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Saint Andrew Churchyard
Gorleston, Norfolk County, England

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 143.

Contributor's Index:

Ballard, Ann, bur. 10 Jan 1791, age: 3yr, d/o John and Mary Ballard, [DO]
Ballard, Bullingham, bur. 7 May 1784, age: 61yr, [DO]
Ballard, Catherine, bur. 21 Feb 1791, age: 6yr, d/o John and Mary Ballard, [DO]
Ballard, Joseph Woodroffe, d. 15 Dec 1877, age: 59yr, h/o Mary, [DO]
Ballard, Joseph, d. 17 Dec 1868, age: 83yr, [DO]
Ballard, Mary Ann, d. 12 Jan 1848, age: 54yr, w/o Joseph, [DO]
Ballard, Mary, bur. 21 Sep 1791, age: 30yr, w/o John Ballard, [DO]
Ballard, Mary, bur. 29 Aug 1797, age: 2wks, d/o James and Mary Ballard, [DO]
Ballard, Meriah, bur. 10 Jan 1791, age: 20yr, d/o John and Mary Ballard, [DO]
Bellard, Elizabeth, bur. 14 May 1797, Spinster, age: 77yr, [DO]
Bellard, James, bur. 12 Oct 1797, age: 54yr, [DO]
Bellard, John, bur. 2 Apr 1792, age: 6mo, s/o John and Elizabeth Bellard, [DO]
Bellard, Mary, bur. 25 Feb 1790, age: 9mo, d/o John and Mary, [DO]
Bensley, Ann, bur. 22 Oct 1796, age: 47yr, Late Barnard, [DO]
Bonney, John, bur. 19 Aug 1791, age: 2yr 7mo, s/o James and Elizabeth Bonney, [DO]
Burgess, Elizabeth, d. 10 Mar 1838, age: 68yr, w/o John, [DO]
Burgess, John, d. 19 Mar 1869, age: 81yr, [DO]
Cresswell, John, Esq, b. 22 Aug 1840, d. 21 Aug 1878, h/o Emma, [DO]
Crickmer, Samuel, d. 31 Dec 1857, age: 47yr, h/o Fanny Elizabeth, [DO]
Dove, Henry, d. Dec 1868, [DO]
Durrant, George, d. 29 Aug 1877, age: 78yr, h/o Harriet, [DO]
Everett, Sarah Ann, d. 27 May 1878, age: 37yr, w/o William, [DO]
Farman, Sarah, bur. 8 May 1795, age: 21yr, d/o John and Elizabeth Farman, [DO]
Fisk, Curtis, bur. 4 Jan 1791, age: 3wks, s/o Nathaniel and Mary Fisk, [DO]
Fox, Thomas, bur. 3 Jul 1795, age: 59yr, [DO]
Funney, Richard, bur. 30 Dec 1796, age: 73yr, [DO]
Gardiner, Hannah, d. 9 Dec 1849, age: 86yr, w/o William, [DO]
Garwood, Edward, d. May 1894, [DO]
Garwood, Elizabeth, bur. 12 Jul 1790, d/o Edward Garwood and Elizabeth, [DO]
Garwood, George, bur. 18 Jun 1791, s/o John and Mary Garwood, [DO]
Garwood, John, bur. 9 Jun 1790, age: 1yr, s/o John and Elizabeth Garwood, [DO]
Garwood, Maria, d. 14 May 1882, w/o Edward, [DO]
Gooch, Susan, bur. 2 Mar 1789, age: 42yr, w/o John Gooch, Late Woods, [DO]
Halfnight, John Daniel, bur. 12 Feb 1792, age: 1 month old, s/o John and Susannah Halfnight, [DO]
Halfnight, John, bur. 17 Oct 1796, age: 26yr, h/o Susanna, [DO]
Halfnight, Rebecca, d. 20 Sep 1846, age: 66yr, w/o Sam, [DO]
Halfnight, Sam, d. 16 Aug 1836, age: 63yr, h/o Rebecca, [DO]
Halfnight, Samuel, d. 15 Feb 1879, age: 84yr, h/o Sarah, [DO]
Halfnight, Sarah, d. 17 Mar 1864, age: 67yr, w/o Samuel, [DO]
Hannah, Margaret, d. 19 Mar 1857, age: 75yr, [DO]
Harcourt, Elizabeth, Faded stone, [DO]
Harcourt, Jermy, d. 17 Jun 1834, age: 60yr, [DO]
Hilham, Caroline Agnes, d. 2 Oct 1871, w/o William, [DO]
Hines, Ann, bur. 26 Dec 1791, age: 74yr, Widow, [DO]
Hines, Edward, bur. 30 Aug 1797, age: 22yr, [DO]
Hines, John, bur. 20 Aug 1794, age: 22yr, [DO]
Hines, John, bur. 30 Mar 1786, age: 46yr, [DO]
Holland, Mary Ann, d. 25 Jun 1842, age: 37yr, w/o George, [DO]
Holt, Frances, d. May 1848, age: 87yr, [DO]
Holt, James, d. 13 Jan 1847, age: 52yr, h/o Frances, [DO]
Jacobs, Elizabeth, d. 1888 rest faded, [DO]
Keable, Ann, d. 19 Jun 1876,, [DO]
Keable, John, d. 18 Mar 1873, age: 53yr, [DO]
Kidd, Charlotte, d. 2 Apr 1873, w/o Archibold, age: 74yr, [DO]
King, Charles, bur. 10 Jun 1798, s/o Charles King and Sarah, Of Great Yarmouth, [DO]
King, Charles, bur. 14 Oct 1794, age: 9yr, [DO]
King, Judith, bur. 6 Oct 1796, age: 3mo, d/o Charles and Sarah King (....? cant make out surname Bellard, Mary Burial 20 Oct 1796, age: 71yr), [DO]
King, Mary, bur. 9 Jul 1790, Widow, age: 33yr, [DO]
King, Samuel, bur. 18 Jul 1796, age: 55yr, [DO]
Lane, Adelaide Elizabeth, b. 22 Feb 1858, d. 28 Jan 1881, d/o Thomas and Adelaide Elizabeth Lane, [DO]
Lane, Adelaide Elizabeth, d. 20 Aug 1878, age: 47yr, w/o Thomas, [DO]
Lee, Edward, d. 23 Jan 1855, age: 74yr, [DO]
Lee, Elizabeth, d. 25 Jan 1867, age: 56yr, w/o Edward, [DO]
Lee, George, d. 28 Sep 1868, [DO]
Leggett, Alice, bur. 9 Jul 1789, age: 6wks, d/o Charles and Sarah Leggett, [DO]
Leggett, Frances Susannah, d. 23 Jun 1876, age: 52yr, w/o James Henry Shaul, and d/o Robert and Ann Galen, [DO]
Leggett, James Henry, d. 3 Dec 1867, Drowned in lugger James and Ellen of Gt Yarmouth, s/o James and Frances Leggett, [DO]
Leggett, James, bur. 14 Feb 1797, age: 4yr, s/o Isaac and Jemima Leggett, [DO]
Leggett, Sarah, b, 7 May 1796, bur. 19 Feb 1797, age: 9mo, d/oUsaac and Jemima Leggett, [DO]
Leggett, Sarah, bur. 9 Feb 1794, age: 47yr, [DO]
Leggett, Susan, d. 28 Aug 1867, age: 69yr, w/o Charles, [DO]
May, Samuel Brumbley, d. 18 Apr 1865, age: 58yr, h/o Elizabeth, [DO]
Millae, Peter, bur. 25 Jan 1797, age: 84yr, [DO]
Miller, Elizabeth, bur. 8 May 1798, age: 36yr, [DO]
Mills, Susannah, d. 31 May 1860, age: 80yr, w/o Thomas Mills, and d/o Benjamin and Sarah Holt, [DO]
Morley, Edward, bur. 17 Jun 1795, age: 15yr, [DO]
Morley, Eleanor, bur. 27 Aug 1793, age: 45yr, [DO]
Morley, Thomas, bur. 8 May 1798, age: 18mo, [DO]
Newman, Edith Maria, d. 22 Jun 1878, age: 2yrs 4mo, d/o Henry and Martha, [DO]
Newson, Samuel, bur. 11 May 1789, age: 31yr, Widower, Pauper, [DO]
Noble, Henry, d. 18 Mar 1865, h/o Harriett, age: 57yr, [DO]
Palmer, Charles Beart, bur. 4 Aug 1798, age: 1 month old, s/o John Denby Palmer and Ann, [DO]
Palmer, John, bur. 19 Jul 1795, age: 66yr, [DO]
Pennett, Maria, d. 6 Jan 1857, age: 49yr, w/o John, [DO]
Pestell, Samuel, d. 5 Jul 1867, age: 56yr, h/o Elizabeth, [DO]
Potter, Rebecca, d. 31 Mar 1842, age: 32yr, [DO]
Potter, Thomas, d. 16 Jun 1842, age: 50yr, [DO]
Read, John, bur. 29 Jun 1786, age: 60yr, [DO]
Rivett, Ann, b. 1772, bur. 28 May 1773, d/o Roger & Susannah, [DO]
Rivett, Elizabeth, bur. 24 Jan 1813, [DO]
Rivett, Elizabeth, d. 16 Nov 1802, bur. 21 Nov 1802, age: 10yr, [DO]
Rivett, George, bur. 9 Jul 1798, Sof James and Mary Rivett, age: 5wks, [DO]
Rivett, James, bur. 19 Jan 1823, age: 4yr, [DO]
Rivett, James, bur. 28 Jun 1841, h/o Mary, [DO]
Rivett, John, bur. 13 Jul 1840, age: 23yr, [DO]
Rivett, John, bur. 22 Jan 1786, [DO]
Rivett, John, bur. 30 Mar 1798, age: 75yr, [DO]
Rivett, John, d. 6 Oct 1803, bur. 10 Oct 1803, age: 28yr, [DO]
Rivett, Mary, bur. 14 Jun 1798, age: 43yr, [DO]
Rivett, Roger, bur. 17 Aug 1790, age: 20yr, s/o Roger and Susannah Rivett, [DO]
Rivett, Roger, bur. 22 May 1808, age: 70yr, h/o Susannah, [DO]
Rivett, Sarah, bur. 9 Oct 1796, age: 66yr, [DO]
Rivett, Susannah (Hearth ), d. 24 Jun 1810, bur. 27 Jun 1810, age: 75yr, w/o Roger, [DO]
Rodwell, Alice, (date on stone underground), [DO]
Rodwell, Richard, d. 25 Sep 1841, age: 44yr, h/o Alice, [DO]
Rundle, Henry Rivett, stone faded, [DO]
Rundle, Henry, d. 20 Feb 1837, age: 77yr, h/o Sarah, [DO]
Rundle, Mary Ann, d. Jun 1833, age: 47yr, [DO]
Sanders, Elizabeth, d. 18 Feb 1861, age: 49yr, w/o Sam, [DO]
Seaman, John, bur. 28 Aug 1795, age: 79yr, [DO]
Shaul, Ann, bur. 2 Aug 1791, age: 2yr, d/o William and Hannah Shaul, [DO]
Shaul, James, bur. 25 Jan 1790, age: 9wks, s/o James and Sarah Shaul, [DO]
Shaul, James, bur. 30 Sep 1793, age: 2yr, Infant s/o James and Sarah Shaul, [DO]
Shaul, Mary, bur. 2 Sep 1792, age: 6da, d/o John and Mary Shaul, [DO]
Shaul, Mary, bur. 3 Dec 1783, age: 90yr, Widow, [DO]
Shaul, Phylis, bur. 23 Jun 1794, age: 43yr, Pauper, [DO]
Smith, Mary, bur. 1 Jun 1794, age: 21yr, w/o James Smith, Late Wyeth, [DO]
Smith, Thomas, bur. 4 Jyn 1795, age: 66yr, [DO]
Stevenson, Elizabeth, d. 28 Jul 1850, age: 62yr, w/o Samuel, [DO]
Stevenson, Samuel, d. 22 Feb 1853, age: 76yr, [DO]
Steward, Adeline, d. aged 10mo, No dates, d/o Robert and Frances, [DO]
Steward, Frances Sarah, d. 7 Jan 1860, age: 17yr, d/o Robert and Frances, [DO]
Steward, Frances, d. 10 Dec 1876, age: 65yr, w/o Robert, [DO]
Steward, Infant, no date, Child of Robert and Frances no date, [DO]
Steward, Infant, No Date, Child of Robert and Frances, [DO]
Steward, Robert, d. 5 Feb 1871, Cambridge, age: 57yr, h/o Frances, [DO]
Teasdell, Elizabeth, d. 6 Jun 1859, age: 28yr, d/o William and Eliza, [DO]
Teasdell, Samuel, d. 28 Sep 1873, age: 65yr, h/o Sarah, [DO]
Teasdell, Sarah, d. 15 Aug 1872, age: 67yr, w/o Samuel, [DO]
Tidman, George, d. 23 Dec 1902, age: 78yr, [DO]
Tidman, Sarah, d. 1 Feb 1879, age: 49yr, w/o George, [DO]
Warner, Robert, bur. 27 May 1798, age: 2yr, s/o Robert and Eleanor, [DO]
Warner, Samuel, bur. 5 Jun 1798, age: 9mo, s/o Robert and Eleanor Warner, [DO]
Waters, Mary, d. 22 Oct 1845, age: 7yr 9mo, d/o Samuel and Maria, [DO]
Wolverton, Catherine Lee, d. 2 Dec 1866, age: 32yr, [DO]
Wolverton, Henry, d. 8 May 1843, age: 42yr, [DO]
Woods, George, bur. 26 May 1791, age: 49yr, [DO]
Woods, Martha, d. 11 Sep 1879, age: 32yr, [DO]
Woods, Mary Ann, d. 2 Mar 1866, age: 61yr, w/o Richard, [DO]
Woods, Richard, d. 15 Jan 1853, age: 27yr, [DO]
Woods, Richard, d. 22 Aug 1872, [DO]
Woodthorpe, John, d. 21 Feb 1844, age: 66yr, h/o Mary, [DO]
Wright, Robert Thomas, d. 26 Dec 1855, age: 3yr 4mo, s/o Robert and Charlotte Wright, [DO]


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