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Saint Patrick Churchyard Ardagh, County Longford, Ireland
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Saint Patrick Churchyard
Ardagh, County Longford, Ireland

Contributed by Anna Ryan, Apr 02, 2005 [annaryan001@hotmail.com]. Total records = 44.

This Church of Ireland burial site is situated southeast of Longford town off the N. 4.

Ardagh is a Heritage Town. Beautifully restored, and it has connections with Oliver Goldsmith.

This is a Church of Ireland burial site under the Diocese of Ardagh. There is another Catholic Cemetery in this town.

I walked and read this cemetery in March of 2005. This includes all existing and legible headstones. There may be others without markers. It is a small cemetery.

- Anna Ryan

Barry, Mary W., d. 20 Nov 1883, age: 23yr
Bradley, Martha ?, d. 23 Dec. ?, age: 22yr, wife of Bernard, Navan
Callen, Michael, d. 21 Mar 1863, , ereted by his son Peter
Clynton, Edward, d. 9 Feb 1830, age: 68yr, husband of Margaret
Connor, Patrick, d. 2 Mar 1852, age: 28yr, son of Michael, Cross
Cormick, Patrick, d. 4 Mar 1867, age: 16yr, Grandymore
Dolen, Michael, d. 9 Oct 1832, grandson of John Murray
Donohe, Catherine (Sulibin), d. 28 Apr 1893, age: 49yr, wife of Patrick
Donohe, Patrick, d. 7 May 1852, age: 78yr, husband of Catherine
Donohue, Bernard, d. 4 Jun 1873, age: 8yr, brother of Mary & Margaret
Donohue, Catherine, d. cannot read , wife of Patrick
Donohue, Margaret, d. 19 Dec 18?, sister of Bernard & Mary
Donohue, Mary, d. 16 Nov 1872, age: 17yr, sister of Bernard & Margaret
Donohue, Patrick, d. Mar 1858, age: 25 ?yr, husband of Catherine
Dooney, Ann, d. 18 May 1892, wife of Michael
Dooney, Hugh, d. 23 Mar 1832, age: 50yr, husband of Ann, Carpongamoy ?
Dooney, Michael, d. 1836, son of Hugh
Doyle, Bridget (Connor), d. 4 Jan 1843, age: 66yr, mother of James
Doyle, James, d. 9 Jun 1843, age: 35yr, son of Bridget
Duffy, Bridget, d. 2 Apr 1835, age: 46yr,
Fallon, Eliza, d. 26 Jun 1873, age: 40yr, wife of James
Fallon, James, d. 30 Jun 1823, age: 66yr, husband of Eliza, Ardagh
Farrell, Ann, d. 1 Jun 1820, age: 58yr, Doona
Farrell, Annie (Doona), d. I Jun 1890, age: 38?yr,
Farrell, Garret, d. 4 Jan 1823, father of John, Cool ?
Farrell, Luke, d. 25 Jan 1823, father of Rodger
Farrell, Mary (Lyons), d. 30 Jun 1831, wife of Rodger
Farrell, Mary, d. 15 Jun 1816, age: 30yr, daughter of Michael
Farrell, Michael, d. 11 Feb 1856, age: 51yr, father of Mary
Farrell, Rodger, d. 25 Oct 1830, husband of Mary, erected by her brother John Lyons of Arboughly
Farrell, William, d. 20 Apr 1868, age: 60yr, Longford, erected by his wife Mary Farrell alias Green
Feehey, Bridget (Kenny), d. 24 Apr 1841, age: 54yr, wife of Thomas
Flood, Bernard, d. 7 Feb 1875, age: 74yr, Glynn, "erected by his son Rev. Michael Flood, Diocese of Erie, Pennsylvania U.S.A."
Keenan, Edward, d. 23 Aug 1821, age: 25yr,
Keenan, Margaret, d. 25 Apr 1820, age: 16yr,
Kennedy, John, d. 28 Apr. 1900, age: 61yr,
Kenny, George, d. 15 Sep 1838, age: 62yr, husband of Jane and father of George
Maher, Patrick, d. 7 ? Feb 1883, age: 75yr,
McLaughlin, Patrick, d. 28 Jun 1838, Crofshey ?
Murray, John, d. 8 May 1830, age: 62yr, grandfather of Michael Dolen
Phillips, Elizabeth, d. Nov 1896, age: 50yr, Corboy
Rogers, Mary (Coyn), d. 20 May 1823, age: 79yr, , erected by her brother Edwan Maher
Ward, Matthew, d. 20 Dec 1833, age: 69yr,
Worthington Gwynne, Kate, d. 1 Sep 1870, age: 13yr, sister of John Stoker & Henry Gwynanne

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