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Saint John the Baptist Churchyard
Wolvey, Warwickshire, England

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 93.

Contributor's Index:

Astley, Aegidius, d. 24 Feb 1666, age 63yr, s/o Thomas Astley de Wolvey, [TD]
Astley, Alice, no dates, w/o Giles Lord Astley, [TD]
Astley, Catherine, d. Dec 1603, w/o Thomas, tomb in the chapel, [TD]
Astley, Johannes, d. 1702, [TD]
Astley, John Esq, d. 11 Dec 1902, age: 54yr, h/o Elizabeth Tayler of Ansty, late Lord of this Mannor, f/o 2 sons and 3 dau, [TD]
Astley, Thomas, Dec 1603, s/o Georgii and his wife Catherine, tomb in the chapel, [TD]
Bailes, Francis, d. 11 Jan 1759, age 61yr, [TD]
Bailey, Ann, d. 19 Jul 1894, age 71yr, Beloved w/o George, [TD]
Bailey, Eliza, d. 24 Sep 1916, age 64yr d/o George and Ann, [TD]
Bailey, Emma, d. 24 Aug 1914, age 80yr, w/o William, [TD]
Bailey, George, d. 14 Jun 1912, age 89yr, h/o Ann, [TD]
Bailey, William, d. 29 Aug 1913 Coventry, age 79yr, of Wolvey, h/o Emma, [TD]
Bent, Thomas, d. 27 Jun 1733, age 41yr, [TD]
Bindley, Mary Ann, b. 1792 died 1873, w/o Edward Bindley, younger d/o the Late Thomas Winterton of Wolvey Grange, [TD]
Boone, Martha, d. 10 Jun 1786, age 66yr, w/o George Boone, [TD]
Clmentson, Charlotte, d. 27 Sep 1871, age 78yr, w/o John the Vicar, [TD]
Clmentson, John (sic), d. 24 Jan 1859, age 74, Vicar of this Parish for 28yr, with his wife Charlotte, [TD]
Collins, Elizabeth, d. 12 Aug 1827, age 58yr, w/o John, d/o John and Mary Weightman,, [TD]
Collins, Mary, d. 11 Oct 1800, age 25yr, [TD]
Collins, Samuel, d. 7 Dec 1857, age 68yr, Gent. of Great Claybrook, county of Leicester, [TD]
Cotton, John, d. 11 Jan 1705, age 28yr, s/o John and Hannah, [TD]
Cotton, Thomas, d. 15 Feb 1732, age 24yr, s/o John and Hannah, [TD]
Cotton, William, d. 16 May 1757, age 32yr, s/o John and Hannah, [TD]
Crowshaw, Mary, d. 21 Jul 1745, age ?27yr, w/o James, d/o Thomas and Elizabeth Drought of Bramcote, [TD]
De Erdenton, Joan, no dates, w/o Sir Henry de Erdenton, [TD]
Drought, Ann, d. 9 Dec 1743, age 19yr, 4th d/o Thomas and Elizabeth, [TD]
Drought, Elizabeth, d. 21 Jun 1767, age 69yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Drought, Elizabeth, d. 26 Feb 1729, age 4yr, d/o Thomas and Elizabeth of Bramcote, [TD]
Drought, Thomas, d. 6 Feb 1762, age 78yr, late of Bramcote, h/o Elizabeth, [TD]
Esther Ann, d. 17 May 1906, age 67yr, w/o George, [TD]
Frazier, Mrs Grevill, d. 14 Jun 1714, age: 84yr, bur. in the church, [TD]
Frazier, Rev Mr. Thomas, d. 06 Feb 1718, age: 81yr, Minister of this Parish for 48yr, bur. in the church, [TD]
French, Thomas, d. 5 Mar 1824, age 90yr, [TD]
Hopkins, Mary, d. 11 Sep 1826, age 59yr, w/o Simon, [TD]
Hopkins, Simon, d. 30 Apr 1841, age 83yr, [TD]
Jacques, Richard Spooner, b. 26 Apr 1743, d. 30 Jan 1811, Esq. of Sketchley, Sherriff for the County of Leics, [TD]
John Winterton, d. 24 Mar 1809, age 18yr, s/o Thomas and Elizabeth of Wolvey Grange, [TD]
Knight, Alice, no dates, w/o Thomas de Wolvey, d/o Clinton of Badsley, [TD]
Knight, Thomas de Wolvey, no dates, with wife Alice, [TD]
Noakes, Dr. Benjamin, d. 24 Dec 1864, age 71yr, Leicester Grange, [TD]
Ries, John, b. 1754, d. 14 Apr 1846, age 92yr, Cawston Grange, Dunchurch, Master of the School for 30yr, [TD]
Rowley, Catherine, d. 12 May 1853, age 37yr, with her husb Willoughby, [TD]
Rowley, Joseph, d. 12 Oct 1853, age 27yr, s/o Richard and Jane, stabbed to death, [TD]
Rowley, Willoughby, d. 14 Jul 1894, age 80yr, h/o Catherine, [TD]
Scotten, Margaret, d. 8 Apr 1705, age 66yr, w/o Thomas Scotten, [TD]
Scotten, Thomas, d. 05 Nov 1723, age 84yr, [TD]
Tookey, Jane, d. 9 Dec 1851, age 65yr, w/o Samuel, [TD]
Tookey, Richard, d. 21 Dec 1845, s/o Samuel and Jane, of H.M. Light Dragoons, killed in action at Ferozoshuhur, [TD]
Tookey, Thomas, d. 12 Nov 1844, age 33yr, s/o Samuel and Jane, [TD]
Weightman, Richard, d. 2 Aug 1838, age 65yr, of Weston Hill, late of Bramcote, [TD]
Weightman, John, d. 15 Apr 1839, age 68yr, late of Barnacle, [TD]
Weightman, John, d. 15 Mar 1788, age 45yr, h/o Mary, [TD]
Weightman, Mary his wife, d. 7 May 1860, age 69yr, w/o Thomas Drought, [TD]
Weightman, Mary, d. 22 Jan 1811, age 63yr, w/o John, [TD]
Weightman, Sarah, d. 21 Oct 1853, age 76yr, late of Bramcote, [TD]
Weightman, Thomas Drought, d. 21 Apr 1845, age 59yr, late of Bramcote, h/o Mary, [TD]
William Dawson, d. 1 Jun 1788, age 41yr, [TD]
Winterton, Margaret, d. 24 Apr 1815, age 3yr, d/o Thomas and Mary of Wolvey Lodge also William, s/o Thomas and Mary, d. 19 Apr 1818, age 2yr, [TD]
Winterton, Ann, d. 21 Dec 1816, age 30yr, late w/o William of Wolvey Hall, also infants, [TD]
Winterton, Ann, d. 25 Jul 1873, age 65yr, relict of Willoughby Winterton of Wolvey Grange (A second marriage?), [TD]
Winterton, Elizabeth, d. 6 Aug 1849, age 73yr, eldest d/o William and Mary of Wolvey Hall, [TD]
Winterton, Elizabeth, d. 9 May 1838, age 17yr, d/o Richard Ralph and Mary Anne of Copston Grange, also Mary Anne, [TD]
Winterton, Elizabeth, no dates, A broken slab lies underneath Thomas' tomb for Elizabeth, unable to see inscription, [TD]
Winterton, Francis Jane, d. 2 Jan 1836, age 25yr, second d/o Thomas and Jane of Hinckley, [TD]
Winterton, Infant, 31 Oct 1816, stillborn, d/o Ralph and Mary, [TD]
Winterton, Infant, d. 29 Sep 1813, d/o Ralph and Mary Winterton of Sketchley, Leics, [TD]
Winterton, Infants, no dates, 2 children bur. by and of Ann, [TD]
Winterton, Jane, d. 19 Sep 1839, age 61yr, with Thomas her husb., [TD]
Winterton, John William, died in infancy, s/o Ralph and Mary, [TD]
Winterton, Lucy, d. 24 May 1869, age 79yr, relict of William Winterton of Wolvey hall, [TD]
Winterton, Margaret, d. 18 Oct 1844, age 44yr, w/o Willoughby Winterton of Wolvey Grange, [TD]
Winterton, Mary Anne, d. 15 Feb 1839, age 22yr, d/o Richard Ralph and Mary Anne, [TD]
Winterton, Mary, b. 16 Feb 1781, d. 13 Mar 1854 and John Wm, w/o Ralph, [TD]
Winterton, Mary, d. 19 Apr 1819, age 69yr, w/o William, [TD]
Winterton, Mary, d. 24 Mar 1864, age 78yr, w/o Thomas of Wolvey Lodge, [TD]
Winterton, Mrs. Jane, d. 21 Sep 1839, age 61yr, second d/o Joseph Gilbert of Ansty, [TD]
Winterton, Ralph, b. 2 Jul 1770, d. 3 Jun 1819, late of Sketchley Hall, also Mary his wife, [TD]
Winterton, Ralph, d. 24 Sep 1835, age 17yr, s/o Richard Ralph and Mary Anne of Copston Grange, also William, [TD]
Winterton, Richard Ralph, d. 21 Apr 1836, age 44yr, of Copston Grange, [TD]
Winterton, Sarah, d. 1 May 1834, age 14yr, fifth d/o Thomas and Jane, [TD]
Winterton, Thomas Stephen, d. 1 Sep 1851, age 25yr, s/o Willoughby and Margaret Winterton, [TD]
Winterton, Thomas, d. 17 Jan 1822, age 66yr, Gent. of Wolvey Grange, a tomb, [TD]
Winterton, Thomas, d. 18 Nov 1838, age 55yr of Wolvey Lodge, [TD]
Winterton, Thomas, d. 27 Oct 1846, age 64yr, h/o Jane, of Hinckley, [TD]
Winterton, William, d. 19 Jan 1849, age 73yr, of Wolvey Hall, [TD]
Winterton, William, died 1824, in infancy, [TD]
Wright, Eliza, d. 11 May 1884, age 54yr, w/o John, [TD]
Wright, Ann Cox, d. 13 Jul 1881, age 73yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Wright, George, d. 1 Jan 1912, age 74yr, h/o Esther Ann, [TD]
Wright, John, d. 10 Nov 1890, age 56yr,of Wolvey, also his wife Louisa, [TD]
Wright, Louisa, d. 7 Jul 1888, age 54yr, [TD]
Wright, Thomas, d. 26 Jun 1875, age 68yr, h/o Ann Cox, [TD]
Wright, William, d. 7 Oct 1847, age 2mo, [TD]


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