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Saint Mary Churchyard
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Saint Mary Churchyard
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Saint Mary Churchyard
Little Coxwell, Oxfordshire, England

Saint Mary Churchyard is located on Church Lane, Little Coxwell, Oxfordshire. It can be accessed via the A420 or B4508.

The churchyard surrounds the church, with modern burials to the left. The modern area is well tended, though other areas have been left to go wild.

This is not a complete listing of burials in this cemetery! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Aug 27, 2007. Total records = 24.

Contributor's Index:

Bond, Lucy, d. 29 Nov 1877 Little Coxwell, age 70 yrs, w/o and s/w Thomas Bond, [SC]
Bond, Thomas, d. 26 May 1890 age 82 yrs, h/o and s/w Lucy Bond, [SC]
Clack, Audrey Winifred, b. 12 Nov 1927, d. 20 Sep 1994, [SC]
Clack, Elizabeth Emily, b. 1 Sep 1904, d. 14 Oct 1965, s/w Wilfred Hedley Clack, [SC]
Clack, Wilfred Hedley, b. 22 Jul 1903, d. 31 May 1969, s/w Elizabeth Emily Clack, [SC]
Clark, Charles, d. 22 Apr 1880, age 74 yrs, h/o and s/w Elizabeth Clark, [SC]
Clark, Elizabeth, d. 5 May 1875, age 69 yrs, w/o and s/w Charles Clark
Cooper, Ben, d 27 Apr 1983, h/o and s/w Ellen Cooper, [SC]
Cooper, Ellen, d. 24 Jan 1973, w/o and s/w Ben Cooper, [SC]
Dyke, Ann, d. 1 Feb 1849, age 80 yrs, w/o and s/w John Dyke, [SC]
Dyke, John, d. 10 Jan 1844, age 72 yrs, h/o and s/w Ann Dyke, [SC]
Fletcher, Hannah Kate Frances, d. 12 Jan 1914, age 58 yrs, [SC]
Gregory, Elizabeth, d. 20 Nov 1860, age ?5 yrs, 'w/o John Gregory formerly of Hordley and Rector of Stonesfield Oxfordshire', [SC]
Kibble, H., d. 10 Oct 1918, '22958 BDR R.F.A, killed in action', [SC]
King, A. E., d. 22 Sep 1918, age 20 yrs, '203187 Private Royal Berkshire Regiment', [SC]
Law, Albert Raymond (Bonar), d. 22 Apr 1987, age 74 yrs
Little, Maria, d. 11 Feb 1895, age 92 Yrs, w/o James Little, [SC]
Mulcock, Elizabeth, d. 19 Feb 1904, age 83 yrs, s/w Maria and Mary Ann Mulcock, [SC]
Mulcock, Maria, d. 25 Jan 1871, age 74 yrs, s/w Elizabeth Mulcock, sister of and s/w Mary Ann Mulcock, [SC]
Mulcock, Mary Ann, d. 10 Feb 1906, age 75 yrs, s/w Elizabeth Mulcock, sister of and s/w Maria Mulcock, [SC]
Roger, Stanley Anderson, b. 8 Aug 1918, d. 16 Aug 1986, [SC]
Sly, John, d. 15 Sep 1858, age 80 yrs, [SC]
Wareham, Cecil Adam, d. 8 Aug 1862, age 72 yrs, h/o and s/w Edith Jessica Wareham, [SC]
Wareham, Edith Jessica, d. 9 Sep 1988, age 82 yrs, w/o and s/w Cecil Adam Wareham, [SC]

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