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Lowestoft Municipal Cemetery
Lowestoft, Suffolk, England

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online.

Ayers, Agnes, bur. 3 Apr 1915, age: 69y, w/of Frederick Harvey Ayers, grave #L11/83, [DO]
Ayers, Alice Ada, bur. 26 Aug 1893, age: 2mo, d/of Noah & Martha, grave #L/8/240E, [DO]
Ayers, Alice Edith, bur. 5 Feb 1924, age: 15mo, grave #L/P/433W, [DO]
Ayers, Alice Mary, bur. 26 Feb 1912, age: 10 Days, d/of John James & Mary, grave #L10/428W, [DO]
Ayers, Alice Mary, bur. 16 Aug 1895, age: 3yrs, d/of Charles h & Elizabeth M, grave #L10/119E, [DO]
Ayers, Alice Maud, bur. 19 May 1914, age: 30y, w/of James Wilson Ayers, grave #L/G/75, [DO]
Ayers, Alice Maud, bur. 25 Jul 1901, age: 26y, w/of John Rowbottom Ayers, grave #L/4/19, [DO]
Ayers, Ann Maria, bur. 16 Aug 1906, age: 51y w/of William, grave #L13/140, [DO]
Ayers, Anna Mary Elizabeth, bur. 6 Nov 1947, age: 66y, w/of J F Ayers, Grave no L/B252, [DO]
Ayers, Arthur David, bur. 11 Nov 1950, age: 72y, grave #L14/122, [DO]
Ayers, Arthur William, bur. 27 Sep 1895, age: 13mo, s/of Robert John & Caroline, grave #L10/204W, [DO]
Ayers, Arthur William, bur. 7 Apr 1892, age: 6mo, S/of Robert & Fanny, grave #L/6/123W, [DO]
Ayers, Bertha Agnes, bur. 25 Jan 1940, age: 49y, w/of J V Ayers, grave #L22/542, [DO]
Ayers, Caroline, bur. 24 Dec 1902, age: 34y, w/of Robert, grave #L/12/346, [DO]
Ayers, Charles Henry, bur. 30 Jan 1945, age: 82y, h/of Maria Elizabeth, grave #L17/408, [DO]
Ayers, Cicely Norah, bur. 13 Nov 1915, age: 21y, Spinster, grave #L/E/428, [DO]
Ayers, Clara, bur. 6 Nov 1900, age: 5mo, d/of George W & Emma, grave #L14/223W, [DO]
Ayers, Constance Kathleen, bur. 26 Mar 1896, age: 20 Days, d/of Thomas D & Elizabeth, grave #LB/361E, [DO]
Ayers, Daniel, bur. 16 Sep 1893, age: 3yrs, s/of Noah & Martha, grave #L/8/290W, [DO]
Ayers, Daniel, bur. 9 May 1895, age: 56y, Fisherman, grave #L/10/110, [DO]
Ayers, David John, bur. 12 Mar 1945, age: 78y, grave #L14/131, [DO]
Ayers, Edith Eleanor, bur. 6 May 1905, age: 23y, w/of John Thomas Ayers, grave #L17/121, [DO]
Ayers, Edith Maud, bur. 3 Oct 1903, age: 5mo, d/of George & Ellen, grave #L/8/217W, [DO]
Ayers, Edith Maud, bur. 6 Sep 1895, age: 11mo, d/of Charles H & Elizabeth, grave #L10/129E, [DO]
Ayers, Edith May, bur. 31 Jan 1895, age: 5mo, d/of James & Alice, grave #L/9/266, [DO]
Ayers, Edward Robert, bur. 9 Jul 1902, age: 5mo, S/of George & Emma, grave #L/15/46W, [DO]
Ayers, Edward William, bur. 8 Jul 1902, age: 1 month, s/of Robert John & Caroline, grave #L12/307W, [DO]
Ayers, Edwin Richard Ernest, bur. 11 Dec 1897, age: 8mo, s/of Charles H & E M Ayers, grave #L11/257W, [DO]
Ayers, Edwin Richard, bur. 24 Apr 1915, age: 85y, grave #LH/121, [DO]
Ayers, Elizabeth Clough, bur. 29 Jun 1898, age: 14mo, d/of Daniel & Elizabeth, grave #L13/259W, [DO]
Ayers, Elizabeth Maria, bur. 13 Feb 1893, age: 13mnths, d/of William Lomas & Maria Ayers, grave #L/7/42E, [DO]
Ayers, Elizabeth, bur. 4 Nov 1901, age: 75y, w/of William, grave #L/D/118, [DO]
Ayers, Emma Jane, bur. 16 Jul 1888, age: 16days, d/of George & Emma, grave #L/4/164W, [DO]
Ayers, Emma Jane, bur. 8 Oct 1935, age: 74y, widow, grave #L/L/22, [DO]
Ayers, Emma Louise, bur. 1 Apr 1943, age: 64y, w/of Arthur, grave #L14/122, [DO]
Ayers, Emma, bur. 30 Jul 1935, age: 71y, w/of George, grave #L19/455, [DO]
Ayers, Esther Swatman, bur. 19 Jun 1924, age: 86y, Widow, grave #L/J/86, [DO]
Ayers, Esther, bur. 7 Feb 1944, age: 72y, w/.of Francis Samuel Ayers, grave #LH/95, [DO]
Ayers, Florence Lavinia, bur. 4 Mar 1893, age: 1mnth, d/of James Frederick & Matilda, grave #L/7/102E, [DO]
Ayers, Frances Elizabeth, bur. 16 Sep 1913, age: 1month, d/of John & Mary Ann, grave #L11/429W, [DO]
Ayers, Frances Louisa, bur. 18 Oct 1906, age: 27y, w/of George, grave #L/D/335, [DO]
Ayers, Frances Maria, bur. 11 Jul 1893, age: 30y, w/of Robert, grave #L/8/190, [DO]
Ayers, Frances, bur. 1 Mar 1905, age: 74y, grave #L18/43, [DO]
Ayers, Francis Samuel, bur. 9 May 1949, age: 76y, h/of Esther, grave #LH/95, [DO]
Ayers, Frederick Harry, bur. 15 Apr 1924, age: 73y, grave #L11/83, [DO]
Ayers, Frederick Robert, bur. 22 Apr 1941, age: 58y, Fisherman, grave #L22/593, [DO]
Ayers, George John, bur. 17 May 1913, age: 59y, Fisherman, grave #L11/409, [DO]
Ayers, George William, bur. 28 Apr 1941, age: 81y, grave #L19/455, [DO]
Ayers, George, bur. 14 Oct 1893, age: 61y, Fisherman, grave #L/9/60, [DO]
Ayers, Gladys Irene, bur. 2 Oct 1934, age: 29y, Spinster, grave #L/20/426, [DO]
Ayers, Hannah Ann, bur. 11 Jul 1903, age: 43y, w/of Thomas, grave #L/C/298, [DO]
Ayers, Harriet Farrer, bur. 4 Jan 1910, age: 76y, Widow, grave #L/9/60, [DO]
Ayers, Henry Thomas, bur. 27 Apr 1911, age: 28y, grave #LF/332, [DO]
Ayers, Hilda Florence, bur. 20 Nov 1895, age: 21mnths, d/of George & Emily, grave #L/A/426E, [DO]
Ayers, Ivy Agnes, bur. 15 Aug 1898, age: 2mnths, d/of Robert John & Caroline, grave #L13/290E, [DO]
Ayers, Ivy, bur. 6 Aug 1902, age: 30 days, d/of Francis Samuel & Ett, Ayers, grave #L/D/194E, [DO]
Ayers, James Hawes, bur. 27 Nov 1917, age: 81y, grave #L/J/86, [DO]
Ayers, James Richard Noah, bur. 10 Aug 1891, age: 3yr, s/of Noah & Martha, grave #L/6/167W, [DO]
Ayers, James William Catchpole, bur. 25 Nov 1896, age: 72y, Fisherman, grave #L10/219, [DO]
Ayers, James William, bur. 12 Oct 1899, age: 4 yrs, s/of James W & Matilda Annie, grave #L41/124E, [DO]
Ayers, James Wilson, bur. 29 Dec 1943, age: 80y, grave #L21/251, [DO]
Ayers, James, bur. 6 Dec 1902, age: 81y, Fisherman, grave #L/15/61, [DO]
Ayers, Janet Amelia, bur. 17 Apr 1943, age: 66y, w/of R M Ayers, grave #L3/116, [DO]
Ayers, Jessie Matilda, bur. 12 Dec 1887, age: 1yr, d/of Noah & Martha, grave #L/3/51E, [DO]
Ayers, Jessie Maud Hitchens, bur. 5 Sep 1900, age: 5mo, d/of Thomas & Eliza, grave #L/7/164W, [DO]
Ayers, John Frederick, bur. 13 May 1901, age: 4 hours, s/of Thomas & Bessie, grave #L/D/201W, [DO]
Ayers, John George, bur. 4 Oct 1938, age: 56y, Fisherman, grave #L15/290, [DO]
Ayers, John Rowbottom, bur. 24 Aug 1942, age: 68y, grave #L14/491, [DO]
Ayers, John William George, bur. 20 Mar 1907, age: 2y, s/of John Thomas & Edith Eleanor, grave #L17/131E, [DO]
Ayers, Louis Alfred, bur. 24 Dec 1912, age: 19mnths, s/of Esther Alice Ayers, grave #L11/365W, [DO]
Ayers, Margaret Maria, bur. 3 Jun 1893, age: 5 yrs, d/of Thomas Coleman & Eliza, grave #L/8/108E, [DO]
Ayers, Maria Elizabeth, bur. 22 Jan 1944, age: 81y, w/of Charles Henry Ayers, grave #L17/408, [DO]
Ayers, Mary Ann Alice, bur. 27 Jul 1950, age: 69y, grave #L25/424, [DO]
Ayers, Mary Ann, bur. 13 Feb 1915, age: 74y Widow, grave #L10/110, [DO]
Ayers, Mary Ann, bur. 22 Apr 1924, age: 63y, w/of D Ayers, grave #L/A/259, [DO]
Ayers, Mary Ann, bur. 31 Dec 1904, age: 47y, w/of George John Ayers, grave #L17/65, [DO]
Ayers, Mary Ann, bur. 6 Apr 1895, age: 68y, w/of James.grave #L/10/219, [DO]
Ayers, Mary Ann, bur. 8 Oct 1901, age: 60y, w/of Henry, grave #L12/160, [DO]
Ayers, Mary, bur. 14 Dec 1948, age: 75y, w/of Richard, grave #L25/499, [DO]
Ayers, Mason Wilson, bur. 10 Sep 1907, age: 4 days, s/of Daniel & Ellen, grave #L/E/294W, [DO]
Ayers, Matilda, bur. 28 May 1908, age: 84y, widow, grave #L/15/61, [DO]
Ayers, May Ellen, bur. 19 Nov 1915, age: 14mnths, d/of William & Ethel, grave #L13/353W, [DO]
Ayers, Minnie Alice, bur. 30 Jan 1950, age: 64y, Spinster, grave #L/A291, [DO]
Ayers, Minnie, bur. 10 Aug 1888, age: 1yr, d/of Thomas & Elizabeth, grave #L/4/175W, [DO]
Ayers, Nellie May, bur. 22 Aug 1908, age: 8yrs, d/of Frederick, grave #L21/90W, [DO]
Ayers, Noah Alfred, bur. 9 Dec 1913, age: 26days, s/of Noah & Alice E Barnaby, grave #LE/487E, [DO]
Ayers, Noah Frederick, bur. 14 Dec 1892, age: 3mnths, s/of Thomas & Bessie Harriet, grave #L/B/105W, [DO]
Ayers, Noah Thomas, bur. 20 Nov 1889, age: 2mnths, s/of William J & Caroline, grave #L/5/94E, [DO]
Ayers, Noah, bur. 29 Sep 1915, age: 50y, grave #L/E/351, [DO]
Ayers, Phyllis Elizabeth, bur. 4 Jun 1914, age: 17y, Spinster, grave #L11/485, [DO]
Ayers, Rebecca, d. 22 Mar 1895, age: 78yr, w/of William, [DO]
Ayers, Ronald, bur. 12 Aug 1907, age: 1day, s/of Edward Arthur & Florence, grave #L/E/282E, [DO]
Ayers, Rosa Agnes, bur. 13 Sep 1897, age: 5mo, d/of Robert John & Caroline, grave #L/10/293E, [DO]
Ayers, Sarah Elizabeth, bur. 25 Feb 1914, age: 65y w/of Mason Wilson Ayers, grave #L/A/213, [DO]
Ayers, Sarah Elizabeth, bur. 28 Jun 1934, age: 69y, w/of Thomas, grave #L/J/74, [DO]
Ayers, Sarah Jane, bur. 9 Jan 1915, age: 56y, Spinster, grave #L12/423, [DO]
Ayers, Susan Valentine, bur. 8 Oct 1895, age: 7mo, d/of Hawes Mason & Martha, grave #L10/229E, [DO]
Ayers, Thomas Coleman, bur. 22 May 1934, age: 43y, grave #L/A/321, [DO]
Ayers, Thomas Coleman, bur. 23 Sep 1948, age: 83y, grave #L18/303, [DO]
Ayers, Thomas Daniel, bur. 18 Dec 1895, age: 2mnths, s/of Gertrude Elizabeth, grave #L/A/396W, [DO]
Ayers, Thomas Daniel, bur. 29 Aug 1898, age: 22 hours, s/of Thomas & Lizzie, grave #L/B/424E, [DO]
Ayers, Thomas James, bur. 8 Jan 1890, age: 6mo, s/of Thomas Daniel & Elizabeth, grave #L/5/297E, [DO]
Ayers, Thomas, bur. 28 Nov 1940, age: 79y, grave #L/L/34, [DO]
Ayers, Victor Clarence Boel, bur. 19 Apr 1893, age: 6mo, S/of George & Emily Amelia, grave #L/B/96W, [DO]
Ayers, Walter Henry, bur. 20 Dec 1948, age: 58y, Shipwright, grave #L14/141, [DO]
Ayers, Wiliam, bur. 19 Sep 1894, age: 8mo, s/of George William & Emma, grave #L/9/94E, [DO]
Ayers, William Arthur, bur. 3 Jan 1914, age: 2yrs, s/of Emma Ayers, grave #LF/394W, [DO]
Ayers, William Frederick, bur. 11 Aug 1942, age: 77y, grave #L15/348, [DO]
Ayers, William James, bur. 17 Jan 1924, age: 78y, Fisherman, grave #L/P/404, [DO]
Ayers, William Samuel, bur. 4 Apr 1903, age: 14 days, s/of William & Mary Ann, grave #L/C/288E, [DO]
Ayers, William Thomas, bur. 10 Feb 1938, age: 68y, grave #L13/140, [DO]
Ayers, William, bur. 16 Nov 1903, age: 78y, Lifeboatman, grave #L/D/116, [DO]
Ayers, William, d. 28 May 1860, age: 43yr, drowned, h/of Rebecca, [DO]
Ayres, David C, d. 9 Mar 1926, age: 87yr, h/of Harriet M, [DO]
Ayres, Fred, d. 10 Oct 1908, age: 25yr, s/of DC And HM Ayres, [DO]
Ayres, George, d. 23 Mar 1918, age: 37yr, Killed in Action with the Grenadier Guards, s/of D Ayres, [DO]
Ayres, Harriet M, d. 12 Mar 1927, age: 77yr, w/of David C, [DO]
Bemment, Joseph Barber, d. 23 Dec 1908, age: 86yr, h/of Pleasence His Second Wife, [DO]
Bemment, Susannah, d. 4 Oct 1887, age: 57yr, w/of Joseph Barber Bemment, [DO]
Bonney, Ellen, E, d. 27 Jun 1946, age: 67yr, [DO]
Bonney, William F, d. 7 May 1903, age: 54yr, [DO]
Boyce, Ada Maud, bur. 18 Sep 1895, d/of Joseph John Boyce and Rebecca grave #L/5/285/e, age: 0yr, [DO]
Boyce, Albert Edward, bur. 12 Dec 1889 s/of Joseph John Boyce and Rebecca grave #L/5/285/E, age: 2yr, [DO]
Boyce, Ellen Ruth, d. 7 Apr 1949, age: 81yr, w/of John James Boyce, [DO]
Boyce, Ernest John, bur. 22 Dec 1904, Occupation Shipwright grave #L/c/438 s/of Joseph John Boyce and Rebecca, age: 24yr, [DO]
Boyce, James, bur. 7 Jan 1901, Infant s/of Joseph John Boyce And Rebecca grave #L276/e, age: 0yr, [DO]
Boyce, John James, d. 8 Dec 1898, age: 39yr, h/of Ellen Ruth, [DO]
Boyce, John, bur. 2 Feb 1892 grave #L/b/114, age: 66yr h/of Susannah Boyce, [DO]
Boyce, Joseph John, bur. 21 Jun 1904, grave #LC/435, age: 47yr, h/o Rebecca, [DO]
Boyce, Susannah, bur. 16 Jan 1908, age: 82yr, w/of John Boyce, [DO]
Burgess, John, d. 13 Aug 1890, age: 68yr, [DO]
Burwood, Alice Bertha, bur. 12 Apr 1940, age 66yr, widow, grave #L/18/299, [DO]
Burwood, Alice, bur. 24 Mar 1937, age 73yr, widow, grave #L/20/340, [DO]
Burwood, Amy May Florence, bur. 19 Nov 1959, age 61yr, widow, grave #L30/5550, [DO]
Burwood, Audrey Nora, bur. 13 Oct 1997, age 90yr, housewife, of Oulton Broad, grave #L11/340, [DO]
Burwood, Bertram, bur. 16 Apr 1890, age 16mo, s/o James & Isabella, grave #L/6/140W, [DO]
Burwood, Charles Henry, bur. 28 Jan 1896, age 2mo, s/o George & Mary Ann, grave #L/11/39W, [DO]
Burwood, Charlotte Elizabeth, bur. 15 Jun 1895, age 1da, d/o William & Charlotte, grave #L/9/254E, [DO]
Burwood, Charlotte, bur. 18 Sep 1939, age 65yr, widow, grave #L/9/25, [DO]
Burwood, Clarissa , bur. 23 Mar 1935, age 63yr, w/o J.L., grave #L2150, [DO]
Burwood, David Richard, bur. 1 Jul 1959, age 1da, grave #L/30/476W, [DO]
Burwood, Edward James, bur. 21 Aug 1959, age 71yr, pensioner, grave #L/30/549, [DO]
Burwood, Edward John, bur. 11 Jul 1924, age 65yr, inmate, grave #L16/396, [DO]
Burwood, Edward John, cremated 29 Mar 1974, age 72yr, grave #L/E/94, (Ashes Scattered Lowestoft Golf Course ), [DO]
Burwood, Edward, bur. 14 Apr 1903, age 67yr, grave #L/14/113, [DO]
Burwood, Elizabeth, bur. 27 Jan 1916, age 72yr, widow, grave #L/10/182, [DO]
Burwood, Elizabeth, bur. 4 Jul 1903, age 40yr, widow, grave #L16/165, [DO]
Burwood, Ernest Edward, bur. 21 Mar 1908, age 21da, s/o George & Mary Ann, grave #L21/130E, [DO]
Burwood, Ernest George, bur. 17 Oct 1895, age 2yr, s/o Susannah, grave #L/10.212E, [DO]
Burwood, Evelyn Maud, bur. 16 Aug 1988, age 77yr O.A.P. grave #L/T./480, [DO]
Burwood, George Arthur, bur. 6 Oct 1998, age 67yr, retired, grave #L28/213, [DO]
Burwood, George Clarke, bur. 6 Sep 1888, age 50yr, grave #L/A/84, [DO]
Burwood, George Henry Butcher, bur. 17 Apr 1963, age 88yr, pensioner, grave #L10/182, [DO]
Burwood, George Henry, bur. 1 Oct 1949, age 52yr, grave #L25/475, [DO]
Burwood, George Robert, bur. 16 Mar 1949, age 80yr, pensioner, grave #L25/488, [DO]
Burwood, George Vemply, bur. 30 Jun 1917, age 72yr, artist, grave #L/J56, h/o Martha, [DO]
Burwood, George, bur. 17 Feb 1953, age 85yr, pensioner, grave #L/12/366, [DO]
Burwood, George, bur. 3 Oct 1891, age 14mo, s/o George & Mary, grave #L/6/145E, [DO]
Burwood, Gertrude Lavinia, bur. 11 Apr 1974, age 81yr, widow, grave #L/Q/352, [DO]
Burwood, Hannah Maria, bur. 19 Dec 1942, age 86yr, widow, grave #L/12/607, [DO]
Burwood, Henry Charles, bur. 14 Sep 1893, age 2yr, s/o William & Alice, grave #L/8.280E, [DO]
Burwood, Hester, bur. 7 Jan 1943, age 83yr, spinster, grave #L/17/492, [DO]
Burwood, James Butcher, d. 8 Dec 1911, age: 85yr, h/of Maria, [DO]
Burwood, James William, bur. 28 Nov 1940, age 64yr, grave #L/14/84, [DO]
Burwood, James William, bur. 7 Mar 1895, age 40yr, grave #L/10.208, [DO]
Burwood, James, bur. 23 Sep 1937, age 72yr, old aged pensioner, grave #L/D/290, [DO]
Burwood, Jean Johnson, bur. 1 Apr 1974, age 72yr, grave #L33/613, [DO]
Burwood, John Lewis, bur. 9 Nov 1939, age 69yr, pensioner, grave #L/2/150, [DO]
Burwood, John William, bur. 16 Aug 1951, age 59yr, grave #LQ/352, [DO]
Burwood, John, bur. 5 Jun 1897, age 19mo, s/o Edward J. & Anna M., grave #L/13/69W, [DO]
Burwood, Laurence Arthur Billingham, bur. 30 May 1989, age 71yr, O.A.P. grave #L31/398, [DO]
Burwood, Lily Annie, bur. 25 Jul 1924, age 3mo, grave #L/20/139E, [DO]
Burwood, Lily Maud, bur. 26 Nov 1985, age 88yr, O.A.P. grave #L27/676, [DO]
Burwood, Lizzie, bur. 11 Dec 1903, age 3da, d/o Robert Samuel & Maria, grave #L16/47W, [DO]
Burwood, Maria Mary, d. 14 Jul 1916, age: 42yr, w/of Samuel Robert Burwood, [DO]
Burwood, Maria, d. 22 Feb 1911, age: 84yr, w/of James Butcher Burwood, [DO]
Burwood, Martha, bur. 15 Jul 1935, age 84yr, widow, grave #L/J/56, w/o George Vemply, [DO]
Burwood, Mary Ann Elizabeth, bur. 23 Jun 1914, age 45yr, w/o George, grave #L/12/366, [DO]
Burwood, Mary Ann Elizabeth, bur. 7 Feb 1958, age 83yr, widow, grave #L/25/488, [DO]
Burwood, Mary Ann, bur. 14 Feb 1951, age 75yr, widow, grave #L/14/84, [DO]
Burwood, Matilda, bur. 21 Oct 1889, age 51yr, w/o William, grave #L/5/282, [DO]
Burwood, Minnie Katherine, bur. 18 May 1904, age 2mo, d/o George & Mary Ann, grave #L16/130W, [DO]
Burwood, Philip, bur. 11 Jan 1949, age 5mo, grave #L/4/86, [DO]
Burwood, Roberta Jacqueline Fiona, bur. 10 Feb 1956, age 3mo, grave #L27/242E, [DO]
Burwood, Samuel Henry, bur. 2 May 1900, age 16da, s/o William Hellis Burwood, grave #L/1/118E, [DO]
Burwood, Samuel Robert, d. 10 Dec 1916, drowned at sea, age: 19yr, s/of Samuel Robert And Maria Mary, [DO]
Burwood, Samuel Robert, d. 8 Dec 1916, drowned on HM Trawler Kent County, age: 43yr, [DO]
Burwood, Stanley Arthur, bur. 18 Feb 1963, age 40yr, grave #L29/651, [DO]
Burwood, Stillborn, bur. 6 Mar 1961, child Of R. & F. Burwood, grave #L30/566W, [DO]
Burwood, William Benjamin, bur. 23 Jul 1907, age 70yr, grave #L5/282, [DO]
Burwood, William George, bur. 25 Mar 1905, age 3mo, s/o Samuel Robert & Maria, grave #L18/25W, [DO]
Burwood, William, bur. 5 Dec 1902, age 7hr, s/o Samuel R. & Maria, grave #L/16/30E, [DO]
Burwood, Winifred Frances, bur. 10 Oct 1966, age 69yr, pensioner, grave #L31/542, [DO]
Butcher, Ada Mary, bur. 30 May 1951, age: 70yr, widow, L/R/422, [DO]
Butcher, Adelaide, bur. 26 Jul 1906, age: 51yr, widow, L/5/250, [DO]
Butcher, Agnes Joyce, bur. 19 Jan 1942, age: 15yr, spinster, L/3/145, [DO]
Butcher, Agnes, bur. 16 Nov 1946, age: 67yr, widow, L/J/58, [DO]
Butcher, Agnes, bur. 17 Jun 1943, age: 75yr, w/of George W Butcher, L/M/133, [DO]
Butcher, Alice Susannah, bur. 16 Sep 1925, age: 49yr, w/of James Butcher, L/17/263, [DO]
Butcher, Amelia, bur. 16 Mar 1916, age: 70yr, widow, L/12/306, [DO]
Butcher, Arthur, bur. 12 Feb 1916, age: 50yr, labourer, L/13/530, [DO]
Butcher, Benjamin, bur. 1 May 1893, age: 86yr, grave #L/8/79, Husband Of Sarah Butcher, [DO]
Butcher, Benjamin, bur. 10 Aug 1887, age: 43yr, boatowner, L/5/250, [DO]
Butcher, Charles Calver, bur. 1931 h/of Ellen M Butcher, [DO]
Butcher, Charles Dunn, bur. 21 Oct 1953, age: 72yr, pensioner, L/16/18, [DO]
Butcher, Charles Henry, bur. 25 Nov 1892, age: 7yr, c/of George and Elizabeth Butcher, l/7/71w, [DO]
Butcher, Charles Samuel, bur. 2 Apr 1908, age: 41yr, labourer, L/20/92, [DO]
Butcher, Charles, bur. 11 Apr 1945, age: 76yr, pensioner, L/N/68, [DO]
Butcher, Charles, bur. 21 Dec 1904, L/17/125, [DO]
Butcher, Daisy, bur. 3 Feb 1888, age: 0yr, c/of William and Maria Butcher, L/4/57W, [DO]
Butcher, Edward William, bur. 8 Aug 1895, age: 44yr, Oulton Workhouse, fisherman, L/6/369, [DO]
Butcher, Edward, bur. 8 Aug 1899, age: 79yr, fisherman, L/9/157, [DO]
Butcher, ELiza Ann, bur. 18 Nov 1908, age: 57yr, w/of Richard Butcher, L/6/18, [DO]
Butcher, Eliza, bur. 10 Jun 1891, age: 62yr, w/of Thomas E Butcher, L/3/192, [DO]
Butcher, Elizabeth Maud, bur. 1 Oct 1895, age: 4yr, c/of John Alfred and Sarah Butcher L/10/141W, [DO]
Butcher, Elizabeth Susan, bur. 31 May 1937, age: 59yr, w/of W Butcher, L21/503, [DO]
Butcher, Elizabeth, bur. 1 Jul 1948, age: 76yr, widow, L/N/68, [DO]
Butcher, Elizabeth, bur. 14 Jan 1903, age: 95yr, widow, L/15/167, [DO]
Butcher, Elizabeth, bur. 20 Mar 1924, age: 90yr, widow, l/15/225, [DO]
Butcher, Elizabeth, bur. 28 Dec 1896, age: 64yr, w/of John Butcher, L/12/289, [DO]
Butcher, Elizabeth, bur. 30 Dec 1889, age: 66yr, spinster, L/A/26, [DO]
Butcher, Ellen, bur. 9 Aug 1905, age: 59yr, w/of Thomas Butcher, L/17/175, [DO]
Butcher, Emma, d. 19 Jul 1932, age: 82yr, w/of John Samuel Butcher, [DO]
Butcher, Eric George, bur. 6 Jul 1987, age: 82yr, pensioner, h/of Florence Butcher, L/29/624, [DO]
Butcher, Ernest Edward Norton, bur. 13 Dec 1951, age: 67yr, pensioner, L/27/548, [DO]
Butcher, Ernest George, bur. 14 Aug 1941, age: 28yr, Soldier, L/15/A/284, [DO]
Butcher, Ernest James, bur. 23 Feb 1956, age: 53yr, L/27/239, [DO]
Butcher, Ernest William, bur. 1 Aug 1952, age: 70yr, Pensioner, L/27/521, [DO]
Butcher, Esther Ann, bur. 30 Jul 1923, age: 67yr, L/15/274, [DO]
Butcher, Esther, bur. 23 Apr 1898, widow, age: 67yr, L/14/147, [DO]
Butcher, Fanny Elizabeth, bur. 17 May 1917, age: 67yr, w/of Mathew Butcher, L/I/53, [DO]
Butcher, Florence, bur. 15 Mar 1995, age: 89yr w/of Eric George Butcher, L29/624, [DO]
Butcher, Frederick Charles, bur. 9 Oct 1893, 0yr, c/of Mathew and Mary Ann Butcher, L/8/279E, [DO]
Butcher, Gary Arthur George, bur. 2 Aug 1947, 0yr, infant, L23/547W, [DO]
Butcher, George Frederick, bur. 20 Feb 1953, age: 69yr, pensioner, L/21/501, [DO]
Butcher, George William, bur. 29 Jul 1947, age: 77yr, pensioner, L/M/133, [DO]
Butcher, George, bur. 15 Jul 1923, age: 60yr, fisherman, L/19/204, [DO]
Butcher, Gertrude, bur. 3 Feb 1888, age: 0yr, child of william and Maria Butcher, L/4/57W, [DO]
Butcher, Harriet, bur. 13 Nov 1913, age: 51yr, widow, L/14/340, [DO]
Butcher, Ivy Grace, bur. 3 Apr 1903, age: 0yr, c/of Ellen Selina Butcher, L/12/87W, [DO]
Butcher, James Charles, bur. 9 Dec 1897, age: 32yr, beerhouse keeper, L/0/14, [DO]
Butcher, James William Robert, bur. 23 Jul 1888, age: 0yr, c/of James and Ellen Butcher, L/4/165W, [DO]
Butcher, James, bur. 10 Jan 1917, age: 69yr, fisherman, L/13/570, [DO]
Butcher, James, bur. 4 Jul 1955, age: 79yr, L/28/508, [DO]
Butcher, James, bur. 8 Sep 1898, age: 43yr, fisherman, L13/224, [DO]
Butcher, Jean Mathew, bur. 14 Jun 1888, age: 60yr, L/29/362W, [DO]
Butcher, Joanne, bur. 13 Sep 1951, w/of Harold William Butcher, age: 54yr, L/27/624, [DO]
Butcher, John Alfred, bur. 21 Sep 1934, age: 75yr, grave #L/a/133 s/of John And Elizabeth Butcher, [DO]
Butcher, John Edward, bur. 12 Sep 1910, age: 76yr, retired lawyer, L/8/405, [DO]
Butcher, John Harry, bur. 16 Oct 1895, age: 3yr, L/10/143W C/of John A and Sarah Butcher, [DO]
Butcher, John Jessop, bur. 23 Aug 1888, 0yr, c/of James and Emma Butcher, L/7/259W, [DO]
Butcher, John Samuel, bur. 1 May 1913, age: 57yr, boatowner, L/10/184, [DO]
Butcher, John, bur. 7 May 1912, age: 82yr, fisherman, workhouse infirmary, L/10/452, [DO]
Butcher, Joseph Elijah, bur. 24 May 1912, age: 42yr, painter, L/10/463, [DO]
Butcher, Joseph, bur. 5 Dec 1901, age: 58yr, fisherman, L/12/306, [DO]
Butcher, Maria, bur. 12 Mar 1897, age: 47yr, singlewoman, farrows yard, L/10/264, [DO]
Butcher, Mark seage:r, bur. 12 Feb 1902, age: 22yr, chemists assistant, L/11/29, [DO]
Butcher, Mark seage:r, bur. 24 Aug 1908, age: 63yr, accountant, L/21/107, [DO]
Butcher, Mary Ann, bur. 11 Jul 1989, age: 86yr, oap, L/32/548, [DO]
Butcher, Mary Ann, bur. 7 Dec 1912, age: 31yr singlewoman, 45 Dove street, L/11/390, [DO]
Butcher, Mary Ann, bur. 7 Jun 1890, age: 67yr w/of Edward Butcher, L.6/369, [DO]
Butcher, Mathew John, bur. 13 Jul 1937, age: 61yr, fish merchant, L/J/58, [DO]
Butcher, Mathew, bur. 1 Sep 1898, age: 59yr, fisherman, L13/278, [DO]
Butcher, Raymond John, bur. 29 Feb 1956, age: 0yr, infant, L/27/238E, [DO]
Butcher, Robert George, bur. 15 Apr 1904, age: 0yr, s/of Robert G and Gertrude M Butcher, L/16/55E, [DO]
Butcher, Robert, bur. 17 Feb 1900, age: 64yr, carter, L/14/197, [DO]
Butcher, Rose Ann, bur. 3 Jan 1888, age: 2yr, c/of william and Jane Butcher, L/A/36E, [DO]
Butcher, Rose May, bur. 7 Sep 1889, age: 1 yr, c/of william and Jane Butcher, L/A/48W, [DO]
Butcher, Rosetta, bur. 15 Mar 1952, age: 82yr, widow, of Samuel Thomas Butcher, L/25/401, [DO]
Butcher, Samuel Thomas, bur. 10 Jan 1951, age: 81yr, pensioner, L/25/401h/of Rosetta Butcher, [DO]
Butcher, Samuel, bur. 5 Apr 1889, age: 38yr, shoemaker, L/51/262, [DO]
Butcher, Samuel, bur. 8 Mar 1901, age: 63yr, labourer, L/12/354, [DO]
Butcher, Sarah, bur. 5 May 1902, age: 89yr, grave #L/8/79, widow Of Benjamin Butcher, [DO]
Butcher, Sarah, bur. 7 Nov 1923, age: 59yr, w/of John Butcher, L/A/133, [DO]
Butcher, Susan, bur. 5 Nov 1898, age: 45yr, widow, L/13/251, [DO]
Butcher, Susanna, bur. 10 Jun 1910, age: 46yr, w/of William Butcher, L/19/14, [DO]
Butcher, Susannah, bur. burial 23 Jun 1890, age: 77yr, widow, L/6/79, [DO]
Butcher, Sydney James Gordon, bur. 26 May 1891, age: 0yr, c/of Richard and Eliza Butcher, L/5/325E, [DO]
Butcher, Thomas Charles, bur. 4 Mar 1908, age: 0yr, c/of Thomas C and Florence Butcher, L/20/94E, [DO]
Butcher, Thomas Emery, bur. 15 May 1923, age: 94yr, retired, L/3/192, [DO]
Butcher, Thomas William, bur. 15 Feb 1917, age: 6yr, c/of Thomas and Florence Butcher, L/13/596, [DO]
Butcher, William Charles, bur. 21 May 1936, age: 63yr, fisherman, L/J/57, [DO]
Butcher, William Henry, bur. 20 Feb 1953, age: 74yr, oap, L/21/503, [DO]
Butcher, William James, bur. 20 Jun 1910, age: 39yr, fish merchant, L/14/340, [DO]
Butcher, William Last, bur. 2 Oct 1990, age: 0yr, c/of Richard and Eliza Butcher, L/5/325E, [DO]
Butcher, William Saunders, bur. 26 Feb 1910, Married man, age: 60yr, grave #L/e/59, [DO]
Butcher, William Thomas Cooper, bur. 29 Apr 1911, age: 39yr, publican, L/19/17, [DO]
Butchers, Raymond Mark, bur. 30 Jan 1987, age: 26yr, L/29/504, [DO]
Canova, Elsie Rosa, d. 10 Sep 1969, age: 88yr, w/of Peter Henry, [DO]
Canova, Peter Henry, d. 26 Sep 1937, age: 66yr, h/of Elsie Rosa, [DO]
Capps, Arnall (Arnie), d. 21 Feb 1940, age: 89yr, h/of Rosa E Capps, [DO]
Capps, Arnall Frederic, d. 18 Nov 1910, h/of Emma, [DO]
Capps, Clara Cubbitt, bur. 4 Dec 1923, age: 78yr spinster grave #L/c 44, d/of William Brame Capps and Clara, [DO]
Capps, Clara, bur. 15 aug 1893, w/of William Brame Capps grave #L/C/44, age: 80yr, [DO]
Capps, Edmund, d. 23 Nov 1901, age: 53yr, h/of Georgianna, [DO]
Capps, Elizabeth Jane, d. 14 Mar 1918, age: 81yr, w/of Robert Brame Capps, [DO]
Capps, Ellen Georgianna, d. 7 Aug 1907, age: 34yr, d/of Edmund, [DO]
Capps, Emma, d. 30 Apr 1935, age: 65yr, w/of Arnall Frederic, [DO]
Capps, Fannie Fayerman, d. 14 Mar 1945, age: 81yr, d/of Robert Brame And Elizabeth Jane Capps, [DO]
Capps, Fayerman Frederic, d. 27 Apr 1948, age: 62yr, s/of Robert, [DO]
Capps, Frederic Golder, d. 23 Sep 1928, age: 85yr, h/of Margaret, [DO]
Capps, Frederic Oldrin, d. 20 Jun 1972, age: 89yr, second son of Arnall Brame And Rose Ellen Capps, [DO]
Capps, Georgianna, d. 22 Sep 1915, age: 66yr, w/of Edmund, [DO]
Capps, John Brame, d. 9 Feb 1901, age: 81yr, h/of Louisa, [DO]
Capps, Margaret, d. 18 Dec 1929, age: 80yr, w/of Frederic Golder Capps, [DO]
Capps, Robert Brame, d. 6 Nov 1909, age: 71yr, h/of Elizabeth Jane, [DO]
Capps, William Jenner, bur. 15 Feb 1901, h/o Charlotte Capps Occupation Fisherman, [DO]
Catchpole, Charles Durrant, d. 22 Mar 1961, age: 64yr, h/of Kathleen, [DO]
Catchpole, Kathleen, d. 23 Apr 1992, age: 96yr, w/of Charles Durrant Catchpole, [DO]
Clarke, Olive, d. 15 May 1998, age: 93yr, d/of Arthur And Florence Saunders, [DO]
Coleman, Albert Edward, bur. 23 Feb 1946, age: 44yr, L/16/282, [DO]
Coleman, Albert Edward, bur. 27 May 1899, age: 0yr, c/of Henry George and Esther Coleman, l/d/41w, [DO]
Coleman, Albert Ernest, bur. 21 Aug 1952, age: 72yr, pensioner, L/4/127, [DO]
Coleman, Albert Harry, bur. 27 Jan 1950, age: 80yr, pensioner, L/25/449, [DO]
Coleman, Alfred Albert Sharman, bur. 10 Feb 1914, age: 32yr, Confectioner, L/F/471, [DO]
Coleman, Alfred George, bur. 25 Mar 1939, age: 47yr, labourer, L/22/556, [DO]
Coleman, Alfred James, bur. 10 May 1916, age: 57yr, Fisherman, L/9/197, [DO]
Coleman, Alice, bur. 1 Oct 1992, age: 85yr, retired, L/33/500, [DO]
Coleman, Annie Eliza, bur. 14 Mar 1908, age: 49yr, w/of William Coleman, L/9/199, [DO]
Coleman, Annie, bur. 21 Jun 1948, age: 61yr, L/18/277, [DO]
Coleman, Annie, bur. 4 Nov 1914, age: 60yr, w/of Robert Coleman, L/12/415, [DO]
Coleman, Archibald, bur. 16 Jan 1924, age: 39yr, Army Pensioner, L/P/424, [DO]
Coleman, Arthur Ernest, bur. 8 Dec 1894, age: 0yr, L/9/205E, C/of William T, and Mary A Coleman, [DO]
Coleman, Caroline Sarah, bur. 17 Apr 1937, age: 77yr, widow, L/20/497, [DO]
Coleman, Charles Arthur George, bur. 20 Dec 1917, age: 10yr, c/of Arthur and Florence Coleman, L/13/602, [DO]
Coleman, Charles Edwards, bur. 14 Nov 1888, age: 78yr, O OAP, L/301/370V, [DO]
Coleman, Charles Edwards, bur. 16 Jul 1941, age: 83yr, L/K/155, Pensioner, [DO]
Coleman, Charles George, bur. 23 Nov 1892, age: 36yr, Fisherman, L/7/151, [DO]
Coleman, Charles Jeremiah, bur. 16 Feb 1949, age: 70yrold, pensioner, L/3/127, [DO]
Coleman, Charles, bur. 15 Sep 1906, age: 76yr, Sawyer, L/D/398, [DO]
Coleman, Clara May, bur. 1 May 1896, age: 2yr, c/of John James and Eliza Coleman, L/12/50E, [DO]
Coleman, Clara May, d. 27 Apr 1896, age: 2yrs 4mo old, [DO]
Coleman, Damaris Eliza, bur. 29 Mar 1895, age: 31yr, w/of James Coleman, [DO]
Coleman, Damaris Eliza, d. 25 Mar 1895, age: 31yr, w/of John James, [DO]
Coleman, Daniel, bur. 20 Feb 1925, age: 66yr, L/17/211, [DO]
Coleman, Donald Launcelot, bur. 15 Apr 1907, age: 0yr, c/of William T and Mary A Coleman, L/17/136E, [DO]
Coleman, Eleanor, bur. 19 Nov 1892, age: 17yr, L/7/41, [DO]
Coleman, Elijah William, bur. 24 Nov 1953, age: 87yr, pensioner, L/15/206 Coleman, [DO]
Coleman, Elijah, bur. 6 Dec 1911, age: 83yr, pensioner, L/13/298, [DO]
Coleman, Eliza Burwood, bur. 18 May 1950, age: 89yr, widow, L/C/496, [DO]
Coleman, Eliza, bur. 2 Aug 1923, age: 55yr, w/of Mathew Coleman, L/P/386, [DO]
Coleman, Elizabeth, bur. 24 Aug 1909, age: 67yr, widow, L/B/121, [DO]
Coleman, Emily, bur. 8 Aug 1898, age: 64yr, w/of Elijah Coleman, [DO]
Coleman, Emma, bur. 24 Apr 1937, age: 90yr, widow, L/19/493, [DO]
Coleman, Esther Jane, bur. 6 Mar 1903, age: 35yr, w/of Alfred James Coleman, L/9/197, [DO]
Coleman, Ethel Henrietta, bur. 20 May 1893, age: 0yr, c/of George and Henrietta ColemanL/B/55E, [DO]
Coleman, Ezer, bur. 2 Feb 1949, age: 86yr, Pensioner, L/C/496, [DO]
Coleman, Frank James, bur. 30 Jul 1913, age: 0yr, c/of Mima Sarah Coleman, L/11/402W, [DO]
Coleman, George Frederick Vernon, bur. 7 Dec 1995, age: 79yr, Fisherman, L/26/440, [DO]
Coleman, George Mathew, d. 5 Jul 1967, age: 53yr, h/of Gladys Ellen, [DO]
Coleman, George, bur. 10 Oct 1907, age: 43yr, Fishbuyer, L/20/116, [DO]
Coleman, George, bur. 10 Oct 1910, age: 73yr, labourer, L/18/41, [DO]
Coleman, George, bur. 12 Mar 1947, age: 74yr, pensioner, L/14/601, [DO]
Coleman, Georgina, bur. 31 Dec 1902, age: 68yr, Oulton Workhouse, widow, L/15/168, [DO]
Coleman, Gertrude A, bur. 18 Dec 1944, age: 63yr, w/of William Coleman, [DO]
Coleman, Gilbert Ernest, bur. 14 Jan 1915, age: 0yr, c/of Eyere and Gertude Coleman, L/12/437/E, [DO]
Coleman, Gladys Ellen, d. 31 Jan 1958, age: 31yr, w/of George Mathew Coleman, [DO]
Coleman, Gladys Violet, bur. 18 Mar 1916, age: 17yr, Factory Hand, L/I/1003, [DO]
Coleman, Gordon John, bur. 14 Jul 1956, age: 25yr, LH/19, [DO]
Coleman, Hannah, bur. 25 Mar 1941, age: 53yr, w/of Albert Coleman, l22/586, [DO]
Coleman, Harriet Hannah, bur. 23 Feb 1913, age: 50yr, spinster, l/e/438, [DO]
Coleman, Harriett Hannah, bur. 5 Mar 1910, age: 76yr, widow, l/d/396, [DO]
Coleman, Henry George, bur. 18 Feb 1947, age: 83yr, pensioner, L/s/481, [DO]
Coleman, Henry James, bur. 31 Jan 1913, age: 3yr, c/of Mathew Henry and Eliza Coleman, l/11/379w, [DO]
Coleman, Henry Timothy James, bur. 30 Jun 1956, age: 81yr, pensioner, L/28/467, [DO]
Coleman, Henry, bur. 8 Dec 1952, age: 87yr, pensioner, L/S/481, [DO]
Coleman, Hettie Medora, bur. 28 Jan 1913, age: 0yr, c/of Arthur And Florence Coleman, l/10/465/w, [DO]
Coleman, Hettie, bur. 7 Jun 1898, age: 37yr, w/of George Coleman, l/b/425, [DO]
Coleman, Hilda Daisy, bur. 14 Jan 1892, age: 0yr, C/OF George And Henrietta Coleman, L/B/203E, [DO]
Coleman, Hilda Eliza, bur. 29 Dec 1916, age: 3yr, L/I/143/E, [DO]
Coleman, Irene Mary, bur. 30 Apr 1913, 0yr, c/of Robert And Eva M Coleman, L/F/327W, [DO]
Coleman, Isabel Gertrude, bur. 18 sep 1951, age: 50yr, w/of S G Coleman, L/k/102, [DO]
Coleman, James Arthur, bur. 26 May 1924, age: 44yr, Master Butcher, L/14/263, [DO]
Coleman, Jane Annie Elizabeth, bur. 27 Dec 1907, age: 2yr, c/of Edward Henry And Jane C Coleman, l/20/33e, [DO]
Coleman, Jessie Caroline, bur. 10 Feb 1913, age: 59yr, w/of David Coleman, L11/387, [DO]
Coleman, Jessie May, bur. 2 Jun 1898, age: 0yr, c/of George And Hettie Coleman, l/13/206w, [DO]
Coleman, Johanna, bur. 9 Oct 1942, age: 59yr, w/oF Charles Coleman, l/3/217, [DO]
Coleman, John James, bur. 9 Apr 1898, age: 38yr, Fisherman, l/12/50, [DO]
Coleman, John, bur. 17 May 1894, age: 81yr, Twinespinner, L/9/86, [DO]
Coleman, Letitia, bur. 27 Mar 1895, age: 62yr, w/of William Coleman, L/A/375, [DO]
Coleman, Lilian Mary Margaret, bur. 16 Aug 1889, age: 0yr, c/of Robert And Louisa Coleman, L/4/183/W, [DO]
Coleman, Lily Maud Eliza, bur. 13 Dec 1909, age: 19yr, domestic sServant, l/9/368, [DO]
Coleman, Margaret, bur. 27 Apr 1889, age: 60yr, w/of Samuel Coleman, l/5/111, [DO]
Coleman, Maria, bur. 12 Dec 1904, age: 63yr, w/of George Coleman, l/18/41, [DO]
Coleman, Martha, bur. 1 dec 1949, age: 92yr, l/0/474, [DO]
Coleman, Mary Ann, bur. 25 Feb 1903, age: 85yr, w/of Mathew Coleman, [DO]
Coleman, Mary Ann, bur. 28 Mar 1912, age: 80yr, w/of William Coleman, [DO]
Coleman, Mary Ann, bur. 3 Mar 1904, age: 54yr, w/of James Coleman, [DO]
Coleman, Mary Ann, bur. 5 Jul 1999, widow, age: 84yr, l/25/449, [DO]
Coleman, Mary, bur. 21 Mar 1890, age: 79yr, w/of Jno Coleman, l/5/313, [DO]
Coleman, Mathew Henry George, bur. 6 Jan 1923, age: 24yr, L/M/78, [DO]
Coleman, Mathew Henry, bur. 17 Jun 1893, 0yr, c/of Mathew And Eliza Coleman, l/8/108w, [DO]
Coleman, Mathew, bur. 31 Dec 1914, age: 92yr, fisherman, L/9/198, [DO]
Coleman, Maud, bur. 7 Aug 1995, age: 84yr, retired, L/LNA/22, [DO]
Coleman, Michael, bur. 14 Nov 1924, age: 76yr, OAP, L/O/455, [DO]
Coleman, Minnie Matilda, bur. 20 Jan 1888, age: 2yr, C/Of George And Henrietta Coleman, L/4/39E, [DO]
Coleman, Olive May, bur. 29 Dec 1911, 0yr, d/of Elihah And Minnie Coleman, L/10/404W, [DO]
Coleman, Redgrave, E, bur. 15 Oct 1894, age: 18yr, Labourer, L/9/203, [DO]
Coleman, Richanda, bur. 26 Nov 1909, age: 72yr, widow, L/21/47, [DO]
Coleman, Robert, bur. 21 Dec 1901, age: 62yr, Hallkeeper, L/8/81, [DO]
Coleman, Sarah, bur. 6 Oct 1923, age: 74yr, widow, L/17/22, [DO]
Coleman, Thomas Ayres, bur. 21 Jan 1918, age: 28yr, Melton Assylum, Gunner, R, N, Reserves, L/k/135, [DO]
Coleman, Thomas Swatman, bur. 12 Oct 1908, age: 83yr, Fisherman, L21/47, [DO]
Coleman, Thomas, bur. 1 Dec 1899, age: 66yr, Workhouse, Pauper, L/9/354, [DO]
Coleman, Thomas, bur. 31 Dec 1904, age: 55yr, Labourer, L17/22, [DO]
Coleman, Walter Herbert, bur. 20 Sep 1887, age: 0yr, c/of Charles G And Victoria Marie Coleman, L/E297, [DO]
Coleman, William James, bur. 31 Oct 1889, age: 0yr, c/of William And Caroline Coleman, l/5/274e, [DO]
Coleman, William, bur. 12 Dec 1903, age: 73yr, Carpenter, L/C/384, [DO]
Coleman, William, bur. 16 Jan 1891, age: 49 trs old, L/B/121, [DO]
Coleman, William, bur. 19 Apr 1909, age: 75yr, Oulton Workhouse, L/F/81, [DO]
Coleman, William, bur. 25 Apr 1912, age: 77yr, Retired Publican, L/10/432, [DO]
Coleman, William, d. 29 Aug 1933, age: 77yr, h/of Ethel Maud, [DO]
Coleman, Winifred Louise, bur. 7 Jul 1924, age: 2yr, L/E/418W, [DO]
Coleman, bur. 31 Aug 1892, age: 0yr, C/Of Elijah and Mildred Coleman, L/7/312E, [DO]
Colman, Letitia, bur. 27 Mar 1895 w/of William Colman, age: 62yr grave #L/a/375, [DO]


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