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Trafalgar Cemetery
Gibraltar, United Kingdom

This cemetery, which can be found in the middle of town, was established in 1798 and first known as the Southport Ditch Cemetery. It was used for burials until 1814 when it fell into disuse. In later years it became the Trafalgar Cemetery, even though most of those dying from that battle were buried at sea.

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Aug 28, 2008. Total records = 68.

Contributor's Index:

Adams, George Green, d. 16 Apr 1808, age: 47yr, s/o the late Clerk to the Cheque to His Majesty's board of ordnance, [FS]
Anderson, Edward, d. 4 Feb 1809, age: 5yr, s/o Lt. W Anderson. RBA Corps, [FS]
Best, Thomas, d. 6 Oct 1813, age: 30yr, 26th Regiment, [FS]
Bolton, Charlotte, b. Minarcaand, d. 2 May 1800, age: 36yr, w/o Mr Thomas Bolton of the Naval Victory Office, d/o Mr Thomas Fawcett, Clerk of the Cheque in the ordnance office.", [FS]
Boyd, Mary, no dates, age: 1yr 2m, d/o William, [FS]
Boyd, William Alexander, no dates, age: 2m, s/o William, [FS]
Boyd, William, d. 27 Nov 1810, f/o William Alexander and Mary, [FS]
Boyd, William, d. 6 Jun 1801, age: 15m, s/o William and Ann, [FS]
Buckland, John, d. 23 Nov 1810, buried with Thomas Worth, [FS]
Burke, Edmund, d. 16 Aug 1801?, s/o Lt. John Burke 1st RVB, [FS]
Burke, John, d. Apr 1808, age: 30yr, Lt of H.M. 61st Regiment of Foot, [FS]
Cane, Henry, d. 17 Nov 1800, age: 22yr, 16th Regiment of Foot, Captain, [FS]
Caulfield, Edward Hunt, d. 21 Feb 1808, age: 21yr, [FS]
Classon, Henry Maxwell, d. 19 Nov 1813, age: 5yr 4m, s/o Henry Classon, [FS]
Clougher, H. P., d. 24 Dec 1804, age: 20yr, 2nd Queens Royal Regiment of Foot, [FS]
Colestrean(m), Hen., d. 29 Oct 1804, age: 28yr, 2nd Queens Regiment, [FS]
Connel, John, d. 22 Aug 1812, age: 56yr, After serving 40 years, Quarter Master, [FS]
Cuinse, John Carter, d. 7 Nov 180?, age: 22yr, Lieutenant, [FS]
Culloden, Cha., d. 28 Oct 1802, age: 24yr, 2nd Queens Regiment, Lieutenant, [FS]
Curtin, Joseph, d. 30 Sep 1815, age: 50yr, 7th Royal Vet Batt, [FS]
Eallen, Pat., d. 30 Oct 1802, age: 20yr, 2nd Queens Regiment, [FS]
Ellison, Henry Fitzgibbon, b. Letterkenny, Donegal, d. 21 Nov 1804, age: 22yr, Royal Artillery, [FS]
Finney, Anne, d. 6 Jul 1804, age: 4yr 8m, d/o Hamilton Finney. Quarter Master 64th Regiment of Foot, [FS]
Flack, Jane, d. 3 Jun 1807, age: 49yr, w/o Captain Flack 1st RVB, [FS]
Forster, Lt William, d. 21 Oct 1805, age: 20yr, Late of His Majesty's Ship "Colossus", battle of Trafalgar, [FS]
Fortesque, W. L., d. 25 Sep 1810, age: 28yr, [FS]
Gleed, Ben, d. 20 Oct 1804, age: 23yr, 10th Regiment of Foot, Lieutenant, [FS]
Grave, William, d. 6 Jul 1801, age: 38yr, Master of HMS Ceaser, battle of Algeziras, [FS]
Griffiths, J. W., d. 22 Oct 1804, age: 19yr, Queens Royal Regiment of Foot, Malignant Fever, [FS]
Halls, Sidney Hollis, d. 20 Oct 1804 Gibraltar, age: 19yr, 1st Lt. Royal Artillery, [FS]
Hepenstall, William, d. 10 Jan 1809, Captain in His Majesty's Royal Navy, [FS]
Hughes, S. S., d. 1808, age: 32yr, Captain Royal Regiment of Artillery, [FS]
Kennedy, Henry, d. Feb 1788, [FS]
Liebvrbesove?, James, d. 29 Apr 1812, age: 38yr, [FS]
Lihow, Thomas Jr, d. Sep 1812, age: 33yr, [FS]
Lowe, Hudson, d. 10 Oct 1801, age: 70yr, [FS]
Massey, Joseph, d. 23 Oct 1804, age: 19yr, 13th Regiment of Foot, [FS]
Miethmann, Charles, d. 8 Sep 1792, age: 33yr, [FS]
Montre, William Robert, d. 10 Nov 1799, age: 19yr, 18th Royal Regiment Ireland, [FS]
Mullen, John, d. 11 Nov 1809, age: 51yr, 4th RVB, Lieutenant, [FS]
Norman, Thomas, d. 6 Dec 1805 Naval Hospital, age: 36yr, Captain Royal Marine Corps on His Majesty's Ship "Mars", [FS]
Parsonage, John, d. 12 Oct 1804, age: 48yr, Captain 1st Royal Regiment of Foot, Town Mayor, [FS]
Philipp, Richard Horatio, d. 11 Feb 1800, age: 24yr?, Purser of His Majesty's Ship "Experiment", [FS]
Ragland, Thomas Caietan, d. 17 Oct 1814, age: 29yr, Malignant Fever, [FS]
Rudyard, Lt Col, d. 10 Oct 1816, Corps of Royal Engineers, [FS]
Scott, M. T., d. 1 Apr 1809, age: 32yr, 1st Battalion 61st Regiment, Captain, [FS]
Shepperd, Henry Edward Andrew, d. 24 Oct 1813, age: 20yr, Deputy Assistant Commissary General to the forces, [FS]
Smith, Charlotte, d. 11 Jan 1809, age: 12m, d/o John Smith, [FS]
Smith, John, d. 11 Jan 1809, age: 32yr, Father of John and Charlotte, [FS]
Smith, Joseph, d. Jan 180?, age: 3yr 3mo, s/o John Smith, [FS]
Terry, George, d. 22 Mar 1769, age: 48yr, [FS]
Toye, Gulielmus, d. 7 Jan 1801, age: 61yr, [FS]
Toye, Marianne, d. 23 Mar 1814, age: 23days, d/o William Toye, [FS]
Tribe, Richard, d. 25 May 1811, age: 30yr, Captain 82nd Regiment of Foot, [FS]
Tulloch, Ann, d. 3 Oct 1812, age: 32yr, w/o Lt. Tulloch, [FS]
Usher, William, d. 29 Mar 1796, age: 25yr, Late Captain of 64th Regiment of Foot, [FS]
Walker, Amelia, d. 24 Mar 1812, age: 2mo 19da, d/o Lt. Walker 4th RVB, [FS]
Wilcot, Agnes, no dates, [FS]
Wilkinson, Arthur, d. 30 Nov 1804, [FS]
Wilkinson, John, d. 8 Nov 1804, age: 42yr, [FS]
Williams, Jane, d. 15 Oct 1769, age: 14m, d/o John Williams, [FS]
Williams, John, d. 6 Jun 1738, age: 37yr, f/o John Williams, [FS]
Williams, John, d. 8 Oct 1769, age: 43yr, s/o John Williams, [FS]
Wilson, A, d. 19 Jan 1805, age: 30yr, Royal Marine, Lieutenant, [FS]
Wilson, James, d. 16 May 1808, age: 54yr, Shipwright, [FS]
Wilson, James, d. 28 Sep 1807, age: 65yr, Lieut 1st Royal Veteran Battalion, served his country upwards of 49 years. Erected by his widow and six children, [EM]
Winterbourne, Henry, d, [FS]
Worth, Thomas, d. 23 Nov 1810, killed by the same shot while directing the Howitzer boats in an attack on the enemy's flotilla in Cadiz Bay, buried with John Buckland, [FS]
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