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Saint James Cemetery
Athboy, County Meath, Ireland

Contributed by Brendan Wall, © Nov 07, 2011 [brendanwall99@gmail.com].

??, Baby James Michael, d. 16 Sep 2007
Aherne, Bernie Kennedy, d. 7 Apr 2008, age: 62yr, Newmans Mill
Andrews, Jack, d. 19 Jan 1994, late of Hill of Ward
Andrews, Josephine, d. 21 Jun 1989, s/w William Andrews
Andrews, Nollaig, b. 3 Jul 1990, d. 16 Aug 2006, grandson of Jack
Andrews, Pat, d. 13 Mar 1998, O'Growney St, Athboy
Andrews, William, d. 12 Sep 1977, Hill of Ward
Baille, Colm, b. 4 Mar 1957, d. 6 Sep 2003, Rathcairne
Barrett, Annie, d. 1 Mar 1969, age: 58yr, Kilkeelan
Barrett, Bernard (Benny), d. 29 Oct 1997, age: 82yr, Gillstown
Barrett, Bridget, d. 19 Oct 1994, sister of Christina
Barrett, Christina, d. 21 Dec 1953
Barrett, Elizabeth, d. 17 Mar 1965, mother of Christina
Barrett, James Joseph, d. 19 Nov 1973, age: 70yr, husband of Annie
Barrett, John, d. 2 May 1952, age: 9yr, interred in Girley, Gillstown
Barrett, John, d. 27 Apr 1962, age: 51yr, Martinstown
Barrett, Joseph (Blacksmith), d. 20 Mar 1949, father of Christina, interred in Girley
Barrett, Kathleen, d. 11 Mar 1991, age: 80yr, wife of Thomas
Barrett, Margaret, d. 29 Aug 1968, age: 8yr, daughter of and s/w John Barrett
Barrett, Michael, d. 4 Oct 1998, age: 51yr, brother of John
Barrett, Thomas, d. 1 May 1972, age: 71yr, Gillstown
Behan, Brian, d. 1 Dec 2006, age: 57yr, Athboy
Boles, John, d. 13 Sep 1999, age: 59yr, Clonmel and Rathcarne
Boles, Maureen (Mary), b. 7 May 1937, d. 11 Dec 2007, nee Dhonncha
Boylan, Anne, d. 10 Apr 1974, Fosterfields
Boylan, John, d. 2 Apr 1981, husband of Anne
Boylan, Kevin John, d. 5 Apr 1969, infant son Sheila Boylan
Boylan, Sheila, d. 25 Sep 1989, daughter of Anne/John
Bracken, Laurence (Sonny), d. 3 Apr 1993, age: 73yr, Caucestown
Bracken, Michael, d. 19 Mar 1955, age: 84yr, Higginstown, Athboy
Bracken, Teresa, d. 24 Sep 1976, wife of Michael
Brady, Bill, d. 9 Mar 1997, age: 67yr, Connaught Street
Bray, Elizabeth, d. 6 Nov 1999, wife of John
Bray, John, d. 26 Jul 1975, age: 56yr, Grennanstown
Brennan, John J, d. 25 Jul 2005, age: 87yr, Wilkinstown
Brennan, Madeline Josephine, d. 1 Jun 1997, age: 97yr, wife of Patrick A
Brennan, Patrick A, d. 20 Jul 1969
Brennan, Phyllis, d. 1 Oct 1992, age: 55yr, Park View
Broderick, John, d. 29 Mar 1974, s/w Winifred/William Doyle
Brogan, Anne, d. 14 Nov 2000, Daughter in law Michael and Eileen, The Bungalow, Trim Rd
Brogan, Eileen, d. 6 Mar 2001, wife of Michael
Brogan, Elizabeth, d. 11 Sep 1980, wife of Michael
Brogan, Francis, d. 8 May 1965, age: 75yr, Bridge Street, Athboy
Brogan, Frank, d. 6 Jan 2010, age: 82yr, Sadly missed: Forever loved, Higginstown, Athboy
Brogan, Julia, d. 11 Jul 2011, age: 83yr, Wife of Ned
Brogan, Kathy, d. 1 Oct 2000, daughter of Michael and Elizabeth
Brogan, Mark, d. 29 Jan 1984, baby, great grandson of Francis/Rose
Brogan, Michael, d. 16 Dec 1970, Main street, Athboy
Brogan, Michael, d. 4 Jul 1986, Trim Road, Athboy
Brogan, Michael, d. 7 Jun 1985, age: 63yr, husband of Nan, Otterstown
Brogan, Nan, d. 21 May 2008, age: 82yr, wife of Michael
Brogan, Ned, d. 18 Jun 2008, age: 85yr, Husband of Julia, Roseville
Brogan, Peter, d. 14 Feb 1977, baby grandson Michael/Elizabeth
Brogan, Rose, d. 11 Jun 1985, age: 86yr, wife of Francis
Brown, Bridgie, d. 5 Mar 2005, age: 83yr, wife of John
Brown, John, d. 1 Feb 2000, age: 86yr, Main Street, Athboy
Browne, Bob, d. 29 Jul 1993, age: 77yr, Beaverstown Rd, Dublin
Browne, Bridget, d. 11 Jan 2005, age: 85yr, wife of Bob, nee Holland
Browne, Bridget, d. 16 Apr 1958, age: 78yr, s/w James Browne, Ballyboy
Browne, James, d. 22 Oct 1978, s/w Bridget Browne
Brugnoni, Peggy, d. 7 Mar 1992, daughter and s/w Mona Cassidy
Bryan, Mary (Mai), d. 9 Apr 1999, age: 78yr , Trim Road Athboy, nee Crowcock
Bryan, William (Billy), d. 18 Apr 2001, age: 82yr, Husband of Mai, late of Waterford
Buckley, Alice, d. 22 Jan 1975, Connaught Street
Buckley, Anna (Mai), d. 24 Apr 2011, Higginstown, Athboy
Buckley, Michael, d. 28 Mar 1979, husband of Alice
Burke, Owen, d. 17 Mar 2008, age: 61yr
Byrne, Andrew (Andy), d. 16 Feb 2010, age: 87yr, s/w N/A/E/A Byrne
Byrne, Annie, no dates, s/w N/A/E/A Byrne
Byrne, Elizabeth, d. 29 Jan 1987, age: 82yr, s/w N/A/E/A Byrne, St Joseph's Villas, Athboy
Byrne, Mary E (Lena), d. 28 Oct 1990, age: 70yr, Martinstown
Byrne, Matthew, d. 8 Jan 1994, age: 75yr, husband of Lena
Byrne, Nicolas, d. 26 Apr 1952, s/w N/A/E/A Byrne, Connaught Street
Byrne, Patrick, d. ?, s/w James/Maud Lynch and Sheelagh Loughran
Cahill, Agnes, d. 18 Dec 1970, age: 54yr, wife of James
Cahill, James, d. 21 Sep 1961, age: 63yr, Bridge Street, Athboy
Cahill, Thomas, d. 11 Feb 1982, age: 36yr, son of James and Agnes
Callery, John, d. 20 Feb 1975, s/w brothers Owen/John
Callery, Matthew, d. 14 Feb 1970, brother Owen/John, Martinstown
Callery, Owen, d. 24 Nov 1971, brother and s/w Matthew
Carey, Patrick, d. 9 Sep 1979, s/w Nicolas Foley
Carroll, Clint, d. 9 Nov 1997, age: 14yr, brother of Patsy, Caucestown and Addinstown
Carroll, Eileen, d. 9 Sep 1951, s/w John Gorman
Carroll, Kevin, d. 24 Jun 2011, age: 88yr, s/w John/Francis Gorman
Carroll, Patsy, d. 17 Jun 2005, age: 26yr, brother of Clint
Carthy, James, d. 6 Mar 1978, age: 58yr, Caucestown
Casey, Patrick, d. 23 Jun 1980, age: 66yr, Main Street, Athboy
Casey, Tillie (Matilda), d. 22 Dec 2002, age: 88yr, wife of Patrick
Cassells, Bridget, d. 16 Jun 1984, age: 89yr, s/w P/D/B/J Cassells
Cassells, Derek, d. 1946, age: 7mo, s/w P/D/B/J Cassells
Cassells, John (Jack), d. 18 Sep 1998, age: 78yr, s/w P/D/B/J Cassells
Cassells, Patrick, d. 15 Dec 1965, s/w P/D/B/J Cassells, Gillstown
Cassells, Thomas, d. 10 Sep 1968, Kilkeelan
Cassidy, Albert, d. 4 Mar 1937, Knocknahattna
Cassidy, Barney, d. May 1969, s/w Albert/Mary/Patrick Cassidy
Cassidy, Bartle, d. 20 Aug 1996, age: 76yr, husband of Mai
Cassidy, Bernard, d. 25 Mar 2006, age: 90yr, husband of Bridget
Cassidy, Bridget, d. 26 Jun 1994, age: 81yr, wife of Bernard, Caucestown
Cassidy, Bridget, d. 3 Jul 1974, wife of Thomas
Cassidy, Catherine, d. 16 Mar 1973, age: 62yr, s/w C/J/P Cassidy, Gillstown
Cassidy, Christie, d. 8 Aug 1992, s/w Christopher/Annie Cassidy
Cassidy, Christopher, d. 14 May 1953, age: 66yr, Higginstown, Athboy
Cassidy, Eva, d. 20 Jul 1986, age: 77yr, wife of Lawrence
Cassidy, Frank, d. 26 Sep 2000, Hill of Ward
Cassidy, James, d. 5 Nov 1979, age: 81yr, s/w C/J/P Cassidy
Cassidy, Lawrence, d. 15 Jan 1977, age: 80yr, Greenpark, Athboy
Cassidy, Mai, d. 26 Mar 1985, age: 57yr, Higginstown, Athboy
Cassidy, Mary, d. 17 Apr 1939, mother and s/w Albert Cassidy
Cassidy, Mona, d. 30 Mar 1992, s/w A/M/P/B Cassidy
Cassidy, Mrs Annie, d. 7 Aug 1955, age: 73yr, wife of Christopher
Cassidy, Patrick, d. 12 May 1956, father and s/w Albert
Cassidy, Patrick, d. 31 Oct 2010, age: 66yr, interred in Killulagh
Cassidy, Phil, d. 24 Dec 1975, s/w Christopher/Annie Cassidy
Cassidy, Thomas, d. 8 Dec 1965, age: 68yr, Hill of Ward
Castles, Barry, b. 19 Jul 1964, d. 18 Oct 2008, God has you in his keeping..., Gillstown, Athboy
Castles, Ellen, d. 26 Oct 1947, age: 64yr, Connaught Street
Castles, Gretta, d. 7 May 1989, Daught of Ellen/Joseph
Castles, Jane, d. 17 Mar 1984, age: 65yr, daughter of Ellen/Joseph
Castles, Joseph M, d. 10 Jun 1960, son of Ellen/Joseph
Castles, Joseph, d. 6 Oct 1955, age: 70yr, husband of Ellen
Castles, Richard, d. 26 Sep 1980, age: 56yr, Curleyland, Athboy
Castles, Seamus, d. 1 Oct 1984, age: 64yr, Gillstown Great, Athboy
Castles, Thomas, d. 5 Apr 1965, son Ellen/Joseph
Catain, Moire Bean Ui, d. 22 Mar 1995, s/w agus inion Peigin Seoige
Cathain, Coilin, d. 23 Mar 1982, age: 95yr, fear ceile Monica
Cathain, John, d. 13 Oct 1979, age: 61yr, mac Monica agus Coilin
Cathain, Monica Bhean Ui, d. 22 Mar 1970, age: 80yr, Rathcarn
Cathain, Pat, d. 15 May 1991, age: 79yr, mac Monica/Coilin
Cawley, Michael, d. 12 May 2010, son of Patrick
Cawley, Patrick, d. 2 Jan 2000, age: 61yr, 3 St Martins Pk, Trim
Chonaire, Aine Bhean Ui, d. 10 Nov 2004, age: 79yr, Lambe Cill Bride
Chonfhaola, Aine Bhean Ui, d 28 Nov 1976, Drisog
Chonfhaola, Col, d. Oct 1999
Chonfhaola, Miceal, d 14 Jul 1977
Chonfhaola, Michael, d. May 1988, glanmhac Aine agus Miceal
Chonfhaola, Nellie, d. 2 Feb 2000, inion Aine agus Miceal
Chonfhaola, Peadar, d. 19 Jan 2003, age: 78yr, fear caile Nellie
Chonrai, Bhrid Hynes, d. 25 Apr 1998, age: 81yr, bean caile Mhicil, Rathcarne
Chonrai, Mhicil, d. 12 Mar 2010, age: 90yr, fear caile Bhrid
Chul in, Brid Ni, d. 29 Jan 1937, s/w M/A/B/S/M/S/M O'Conaire agus O'Lupain/Gough
Churraoin, Bartle, d. 5 Feb 1966, age: 92yr, fear caile Una
Churraoin, Brid, d. 8 Jun 1941, inion Chait, Leanamh
Churraoin, Chait Ui, d. 17 Sep 1961, age: 61yr
Churraoin, Kate, d. 22 Mar 1990, age: 75yr, fuair b s I Sashana
Churraoin, Mairtín, d. 3 Sep 1955, age: 82yr, dreathair Una
Churraoin, Nan, d. 13 Jan 1987, age: 68yr, inion Una
Churraoin, Padhraic, d. 27 May 1977, age: 89yr, fear caile Chait
Churraoin, Seamus, d. 20 May 2011, mac Chait
Churraoin, Sean, d. 28 Nov 1998, mac Chait
Churraoin, Una Bhean Ui, d. 24 May 1960, age: 82yr, Lamb', Cill Bride
Clarke, Annie, d. 2 Jan 1975
Clarke, Brendan, d. 17 Sep 2004, age: 87yr, Castletown
Clarke, Bridget, d. 23 Mar 1980, Ballyboy
Clarke, James, d. 27 Jun 1958, s/w William Clarke
Clarke, Julia, d. 17 Dec 1932, daughter of Michael and Elizabeth, interred in Rathmore
Clarke, Julia, d. 19 Jul 1946, wife of Michael
Clarke, Michael, d. 5 Mar 1938, Interred in Rathmore, Fraine
Clarke, Patrick, d. 1 Nov 1956, son of Michael Clarke
Clarke, Simon, d. 29 Aug 1955, son of Michael Clarke
Clarke, William, d. 4 Mar 1957, s/w James Clarke, died USA
Cobtaigh, Brid, d. 6 May 1961, age: 83yr, s/w B/M/N Cobtaigh, Rathcarne
Cobtaigh, Máirtin, d. 3 Dec 1970, s/w B/M/N Cobtaigh
Cobtaigh, Nora, d. 5 Feb 2007, age: 84yr, s/w B/M/N Cobtaigh
Coffey, James, d. 17 Jul 1947, and his parents and sisters, Balrath
Coffey, Michael, no dates, died in Australia 1921, Collinstown
Coleman, Bro. Basil, d. 17 Nov 1999, interred in Mount Argus
Coleman, Catherine, d. 10 Oct 1973, s/w M/M/C Coleman
Coleman, Mary, d. 27 May 1946, s/w M/M/C Coleman, Bridge Street, Athboy
Coleman, Michael, d. 24 May 1962, s/w M/M/C Coleman
Coleman, Michael, d. 8 Feb 1999, age: 73yr, Castletown
Coleman, Sr. Angelica, d. 16 Sep 2007, interred in San Antonio, Texas
Collins, Kathleen, d. 4 Feb 1971, age: 57yr, s/w Robert, Hill of Ward
Collins, Michael, d. 17 Jan 1999, age: 67yr, nephew of Michael Clarke, Higginstown, Athboy
Collins, Robert, d. 19 Nov 1977, age: 71yr, s/w Kathleen
Commons, Sonny, d. 19 Oct 1990, s/w William/Mary Farrell
Conall, Baby, d. 12 Mar 1989
Conlon, Angela, d. 26 Jan 1993, age: 82yr, s/w J/A/T/B/A Conlon
Conlon, Annie, d. 6 May 1970, age: 89yr, wife of Joseph
Conlon, Bridget, d. 4 Feb 1995, age: 87yr, wife of Thomas
Conlon, Fr Michael, d. 14 Jul 1961, PP Athboy, Athboy
Conlon, Joseph, d. 10 Apr 1964, age: 88yr, s/w P/B/J/B/K Monaghan
Conlon, Joseph, d. 15 Jun 1979, age: 59yr, 5 St Joseph's Pk, Trim
Conlon, Margaret, d. 1 Aug 1988, wife of Peter
Conlon, Peter, d. 18 Oct 1972, Kilkeelan
Conlon, Thomas, d. 4 Apr 1970, age: 64yr, son of Joseph
Conneely, Kate, d. 28 Mar 1974, age: 90yr, wife of Patrick
Conneely, Michael, d. 24 Sep 1992, age: 80yr, son of Patrick/Kate
Conneely, Nora, d. 19 Mar 1999, age: 84yr, wife Michael. S/wP/C Conneely and B Newell
Conneely, Patrick, b. , d. 14 Nov 1955, age: 80yr, husband of Kate, Rathcairne
Connell, Kevin, d. 1956, s/w P/R/M/K/ Connell
Connell, Lil, d. 6 May 1979, daughter of Patrick/Mary
Connell, Mary, d. 1952, s/w P/R/M/K/ Connell
Connell, Mary, d. 21 Nov 1978, wife of Patrick
Connell, Michael, b. 19 Jan 1964, d. 31 Jul 1964, age: babyyr, same plot P/M/M/L Connell
Connell, Michael, d. 1964, age: 7mo, grandson and s/w Patrick Connell
Connell, Patrick (PJ), d. 25 Feb 2000, age: 74yr, s/w son Val, Martinstown
Connell, Patrick, d. 5 Jul 1962, Martinstown
Connell, Philip, d. 15 Nov 1966, husband of Rose, Kilkeelan
Connell, Rose, d. 12 Jul 1974, wife of Philip
Connell, Val, d. 17 Nov 2003, age: 37yr, son of Patrick (PJ) and s/w
Connick, Very Rev William, b. Nov 1889, d. Feb 1981, PP Hethe Oxford, Martinstown
Connor, Bernard, d. 21 Oct 1956
Connor, John, d. 30 Dec 1979, age: 82yr
Connor, Margaret, d. 14 Jan 1968, age: 65yr
Connor, Margaret, d. 2 May 1942, age: 74yr, 2 St James Tce, Athboy
Connor, Mary, d. 4 Aug 1976, wife of Bernard
Connor, Owen, d. 17 Mar 1997, son of Bernard/Mary, died in USA
Corrigan, Kathleen, d. 6 Mar 1975, age: 39yr, Frayne
Costello, Mary, d. 27 Feb 2007, age: 51yr, Millview, Athboy
Cox, Mary, d. 1 Dec 1970, daughter of and s/w Bridget Tyrrell
Cregan, Elizabeth, d. 30 Apr 1974, wife of Maurice
Cregan, Maurice, d. 12 Jan 1964
Cronin, Michael, d. 12 Mar 2005, age: 76yr, late Killeens, Co Cork, Fair Green, Athboy
Crowcock, Elizabeth, d. 2 Dec 1963, s/w Elizabeth/Michael Crowcock
Crowcock, James, d. 19 Feb 1997, s/w Elizabeth/Michael Crowcock
Crowcock, Michael, d. 28 May 1970, s/w Elizabeth/Michael Crowcock
Cullen, Andrew, d. 2 Sep 1985, age: 55yr, son of Catherine/James
Cullen, Catherine, d. 14 Dec 1978, age: 89yr, wife of James
Cullen, James, d. 22 Dec 1953, age: 64yr
Cullen, Mary (Mai), d. 4 Jun 2001, late of Athboy, Balbriggan
Cullen, Thomas (Tom), d. 23 Sep 2010, husband of Mary
Cummins, Oliver, d. 7 Sep 1995, age: 49yr, 8 St James Tce
Curran, Annie (Nan), d. 2 Apr 2008, age: 82yr, sister and s/w Gertie
Curran, Barbara, d. 29 Apr 2005, age: 94yr, wife of Michael
Curran, Bartle, d. 14 Mar 1937, father John Colman
Curran, Bridget, d. 2 Dec 1949, mother John/Coleman
Curran, Colman, d. 3 May 1948, brother John
Curran, Colman, d. 9 Jun 2001, age: 75yr, Fair Green, Athboy
Curran, Gertie, d. 12 Jul 1993, age: 57yr, sister and s/w Nan, Rathcarne
Curran, John, d. 15 Mar 1974, Husband of Margaret, Rathcairne
Curran, Margaret, d. 17 Jul 1968, wife of John
Curran, Michael, d. 13 May 1977, age: 70yr, husband of Barbara, Mayne, Coole
Curran, Nicolas, d. 27 May 1960, age: 80yr, Clonfane, Trim
Curran, Rose, d. 7 May 1972, Athboy
Cusack, Annie, d. 7 Dec 2003, age: 85yr, wife of Laurence, Mitchelstown, Athboy
Cusack, Elizabeth, d. 14 Feb 1942, age: 80yr, s/w M/S/F/V/M/J/P Cusack
Cusack, Frank, d. 8 Dec 1987, age: 89yr, s/w M/S/F/V/M/J/P Cusack
Cusack, Joan, d. 25 Jan 2004, age: 76yr, s/w M/S/F/V/M/J/P Cusack
Cusack, Laurence, d. 21 Jan 1998, age: 79yr, Mitchelstown, Athboy
Cusack, Laurence, d. 9 May 1965, age: 88yr, s/w and uncle of Laurence
Cusack, Margaret, d. 26 Nov 1999, age: 78yr, sister of Michael
Cusack, Mark, d. 1972, age: 5mo, s/w M/S/F/V/M/J/P Cusack
Cusack, Mary, d. 21 Aug 1977, age: 79yr, s/w M/S/F/V/M/J/P Cusack
Cusack, Michael, d. 5 Jun 1994, age: 59yr, Mitchelstown
Cusack, Patrick, b. 1930, d. 2007, s/w M/S/F/V/M/J/P Cusack, Toronto
Cusack, Sean, d. 29 Sep 1988, age: 56yr, s/w M/S/F/V/M/J/P Cusack
Cusack, Veronica, d. 1938, age: 2mo, s/w M/S/F/V/M/J/P Cusack
Daly, Bridget, d. 8 Jan 1983, wife of James
Daly, Cora Anne, d. 13 May 1999, age: 8yr
Daly, Hugh, d. 12 Jul 1954, age: 79yr, s/w Margaret
Daly, James, d. 9 May 1959, Wardstown
Daly, John, d. 10 Nov 2001, age: 95yr, husband of Vera
Daly, Margaret, d. 16 Jan 2000, age: 56yr, Manchester and Oldcastle
Daly, Margaret, d. 25 Aug 1945, s/w Hugh
Daly, Matthew, d. 13 Sep 1980, brother of James
Daly, Thomas, d. 1 Nov 1980, s/w J/B/M/T Daly
Daly, Vera (nee Fulham), d. 25 Oct 2006, age: 85yr, wife of John, formerly of Ballybrittas
Dawson, Bernie, d. 20 Jun 2008, daughter of and s/w James/Mary Gantley
Delaney, Anna, d. 12 Apr 1992, wife of Christopher
Delaney, Christopher, d. 3 Dec 1984, 10 St Josephs Villas
Delaney, Tim, d. 31 Oct 1988, age: 67yr, formerly of Knockcrokery
Delappe, Bartle, d. 12 May 1941, age: 78yr, husband Mary, Rathcairne
Delappe, James B, d. 12 Aug 1984, age: 77yr, s/w B/M/P/M/P/JB/J Delappe
Delappe, Joseph, d. 20 Sep 1987, age: 83yr, s/w B/M/P/M/P/JB/J Delappe
Delappe, Mary, d. 12 May 1973, age: 71yr, wife Patrick
Delappe, Mary, d. 25 May 1957, age: 93yr, wife Bartle
Delappe, Patrick, d. 6 Nov 1964, age: 65yr, son Bartle
Delappe, Patrick, d. 8 Nov 1965, grandson Bartle/Mary
Dempsey, Margaret, d. 7 Nov 1962, Bridge Street, Athboy
Dempsey, Rev Ernest, d. 1 Oct 1981, age: 85yr, PP VF Athboy
Dempsey, Stephen, d. 8 Feb 1963, husband of Margaret
Devine, Catherine, d. 12 Apr 1952, wife of Patrick
Devine, Elizabeth, d. 16 Dec 1946, Pluckstown
Devine, James, d. 18 Jul 1991, age: 69yr, son of William/Margaret
Devine, Margaret, d. 14 Apr 1977, age: 87yr, wife of William
Devine, Mary, d. 2 Aug 1991, age: 61yr, daughter in law Elizabeth/Thomas
Devine, Patrick, d. 13 Dec 1950, Higginstown, Athboy
Devine, Patrick, d. 20 Apr 2003, age: 85yr, husband of Mary
Devine, Thomas, d. 9 Apr 1952, husband of Elizabeth
Devine, William, d. 10 Mar 1962, age: 89yr, Fordstown, Kells
Devine, William, d. 2 Dec 1954, age: 36yr, son of Elizabeth/Thomas
Devine, William, d. 21 Jan 1993, age: 72yr, son of William/Margaret
Dhonncha, Domhnall (Dan), d. 17 Aug 2007, age: 88yr, mac Mary/Tomas
Dhonncha, Martin, b. 28 Oct 1930, d. 23 Sep 2011, s/w M/T/T/D Dhonncha
Dhonncha, Mary Bean Ui, d. 30 May 1950, Rathcarn
Dhonncha, Tomas, d. 14 Aug 1977, age: 62yr, mac Mary/Tomas
Dhonncha, Tomas, d. 8 Apr 1968, age: 84yr, fear caile Mary
Dhonnchadha, Kathleen Bhean Ui, d. 22 Feb 2002, age: 87yr, (Cathain), Sr id Connacht
Dickinson, Roger, b. 1940, d. 2005, s/w Cassidy/Brugnoni/Dickinson
Dickinson, Una Cassidy, b. 1934, d. 2002, s/w Cassidy/Brugnoni
Dillon, Catherine (Cathy Mai), d. 10 Sep 2003, age: 80yr, wife of Timothy
Dillon, Mary Anne, d. 26 Dec 1975, age: 50yr, Grennanstown
Dillon, Patrick, d. 12 Oct 1998, age: 75yr, husband of Mary Anne
Dillon, Timothy, d. 10 Jun 1995, age: 79yr, Grennanstown
Doherty, Anna Maria, d. 21 Feb 2000, wife of Patrick
Doherty, Annie, d. 17 Apr 1983, age: 60yr, Martinstown
Doherty, Betty, no dates, age: died in infancyyr, s/w M/B/M/B Doherty
Doherty, Bridget, d. 27 Jul 1986, age: 82yr, s/w M/B/M/B Doherty
Doherty, Ciar n, d. 4 Jan 2001, grandson of Annie/Martin
Doherty, Ellen, d. 1 Jan 1986, sister of Martin
Doherty, James, d. 17 Jan 1982, age: 82yr, Otterstown
Doherty, John, d. 28 Jun 1966, 8 St James Tce
Doherty, Margaret, d. 7 Dec 1973, wife of Michael
Doherty, Martin, d. 15 Jan 2005, age: 78yr, husband of Annie
Doherty, Martin, d. 27 Oct 1974
Doherty, Mary, d. 20 Jun 1992, wife of John
Doherty, Mary, d. 6 Apr 1966, wife of William
Doherty, Maureen, d. 11 Dec 2004, age: 56yr, Castletown
Doherty, Michael, d. 22 Dec 1970, age: 64yr, Kildalkey Rd
Doherty, Michael, d. 28 Feb 1950, s/w M/B/M/B Doherty, Otterstown
Doherty, Michael, d. 7 Jan 2008, age: 74yr, s/w M/B/M/B Doherty
Doherty, Patrick, d. 30 May 1979, age: 66yr, O'Growney St, Athboy
Doherty, Susan, d. 25 Mar 1989, age: 83yr, wife of James
Doherty, Thomas, no dates, interred in Delvin
Doherty, William, d. 1 Nov 1981, son of William
Doherty, William, d. 29 Nov 1955, Chapel Street
Dolan, Colm, d. 6 Nov 1973, age: 11yr, s/w C/P/M/P/J Dolan, Caucestown
Dolan, James, d. 26 Oct 2010, age: 84yr, s/w C/P/M/P/J Dolan
Dolan, Mary, d. 26 Nov 1980, age: 88yr, s/w C/P/M/P/J Dolan
Dolan, Patrick, d. 29 Nov 1977, age: 55yr, s/w C/P/M/P/J Dolan
Dolan, Peter, d. 15 May 1983, age: 29yr, s/w C/P/M/P/J Dolan
Donegan, Sr Mary Patrick, d. 24 Nov 1992, age: 62yr, Sister of Mercy, Athboy
Donohoe, Catherine, d. 6 Nov 1997, daughter of Michael/Margaret
Donohoe, Gerry, d. 16 Aug 2000, formerly Swellan, Cavan, Fosterfields, Kells Rd
Donohoe, Jane, d. 24 Nov 1999, s/w M/M/T/P/C Donohoe
Donohoe, Margaret, d. 11 Jan 1961, wife of Michael
Donohoe, Mary, d. 18 Feb 1996, age: 90yr, wife of Peter
Donohoe, Maureen, d. 30 Jan 2009, age: 73yr, daughter of Peter/Mary
Donohoe, Michael, d. 20 Jul 1951, Martinstown
Donohoe, Peter, d. 22 Jan 1986, age: 52yr, son of Peter/Mary
Donohoe, Peter, d. 28 May 1975, age: 68yr, The Sycamores, Kilbride
Donohoe, Peter, d. 9 Aug 1947, Kileen
Donohoe, Philomena, d. 5 Jan 1993, daughter of Michael/Margaret
Donohoe, Rev Thomas C, d. 11 Sep 1968, s/w Peter Donohoe, CC Moylagh
Donohoe, Thomas, d. 3 Nov 1974, son of Michael/Margaret
Doolan, James, d. 20 Jan 1951, Grennanstown
Doolan, Margaret, d. 20 Dec 1952, sister and s/w James
Doran, Christopher, d. 10 Oct 2001, age: 87yr, s/w W/T/K/C Doran
Doran, Eamonn, d. 16 Mar 1997, age: 58yr, son of Thomas and Mary Anne
Doran, Julia, d. 19 Nov 1971, age: 88yr, wife of Matthew
Doran, Kathleen, d. 25 Nov 1989, age: 73yr, s/w W/T/K/C Doran
Doran, Mary Anne, d. 22 Mar 1987, age: 82yr, wife Thomas E
Doran, Matthew, d. 23 Jan 1946, husband of Julia
Doran, Thomas E, d. 15 Mar 1955, age: 48yr
Doran, Thomas, d. 9 Oct 1972, age: 61yr, s/w W/T/K/C Doran
Doran, Winifred, d. 1 Mar 1967, age: 50yr, s/w W/T/K/C Doran, Fordstown, Navan
Dowd, Catherine, d. 29 May 1967, age: 85yr, s/w Joseph Dowd, Derrylangan
Dowd, Joseph, d. 13 Jul 1972, age: 85yr, s/w Catherine Dowd
Dowse, Hugh, d. 12 May 2000, age: 69yr, brother in law Richard Rice and s/w
Doyle, Bridget, d. 23 Mar 1973, wife of James
Doyle, Doreen (Synnott), b. 3 Feb 1941, d. 30 May 2008, Our Sunshine Lady, Otterstown and Arklow
Doyle, Edward, d. 19 Aug 1996, age: 69yr, 1 St James Tce
Doyle, Edward, d. 25 Jun 1996, age: 92yr, Dear husband and father, The Liberties, Dublin
Doyle, Imelda, d. 18 Oct 1997, age: 57yr, Beechgrove
Doyle, James, d. 22 Dec 1964, Bridge Street, Athboy
Doyle, Kathleen, d. 18 May 2002, age: 90yr, wife of Edward, Beloved wife and dear mother
Doyle, Shaun, d. 17 Apr 2005, age: 74yr, son of James/Bridget
Doyle, William, d. 23 Apr 1973, husband of Winifred
Doyle, Winifred, d. 24 Jan 1973, Athboy
Duffy, Anne (Nancy) Gallagher, d. 13 Mar 1999, age: 76yr, wife of Charles, Caucestown
Duffy, Charles, d. 3 Nov 1952, age: 39yr, interred in Old Cemetery, Kildalkey, Late Campstown, Coothill and Carlow
Duignan, Michael, d. 13 Aug 2004, age: 62yr, 4 Beechgrove
Dunne, Margaret, d. 26 Mar 2008, age: 56yr, Knockshangan
Dunne, Nicolas, d. 28 Jan 1985, Grennanstown
Egan, Patrick Joseph, d. 4 May 2003, age: 74yr, son in law and s/w Annie Barrett
Elson, James (Jim), d. 6 Jul 2001, age: 62yr
Englesby, Bridget, d. 23 Mar 1974, s/w R/E/B/J/R/K Englesby
Englesby, Elizabeth, d. 13 May 1959, s/w R/E/B/J/R/K Englesby
Englesby, James, d. 14 Jun 1979, s/w R/E/B/J/R/K Englesby
Englesby, Kate, d. 22 Mar 1985, s/w R/E/B/J/R/K Englesby
Englesby, Rose, d. 12 Jan 1983, s/w R/E/B/J/R/K Englesby
Englesby, Rose, d. 8 Sep 1938, s/w R/E/B/J/R/K Englesby, Pluxtown
Ennis, Andrew, d. 29 May 1981, age: 40yr, s/w Francis/Catherine Ennis
Ennis, Catherine, d. 17 Mar 1993, age: 75yr, wife of Christopher
Ennis, Catherine, d. 7 Nov 1972, wife of Francis
Ennis, Christopher, d. 19 Nov 1983, age: 65yr, Ballyfallon, Athboy
Ennis, Francis, d. 18 Mar 1930, age: 85yr, s/w Francis/Catherine Ennis, interred in Hill Of Ward
Ennis, Francis, d. 2 Feb 1966, O'Growney Street
Ennis, James, d. 19 Mar 1966, age: 43yr, s/w Francis/Catherine Ennis, interred in London
Ennis, John, d. 30 Sep 1986, age: 76yr, father of Patricia Rose
Ennis, Mary C, d. 13 Oct 1931, age: 70yr, s/w Francis/Catherine Ennis, Ballyfallon, Athboy
Ennis, Mary, d. 1 Jun 1993, age: 80yr, mother of Patricia Rose
Ennis, Patricia Rose, d. 7 Dec 1967, age: 21yr, St Josephs Villas
Ennis, Patrick J, d. 17 Apr 1980, age: 44yr, s/w Francis/Catherine Ennis
Eustace, James, d. 6 Jan 1975, Martinstown
Eustace, James, d. 6 Jan 1975
Eustace, Matthew, d. 29 Jun 1970
Fagan, Catherine, d. 2 Jan 1972, wife of John Fagan, (nee Eustace)
Fagan, James, d. 1 May 1975, s/w Eustace
Fagan, John, d. 11 Feb 1971, s/w Matthew Eustace
Fagan, John, d. 16 Sep 2009, s/w Rabbet/Fagan
Fagan, Mary Kate, d. 19 May 2009, daughter of Michael/Mary Elizabeth
Falconer, Annie, d. 7 Jun 1963, age: 59yr, Kilkeelan
Falconer, Peter, d. 15 Aug 1965, age: 17yr, son of Annie, following a drowning accident
Falconer, Peter, d. 5 Aug 1977, husband of Annie
Fallon, Catherine, d. 26 Nov 1996, age: 75yr, wife of PJ
Fallon, Patrick J, d. 22 Apr 1971, Kilkeelan
Farrell, Anna, d. 7 May 1968, Higginstown, Athboy
Farrell, Annie, d. 14 Sep 1988, age: 83yr, wife of William
Farrell, Bridget Anne, d. 9 Dec 1979, Athboy and Castledermot
Farrell, Bridget, d. 29 Jan 1973, age: 81yr, wife of Thomas
Farrell, Domanic, d. 26 Feb 2001, age: 31yr, grandson of Richard/Jane
Farrell, Frank, d. 14 Jan 2005, age: 69yr, husband of Teresa, Wardstown
Farrell, James, d. 14 Mar 1980, s/w and son in law Michael/Teresa Bracken
Farrell, James, d. 26 Apr 1981, age: 62yr, son of Richard/Jane
Farrell, Jane, d. 3 Mar 1952, age: 60yr, wife of Richard
Farrell, John, d. 10 Aug 1982, husband of Bridget Anne
Farrell, John, d. 20 Mar 1974, husband of Anna
Farrell, John, d. 27 Jul 1965, age: 83yr, Fraine
Farrell, Julia, d. 27 Sep 2000, wife of William
Farrell, Lawrence (Larry), d. 3 Jun 2004, age: 83yr, Frayne
Farrell, Margaret, d. 2 Nov 1936, age: 17yr, daughter of Thomas, interred in Old Cemetery
Farrell, Mary, d. 17 Apr 1990, age: 97yr, wife of William
Farrell, Michael, d. 19 Apr 2002, husband of Kitty Foley Farrell
Farrell, Patrick, d. 8 Mar 1981, son of and S/w Elizabeth Cregan
Farrell, Richard, d. 14 Sep 1961, age: 3 weeksyr, grandson of Richard/Jane
Farrell, Richard, d. 27 Sep 1948, age: 70yr, Fraine
Farrell, Rose, no dates, age: 1yr, s/w Thomas/Margaret
Farrell, Teresa, d. 11 Feb 2005, age: 58yr, wife of Frank, (nee Curran)
Farrell, Thomas, d. 27 Feb 1966, s/w Anna/John Farrell, Fraine
Farrell, William, d. 1 Jul 1988, s/w Thomas Farrell
Farrell, William, d. 13 Aug 1965, age: 73yr, husband of Mary, Ballyfallon, Athboy
Farrell, William, d. 17 Jun 1973, age: 78yr, Husband of Annie , Frayne
Farrell, William, d. 27 Feb 2007, age: 85yr, father of Richard/Domanic
Farrelly, Elizabeth, d. 16 May 1974, Ballyfallon, Athboy
Farrelly, Eugene, d. 21 Sep 1973, Connaught Street
Farrelly, Joseph, d. 28 Jan 1975, age: 68yr, husband of Mary, Frayne
Farrelly, Mary, d. 4 Dec 1998, age: 86yr, wife of Joseph
Faulkner, John, d. 9 Feb 2001, age: 82yr, father of Patrick
Faulkner, Patrick, d. 28 Jun 1996, age: 83yr, husband of Vera, Ballyfallon, Athboy
Faulkner, Patrick, d. 29 Jan 1995, age: 41yr, Ballyfallon, Kildalkey
Faulkner, Patsy, d. 7 Jul 2006, age: 64yr, son of Patrick and Vera
Faulkner, Vera, d. 27 Jan 1998, age: 81yr, wife of Patrick
Finegan, Elsie, d. 17 Feb 2002, s/w Robert Finnegan
Finegan, Robert, d. 24 Feb 1976
Finn, Elizabeth, d. 15 May 1934, wife of John C, interred in Hill of Ward
Finn, James, d. 9 Jul 1974, husband of Nora
Finn, John C, d. 18 Sep 1931, s/w N/J/M/JC/E Finn, Athboy
Finn, Mary, d. 28 Dec 1979, sister of James
Finn, Nora, d. 9 Aug 1961, Athboy
Fitzpatrick, Angela, d. 30 Oct 1992, s/w KT/M/P/A/T Fitzpatrick and Anna Maguire
Fitzpatrick, Kathleen Theresa, d. 30 Apr 1945, age: 28yr, s/w KT/M/P/A/T Fitzpatrick and Anna Maguire, Athboy
Fitzpatrick, Mary, d. 14 May 1957, s/w KT/M/P/A/T Fitzpatrick and Anna Maguire
Fitzpatrick, Patrick, d. 21 Dec 1963, s/w KT/M/P/A/T Fitzpatrick and Anna Maguire
Fitzpatrick, Thomas, d. 13 Jan 1998, s/w KT/M/P/A/T Fitzpatrick and Anna Maguire
Flanagan, Liam, d. 3 Jan 2011, age: 60yr, Cabra Road, Dublin
Flavin, Martin, d. 8 Aug 1964, father in law and s/w John Barrett
Fleming, Anna, d. 15 Apr 1978, Daughter of James
Fleming, James, d. 23 Feb 1974, Ballyfallon, Athboy
Fleming, Julia, d. 27 Jul 1999, wife of James
Fleming, Michael Francis (Sonny), d. 18 Feb 1993, son of James Fleming
Fleming, Thomas, d. 7 Mar 2010, age: 75yr, s/w J/A/MF/J Fleming
Flood, Bridget, d. 2 Nov 1980, age: 66yr, wife of James J
Flood, James J, d. 17 Apr 1963, age: 60yr, Main Street, Athboy
Flood, Teresa, d. 17 Jun 1971, Hollybank, Athboy
Flood, Thomas, d. 11 Dec 1973, husband of Teresa
Flynn, Annie, d. 22 Mar 1984, sister and s/w Catherine Grant and Flynn
Flynn, Bridget, d. 31 Oct 1990, s/w Grant/Flynn
Flynn, Christopher, d. 21 Dec 1979, brother and s/w Catherine Grant
Flynn, Mary, d. 17 Mar 1994, s/w Grant/Flynn
Folan, Mary, d. 4 Jun 1945, age: 44yr, wife of Patrick, Rathcarne
Folan, Patrick, d. 7 Nov 1968, age: 74yr, husband of Mary
Foley Farrell, Kitty, d. 4 Jul 1997, wife of Michael Farrell
Foley, Catherine, d. 7 Aug 1967, wife of Michael Foley Snr
Foley, Mary, d. 3 Jul 1990, Pluckstown, (nee Englishby)
Foley, Michael Snr, d. 8 Mar 1967, husband of Catherine
Foley, Michael, d. 2 Oct 1944, son of Michael/Catherine
Foley, Nicolas, d. 19 Jun 1943, s/w Patrick Carey
Foley, Patrick, d. 22 Jan 1946, son of Michael /Catherine
Foster, Elizabeth, d. 13 Mar 1988, sister to John
Foster, John, d. 20 Feb 1978, Caucestown
Foster, Michael, d. 12 Dec 1985, brother to John
Foster, Patrick, d. 22 Nov 1987, Brother of John
Fox, Alice Brid, d. 13 Mar 1959, infant daughter of Bertie
Fox, Anne, d. 9 Sep 1991, age: 80yr, wife of Michael
Fox, Annie, d. 22 Jan 1981, age: 82yr
Fox, Annie, d. 29 May 1988, age: 82yr, wife of Henry
Fox, Bertie, b. 1 Oct 1918, d. 1 Oct 1993, Castletown
Fox, Catherine, d. 12 Apr 1965, age: 70yr, wife of James
Fox, Christopher, d. 26 Dec 1973, age: 77yr, Gillstown
Fox, Edward, d. 22 Jan 1964, s/w JCJPEKFTFMG Fox
Fox, Francis, d. 1 Feb 1970, father of Francis/Thomas
Fox, Francis, d. 3 Apr 1961, s/w JCJPEKFTFMG Fox, Gillstown
Fox, Gerald, d. 19 Sep 2005, brother
Fox, Henry, d. 24 Feb 1979, age: 79yr, Higginstown, Athboy
Fox, James, d. 30 Jul 1950, Connaught Street
Fox, Jane, d. 4 Dec 1955, wife of John
Fox, John Joe, d. 1 Sep 1995, age: 64yr, son of Henry/Annie
Fox, John, d. 14 Mar 1958, age: 84yr, husband of Julia
Fox, John, d. 7 Sep 1945, age: 74yr, Castletown, Athboy
Fox, John, d. 8 Oct 1991, age: 59yr, son of James/Catherine
Fox, Johnie, d. 26 Jun 1992, son of John
Fox, Julia, d. 23 Mar 1943, age: 50yr, Martinstown
Fox, Kathleen, d. 7 Mar 1985, age: 75yr, s/w JCJPEKFTFMG Fox
Fox, Margaret, d. 1 Jan 1970, mother of Francis/Thomas
Fox, Margaret, d. 23 Jan 1954, wife of Michael
Fox, Mary, d. 19 Sep 1984, age: 94yr, s/w J/J/J/P/T/M/M Fox
Fox, Matthew, d. 8 Dec 1944, age: 55yr, s/w J/J/J/P/T/M/M Fox, Grennanstown
Fox, Michael, b. 13 Feb 1948, d. 3 Mar 1948, s/w J/J/J/P/T/M/M Fox
Fox, Michael, d. 30 Jul 1957
Fox, Michael, d. 7 Dec 1973, age: 68yr, Hill of Ward
Fox, Patrick, d. 5 Nov 1960, s/w JCJPEKFTFMG Fox, Pluxtown
Fox, Patrick, d. 8 Mar 1989, son of John/Jane
Fox, Terence, b. 24 Apr 1943, d. 2 Jan 1947, s/w J/J/J/P/T/M/M Fox, Higginstown, Athboy
Fox, Thomas, d. 9 Apr 1940, brother of Francis, killed in action in Narvak
Foy, Elizabeth, d. 13 Mar 1976, age: 72yr, wife of Patrick, Connaught Street
Foy, James (Daddy Jim), d. 14 Oct 2008, s/w & s/o Mary Foley, St Joseph Villas, Athboy
Foy, Patrick, d. 14 Oct 1960, age: 64yr, husband of Elizabeth, interred in Killulagh
Fulham, Kevin, d. 22 May 1997, Castletown
Gaffney, Bridget, d. 1 Nov 1947, age: 22yr, s/w B/J/T Gaffney, Higginstown, Athboy
Gaffney, Cornelius, d. 7 Feb 1972, O'Growney St, Athboy
Gaffney, Johanna, d. 9 Apr 1973, age: 90yr, s/w B/J/T Gaffney
Gaffney, Margaret, d. 13 Oct 1988, age: 80yr, wife of Cornelius
Gaffney, Michael, b. 9 Jul 1924, d. 17 Jun 2006, Dublin and Higginstown
Gaffney, Thomas, d. 9 Feb 1975, age: 76yr, husband of Johanna
Gallagher, Paddy, d. 14 Jan 1983, son of Patrick/Rose
Gallagher, Patrick, d. 31 Dec 1979, Caucestown
Gallagher, Rose, d. 13 Nov 1979, wife of Patrick
Galvin, Annie, d. 28 Nov 1978, age: 71yr, Wife of John
Galvin, John, d. 11 Mar 1978, age: 81yr, Frayne
Galvin, John, d. 14 Sep 2011, s/w J/A
Gantley, James, d. 7 May 1966, Higginstown, Athboy
Gantley, Mary, d. 22 Jan 1971, wife of James
Gantley, Michael, d. 26 Oct 1984, s/w James/Mary Gantley
Garry, Emily, d. 2 Mar 1964, age: 65yr, s/w James
Garry, Helena, d. 2 Mar 1983, age: 63yr, s/w Thomas Farrell
Garry, James, d. 4 Jun 1953, age: 56yr, s/w Emily
Garry, Kathleen, d. 1 Oct 1973, 14 St Josephs Villas
Garry, Thomas, d. 15 Mar 1978, age: 72yr, s/w Helena, Fair Green, Athboy
Gavigan, Mary, d. 9 Jun 1949, s/w and sister Margaret O'Connell, Main Street, Athboy
Gavigan, Paddy (Paig), d. 18 Sep 2003, age: 52yr, Beechgrove
Gavigan, Peter, d. 13 Dec 1973, age: 3mo, infant son of Paddy (Paig)
Gawlik, Bridget, d. 4 Dec 2009, s/w Hoey, (nee Hoey)
Gaynor, Laurence, d. 1 Dec 1973, age: 67yr, Caucestown
Gaynor, Mary, d. 22 Mar 1994, age: 83yr, wife of Laurence
Geraghty, Andrew, d. 7 May 1964, husband of Catherine
Geraghty, Aodan, b. 26 Aug 1975, d. 13 Dec 1998, Vakanassai, India
Geraghty, Aoife, d. 29 Oct 1987, age: 14 monthsyr
Geraghty, Catherine, d. 7 Oct 1957
Geraghty, Elizabeth, d. 11 Jun 1978, daughter of Andrew
Geraghty, Family, no dates, interred in this plot, Cloran Road, Athboy
Geraghty, James, d. 6 Nov 1952, Fosterfields
Geraghty, Larry, d. 1 Feb 1990, husband of Phyllis, St Joseph's Villas, Athboy
Geraghty, Martin, d. 2 Nov 1998, son of Larry/Phyllis
Geraghty, Mary, d. 14 Apr 1975, wife of James
Geraghty, Michael, d. 4 Jun 2000, son of James/Mary
Geraghty, Phyllis, d. 28 Jan 2009, wife of Larry
Geraghty, Sean, d. ?, age: 6mo, son of Larry/Phyllis
Gibney, Anne, d. 25 Dec 1983, age: 90yr, s/w Elizabeth Foy, late of Delvin
Gillick, Margaret, d. 28 Jul 1993, age: 71yr, wife of Thomas
Gillick, Thomas, d. 4 Mar 1981, age: 59yr, 5 St James Tce, Athboy
Gilligan, Dessie, d. 28 Aug 2002, age: 67yr, s/w M/M/MA/D Gilligan
Gilligan, Mary Anne, d. 18 Nov 1974, age: 82yr, s/w M/M/MA/D Gilligan
Gilligan, Mary, d. 16 Nov 1944, Gillstown
Gilligan, Matthew, d. 12 Mar 1958, s/w M/M/MA/D Gilligan
Gilligan, Matthew, d. 21 Feb 1952, age: 24yr, s/w M/M/MA/D Gilligan, Rathmore
Gilligan, Patrick, d. 24 Oct 1949, husband of Mary
Gilroy, Julia, d. 10 Nov 1950, s/w T/J/M/R/P/P Gilroy
Gilroy, Michael, d. 11 Feb 1936, s/w T/J/M/R/P/P Gilroy, interred in Hill Of Ward
Gilroy, Patrick (Paddy), d. 12 Nov 2003, age: 74yr, 13 Park View
Gilroy, Patrick, d. 22 Dec 1962, s/w T/J/M/R/P/P Gilroy
Gilroy, Pauleen, d. 30 Jun 1965, s/w T/J/M/R/P/P Gilroy
Gilroy, Rose, d. 22 Feb 1961, s/w T/J/M/R/P/P Gilroy
Gilroy, Thomas, d. 9 Oct 1949, s/w T/J/M/R/P/P Gilroy
Gilsenan, Dr John B, b. 17 Jun 1927, d. 11 Feb 2011, husband of Tina
Gilsenan, Liam, b. 17 Sep 1999, d. 29 Aug 2004
Gilsenan, Mary, d. 23 Mar 1976, s/w Patrick
Gilsenan, Patrick P.C., d. 29 Sep 1968, s/w Mary, Higginstown, Athboy
Gilsenan, Tina, b. 3 Nov 1928, d. 8 Oct 1999, wife of Dr John B, Gleniveagh, Athboy
Gleeson, Elizabeth (Lily), d. 12 Jul 1979, wife of Michael
Gleeson, Michael, d. 5 Feb 1977
Glennon, Bridget, d. 20 Jul 1951, s/w J/B/R Glennon
Glennon, James, d. 20 May 1951, age: 83yr, s/w J/B/R Glennon, Ballyfallon, Athboy
Glennon, Michael, d. 15 May 1989, age: 53yr, Ballyfallon, Athboy
Glennon, Richard, d. 9 Sep 1960, age: 69yr, s/w J/B/R Glennon
Glynn, John, d. 14 Jan 1995, age: 102yr, husband of Mai
Glynn, Mai, d. 15 Mar 1990, age: 77yr, wife of John, formerly of Galway, 15 Castle Lawn, Athboy
Glynn, Michael, d. 19 Jan 2001, age: 76yr, s/w Bray, Chapellands, Athboy
Gogarty, Rosemary, d. 6 Jan 1996, age: 62yr, O'Growney St, Athboy
Goodman, Kathleen (Caitlan), d. 14 Dec 1998
Gordon, Seamus (Mannix), b. 2 Sep 1920, d. 2 Feb 2007
Gorman, Francis, d. 27 Nov 1959, s/w John Gorman
Gorman, John, d. 7 Jul 1943, age: 70yr, Ardeevin
Gough, Padraigh, d. 23 Dec 1991, age: bbyyr, s/w M/A/B/S/M/S/M O'Conaire agus O'Lupain/Gough
Grant, Catherine, d. 11 Nov 1977
Greville, Siobhan, d. 21 Nov 2000, age: 35yr, Inan, Hill of Down
Groarke, Tom, d. 17 Jul 1992, age: 51yr, Late Cloonfad and London
Growney, Anne, d. 3 May 1972, age: 62yr, Frayne
Growney, Christopher, d. 2 May 1938
Growney, Mary, d. 10 Dec 1937, Fraine
Growney, Patrick, d. 23 May 1954, s/w M/W/T/W/P Growney
Growney, Thomas, d. 25 May 1932, son of Mary/William
Growney, William, d. 17 Aug 1945, s/w M/W/T/W/P Growney
Growney, William, d. 22 Oct 1932, husband of Mary
Guinan, Angela, d. 1 Feb 2000, s/w A/E/M/A/E Guinan
Guinan, Anne, d. 29 Apr 1954, Athboy
Guinan, Eileen, d. 17 Jan 1998, s/w A/E/M/A/E Guinan
Guinan, Elizabeth, d. 10 Apr 1954, Daughter of Anne
Guinan, Michael, d. 10 Feb 1958, husband of Anne
Gunning, Thomas, d. 4 Oct 2001, age: 78yr
Halpin, James, d. 26 May 1983, Derrylangan
Halpin, Michael, d. 4 Sep 1991, brother of James
Halpin, Patrick, d. 30 Jul 1992, brother of James
Halton, Annie, d. 11 Mar 1998, wife of John
Halton, John, d. 6 Feb 1980, Castletown
Halton, Patrick, d. 23 Nov 2003, age: 60yr, 28 Beechgrove
Halton, Philip, d. 22 Feb 1980, brother of John
Hamilton, Joseph, d. 5 Sep 1983, husband of Margaret
Hamilton, Margaret, d. 13 Mar 1976, St Joseph's Villas, Athboy
Hanily, Frank, d. 29 Dec 1999, age: 80yr, Higginstown, Athboy
Hanily, Kathleen, d. 24 Jan 2000, wife of Frank
Hare, Joe, no dates
Harvey, Sheila, d. 14 Jan 2006, age: 84yr, Church View, Athboy
Hayes, Daniel P, d. 23 Feb 2003, age: 68yr, Barrack Lane
Haynes, Anne, d. 19 Oct 1965
Haynes, Matthew, no dates, brother of Anne
Haynes, Peggy, no dates, daughter of Anne
Healy, John, d. 20 Apr 1968, age: 51yr, Abbeylands, Castledermot
Healy, John, d. 29 Mar 1994, age: 73yr, 5 St Pauls Avenue
Healy, Kathleen, d. 10 Dec 1994, age: 74yr, wife of John Healy
Healy, Kieran (Hairy), d. 17 Mar 2010, age: 47yr, son of Nicolas/Mary
Healy, Mary, d. 6 Mar 1993, age: 73yr, wife of Nicolas
Healy, Nicolas, d. 27 Aug 1989, age: 69yr, Connaught Street
Healy, Sarah, d. 14 Mar 1976, age: 4mo, Chapellands
Herbert, James, d. 1 Jun 1980, age: 84yr, Castletown
Hesnan, Catherine, d. 28 Aug 2002, age: 96yr, wife of Thomas
Hesnan, Thomas, d. 18 Jul 1978, age: 74yr, husband of Catherine, Greenpark, Athboy
Hoey, Bridget, d. 22 Feb 1978, Wife of jJohn
Hoey, John Joe, d. 3 Jan 2006, s/w J/B/J/JJ Hoey
Hoey, John, d. 16 Jun 1970, grandson of John
Hoey, John, d. 24 Oct 1969, Kilkeelan
Holland, Angela, d. 1956, s/w T/M/A/A/J Holland, St James Tce
Holland, Annie, d. 11 Sep 1991, Daughter of Margaret/Annie
Holland, Annie, d. 5 May 1992, age: 77yr, s/w T/M/A/A/J Holland
Holland, Arthur, d. 9 Mar 1996, son of Margaret/Annie
Holland, Jack, d. 11 Nov 2000, age: 84yr, s/w T/M/A/A/J Holland
Holland, Margaret, d. 11 Oct 1952, wife of Patrick, interred in Moymet cemetery
Holland, Margaret, d. 1946, s/w T/M/A/A/J Holland, St James Tce
Holland, Patrick, d. 4 Mar 1975, age: 67yr, Ballyfallon, Athboy
Holland, Patrick, d. 9 Oct 1932, interred in old cemetery
Holland, Peggy, d. 24 Oct 1998, grand daughter of Margaret/Annie
Holland, Rose, d. 25 Sep 1998, age: 79yr, wife of Patrick
Holland, Tom, d. 1942, s/w T/M/A/A/J Holland, St James Tce
Hughes, Noel, d. 24 Nov 2008, age: 51yr, Pluckstown
Hynes, Mary, d. 16 Feb 1980, age: 79yr, wife of Patrick
Hynes, Patrick, d. 19 Sep 1978, age: 43yr, son of Patrick
Hynes, Patrick, d. 2 Dec 1959, age: 72yr, Gillstown
Jones, Alan, d. 30 Oct 2006, age: 74yr, husband of Sarah, Reunited in Love
Jones, Sarah, d. 15 May 2000, age: 70yr, Wife of Alan, Athboy
Joyce, Martin, d. 6 Dec 2002, age: 57yr, s/w Mairead Seoige
Juston, Richard, d. 21 Dec 2007, age: 60yr, His life a beautiful memory, his absence a silent grief, New Southgate, London

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