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Saint Mary The Virgin Churchyard
Hemsby, Norfolk County, England

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online.

Kerrison, Anne, bur. 29 Mar 1880, Age 69yrs, [SS]
Kerrison, Charles Edward, d. in infancy, bur. 18 Apr 1855, s/o Robert & Ann, [SS]
Kerrison, George William, d. in infancy, bur. 10 Nov 1862, s/o George & Sarah Ann, [SS]
Kerrison, Hannah, bur. 12 Aug 1827, Age 4mths, [SS]
Kerrison, Hortensia, bur. 12 Jun 1882, Age 32yrs, [SS]
Kerrison, James Charles, bur. 8 Oct 1886, Age 15yrs, [SS]
Kerrison, James, bur. 7 Oct 1879, Age 28yrs, s/o Robert & Ann, [SS]
Kerrison, Robert, bur. 20 May 1887, Age 75yrs, [SS]
Kerrison, Robert, bur. 24 May 1826, Age 2mths, [SS]
Kerrison, Robert, bur. 3 Oct 1882, Age 40yrs, [SS]
Kerrison, Sarah, bur. 13 Jun 1869, Age 34yrs, [SS]
Kerrison, Sarah, bur. 17 Jan 1857, Age 78yrs, [SS]
Kerrison, William, bur. 24 Dec 1837, Age 3yrs, [SS]
Kettle, Benjamin, bur. 3 Dec 1829, Age 88yrs, [SS]
Kettle, Elizabeth, bur. 25 Apr 1902, Age 84yrs, [SS]
Kettle, Hannah, bur. 13 Jul 1853, Age 72yrs, [SS]
Kettle, Hannah, bur. 25 May 1837, Age 81yrs, [SS]
Kettle, Hannah, bur. 29 Jun 1800, Age 58yrs, w/o John, [SS]
Kettle, James, bur. 7 Jul 1784, Age 4yrs, s/o Benjamin & Hannah, [SS]
Kettle, John, bur. 28 Apr 1811, Age 74yrs, Widower, [SS]
Kettle, Rebecca, d. in infancy, bur. 30 May 1782, d/o Benjamin & Hannah, [SS]
Kettle, Sarah, bur. 24 Apr 1792, Age 52yrs, [SS]
King, Abel, bur. 17 Dec 1879, Age 34yrs, [SS]
King, Ada Thurza, d. 8 Sep 1982, Age 88yrs, w/o Albert, [SS]
King, Agnes Helen, d. 26 Jun 1957, Age 89yrs, [SS]
King, Albert, d. 13 Dec 1926, Age 69yrs, h/o Agnes Helen, [SS]
King, Bertie George, bur. 28 Feb 1889, Age 10mths, [SS]
Knights, Alice Susanna Elizabeth, bur. 26 Dec 1890, Age 7yrs, [SS]
Knights, Blanchena, bur. 30 Apr 1888, Age 1yr, [SS]
Knights, Caroline, bur. 16 Sep 1855, Age 10yrs, d/o Samuel & Mary, [SS]
Knights, Caroline, d. 23 Mar 1923, Age 73yrs, [SS]
Knights, Catherine Miriam, bur. 15 Jun 1887, Age 4yrs, d/o George & Caroline, [SS]
Knights, Edgar Reginald, bur. 6 Jun 1890, Age 6mths, s/o George & Caroline, [SS]
Knights, Eliza, bur. 12 Mar 1896, Age 53yrs, [SS]
Knights, Emmaline Mary, d. in infancy, bur. 23 Jun 1877, d/o George & Caroline, [SS]
Knights, Ernest Alfred, bur. 9 Feb 1891, Age 2yrs, [SS]
Knights, Ethelinda, bur. 15 Mar 1880, Age 9mths, d/o George & Caroline, [SS]
Knights, Frederick Stanley, bur. 13 Feb 1891, Age 1yr, s/o Frederick & Charlotte, [SS]
Knights, Maria Trifina, bur. 4 Feb 1897, Age 54yrs, [SS]
Knights, Mary, bur. 27 Apr 1883, Age 67yrs, [SS]
Knights, Samuel Walter, bur. 17 May 1844, Age 13mths, s/o Samuel & Mary, [SS]
Knights, Samuel, bur. 6 Aug 1885, Age 69yrs, [SS]
Knights, Wallace Edwin, bur. 1 Jul 1881, Age 6mths, s/o George & Caroline, [SS]
Knowles, John, bur. 30 Jun 1822, Age 86yrs, Married man, [SS]
Lacey, Frederick Robert, bur. 6 Jul 1901, Age 57yrs, [SS]
Lake, Eleanor, d. 28 Feb 1928, Age 74yrs, w/o Isaac, [SS]
Lake, Isaac, d. 12 May 1939, Age 87yrs, h/o Eleanor, [SS]
Lawson, Bertie George, bur. 20 Oct 1887, Age 3 mths, s/o George & Phillis, [SS]
Lawson, Walter George, bur. 2 Mar 1893, Age 7mths, [SS]
Leach, Rachel, bur. 11 Apr 1817, Age 86yrs, Widow, [SS]
Leath, Ann, bur. 19 Jan 1851, Age 14yrs, d/o William & Mary, [SS]
Leath, Arthur Gooden, bur. 4 Aug 1875, Age 3mths, [SS]
Leath, John Gent, bur. 11 Sep 1834, Age 7yrs, s/o William & Mary, [SS]
Leath, Mary, bur. 22 Jun 1891, Age 86yrs, [SS]
Leath, Mary, bur. 8 Jul 1824, Age 19yrs, Single woman, [SS]
Leath, Robert Bunn, bur. 3 Sep 1878, Age 25yrs, s/o Elizabeth, [SS]
Leath, Thomas William Burton, bur. 29 Nov 1875, Age 23yrs, [SS]
Leath, William, bur. 20 Jan 1879, Age 78yrs, [SS]
Linford, Robert, bur. 30 Dec 1831, Age 85yrs, [SS]
Lingwood, Elizabeth, bur. 5 Jun 1882, Age 70yrs, [SS]
Lingwood, Emma, bur. 1 May 1848, Age 12wks, [SS]
Lingwood, Rebecca, bur. 11 Apr 1887, Age 47yrs, [SS]
Lingwood, Robert, bur. 23 Jul 1896, Age 88yrs, [SS]
Lingwood, Robert, bur. 6 May 1844, Age 3wks, [SS]
Littlewood, Charles William, bur. 17 May 1839, Age 3yrs, [SS]
Littlewood, Esther, bur. 17 Jan 1876, Age 75yrs, [SS]
Littlewood, Harriet, bur. 11 Sep 1886, Age 20yrs, [SS]
Littlewood, Mabel Jane, bur. 3 Aug 1882, Age 6mths, [SS]
Littlewood, Susan, bur. 6 Jun 1855, Age 58yrs, [SS]
Loades, Alice, d. 22 Feb 1954, Age 90yrs, w/o Cubitt Woodbine, [SS]
Loades, Cubitt Woodbine, d. 20 Feb 1933, Age 69yrs, h/o Alice, [SS]
Loads, George Woodbine, d. 13 Oct 1915, Age 23yrs, killed in action, only s/o Cubitt Woodbine & Alice, [SS]
Lock, Hannah Rebecca, bur. 21 Feb 1881, Age 9mths, [SS]
London, George William Thomas, bur. 14 Nov 1888, Age 11mths, [SS]
Long, Alfred, bur. 29 Oct 1871, Age 21yrs, [SS]
Long, Ann, bur. 26 Sep 1841, Age 63yrs, [SS]
Long, Anne, bur. 4 Oct 1868, Age 27yrs, [SS]
Long, Blanche Helen, bur. 18 Oct 1895, Age 6yrs, [SS]
Long, Ca----, bur. 20 Sep 1895, Age 49yrs, [SS]
Long, Charlotte, bur. 6 Jun 1869, Age 50yrs, [SS]
Long, David, bur. 13 Oct 1833, Age 56yrs, [SS]
Long, Eliza, bur. 6 Jul 1839, Age 3yrs, d/o Ann, [SS]
Long, Elizabeth Sophia, bur. 30 Jul 1876, Age 12yrs, [SS]
Long, Elizabeth, bur. 11 Jun 1826, Age 81yrs, Widow, [SS]
Long, Elizabeth, bur. 18 Aug 1842, Age 63yrs, [SS]
Long, Elizabeth, bur. 22 Dec 1854, Age 26yrs, [SS]
Long, Elizabeth, bur. 31 Mar 1867, Age 66yrs, [SS]
Long, Ellen Eula, bur. 19 Jun 1899, Age 1yr, [SS]
Long, Emily, bur. 19 Sep 1892, Age 29yrs, [SS]
Long, Frank John, bur. 25 Feb 1875, Age 13mths, s/o Anna Maria, [SS]
Long, James Littlewood, bur. 17 Jan 1834, Age 18wks, s/o Ann, [SS]
Long, James, bur. 27 Dec 1843, Age 26yrs, [SS]
Long, James, bur. 29 Dec 1867, Age 8yrs, [SS]
Long, John, bur. 20 May 1832, Age 25yrs, [SS]
Long, Miildred Alberta Green, bur. 1 Oct 1875, Age 1mth, d/o Eliza, [SS]
Long, Sarah Ann, bur. 9 Mar 1832, Age 3yrs, [SS]
Long, Susannah, bur. 2 Dec 1832, Age 28yrs, [SS]
Long, Walter Edward, bur. 2 Jun 1885, Age 3wks, s/o Walter & Emily, [SS]
Long, William David, d. in infancy, bur. 7 Jan 1868, s/o William & Hannah, [SS]
Long, William, bur. 2 Sep 1885, Age 77yrs, [SS]
Lown, Emily, bur. 9 Dec 1856 from Scratby, Age 1yr 9mths, d/o Moses & Barbara, [SS]
Lown, Eve Elizabeth, bur. 9 Mar 1880, Age 16mths, d/o John & Elizabeth, [SS]
Lown, Unamed, bur. 6 Sep 1883, Age 30minutes, [SS]
Lowne, Benjamin, bur. 20 Jun 1867 from Scratby, Age 11mths, [SS]
Lowne, John, bur. 21 Apr 1887, Age 83yrs, [SS]
Lowne, Richard, bur. 30 Sep 1861, Age 74yrs, [SS]
Lowne, Sarah, bur. 3 Feb 1882, Age71yrs, [SS]
Lowne, William David, d. in infancy, bur. 10 Jan 1877, s/o John & Ann Elizabeth, [SS]
Lubbock, Catherine, bur. 3 Sep 1874, From Yarmouth, Age 84yrs, [SS]
Lubbock, Charles, bur. 17 Oct 1853 from Yarmouth, Age 78yrs, [SS]
Lubbock, Charles, bur. 3 Oct 1827, Age 80yrs, [SS]
Lubbock, Charles, bur. 4 Oct 1818 from Yramouth, Age 16yrs, [SS]
Lubbock, Mary, bur. 13 Apr 1837, Age 42yrs, [SS]
Lubbock, Mary, bur. 26 Dec 1828 from Yarmouth, Age 55yrs, [SS]
M, H, d. 1840, [SS]
Manship, Amy Elizabeth, d.11 Mar 1876, Age 90yrs, w/o George, [SS]
Manship, George, d. 24 Jun 1843, Age 54yrs, h/o Amy Elizabeth, [SS]
Manship, Josiah, d. 28 Sep 1875, Age 68yrs, h/o Louisa, [SS]
Manship, Robert, d. 30 Jul 1801, Age 47yrs, [SS]
Manship, Thomas, d. 3 May 1876, Age 32yrs, s/o Josiah & Louisa, [SS]
Marsham, Jemima, bur. 2 Jun 1902, Age 82yrs, [SS]
Marston, Thomas, bur. 16 Apr 1816 from Yarmouth, Age 62yrs, [SS]
Martans, John, bur. 24 May 1739, s/o William & Ann, [SS]
Martans, Robert, bur. 7 Oct 1739, s/o William & Ann, [SS]
Martans, William, bur. 10 May 1739, [SS]
Masham, Samuel, bur. 14 May 1897, Age 72yrs, [SS]
Mayes, Ann, bur. 27 Nov 1844, Age 47yrs, [SS]
Millar, Elizabeth, bur. 10 Dec 1818, Age 12yrs, [SS]
Miller, Muriel Hilda, bur. 22 Feb 1900, Age 11mths, [SS]
Mingay, Louisa, bur. 2 Apr 1823, Age 12mths, [SS]
Mingay, Martha, bur. 10 Apr 1804, Age 16yrs, [SS]
Mingay, Mary, bur. 30 Nov 1843, Age 90yrs, [SS]
Money, Harriet, d. 21 May 1840, Age 72yrs, w/o John, [SS]
Money, John, h/o Harriet rest of stone illegible, [SS]
Moore, Frances, bur. 5 Apr 1823, Age 68yrs, Single woman, [SS]
Myhill, Arthur William, bur. 4 Nov 1878, Age 11yrs, [SS]
Myhill, Elizabeth, bur. 10 Mar 1881, Age 80yrs, [SS]
Myhill, Elizabeth, bur. 19 Apr 1846, Age 77yrs, [SS]
Myhill, Hannah, bur. 7 Mar 1870, Age 81yrs, [SS]
Myhill, Judith, bur. 1 Apr 1849, Age 38yrs, [SS]
Myhill, Mary Ann, bur. 28 Oct 1875, Age 50yrs, [SS]
Myhill, Mary Woolston, bur. 21 Nov 1893, Age 43yrs, [SS]
Myhill, Samuel, bur. 25 Sep 1868, Age 82yrs, [SS]
Myhill, Sarah, bur. 12 Jan 1819, Age 68yrs, Single woman, [SS]
Myhill, William, bur. 22 Mar 1846, Age 32yrs, [SS]
Myhill, William, bur. 8 Feb 1855 from Alby near Aylsham, Age 87yrs, [SS]
Nicholls, Ann Selina, d. 1 Jul 1934, w/o William George, [SS]
Nicholls, Clarinda, bur. 11 Mar 1875, Age 7wks, d/o John & Ann, [SS]
Nicholls, Emma Clara, d. 23 Jan 1938, Age 74yrs, w/o George William, [SS]
Nicholls, George William, d. 26 Dec 1936, Age 79yrs, h/o Emma Clara, [SS]
Nicholls, George, d. 1 Jun 1939, Age 73yrs, [SS]
Nicholls, John, bur. 15 Jun 1827, Age 71yrs, [SS]
Nicholls, Marina, d. 12 Feb 1935, Age 89yrs (61yrs Midwife and Nurse of this Parish), [SS]
Nicholls, Mary Ann, d. 1855, w/o William, [SS]
Nicholls, Mary Elizabeth, d. 1 Jul 1927, Age 61yrs, [SS]
Nicholls, William John, bur. 11 Sep 1874, Age 8yrs, [SS]
Nicholls, William, d. 1863, Age 57yrs, h/o Mary Ann, [SS]
Nichols, Ann, bur. 20 Oct 1825, Age 63yrs, Married woman, [SS]
Nichols, Arthur William, bur. 3 Sep 1862, Age 2yrs, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann, [SS]
Nichols, Edward, bur. 11 Sep 1828, Age 5wks, s/o William & Mary, [SS]
Nichols, Elizabeth, bur. 14 Nov 1821, Age 1yr, d/o William & Mary, [SS]
Nichols, Elizabeth, bur. 28 Apr 1844, [SS]
Nichols, Elizabeth, bur. 4 Feb 1898, Age 57yrs, [SS]
Nichols, Elizabeth, bur. 5 Oct 1823, Age 8wks, d/o William & Mary, [SS]
Nichols, Elizabeth, d. in infancy, bur. 11 Nov 1824, d/o William & Mary, [SS]
Nichols, Ella Audrey, bur. 27 Feb 1902, Age 3mths, [SS]
Nichols, Emily, bur. 10 Feb 1834, Age 10wks, d/o William & Mary Ann, [SS]
Nichols, Henry, bur. 31 Jan 1833, Age 7wks, s/o William & Mary Ann, [SS]
Nichols, Ida, bur. 14 Jan 1884, Age 1mth, [SS]
Nichols, Martha Elizabeth, bur. 13 Feb 1848, Age 4mths, d/o George & Martha, [SS]
Nichols, Martha, bur. 21 Oct 1849, Age 22yrs, [SS]
Nichols, Mary Ann, bur. 31 Aug 1899, Age 75yrs, [SS]
Nichols, Mary, bur. 13 Jun 1817 from Bradwell, Age 23yrs, Single woman, [SS]
Nichols, Mary, bur. 2 May 1855, Age 56yrs, [SS]
Nichols, Mildred Medan?, bur. 29 Nov 1886, Age 4mths, d/o Jonathan & Rebecca, [SS]
Nichols, Niobe, bur. 20 Sep 1863, Age 11yrs, [SS]
Nichols, Rebecca, bur. 22 Aug 1889, Age 24yrs, [SS]
Nichols, Robert, bur. 10 Mar 1853, Age 14yrs, s/o William & Mary Ann, [SS]
Nichols, Sarah, bur. 17 Mar 1817, Age 55yrs, Married woman, [SS]
Nichols, Thomas, bur. 31 Aug 1897, Age 70yrs, [SS]
Nichols, Violet Mildred Kate, bur. 28 Jul 1902, Age 4mths, d/o Arthur John & Elizabeth Kate, [SS]
Nichols, Walter Henry, bur. 20 Sep 1863, Age 9mths, [SS]
Nichols, William, bur. 28 Jan 1895, Age 81yrs, [SS]
Nichols, William, bur. 3 Feb 1865, Age 67yrs, [SS]
Nichols, William, bur. 7 Mar 1839, Age 71yrs, [SS]
Nicolls, John, bur. 10 Sep 1871, Age 49yrs, [SS]
Nowel, Gilbert, d. 13 Jun 1936, Age 14yrs, Only Child/o Gilbert & Gladys, [SS]
Page, Elizabeth, bur. 29 Sep 1844, Age 36yrs, [SS]
Parker, Frederick Thomas Nichols, bur. 20 Jan 1891, Age 6mths, s/o Frederick & Mary Jane, [SS]
Petinghill, George William, bur. 13 Nov 1851, Age 4yrs, s/o Edward & Elizabeth, [SS]
Pettinghill, Edmund, bur. 27 Dec 1844, Age 87yrs, [SS]
Pettinghill, Margaret, bur. 9 Sep 1847, Age 83yrs, [SS]
Pettinghill, Mark Dow, bur. 27 Jan 1846, Age 2yrs, s/o Edward & Elizabeth, [SS]
Pettinghill, Percy, bur. 6 Aug 1852, Age 55yrs, [SS]
Pettinghill, Walter Dow, bur. 10 Feb 1903, Age 50yrs, [SS]
Pettingill, Edmund, bur. 20 May 1829, Age 38yrs, [SS]
Pettingill, Edward, bur. 19 Apr 1898, Age 85yrs, [SS]
Pettingill, William, bur. 24 Jul 1837, Age 44yrs, [SS]
Pickstone, Elizabeth, bur. 10 Sep 1828, Age 45yrs, [SS]
Pickstone, Hannah, bur. 20 Jan 1881, Age 66yrs, [SS]
Pickstone, Robert, bur. 22 Feb 1855, Age 77yrs, [SS]
Pickstone.Robert, bur. 7 Feb 1884 from Martham, Age 80yrs, [SS]
Plane George, bur. 23 Jul 1831, Age 22yrs, [SS]
Plane, ??, bur. 21 Jan 1838, Age 38yrs, [SS]
Plane, Anne Maria, bur. 8 Mar 1868, Age 34yrs, [SS]
Plane, Charlotte Maria, d. in infancy from Yarmouth, bur. 4 Feb 1868, [SS]
Plane, Diana, bur. 25 Oct 1839, Age 96yrs, [SS]
Plane, Eliza, bur. 22 Jun 1891, Age 58yrs, [SS]
Plane, George, bur. 11 Apr 1816 from Ormesby St Margaret, Age 9mths, s/o Thomas & Mary, [SS]
Plane, Hephzibah, d. in infancy from Yarmouth, bur. 23 Nov 1856, [SS]
Plane, James, bur. 26 Oct 1885, Age 52yrs, [SS]
Plane, John, bur. 23 Jan 1852, 65yrs, [SS]
Plane, John, bur. 25 May 1828, Age 72yrs, [SS]
Plane, Rebecca, bur. 9 Jul 1846, Age 62yrs, [SS]
Plane, Sarah, bur. 27 Dec 1853 from West Somerton, Age 89yrs, [SS]
Plane, Susan, bur. 25 Jul 1853, Age 69yrs, [SS]
Plane, Thomas, bur. 8 May 1817, Age 96yrs, Widower, [SS]
Plane, William, bur. 16 Feb 1868, Age 80yrs, [SS]
Plummer, Charles Leonard, bur. 3 Jun 1847, Age 7wks, s/o John & Harriet, [SS]
Plummer, Elizabeth, bur. 11 Jun 1843, Age 3mths, d/o John & Harriet, [SS]
Plummer, Harriet, bur. 1 May 1843, Age 31yrs, [SS]
Porter, Charles William Barker, bur. 17 Jan 1892, Age 56yrs, [SS]
Powells, Charles Edward, d. 8 Oct 1937, Age 55yrs, h/o Ethel May, [SS]
Powells, Ethel May, d. 23 Feb 1937, Age 70yrs, w/o Charles Edward, [SS]
Powles, Emma, bur. 25 May 1882, Age 32yrs, [SS]
Powley, Matthew, bur. 14 Jul 1879, Age 91yrs, [SS]
Powley, William, d. in infancy, bur. 24 May 1855, s/o William & Sarah, [SS]
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