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Crossmacole Cemetery
Cushinstown, County Meath, Ireland

Take the N2 Dublin to Derry Road, through Ashbourne, then go for 5 miles and take a right turn at Kilmoon Cross on the Road to Drogheda, the graveyards is on the right hand side as you pass Dowling's Pub.

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. last edited Jul 24, 2008. Total records = 206.

Contributor's Index:

??, Infant, b. 3 Aug 1967, d. 3 Aug 1967, Gd/o Michael and Josephine Mahon, [FC]
Battersby, Ivy, d. 13 Jun 1994, age: 37yr, Moorepark, Garristown, [FC]
Brady, Christopher, d. 30 Nov 1950, s/o Francis and Kate, [FC]
Brady, Francis, d. 2 Apr 1954, h/o Kate, Cushinstown, [FC]
Brady, Kate, d. 10 Mar 1971, w/o Francis, [FC]
Brady, Patrick, d. 30 Oct 1990, s/o Francis and Kate, [FC]
Brady, Peter, d. 5 Oct 1964, s/o Francis and Kate, [FC]
Brennan, Catherine, d. 18 Jan 1970, w/o Patrick, [FC]
Brennan, Francis, d. 29 Jul 1936, s/o Patrick and Catherine, [FC]
Brennan, Patrick, d. 20 Jun 1946, h/o Catherine, [FC]
Burke, Jennette, d. 19 Jul 1999, age: 43yr, following an accident, [FC]
Byrne, Anthony, d. 18 Jan 2000, age 66yr, f/o Enda, [FC]
Byrne, Christopher, d 20 Jul 1946, h/o Teresa, [FC]
Byrne, Edna, d. 15 Mar 1997, age: 23yr, [FC]
Byrne, John, d. 25 Aug 1946, Brother-in-Law, [FC]
Byrne, John, d. 25 Jun 1999, age: 71yr, [FC]
Byrne, Mary, d. 2 Dec 1942, d/o Teresa and Christopher, [FC]
Byrne, Patricia, d. 23 Jan 2004, age: 65yr, m/o Enda Caddell, Primatestown, [FC]
Byrne, Teresa, d. 4 Dec 1955, age: 64yr, w/o Christopher, [FC]
Caffrey, John, d. 16 Aug 1938, Cushinstown, [FC]
Caffrey, Laurence, d 1902, f/o John, [FC]
Canning, Elizabeth, d. 26 Jan 1899, age: 11yr, d/o Patrick and Jane, [FC]
Canning, James, d. 30 Jun 1955, h/o Martha, [FC]
Canning, Jane, d. 19 may 1911, age: 59yr, w/o Patrick, [FC]
Canning, John, d. 12 Dec 1945, s/o Patrick and Jane, [FC]
Canning, Martha, d. 11 Dec 1911, age: 26yr, w/o James, Cushinstown, [FC]
Canning, Nora, d. 1 Jul 1953, dl/o, [FC]
Canning, Patrick, d. 28 Dec 1909, age: 63yr, h/o Jane, Cushinstown, [FC]
Canning, Patrick, d. 3 Nov 1979, age: 67yr, h/o Nora, [FC]
Carroll, Anne, d 2 Feb 1910, age 87yr, w/o Richard, [FC]
Carroll, Mary, d. 19 Apr 1930, age: 66yr, w/o Matthew, [FC]
Carroll, Matthew, d 6 May 1862, age 95yr, Riverstown, [FC]
Carroll, Matthew, d. 10 Aug 1936, age 53yr, h/o Mary, [FC]
Carroll, Richard, d. 28 Mar 1896, age: 82yr, h/o Anne, Cushinstown, [FC]
Carroll, William, d. 4 Mar 1877, s/o Matthew, [FC]
Cassells, Paddy, d. 29 Dec 1999, age 70yr, [FC]
Clarke, John, d. 5 Jun 1808, age: 49yr, [FC]
Clinch, Eleanor (Mulligan), d. 26 Apr 1751, age 40yr, [FC]
Costello, Colm, d. 16 Feb 2003, age: 41yr, Curraghtown, [FC]
Costello, James, d. 26 Apr 1964, [FC]
Dardis, John, d. 12 Dec 1998, age 28yr, Cushinstown, [FC]
Dowdall, Bernard, no dates, [FC]
Dowling, Alice, d. 15 Feb 1976, d/o Peter and Mary, [FC]
Dowling, Ann, d. 2 Sep 1982, age: 37yr, Moorepark, Garristown, [FC]
Dowling, Catherine, d. 19 Feb 1982, w/o Martin, [FC]
Dowling, Christina, d 31 Dec 1944, age 74yr, w/o Nicholas, [FC]
Dowling, Christina, d. 27 Dec 1997, d/o Peter and Mary, [FC]
Dowling, Eliza, d. 10 Nov 1893, w/o Peter, [FC]
Dowling, Elizabeth, d 12 Jan 1992, d/o Martin and Catherine, [FC]
Dowling, Elizabeth, d. 30 Mar 1995, w/o Peter, [FC]
Dowling, John Joseph, d. 20 Dec 1923, age: 23yr, s/o Nicholas and Christina, [FC]
Dowling, Margaret, d. 1 Jun 1955, age 9yr, d/o Thomas and Nora, [FC]
Dowling, Margaret, d. 22 Jul 1996, d/o Martin and Catherine, [FC]
Dowling, Margaret, m/o Peter, [FC]
Dowling, Martin, d. 24 Aug 1921, s/o Peter and Eliza, [FC]
Dowling, Mary, d. 9 Aug 1959 w/o Peter, [FC]
Dowling, Nicholas, d. 21 Jul 1931, h/o Christina, Crossmacole, [FC]
Dowling, Nora, d. 26 Mar 1996, age: 86yr, w/o Thomas, [FC]
Dowling, Patrick, d. 12 Feb 1919, s/o Peter and Eliza, [FC]
Dowling, Patrick, d. 5 May 1964, s/o Martin and Catherine, [FC]
Dowling, Patrick, f/o Peter, [FC]
Dowling, Peter, d. 10 Dec 1954, h/o Mary, Hawkinstown, [FC]
Dowling, Peter, d. 17 Apr 1982, s/o Nicholas and Christina, [FC]
Dowling, Peter, d. 24 May 1899, age: 84yr, h/o Eliza, [FC]
Dowling, Thomas, d. 1 Nov 1979, age: 67yr, h/o Nora, Coolquay, The Ward, [FC]
Dowling, Thomas, d. 2 Apr 1885, b/o Peter, [FC]
Duffy, Catherine, d. 26 Sep 1979, age: 96yr, w/o Richard, [FC]
Duffy, Richard, d 9 Mar 1962, age: 92yr, h/o Catherine, Riverstown, [FC]
Dwyer, Joseph, d. 7 Dec 1913, h/o Mary, Ballinlough, Beaupark, [FC]
Dwyer, Mary, d. 25 May 1905, w/o Joseph, [FC]
Everett, Eileen, d. 16 May 200, age: 41yr, Hawkinstown, [FC]
Farrell, Josephine, d. 5 Jan 1968, d/o Thomas and Margaret, [FC]
Farrell, Julia, d. 24 Jun 1981, d/o Thomas and Margaret, [FC]
Farrell, Margaret, d. 18 Mar 1922, w/o Thomas, [FC]
Farrell, Thomas, d. 27 May 1918, h/o Margaret, [FC]
Forde, Christopher, d. 3 Jan 1974, Kilmoon, [FC]
Forde, Christopher, no dates, f/o Christopher, [FC]
Forde, Emily, no dates, m/o Christopher, [FC]
Forde, Lily, no dates, s/o Christopher, [FC]
Fowler, Bridget, d. 20 Oct 1927, age: 76yr, w/o Thomas, [FC]
Fowler, Elizabeth, d. 14 Dec 1983, age 87yr, w/o Thomas, [FC]
Fowler, Patrick, d. 4 Dec 1999, age: 75yr, [FC]
Fowler, Thomas, d. 11 Feb 2003, age: 82yr, [FC]
Fowler, Thomas, d. 22 Feb 1916, age: 104yr, h/o Bridget, Kilmoon, [FC]
Fowler, Thomas, d. 5 Feb 1936, b/o Catherine, [FC]
Fowler, Thomas, d. 6 Jul 1953, age: 75yr, s/o Thomas and Bridget, [FC]
Gargan, Bridget, no dates, m/o John, Rathfeigh, [FC]
Gargan, James, no dates, f/o John, Rathfeigh, [FC]
Gargan, John Daniel, no dates, Piercetown, b/o William, [FC]
Gargan, John, d. Aug 1995, age: 71yr, s/o James and Bridget, [FC]
Gargan, William, no dates, Piercetown, b/o John Daniel, [FC]
Gavin, Eliza, no dates, m/o Michael, [FC]
Gavin, Mary, no dates, w/o Michael, [FC]
Gavin, Michael, d. 12 Dec 1880, h/o Eliza, [FC]
Gavin, Thomas, no dates, f/o Michael, [FC]
Gough, Alicia, d. 18 Apr 1972, age: 55yr, w/o John, Moneyhill, [FC]
Gough, John, d. 26 Jul 1984, age: 90yr, h/o Alicia, [FC]
Gough, Noel, d. 21 Jun 1997, age: 20yr, Garristown (following an accident), [FC]
Howard, Maria O'Connor, d. 23 Aug 2002, age: 41yr, died tragically, Interred Kemps Creek Australia, [FC]
Kavanagh, Andrew, d. 14 Jun 1892, age: 71yr, h/o Mary, Cushinstown, [FC]
Kavanagh, Andrew, d. 30 Jan 1945, h/o Bridget, [FC]
Kavanagh, Bridget, d. 17 Dec 1974, w/o Andrew, [FC]
Kavanagh, Mary, d. 9 Feb 1915, age 75yr, w/o Andrew, [FC]
Mahon, Josephine, d. 25 May 1984, w/o Michael, [FC]
Mahon, Michael, d. 24 Jan 1964, h/o Josephine, Primatestown, [FC]
Mahon, Michael, d. 27 Feb 1999, age: 43yr, [FC]
McCormack, Margaret, d. 8 Mar 1939, d/o Andrew and Mary, [FC]
McGovern, Bernard, d. 11 Sep 1929, s/o Bernard and Margaret, [FC]
McGovern, Bride, d. 19 Dec 1928, d/o Bernard, [FC]
McGovern, Ellen, d. 27 Feb 1958, w/o John, [FC]
McGovern, John, d. 28 Nov 1962, h/o Ellen, [FC]
McGovern, Lissie, d. 9 Aug 1954, w/o Patrick, [FC]
McGovern, Patrick, d. 14 Dec 1900, h/o Lissie, [FC]
Mooney, Anne, d. 29 Apr 2003, age: 84yr, w/o Matthew, [FC]
Mooney, Matthew, d. 12 Nov 1983, age: 62yr, h/o Anne, Cushinstown, [FC]
Mooney, Pat, d. 28 Apr 1999, age 50yr, Kilmoon Cross, [FC]
Moss, Peter, d. 2 Aug 1998, age: 55yr, Millbanks, [FC]
Nash, Michael, d. 28 Jul 1962, h/o Sara, [FC]
Nash, Sara, d. 23 Dec 1968, w/o Michael, [FC]
O'Brien, James, d. 28 Jan 1946, [FC]
O'Brien, Thomas, d. Jan 1936, [FC]
O'Connor, Bertha, d. 5 Jan 1968, [FC]
O'Connor, Ellen Patricia, d. 8 Jul 1945, [FC]
O'Connor, Ester, no dates, m/o Patrick, [FC]
O'Connor, Kevin (Sport), d. 23 Sep 2001, age: 35yr, Cushinstown, [FC]
O'Connor, Laurence, d. 10 Feb 1942, h/o Mary Jane, [FC]
O'Connor, Mary Jane, d. 19 Nov 1953, w/o Laurence, [FC]
O'Connor, Mary Teresa, d. 10 Aug 1952, d/o Laurence and Mary Jane, [FC]
O'Connor, Maura, d. 1 Oct 1997, dil/o Laurence and Mary Jane, [FC]
O'Connor, Patrick, d 16 Dec 1952, h/o Rose, [FC]
O'Connor, Patrick, d. 28 Oct 1920, [FC]
O'Connor, Patrick, d. 4 Mar 1986, [FC]
O'Connor, Rose, d. 19 Jan 1956, w/o Patrick, [FC]
O'Connor, Thomas, no dates, f/o Patrick, [FC]
O'Reilly, Charles B, d. 3 Apr 1986, Moorepark, Garristown, [FC]
O'Reilly, John, d. 18 Sep 1989, gs/o Patrick and Ellen Patricia, [FC]
Pentony, Annie, d. 21 Oct 1905, age: 21yr, Daughter, [FC]
Pentony, James, d. 2 Apr 1967, age: 87yr, [FC]
Pentony, Jane, d. 1 Mar 1969, age: 83yr, [FC]
Pentony, John, d. 29 May 1931, age: 86yr, [FC]
Pentony, Kate, d. 9 Nov 1897, age 20yr, d/o Michael, [FC]
Pentony, Margaret, d. 21Jan 1953, age 74yr, [FC]
Pentony, Michael, d. 17 Feb 1951, age: 75yr, [FC]
Pentony, Michael, d. 27 Oct 1991, age 51yr, [FC]
Pentony, Michael, d. 5 Apr 1919, age: 78yr, [FC]
Pentony, Robert (Bobby), d. 29 Sep 1990, age: 15yr, (Tragically Killed), [FC]
Pentony, Son Patrick, d. 4 Mar 1898, age 24yr, s/o Michael, [FC]
Pentony, Son William, d. 9 Feb 1938, [FC]
Pentony, Wife Kate, d. 3 Jan 1928, age: 82yr, [FC]
Plunkett, John, d. 18 May 1921, s/o Patrick, [FC]
Plunkett, Mary, d. 7 Mar 1932, w/o Patrick, Moore St, Dublin, also 3 children who died young, [FC]
Plunkett, Patrick, d. 2 Apr 1888, of Hawkinstown,, [FC]
Plunkett, Rose, d. 23 Mar 1914, w/o Patrick, [FC]
Power, Joseph, d. 25 Oct 1932, f/o Teresa, [FC]
Reilly, Bridget, d. 20 Apr 1943, s/o Patrick, [FC]
Reilly, Edward, d. 6 Nov 1868, age: 70yr, h/o Rose, Cushinstown, [FC]
Reilly, Margaret Mag, d. 11 Jun 1985, age 71yr, w/o Philip (Phil), [FC]
Reilly, Philip (Phil), d. 22 Sep 1945, age: 36yr, h/o Margaret (Mag), Adamstown. Garristown, [FC]
Reilly, Rose, d. 20 May 1875, age: 74yr, w/o Edward, [FC]
Russell, Bridget, d. 24 Aug 1940, age: 70yr, w/o Patrick, [FC]
Russell, James, d. 7 Jan 1980, age: 73yr, h/o Mary, [FC]
Russell, Jane (Janey), d. 13 Apr 1988, Drogheda, [FC]
Russell, Mary, d. 10 Jan 1980, age 66yr, w/o James, [FC]
Russell, Mary, d. 21 May 1986, age 85yr, Cushinstown, [FC]
Russell, Patrick, d. 17 Feb 1927, age: 52yr, h/o Bridget, [FC]
Russell, Patrick, d. 19 May 1926, age: 26yr, s/o Patrick and Bridget, [FC]
Russell, Thomas, d. 11 Nov 1999, age: 52yr, [FC]
Russell, Thomas, d. 5 Jan 1978, age 80yr, s/o Patrick and Bridget, [FC]
Sheridan, Annie, d. 19 Jun 1937, gd/o Thomas and Margaret, [FC]
Tierney, Andrew, d. 28 Jul 1960, s/o Patrick and Mary, [FC]
Tierney, Bridget, d. 29 Aug 1932, w/o Richard, [FC]
Tierney, Kathleen, d. 1 Nov 1945, Grandchild, [FC]
Tierney, Mary, d. 28 Apr 1958, w/o Patrick, [FC]
Tierney, Patrick, d. 15 Nov 1939, h/o Mary, Crinatestown, [FC]
Tierney, Richard, d. 14 Jul 1963, s/o Patrick and Mary, [FC]
Tierney, Rose, no dates, [FC]
Tierney, William, d. 4 Jul 1978, s/o Richard and Bridget, [FC]
Wall, Annie, d. 2 May 1989, d/o Christopher and Catherine, [FC]
Wall, Catherine, d. 26 Jan 1948, d/o Christopher and Catherine, [FC]
Wall, Catherine, d. 26 Jul 1943, age 79yr, w/o Christopher, [FC]
Wall, Christina, d 22 Oct 1899, age: 5yr, d/o Christopher and Catherine, [FC]
Wall, Christopher, d. 27 Feb 1947, age: 81yr, h/o Mary Wall, Patrick, d. 8 May 1961, age: 61yr, s/o Christopher and Mary, [FC]
Wall, Christopher, d. 28 May 1961,age: 57yr, h/o Mary (Dolly), Cushinstown, [FC]
Wall, Christopher, d. 5 Jun 1990, age: 78yr, s/o Christopher and Mary, [FC]
Wall, Christopher, d. 6 Aug 1924, age: 64yr, h/o Catherine, Dublin, [FC]
Wall, James, d. 19 May 1898, Son of John and Mary, [FC]
Wall, John, d. 8 Dec 1874, h/o Mary, Cushinstown, [FC]
Wall, Mary (Dolly), d 10 Jan 1989, age: 82yr, w/o Christopher, [FC]
Wall, Mary, d. 11 Jul 1940, age: 64yr, w/o Christopher, [FC]
Wall, Mary, d. 4 Oct 1896, Wife of John, four of their children died young, [FC]
Wall, Patrick, d. 28 Apr 1957, s/o Christopher and Catherine, [FC]
Wall. Jane, d. 11 May 1960, d/o Laurence, [FC]
Wall. Laurence, d. 7 Sep 1907, [FC]
Walsh, Bridget, d. 15 Aug 1905, age: 82yr, w/o William, [FC]
Walsh, Francis, d. 31 May 1918, s/o William and Bridget, [FC]
Walsh, Patrick, d. 17 Oct 1922, s/o William and Bridget, [FC]
Walsh, William, d. 11 Oct 1875, age: 65yr, h/o Bridget, Hawkinstown, [FC]
White, John, d. 6 Nov 1920, age: 24yr, s/o Mary, [FC]
White, Mary, d. 2 Oct 1918, age: 47yr, five children died young), [FC]
Wogan, Mary, d. 19 Aug 1886, d/o Patrick Plunkett, [FC]
Wogan, Patrick, d. 8 Aug 1890, age: 5yr, s/o Mary, [FC]
Woods, Mary, d. 1 Jan 1970, w/o William, [FC]
Woods, William, d. 8 May 1994, h/o Mary, [FC]
Yourell, John Joseph, d. 21 Jun 1998, age: 83yr, Irishtown, The Ward, [FC]
Yourell, John, d. 14 Dec 1918, h/o Mary, [FC]
Yourell, Mary, d. 26 May 1966, w/o John, [FC]

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