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Nightingale Cemetery
Godalming, Surrey, England

Tel: Office: 01483 523575
Cemetery Supervisor: 01483 421559

This is the old cemetery at Nightingale Road, which is now closed to burials. This cemetery is maintained by the Joint Burial Committee, of the Godalming Town Council.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 61.

Contributor's Index:

Alderton, William, b. Feb 4 1808, d. Jun 14 1887, brother in law of, s/w William Mansfield, [KE]
Benson, Henry, b. Feb 7 1830, d. Apr 26 1890, [KE]
Burrell, Edward Franklin, d. Jan 3 1910, age: 70yr, s/w Emily Burrell, [KE]
Burrell, Emily, d. Jul 14 1881, age: 38yr, s/w Edward Franklin Burrell, [KE]
Burrell, Jane, d. Sept 16 1877, age: 56yr, beloved wife of James Burrell, s/w Mary Jane Burrell, [KE]
Burrell, Mary Jane, d. Aug 18 1951, age: 86yr, s/w Jane Burrell (mother), [KE]
Caesar, Jane, b. 1829, d. 1874, s/w Julius Caesar, [KE]
Caesar, Julius, b. Mar 25 1830, d. Mar 5 1878, s/w Jane Caesar, [KE]
Carpenter, Ann, d. 24 Feb 1935, dearly loved wife, s/w Thomas Carpenter, [KE]
Carpenter, Thomas, d. Sept 23 1928, son of T G Carpenter, s/w Ann Carpenter, [KE]
Carter, Alice, d. Oct 22 1914, wife, s/w James Westbrook Carter, [KE]
Carter, James Westbrook, d. Feb 5 1890, s/w Alice Carter, [KE]
Coxhead, Jane, d. Oct 14 1882, age: 78yr, beloved daughter of Joseph and Sarah Inwood, [KE]
Day, Jane, d. Jan 31 1880, wife of George Day, [KE]
Edgeler, Hannah Elizabeth, d. Feb 21 1914, age: 65yr, widow of, s/w William Edgeler, [KE]
Edgeler, William, d. Jan 22 1892, age: 42yr, s/w Hannah Elizabeth Edgeler, [KE]
Evans, Samuel Charles, d. 25 Aug 1881, age: 30yr, beloved husband, s/w Sarah Ann Evans, [KE]
Evans, Sarah Ann, d. 14 Apr 1924, age: 71yr, wife of, s/w Samuel Charles Evans, [KE]
Gates, Ellen, d. Aug 18 1832, age: 46yr, wife of, s/w Robert Gates, [KE]
Gates, Robert, d. Aug 10 1925, age: 79yr, husband of, s/w Ellen Gates, [KE]
Guyton, Jane, b. 20 Dec 1862, d. 27 Dec 1913, s/w William Guyton, [KE]
Guyton, William, d. 27 Feb 1946, age: 86yr, [KE]
Hemsley, Helson Samuel, d. Sept 4 1898, age: 29yr, [KE]
Jearum, Frederick Charles, b. Jun 11 1846, d. Nov 3 1897, [KE]
Jury, Jessie, b. 15 Sep 1866, d. 22 Jun 1900, s/w Elizabeth Jane Light, [KE]
Lawes, Ann, d. Jun 3 1891, wife of, s/w James Lawes, [KE]
Lawes, James, b. Feb 16 1820, d. Mar 2 1878, s/w Anne Lawes, [KE]
Lee, Eliza, d. Jun 1 1909, age: 83yr, beloved wife of, [KE]
Lee, James, d. Feb 8 1905, age: 76yr, s/w Eliza Lee, [KE]
Light, Elizabeth Jane, b. 8 Jan 1828, d. 21 Nov 1912, mother of, s/w Jessie Jury, [KE]
Luff, Ellen, d. May 18 1915, age: 38yr, fourth daughter of, s/w Thomas Luff, [KE]
Luff, Thomas, d. Jan 1 1895, age: 54yr, s/w Ellen Luff, [KE]
Mandeville, Edward, d. Nov 16 1876, age: 74yr, [KE]
Manfield, Catherine, d. Mar 3 1887, age: 71yr, his wife, s/w George Manfield, [KE]
Manfield, George, b. Oct 31 1816, d. Oct 23 1873, s/w Catherine Manfield, [KE]
Mansfield, Arthur, d. Jan 9 1894, age: 49yr, son of, s/w Hannah Mansfield, [KE]
Mansfield, Hannah, d. Mar 5 1892, age: 71yr, s/w Arthur Mansfield, [KE]
Mansfield, William, b. Sep 24 1814, d. Nov 23 1887, s/w William Alderton, [KE]
Martin, W T, d. 5 Aug 1921, G/22040 Private Royal West Regiment, [KE]
Mayne, Amy, d. Dec 5 1895, age: 21yr, [KE]
Mayne, Emily Rebecca, d. Apr 27 1937, age: 67yr, beloved wife of, s/w John Mayne, [KE]
Mayne, John, d. Sep 9 1946, age: 78yr, husband of, s/w Emily Rebecca Mayne, [KE]
Mayne, Joseph, d. Oct 15 1919, age: 85yr, husband of, s/w Martha Mayne, [KE]
Mayne, Martha, d. Apr 4 1892, age: 57yr, s/w Joseph Mayne, [KE]
Newman, John, d. Jun 19 1865, age: 63yr, Formerly Of Singleton Sussex, [KE]
Pincott, George, d. Jan 7 1915, age: 85yr, husband of, s/w Jane Pincott, [KE]
Pincott, Jane, d. Mar 17 1899, age: 71yr, beloved wife, s/w George Pincott, [KE]
Revatt, Edgar, d. Mar 18 1883, age: 38yr, [KE]
Softley, Ruth, d. Jul 24 1914, age: 93yr, wife of, s/w William Softley, [KE]
Softley, William, d. Sep 3 1905, age: 79yr, s/w Ruth Softley, [KE]
Tribe, Emma, b. Apr 28 1868, d. Feb 7 1941, s/w Mary Youren, [KE]
Weymouth, Elizabeth, d. Mar 10 1936, age: 81yr, beloved mother, s/w Isaac Woods, [KE]
White, Sarah Fanny, b. Jan 20 1832, d. Feb 26 1872, beloved wife, s/w Thomas White, [KE]
White, Thomas, d. May 28 1905, s/w Sarah Fanny White, [KE]
Williams, Eleanor, b. Feb 10 1821, d. Sep 3 1896, widow of, s/w Joseph Williams, [KE]
Williams, Joseph, b. Aug 10 1818, d. Jan 20 1880, s/w Eleanor Williams, [KE]
Wolfe, Hannah, d. Dec 29 1901, age: 68yr, s/w John William Wolfe, [KE]
Wolfe, John William, d. Feb 25 1900, age: 72yr, s/w Hannah Wolfe, [KE]
Woodnutt, F W A, d. 2 Nov 1918, age: 34yr, 11840 Corporal Army Pay Corps, [KE]
Woods, Isaac, d. Apr 5 1913, age: 90yr, s/w Elizabeth Weymouth, [KE]
Youren, Mary, d. Nov 5 1929, age: 71yr, s/w Emma Tribe, [KE]

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