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Lowestoft Municipal Cemetery
Lowestoft, Suffolk, England

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online.

Saunders, ??, bur. 17 Jun 1957, child of J. & O. Saunders, grave #L/30/279E, [DO]
Saunders, Ada Winifred, bur. 3 May 1917, age 16yr, grave #L13/170, [DO]
Saunders, Albert George, bur. 8 May 1954, age 73yr, grave #L13/169, [DO]
Saunders, Albert, bur. 8 Mar 1917, age 1mo, s/o Arthur & Emily, grave #L/J/36W, [DO]
Saunders, Aldous Ward, bur. 2 Feb 1917, age 63yr, grave #L/J/146, [DO]
Saunders, Aldred Heslop, bur. 3 Dec 1896, age 31yr, grave #L11/229, [DO]
Saunders, Alice Mary, bur. 30 Nov 1939, age 65yr, widow, grave #L22/494, [DO]
Saunders, Alice, bur. 28 Jun 1893, age 86yr, widow of Joseph, grave #L/B/221, [DO]
Saunders, Ann, bur. 6 Oct 1898, age 75yr, w/o John, grave #L/13/281, [DO]
Saunders, Anna, bur. 21 Feb 1914, age 58yr, widow, grave #L/G/54, [DO]
Saunders, Annie Elizabeth, bur. 28 Dec 1967, age 82yr, widow, grave #L31/666, [DO]
Saunders, Annie Laura, bur. 8 Jan 1907, age 15mo, d/o Robert W. & Annie E., grave #L/D/435W, [DO]
Saunders, Arthur, d. 2 Dec 1949, age: 79yr, h/of Florence, [DO]
Saunders, Beatrice Alice, bur. 14 Feb 1942, age 75yr, grave #L22/541, [DO]
Saunders, Charles, bur. 20 Jun 1894, age 67yr, grave #L/9/116, [DO]
Saunders, Child, bur. 28 Aug 1888, age 5 minutes, c/o Charles W. & Harriett, grave #L/4/183E, [DO]
Saunders, Christiana, bur. 24 Apr 1906, age 57yr, w/o William, grave #L19/15, [DO]
Saunders, Christina, bur. 13 Sep 2000, age 72yr, grave #L/LNA220, [DO]
Saunders, Claire Eugenia, bur. 8 Jan 1963, age 90yr, grave #L28/460, [DO]
Saunders, Doris Maud, bur. 17 Aug 1971, age 62yr, grave #L33/508, [DO]
Saunders, Edith Gladys, bur. 26 Aug 1987, age 84yr, Grave No L/R/414E, [DO]
Saunders, Edith Maria, bur. 10 Jun 1941, age 61yr, w/o James A., grave #L/J/147, [DO]
Saunders, Edith Maria, bur. 24 Feb 1916, age 2yr, d/o Ernest & Emma, grave #L/D/374W, [DO]
Saunders, Edith Mercy, bur. 5 Sep 1991, age 94yr, Grave No L/R/414, [DO]
Saunders, Edward William John, bur. 3 May 1960, age 65yr, grave #L/N/124, [DO]
Saunders, Edward, bur. 5 Dec 1938, age 70yr, grave #L20/550, [DO]
Saunders, Eliza, bur. 23 Nov 1912, age 76yr, widow, grave #L/F/294, [DO]
Saunders, Eliza, bur. 6 May 1890, w/o William, grave #L/5/317, [DO]
Saunders, Eliza, bur. 8 Jan 1945, age 79yr, w/o J. W. Saunders, grave #L/R/415, [DO]
Saunders, Elizabeth Alden, bur. 12 Apr 1917, age 63yr, widow, grave #L13/536, [DO]
Saunders, Elizabeth Catherine, d. 6 Mar 1926, age: 52yr, w/of Harry C Saunders, [DO]
Saunders, Elizabeth Ethel, bur. 3 Jan 1974, age 89yr, grave #L19/364, [DO]
Saunders, Elizabeth Mary, bur. 23 Feb 1904, age76yr, w/o Richard Newby, grave #L16/88, [DO]
Saunders, Elizabeth Phoebe Catherine, bur. 11 Mar 1926, age 52yr, w/o Harry George, grave #L/9/161, [DO]
Saunders, Elizabeth, bur. 10 Feb 1904, age 75yr, w/o William, grave #L/17/156, [DO]
Saunders, Elizabeth, bur. 13 Feb 1902, age 69yr, w/o Robert, grave #L10/195, [DO]
Saunders, Elizabeth, bur. 7 Jul 1924, age 47yr, grave #L19/202, [DO]
Saunders, Emma, bur. 2 Dec 1948, age 74yr, widow, grave #L/D/15, [DO]
Saunders, Emma, bur. 20 Mar 1939, age 75yr, widow, grave #L22/425, [DO]
Saunders, Emma, bur. 6 Jun 1890, age 17yr, grave #L/6/195, [DO]
Saunders, Ena Annie Irene, bur. 17 Jan 1913, age 9mo, d/o Robert & Mary, grave #L11/380E, [DO]
Saunders, Ernest Frederick, bur. 18 Jan 1895, age 12mo, s/o Frederick J. & Mary E., grave #L13/60W, [DO]
Saunders, Ernest Richard, bur. 12 Dec 1910, age 17yr, grave #L/F/226, [DO]
Saunders, Ernest, bur. 15 Nov 1916, age 1da, s/o James & Edith, grave #L/1/125W, [DO]
Saunders, Ethel Sarah, bur. 11 May 1961, age 74yr, w/o H. E. Saunders, grave #L/8/17, [DO]
Saunders, Flora Jessie Barton, bur. 5 Nov 1975, age 51yr, ashes, grave #L/R/415, [DO]
Saunders, Florence, d. 22 Dec 1920, age: 48yr, w/of Arthur W, [DO]
Saunders, Frances, bur. 9 Mar 1907, age 80yr, widow, grave #L13/11, [DO]
Saunders, Frank Gordon, bur. 3 Apr 1959, age 73yr, grave #L28/466, [DO]
Saunders, Frank, bur. 1 Jan 1906, age 1da, s/o Francis J. & Florence, grave #L/18/77E, [DO]
Saunders, Frederick ,Arthur, bur. 22 Feb 1962, age 58yr, grave #L/8/125, [DO]
Saunders, Frederick Arthur, bur. 10 Jun 1896, age 16yr, grave #L/7/74, [DO]
Saunders, Frederick William, bur. 12 Oct 1936, age 37yr, grave #L/D/5, [DO]
Saunders, Frederick, bur. 2 Jul 1936, age 62yr, grave #L22/479, [DO]
Saunders, George Edward, bur. 26 Nov 1902, age 28yr, Cooper, grave #L/8/29, [DO]
Saunders, George Ernest, bur. 6 Apr 1908, age 3yr, s/o George & Alice, grave #L21/40E, [DO]
Saunders, George Ernest, bur. 8 Feb 1937, age 63yr, grave #L22/494, [DO]
Saunders, George, bur. 9 Apr 1907, age 19yr, grave #L/20/89, [DO]
Saunders, Georgiana, bur. 10 Sep 1892, age 53yr, w/o Robert, grave #L/7/73, [DO]
Saunders, Gertrude Lilian, bur. 30 May 1940, age 23yr, w/o J.D.H. Saunders, grave #L19/563, [DO]
Saunders, Gertrude Mary, bur. 10 Jan 1963, age 84yr, grave #L11/346, [DO]
Saunders, Grace Dorothy, bur. 26 Aug 1892, age 10mo, d/o William John & Eliza, grave #L/B/83E, [DO]
Saunders, Harold Charles, bur. 13 Jul 1907, age 11yr, s/o John Tripp & Sarah E., grave #L11/347, [DO]
Saunders, Harriet Mary, bur. 15 Feb 1918, age 67yr, w/o Charles, grave #L/S/447, [DO]
Saunders, Harriett, bur. 9 Dec 1912, age 68yr, w/o George Beales, grave #L13/169, [DO]
Saunders, Harry George, bur. 27 Aug 1955, age 80yr, grave #L/9/162, [DO]
Saunders, Henrietta, bur. 9 Apr 1900, age 21yr, spinster, grave #L/7/74, [DO]
Saunders, Henry Edward, bur. 13 Oct 1890, age 22da, s/o Charles W. & Harriett, grave #L/6/340E, [DO]
Saunders, Herbert Ernest, bur. 9 Mar 1967, age 84yr, grave #L/8/17, [DO]
Saunders, Hilda Irene, bur. 14 Nov 1961, age 65yr, grave #L31/640, [DO]
Saunders, Hilda Louisa May, bur. 26 May 1995, age 84yr, grave #L/LNB 1, [DO]
Saunders, Hilda Mary, bur. 7 May 1898, age 15mo, d/o Ernest Clifford & Emma, grave #L14/140E, [DO]
Saunders, Hilda May, bur. 12 May 1906, age 3yr, d/o Ernest & Emma, grave #LD/374W, [DO]
Saunders, Iris Rosetta, bur. 15 Feb 1938, age 2mo, grave #L22/261E, [DO]
Saunders, Ivan Frank, bur. 2 Mar 1999, age 74yr, grave #L/LNA 155, [DO]
Saunders, Ivan Henry William, bur. 5 Oct 1940, age 7yr, grave #L23/297W, [DO]
Saunders, Jack William, bur. 18 Apr 1914, age 2mo, s/o John N. & Mildred, grave #L/F/433W, [DO]
Saunders, James Aldous, bur. 21 Jun 1954, age 74yr, grave #L/J/147, [DO]
Saunders, James George, bur. 22 Apr 1959, age 65yr, grave #L/12/16, [DO]
Saunders, James Newby, bur. 14 Oct 1899, age 4mo, s/o James & Louisa, grave #L10/151E, [DO]
Saunders, James Robert Aldous, bur. 2 Dec 1903, age 1mo, s/o James A. & Edith M., grave #L15/83W, [DO]
Saunders, James William, bur. 26 Apr 1993, age 92yr, Grave No L/R/414, [DO]
Saunders, James, bur. 4 Apr 1914, age 79yr, grave #L11/465, [DO]
Saunders, Jessie Emma, bur. 17 Oct 1959, age 77yr, widow, grave #L22/413, [DO]
Saunders, John Alden, bur. 1 Mar 1888, age 45yr, grave #L/4/36, [DO]
Saunders, John Aldon, bur. 3 Feb 1900, age 87yr, grave #L/6/92, [DO]
Saunders, John Clifford, bur. 2 Nov 1897, age 14mo, s/o Robert & Ellen, grave #L/B/431, [DO]
Saunders, John David, bur. 4 Feb 1937, age 6mo, s/o Edward W. Saunders, grave #L22/214E, [DO]
Saunders, John William, bur. 30 Nov 1948, age 85yr, L/R/415, [DO]
Saunders, John, bur. 25 Jan 1900, age 67yr, grave #L14/310, [DO]
Saunders, Joseph Robert, bur. 15 Sep 1906, age 9mo, s/o George E. & Alice M., grave #L20/6E, [DO]
Saunders, Joseph, bur. 19 Apr 1888, age 77yr, h/o Alice, grave #L/B 221, [DO]
Saunders, Kate Elizabeth, bur. 12 Dec 1896, age 21yr, spinster, grave #L/13/80, [DO]
Saunders, Laura, bur. 3 Feb 1894, age 2mo, d/o Aldous Ward & Sarah E., grave no L/9/109E, [DO]
Saunders, Lewis George, bur. 16 Apr 1908, age 14mo, s/o Arthur W & Florence, grave #L13/170W, [DO]
Saunders, Lilian Rose, bur. 22 May 1889, age 1mo, d/o Robert Charles & Ellen, grave #L/5/92W, [DO]
Saunders, Louisa Frances, bur. 6 Jul 1891, age 10da, d/o James Newby & Louisa, grave #L/6/283E, [DO]
Saunders, Mabel Sarah, bur. 8 Feb 1962, age 68yr, widow, grave #L/12/16, [DO]
Saunders, Margaret, bur. 20 Mar 1924, age 62yr, widow, grave #L/0/351, [DO]
Saunders, Marion May, bur. 27 Jan 1955, age 74yr, widow, grave #L13/170, [DO]
Saunders, Martha Ellen, bur. 2 Feb 1900, age 54yr, widow, grave #L12/39, [DO]
Saunders, Martha Ellen, d. 28 Jan 1900, age: 54yr, w/of Samuel, [DO]
Saunders, Mary Ann Elizabeth Ellis, bur. 1 Jun 1961, age 74yr, widow, grave #L/18/565, [DO]
Saunders, Michaela, bur. 18 Apr 1967, age 1hr, grave #L32/660E, [DO]
Saunders, Raisin Punt, bur. 1 Jun 1898, age 24da, s/o William Raisin & Eliza, grave #L13/206E, [DO]
Saunders, Reginald Charles, bur. 4 Dec 1917, age 6da, s/o Reginald & Kate, grave #L/J/106E, [DO]
Saunders, Richard Newby, bur. 27 Feb 1913, age 86yr, grave #L/16/88, [DO]
Saunders, Robert Heslop, bur. 4 Apr 1955, age 82yr, grave #L19/202, [DO]
Saunders, Robert William Charles, bur. 21 Apr 1965, age 79yr, grave #L31/666, [DO]
Saunders, Robert, bur. 10 Dec 1906, age 75yr, grave #L10/195, [DO]
Saunders, Robert, bur. 31 Oct 1901, age 38yr, grave #L10/158, [DO]
Saunders, Robert, bur. 6 Dec 1956, age 73yr, grave #L29/251, [DO]
Saunders, Samuel James, bur. 27 Jun 2000, age 78yr, grave #L/R/416, [DO]
Saunders, Samuel, bur. 27 Dec 1898, age 55yr, grave #L12/396, [DO]
Saunders, Samuel, d. 23 Dec 1898, age: 55yr, h/of Martha Ellen, [DO]
Saunders, Sarah Elizabeth, bur. 20 Jun 1904, age 44yr, w/o Aldous Ward, grave #L/16/109, [DO]
Saunders, Sidney, bur. 8 Jan 1963, age 78yr, grave #l28/466, [DO]
Saunders, Sophia, bur. 14 Nov 1891, age 78yr, w/o John, grave #L/6/92, [DO]
Saunders, Stillborn, bur. 1 Apr 1935, child Of H. & E. Saunders, grave #L17/548E, [DO]
Saunders, Stillborn, bur. 16 May 1956, child Of J. & O. Saunders, grave #L28/597E, [DO]
Saunders, Stillborn, bur. 30 May 1940, child Of J. & G. Saunders, grave #L19/563, [DO]
Saunders, Stillborn, bur. 6 Feb 1963,Child of J & J Saunders, grave #L31/427E, [DO]
Saunders, Thomas Leonard, bur. 5 Mar 1958, age 46yr, grave #L/14/82, [DO]
Saunders, Violet May, bur. 6 Mar 1913, age 8yr, d/o James & Edith M., grave #L21/145W, [DO]
Saunders, Walter Robert, bur. 20 Jun 1936, age 74yr, grave #L22/425, [DO]
Saunders, Walter, bur. 22 Dec 1936, age 73yr, grave #L22/464, [DO]
Saunders, William , bur. 5 Mar 1888, age 50yr, grave #L/4/199, [DO]
Saunders, William Charles Mantripp, bur. 29 Oct 1901, age: 0yr, C/Of Esther Saunders, Singlewoman, L/81/157W, [DO]
Saunders, William John Thomas, bur. 14 Jun 1890, age 6mo, s/o George D. & Sarah A., grave #L/6/120E, [DO]
Saunders, William John, bur. 14 Sep 1935, age 81yr, grave #L/N/124, [DO]
Saunders, William, bur. 11 Dec 1908, age 85yr, grave #L22/54, [DO]
Saunders, William, bur. 21 Nov 1889, age 63yr, h/o Eliza, grave #L/5/317, [DO]
Saunders, William, bur. 31 Oct 1910, age 59yr, grave #L/9/382, [DO]
Saunders, Winifred Dora, bur. 16 Feb 1968, age 75yr, grave #L11/346, [DO]
Saunders, Zebedee, bur. 28 Mar 1901, age 77yr, grave #L13/11, [DO]
Smouton, George William, bur. 12 Mar 1913, age 67yr, grave #L7/110, [DO]
Smouton, Hannah, bur. 13 May 1924, age 78yr, grave #L7/110, [DO]
Smouton, Reginald Harry, bur. 10 Apr 1902, age 3mo, s/o Henry William & Rosa L., grave #L11/151E, [DO]
Smy, Annie Louise, bur. 11 Jan 1955, age 60yr, w/o Reuben, grave #L28/590, [DO]
Smyth, John James, bur. 31 Mar 1936, age 38yr, grave #L20/473, [DO]
Smythe, John, bur. 20 Mar 1889, age 72yr, grave #L/5/170, [DO]
Snare, Phyllis Victoria May, bur. 2 Jan 1907, age: 6yr, d/of William & Elizabeth, grave #L20/6E, [DO]
Snell, Edward Alfred, bur. 16 Sep 1914, age: 40yr, grave #L/12/373, [DO]
Snelling, Eliza, bur. 13 Jan 1898, age: 86yr, grave #L13/373, [DO]
Snelling, Elsie, bur. 18 Aug 1891, age: 21das, d/of James & Eva, grave #L6/285W, [DO]
Snelling, Eva Mary, bur. 8 Feb 1893, age: 3yr, d/of James & Evagrave #L742W, [DO]
Snelling, Frederick, bur. 20 Dec 1899, age: 31yr, grave #L/7/290, [DO]
Snelling, George, bur. 23 Nov 1900, age: 22mo, s/of Thomas & Lavinia, grave #L12/271W, [DO]
Snelling, Hannah Jeanette, bur. 4 Nov 1944, age: 80yr, widow, grave #L18/374, [DO]
Snelling, Irene, bur. 4 Aug 1891, age: 6das, d/of James & Eva, grave #L6/285W, [DO]
Snelling, Iris Eva, bur. 6 Jun 1925, age: 29yr, Spinster, grave #L17/225, [DO]
Snelling, John, bur. 3 Nov 1906, age: 50yr, grave #L19/73, [DO]
Snelling, Joseph, bur. 4 May 1891, age: 55yr, grave #L6/286, [DO]
Snelling, Lily Jeanette, bur. 16 Jan 1894, age: 4yr, d/of Robert & Hannah J, grave #L979E, [DO]
Snelling, Lily Pretoria Jane, bur. 28 Dec 1904, age: 3yr, d/of Robert 7 Hannah, grave #L11/11E, [DO]
Snelling, Prudence Martha, bur. 17 Apr 1924, age: 68yr, widow, grave #L16/368, [DO]
Snelling, Susannah, bur. 27 Mar 1916, Agge 79yr, widow, grave #L6/286, [DO]
Snelling, Thomas, bur. 20 Sep 1898, age: 8mo, s/of Thomas & Lavinia, grave #L13/29W, [DO]
Snood, Agnes Maria, bur. 2 Jan 1896, age: 1mo, d/of John & Maria, grave #L10/232W, [DO]
Snood, Annie Isabella, bur. 26 Oct 1895, age: 20mo, d/of John & Maria, grave #L10/232W, [DO]
Snood, Ethel Florence, bur. 9 Jun 1909, age: 10mo, d/of John & Charlotte, grave #L22/57E, [DO]
Snood, Ethelander Maria, bur. 23 Jul 1900, age: 33yr, w/of John, grave #L5/86, [DO]
Snood, James, bur. 12 Jan 1907, age: 9mo, s/of John & Charlotte, grave #L20/50W, [DO]
Snood, John Ernest, bur. 14 Dec 1889, age: 19yr, s/of John & Ethelinda Maria, grave #L51/297W , [DO]
Snood, John R, bur. 27 Feb 1940, age: 77yr, Pensioner, grave #L5/76, [DO]
Snood, Susannah, bur. 31 Jan 1898, age: 3mo, d/of John & Maria, grave #L11268W, [DO]
Snowden, Gertrude Mary, bur. 22 May 1972, age: 78yr, widow, grave #L27/278, [DO]
Snowden, Herbert, bur. 7 Jul 1942, age: 49yr, grave #L23/579, [DO]
Snowden, John Bullard, bur. 29 Apr 1954, age: 70yr, Pensioner, grave #L27/378, [DO]
Snowling, Albert Elijah, bur. 7 Nov 1902, age: 18yr, grave #L5/104, [DO]
Snowling, Charles Edward, bur. 11 Aug 1939, age: 2das, Infant, grave #L23/290W, [DO]
Snowling, Charles Richard, bur. 12 Jan 1904, age: 14mo, s/of Charles W & Harriet, grave #L/15/101E, [DO]
Snowling, Charles William, bur. 23 Aug 1966, age: 91yr, Pensioner, grave #L25/500, [DO]
Snowling, Clara Elizabeth, bur. 4 Sep 1964, age: 90yr, widow, grave #L27/487, [DO]
Snowling, Edward George, bur. 11 Dec 1911, age: 5mo, s/of Ephraim E & Mary L, grave #L9/425W, [DO]
Snowling, Edward George, bur. 27 Jan 1898, age: 1mo, s/of George A & Emma H, grave #L11/2986, [DO]
Snowling, Eliza, bur. 26 Mar 1896, age: 44yr, w/of George, grave #L11/47, [DO]
Snowling, Eliza, bur. 30 Dec 1899, age: 73yr, widow, grave #L1/131W, [DO]
Snowling, Elizabeth Susan, bur. 5 Jul 1949, age: 88yr, widow, grave #L19/315, [DO]
Snowling, Emma, bur. 28 Oct 1889, age: 40yr, w/of George, grave #L5/104, [DO]
Snowling, Ephraim Daniel, bur. 7 Mar 1925, age: 1 , grave #L22/70W, [DO]
Snowling, Ethel Jane, bur. 30 Dec 1952, age: 66yr, Spinster, grave #L27/487, [DO]
Snowling, Frederick James William, bur. 2 Aug 1962, age: 47yr, grave #L30/654, [DO]
Snowling, George, bur. 11 Aug 1939, age: 1 Hour, Infant, grave #L23/290W, [DO]
Snowling, Gladys Emily, bur. 10 Oct 1904, age: 19mo, d/of George A 7 Emily H, grave #L17/57W, [DO]
Snowling, Harriet, bur. 9 Dec 1948, age: 75yr, w/of Charles, grave #L25/500, [DO]
Snowling, Hector Ephraim, bur. 9 May 1905, age: 9mo, s/of Ephraim E & Mary A, grave #L17/53W, [DO]
Snowling, James, bur. 8 Oct 1907, age: 55yr, grave #L20/22, [DO]
Snowling, Joan Kathleen, bur. 11 May 1949, age: 25yr, Spinster, grave #L24/376, [DO]
Snowling, Leslie Henry Ephraim, bur. 3 Jan 1956, age: 32yr, grave #L/J/156, [DO]
Snowling, Louisa Elizabeth, bur. 16 May 1973, age: 75yr, widow, grave #L29/652, [DO]
Snowling, Marion Eileen, bur. 26 Jan 1944, age: 1da, Infant, grave #L1/31W, [DO]
Snowling, Martha Ann, bur. 13 Mar 1958, age: 76yr, widow, grave #L/D/225, [DO]
Snowling, Michael, bur. 12 Apr 1943, age: 1da, Infant, grave #L21/615W, [DO]
Snowling, Peter Sidney William, bur. 22 May 1942, age: 13wk, Infant, grave #L23/480W, [DO]
Snowling, Robert, bur. 22 Feb 1899, age: 86yr, grave #L6110, [DO]
Snowling, Stanley, bur. 23 Mar 1916, age: 1da, grave #L13/479E, [DO]
Snowling, Stillborn, bur. 25 Oct 1940, child/of I & R Snowling, grave #L23/287W, [DO]
Snowling, Susannah, bur. 23 Mar 1890, age: 67yr, w/of Robert, grave #L6/110, [DO]
Snowling, Unnamed Male Child, bur. 25 Jan 1941, age: 21yr, grave #L21/584E, [DO]
Snowling, William George, bur. 10 Apr 1964, age: 64yr, grave #L29/652, [DO]
Spurden, James William, d. 5 Dec 1903, age: 59yr, h/of Sarah Ann, [DO]
Spurden, Sarah Ann, d. 13 Mar 1927, age: 84yr, w/of James William Spurden, [DO]
Spurgeon, Arthur Henry, bur. 8 oct 1898, age: 0yr, s/of Henry John Farrow Spurgeon and Ellen, [DO]
Spurgeon, Elizabeth, bur. 26 Feb 1937, w/oF William Calver Spurgeon age: 94yr grave #L/12/30, [DO]
Spurgeon, Ellen, bur. 26 Mar 1908, w/of Henry John Farrow Spurgeon, age: 32yr, grave #L/20/73, [DO]
Spurgeon, Elsie Sarah, bur. 17 Mar 1891 d/of Walter George And Mary Ann Spurgeon, age: 0yr, [DO]
Spurgeon, Ethel May, bur. 20 oct 1898 d/of Henry John Farrow Spurgeon and Ellen, age: 0yr, [DO]
Spurgeon, Florence Mary, bur. 10 Dec 1941, age: 71yr spinster grave #L/20/584, d/of John Farrer Spurgeon And Elizabeth, [DO]
Spurgeon, Helen May, bur. 14 Jul 1898, d/of Walter George And Mary Ann Spurgeon, age: 11yr, [DO]
Spurgeon, Henry John Farrow, bur. 1 Dec 1947, h/of Ellen grave #L19 339, [DO]
Spurgeon, Henry, bur. 25 Nov 1898, age: 86yr grave #L/6/320, Husband Of Sarah Sterry Spurgeon, [DO]
Spurgeon, John Farrer, bur. 2 Mar 1909 grave #l/22/40, h/of Elizabeth Spurgeon, [DO]
Spurgeon, Margaret Elizabeth, b. 1862, bur. 2 Apr 1954, age: 92yr, d/of William Calver Spurgeon And Elizabeth Spurgeon (Dunham), L/27/491, [DO]
Spurgeon, Mary Ann, bur. 1 Dec 1893 grave #4b 6, w/of Walter George Spurgeon, age: 36yr, [DO]
Spurgeon, Sarah Sterry, bur. 21 Apr 1890 w/of Henry Spurgeon, age: 77yr, grave #L/6/320, [DO]
Spurgeon, Susannah Delley, bur. 15 Mar 1893, age: 74yr grave #L/6/320, d/of John And Elizabeth Spurgeon, [DO]
Spurgeon, William Calver, bur. 31 Jan 1906, age: 63yr, grave #L/12/30 h/of Elizabeth Spurgeon, [DO]
Spurgeon, William, bur. 12 Dec 1903, age: 59yr, grave #L/13/46, s/of Henry And Susannah Sterry Spurgeon, [DO]
Stannard, Elizabeth Sterry, d. 25 May 1904, age: 80yr, [DO]
Stannard, Emily Bessie, d. 23 Aug 1928, age: 62yr, d/of William Elisha And Martha Ann Stannard, [DO]
Stannard, Hannah Jones, d. 12 Mar 1894, age: 51yr, d/of Elisha And Mary Ann, [DO]
Stannard, Julie Sophia, d. 18 Mar 1951, age: 82yr, [DO]
Stannard, Lily Mary, d. 11 Feb 1951, age: 73yr, w/of William Ling Stannard, [DO]
Stannard, Martha Ann, d. 19 Oct 1912, age: 77yr, [DO]
Stannard, Mary Ann, d. 11 Jan 1909, age: 68yr, [DO]
Stannard, William Elisha, d. 5 Sep 1904, age: 76yr, [DO]
Stannard, William Ling, d. 25 Dec 1948, age: 72yr, h/of Lily Mary, [DO]
Sterry, Ann, d. 18 Nov 1897, age: 69yr, w/of Timothy, [DO]
Sterry, Timothy, d. 21 Dec 1903, age: 77yr, h/of Ann, [DO]
Sterry, William Oscar, d. 29 Jul 1903, bur. 1 Aug 1903, age: 48yr grave #old L/16 /33, h/o Emma Sterry, [DO]
Sterry, Woodard, bur. 13 Mar 1902, age: 54yr, Warehouseman, L/9/24, [DO]
Steward, Arthur Edward, bur. 24 Mar 1944, age: 73yr, Pensioner, L/n/126, [DO]
Steward, Herbert George, bur. 20 Mar 1901, age: 0yr, C/of Arthur E and Mary Ann Steward, [DO]
Steward, Herbert, bur. 23 Mar 1937, age: 61yr, Inmate Loathingland House, L/19/491, [DO]
Steward, Stillborn, bur. 24 Feb 1945, age: 0yr, L/1/109 W, child of C and A Steward, [DO]
Swan, Rachel, bur. 14 Feb 1902, w/of Thompson Henry John Swan, age: 66yr grave #L/10.159, [DO]
Tilmouth, Charles, b. 13 Nov 1820, d. 12 Nov 1900, h/of Maria, [DO]
Tilmouth, Maria, d. 1 May 1893, age: 73yr, w/of Charles, [DO]
Tripp, Barbara Dalgarno, bur. 17 Jul 1997, age 91yr, grave #L/F/7, [DO]
Tripp, Bartholomew Thomas, bur. 27 Apr 1938, age 63yr, grave #L20/522, [DO]
Tripp, Charles George Ritson, bur. 30 Aug 1905, age 10mo, s/o James & Emma, grave #L17/61W, [DO]
Tripp, Colin James, bur. 4 Oct 1917, age 52yr, grave #L/E/263, [DO]
Tripp, Emily Mary, bur. 3 Feb 1948, age 76yr, widow, grave #L/O/518, [DO]
Tripp, Florence Ellen, bur. 21 Apr 1938, age 69yr, widow, grave #L/E/263, [DO]
Tripp, George William, bur. 4 Nov 1935, age 58yr, grave #L19/464, [DO]
Tripp, Hilda May, bur. 30 Mar 1894, age 2mo, d/o Colin James & Florence, grave #L9/129W, [DO]
Tripp, Leonard Ritson, bur. 5 Mar 1940, age 67yr, grave #L/O/518, [DO]
Tripp, Martha, bur. 26 Feb 1898, age 79yr, widow, grave #L13/141, [DO]
Tripp, Rosanna, bur. 13 Feb 1908, age 77yr, widow, grave #L20/43, [DO]
Tripp, Sarah, bur. 7 May 1897, age 88yr, widow, grave #L/A/390, [DO]
Tripp, Stillborn, bur. 14 Jan 1935, c/o B. & L., grave #L22/327W, [DO]
Tripp, Stillborn, bur. 30 Apr 1940, c/o F. & D. Tripp, grave #L20/567W, [DO]
Tripp, Susan, bur. 24 Oct 1917, age 75yr, widow, grave #L13/575, [DO]
Tripp, Victor Edward, bur. 11 Jul 1957, age 53yr, grave #L/F/7, [DO]
Tripp, William, bur. 25 Oct 1888, age 68yr, grave #L4/282, [DO]
Tripp, William, bur. 27 Jan 1913, age 72yr, grave #L11/383, [DO]
Trish, Henry, bur. 25 Nov 1915, age 73yr, grave #L/B/319, [DO]
Trivett, George Frederick, bur. 20 Aug 1998, age 84yr, grave #L/L/NA/136, [DO]
Turrell, Samuel James, d. 12 Jan 1912, age: 51yr, h/of Frances M, [DO]
Ulph, Sarah, bur. 10 Jul 1963, age 90yr, spinster, grave #L/Q/409, [DO]
Welsh, Frederick Arthur, bur. 2 Nov 1939, age: 32y, Fishworker, grave #L20/563, [DO]
Welsh, James Theodore, bur. 26 Mar 1910, age: 3yrs, s/of James & Alice, grave #L19/146W, [DO]
Welsh, Sarah Ann, bur. 23 Jul 1896, age: 68y, grave #L10/298, widow, [DO]
Willam, Janet, E G, d. 3 Aug 1984, age: 75yr, w/of Lewis, [DO]
Willam, Lewis George C, d. 2 Jun 1976, age: 67yr, h/of Janet E G, [DO]
Yallop, Adeline Ida, bur. 25 Mar 1949, age 66yr, grave #L14/380, [DO]
Yallop, Alfred Sydney, bur. 3 Feb 1909, age 5mo, s/o John William & Adelaide, grave #L22/30W, [DO]
Yallop, Carol Ann, bur. 15 Nov 1965, age 1yr, grave #L31/675W, [DO]
Yallop, Edith Emily, bur. 13 Jul 1936, age 75yr, grave #L18/269, [DO]
Yallop, Edward George, bur. 18 May 1912, age 9mo, s/o William J. & Adelaide, grave #L10/444E, [DO]
Yallop, Elizabeth Jane, bur. 4 Apr 1898, age 19yr, spinster, grave #L14/114, [DO]
Yallop, Elmer Francis, bur. 25 May 1909, age 12yr, s/o Robert Charles & E. Yallop, grave #L13/122, [DO]
Yallop, Elsa Irelene, bur. 28 Oct 1992, age 76yr, w/o Ernest Claude, grave #L33/450, [DO]
Yallop, Emily Ann, bur. 18 Oct 1895, age 2yr, d/o William & Maria, grave #L10/215W, [DO]
Yallop, Emma Priscilla, bur. 21 Jun 1956, age 75yr, widow, grave #L27/592, [DO]
Yallop, Ernest Claude, bur. 23Nov 1989, age 77yr, h/o Elsa Irelene, grave #L33/450, [DO]
Yallop, Ernest, bur. 12 Jan 1917, age 25yr, grave #L13/372, [DO]
Yallop, Ethel Annie, bur. 31 Dec 1958, age 70yr, grave #L30/466, [DO]
Yallop, Eveline, bur. 9 Jun 1911, age 83yr, widow, grave #L/9/111, [DO]
Yallop, Florence Amelia, bur. 19 Aug 1975, age 88yr, widow, grave #L30/606, [DO]
Yallop, Frank Ernest , bur. 5 Dec 1935, age 1mo, grave #L22/386W, [DO]
Yallop, Hannal, bur. 4 May 1894, age 69yr, w/o Robert James, grave #L/9/137, [DO]
Yallop, Harry Ralph, bur. 12 Jun 1894, age 23yr, grave #L/9/111, [DO]
Yallop, Harry Victor Hayward, bur. 12 Oct 1895, age 15mo, s/o James S. & Harriet E., grave #L10/136W, [DO]
Yallop, Henry, bur. 9 Oct 1890, age 69yr, grave #L/6/281, [DO]
Yallop, Ida, bur. 8 May 1918, age 11mo, d/o late John W. Yallop, grave #L14/417W, [DO]
Yallop, Irene May, bur. 5 Apr 1946, age 36yr, grave #L/C/511, [DO]
Yallop, James Robert, bur. 19 Jul 1899, age 15mo, s/o Samuel & Edith Emily, grave #L/D/42W, [DO]
Yallop, James, bur. 18 Mar 1901, age 66yr, grave #L/9/111, [DO]
Yallop, James, bur. 9 Dec 1916, age 83yr, grave #L/9/23, [DO]
Yallop, Joann Elain, bur. 22 Oct 1963, age 2wk, infant, grave #L30/675W, [DO]
Yallop, John Robert, bur. 4 Dec 1987, age 75yr, h/o Mabel Vera, grave #L33/656, [DO]
Yallop, John William, bur. 6 Mar 1918, age 36yr, grave #L14/380, [DO]
Yallop, Lilian Alice, bur. 4 Oct 1902, age 1mo, d/o James & Laura, grave #16/9E, [DO]
Yallop, Louisa Alice, bur. 23 Feb 1966, age 86yr, widow, grave #LD/251, [DO]
Yallop, Mabel Vera, bur. 20 Oct 1972, age 58yr, w/o John Robert, grave #L33/656, [DO]
Yallop, Mary Ann Howes, bur. 11 Feb 1902, age 68yr, w/o James, grave #L/9/23, [DO]
Yallop, Mary Ann May, bur. 22 Jan 1913, age 19yr, grave #L11/410, [DO]
Yallop, Maurice William John, bur. 25 Mar 1948, age 15yr, grave #L24/468, [DO]
Yallop, Paul Malcolm, bur. 6 Oct 1964, age 21mo, grave #L25/593/W, [DO]
Yallop, Robert Alfred Henry, bur. 25 Apr 1936, age 64yr, grave #L/D/251, [DO]
Yallop, Robert James, bur. 24 Dec 1894, age 66yr, grave #L/9/137, [DO]
Yallop, Robert John, bur. 21 Oct 1924, age 75yr, grave #L/R/378, [DO]
Yallop, Samuel John, bur. 31 May 1951, age 67yr, grave #L27/580, [DO]
Yallop, Sidney Frank, bur. 1 Jul 1968, age 78yr, grave #L32/487, [DO]
Yallop, Stillborn, bur. 22 Apr 1911, c/o E. & E. Yallop, grave #L24/404W, [DO]
Yallop, William Alfred, bur. 22 Jan 1943, age 52yr, grave #L21/610, [DO]
Yallop, William Cornelius, bur. 14 May 1896, age 53yr, grave #L11/210, [DO]
Yallop, William Cornelius, bur. 16 Nov 1951, age 69yr, grave #L27/592, [DO]
Yallop, William George, bur. 26 Jul 1961, age 76yr, grave #L/30/606, [DO]
Yardley, Ann, bur. 8 Aug 1904, age 46yr, w/o George, grave #LC/448, [DO]
Yardley, Daisy Violet, bur. 12 Nov 1900, age 11mo, d/o George & Ann, grave #LC/159W, [DO]
Yardley, George, bur. 20 Mar 1937, age 84yr, h/o Ann, grave #LC/448, [DO]
Yardley, Gertrude Eleanor, bur. 5 Jan 1894, age 4yr, d/o George & Ann, grave #L9/109W, [DO]
Yare, Frederick Robert, bur. 24 Dec 1924, age 35yr, ex-soldier, grave #LP/351, [DO]
Yellup, Ann, bur. 15 Oct 1908, age 87yr, widow, grave #L21/102, [DO]
Yeoman, Florence May, bur. 19 Nov 1962, age 68yr, widow, grave #LC/468, [DO]
Yielding, Henry, bur. 7 Sep 1918, age 50yr, grave #LK/90, [DO]
Ying, Stillborn, bur. 1 Dec 1972, c/o Li Tsany Yue Ying, grave #L33/626W, [DO]

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