureen and Christopher, [GS]
Hayden, Annie, d. Apr 1920, w/o Patrick, Turnpike, Nenagh, [GS]
Hayden, Christopher, d. 23 Jun 1950, h/o Maureen, Ormand Street, [GS]
Hayden, Maureen (Grace), d. 26 Oct 1976, w/o Christopher, Ormond Street, [GS]
Hayden, Patrick, d. 1 Feb 1916, h/o Annie, Turnpike, Nenagh, [GS]
Hayes, Mary J, d. 21 Apr 1974, w/o Patrick, [GS]
Hayes, Patrick, d. 27 Ocy 1957, h/o Mary J, [GS]
Healy, Catherine, d. 15 Dec 1920, age: 71 yr, erected by her husband Denis, [GS]
Hegarty, Bridget Delia, d. 30 Oct 1969, h/oTimothy, [GS]
Hegarty, Denis A, b. 9 Jan 1940, Cavan, d. 6 un 1984, s/o Rita, Zimbabwe, [GS]
Hegarty, Margaret, d. 4 Mar 1934, d/o Timothy and Bridget, [GS]
Hegarty, Michael, d. 1 Jun 1943, bro/o Timothy, [GS]
Hegarty, Nancy, d. 6 Nov 1928, d/o Timothy and Bridget, [GS]
Hegarty, Rita(Grace), d. 16 Jul 1970, age: 59 yr, m/o Bridie Rohan and Denis, Mitchell St, [GS]
Hegarty, Timothy, d. 21 Mar 1953, h/o Bridget, Mc Donagh St, [GS]
Hegarty, William, d. 1 May 1971, s/o Timothy and Bridget, interred in Blackpool, [GS]
Hoctor, Ann, d. 16 Aug 1860, age: 35 yr, w/o Patrick, Island Bawn, [GS]
Hogan, Anne, d. 20 Aug 1920, age; 106 yr, m/o Anne, [GS]
Hogan, Anne, d. 23 Aug 1880, w/o Martin and d/o Annie, [GS]
Hogan, Daniel, d. 29 Aug 2003, s/o Matthew and Mary, [GS]
Hogan, Edward, d. 29 Nov 1963, s/o William and Judith, h/o Teresa, [GS]
Hogan, Elizabeth, d. 8 Sep 1981, w/o Martin, St John's Tce, Nenagh, [GS]
Hogan, James, d. 11 Jul 1932, s/o William and Mary, [GS]
Hogan, James, d. 4 Feb 1986, s/o Martin and Margaret, [GS]
Hogan, John, d. 19 Nov 1944, s/o William and Judith, [GS]
Hogan, Joseph Bro, d. 9 Oct 1993, s/o William and Judith, interred in St Patrick's C.B.S. Baldoyle, Dublin, [GS]
Hogan, Judith, d. 25 Jan 1934, w/o William, Mc Donagh Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Hogan, Kathleen, d. 9 Feb 2007, d/o Martin and Elizabeth, [GS]
Hogan, Lily, d. 1934, age: 8 yr, d/o Martin and Elizabeth, [GS]
Hogan, Margaret, d. 13 Jan 1948, w/o Martin, [GS]
Hogan, Margaret, d. 6 Oct 1987, w/o Martin, [GS]
Hogan, Martin, d. 2 Feb 1951, h/o Elizabeth, St John's Tce, Nenagh, [GS]
Hogan, Martin, d. 2 Nov 1922, s/o Anne and Martin and h/o Margaret, [GS]
Hogan, Martin, d. 25 Feb 1887, h/o Ann, [GS]
Hogan, Martin, d. 4 May 1970, s/o William and h/o Margaret, [GS]
Hogan, Mary, d. 1 Jul 1982, w/o Matthew, Ballymackey, [GS]
Hogan, Mary, d. 12 Oct 1945, w/o Thomas P, interred in Castletown, Portroe, [GS]
Hogan, Mary, d. 4 Mar 1952, w/o William, [GS]
Hogan, Matthew, d. 20 Dec 1974, h/o Mary, Ballymackey, [GS]
Hogan, May, d. 1 Aug 1971, d/o Martin and Elizabeth, [GS]
Hogan, Mollie, d. 29 May 1993 age: 86yr, sis/o William, Clareen, [GS]
Hogan, Patrick, d. 6 Jun 1992, s/o Matthew and Mary, [GS]
Hogan, Paul, d. no dates, infant s/o William and Judith, [GS]
Hogan, Philip, d. 10 Jan 1884, erected by his sons Philip and James, [GS]
Hogan, Richard, d. no dates, infant s/o William and Judith, [GS]
Hogan, Rodger, d. 27 Jan 1752, age:61yr, [GS]
Hogan, Teresa, d. 1930, age: 6 yr, d/o Wiliiam and Judith, [GS]
Hogan, Teresa, d. 20 Nov 1935, w/o Edward, [GS]
Hogan, Thomas F, M.R.C.S, d. 19 Jan 1978, s/o Thomas P, interred in London, [GS]
Hogan, Thomas P, d. 10 Mar 1926, age: 66yr, h/o Mary, Castle Street, [GS]
Hogan, William A , M.R.C.S.I, d. 12 Jun 1977, s/o Thomas P, interred in Howth, [GS]
Hogan, William, d. 17 Mar 1932, h/o Judith, Mc Donagh Street, Nenagh, [GS]
Hogan, William, d. 21 Sep 1921, h/o Mary, [GS]
Hogan, William, d. 6 Jun 1989, s/o Martin and Elizabeth, [GS]
Hogan, William, d. no dates, infant s/o William and Judith, [GS]
Hogan. Nellie, d. 29 Sep 1927, d/o William And Mary, [GS]
Hogha, Phillip, d. 7 Feb 1987, s/o Matthew and Mary, [GS]
Houligan, Denis, d. 14 Feb 1905, age: 30 yr, s/o Mary, Pound St, Nenagh, [GS]
Houligan, Mary, d. 3 Mar 1918, age: 75 yr, m/o Denis, Pound St, Nenagh, [GS]
Joyce, Peg, d. 29 Jun 1965, grand d/o Mary and William Lewis, [GS]

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