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Kitchener Road Cemetery
Great Yarmouth, Norfolk County, England

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online.

Farrant, Alice, d. 10 Oct 1925, age 63y, w/of John, [SS]
Farrant, John, d. 23 Feb 1931, age 70y, h/of Alice, [SS]
Farrer, Catherine, d. 6 Nov 1874, age 80y, wid of Samuel, [DO]
Faulke, Hannah, b. 31 Jul 1830, d. 30 Jan 1886, [DO]
Faulke, William R D, b. 17 Aug 1832, d. 18 Nov 1906, h/of Hannah, [DO]
Faulkes, Thomas, d. 20 Apr 1911, age 84y, [DO]
Fenner, Mary, d. 17 Mar 1860, age 70y, w/of Robert Sergent Fenner, [DO]
Fenner, Robert Sergent, d. 11 Oct 1862, age 76y, h/of Mary, [DO]
Finch, Nellie Mary Ann, d. 16 Apr 1941, age 53y, [SS]
Fish, Jane, d. 21 May 1874, d/of Samuel & Ann, [DO]
Fisher, Thomas, d. 9 Sep 1873, age 37y, [SS]
Fisk, Elizabeth, d. 29 Mar 1912, age 95y, w/of Robert, [DO]
Fisk, Jane, d. 22 Jan 1901, Burried at sea age 39y, [DO]
Fisk, Maria, d. 3 Mar 1871, age 30 y, w/of James, [DO]
Fisk, Robert, d. 3 Feb 1886, age 67y, h/of Elizabeth, [DO]
Fisk, William, d. 6 Mar 1891, age 88y, [DO]
Flockhart, Ellen, d. 20 Feb 1922, age 42y, w/of James, [SS]
Flower, Louisa, d. 1 May 1918, age 80y, w/of Robert, [SS]
Flower, Robert, d. 24 Feb 1924, age 88y, h/of Louisa, [SS]
Flowers, Sarah, d. 4 Jan 1873, age 70y, [DO]
Folkes, Albert Robert, d. 12 Feb 1959, age 88y, h/of Hannah Sarah, [DO]
Folkes, Arthur William, d. 20 Dec 1953, age 86y, [DO]
Folkes, Hannah Sarah, d. 14 Feb 1941, age 68y, w/of Albert Robert, [DO]
Folkes, Rosina Ellen, d. 4 Oct 1931, age 54y, [DO]
Forder, Charlotte Sarah Rebecca, d. 4 Jan 1873, age 21y, w/of Frederick, [SS]
Forder, Charlotte, d. 8 Jul 1862, age 42y, w/of Frederick, [SS]
Forder, Frederick, d. 11 Nov 1906, age 86y, h/of Martha, [SS]
Forder, Martha, d. 26 Dec 1911, age 87y, w/of Frederick, [SS]
Forder, Richard, d. 4 Dec 1876, age 44y, [SS]
Forder, Thomas, d. 18 Aug 1876, age 60y Brooklyn New York USA, Brother of Mary London, [SS]
Foulkes, George Samuel, d. 17 Apr 1949, age 86y, h/of Rosina Mary, [DO]
Foulkes, Rosina Mary, d. 16 Nov 1924, age 65y, w/of George Samuel, [DO]
Fowler, Mary Ann, d. 28 Jul 1872, age 61y, w/of John, [SS]
Foxhall, Minnie, d. 1 Jul 1951, age 85y, [SS]
French, Charles Edward, d. 5 Apr 1939, age 60y, [DO]
French, Diana Greenwood, b. 12 Feb 1808, d. 24 Jan 1891, [DO]
French, Sarah Edith, d. 5 Feb 1946, age 61y, [DO]
Frosdick, Catherine Beatrice, d. 11 Oct 1867, age 3y, d/of James & Eleanor, [SS]
Frosdick, Eleanor, d. 3 Dec 1907, age 87y, w/of James Thomas, [SS]
Frosdick, James Thomas, d. 13 May 1875, age 63y, h/of Eleanor, [SS]
Fulcher, Harry Bernard, d. 16 Feb 1976, age 90y, [DO]
Fulcher, Mary Ann, d. 28 May 1876, age 47y, w/of Jonas, [SS]
Fuller, Mary Ann, d. 6 Oct 1877, age 87y, w/of William Charles, [DO]
Futter, Cyril Harman, d. 12 Jan 1966, age 64y, h/of Gladys Eliza, [DO]
Futter, Frederick James Harman, d. 16 Feb 1938, age 67y, [DO]
Futter, Gladys Eliza, d. 19 Jan 1997, age 95y, w/of Cyril Harman, [DO]
Futter, James, d. 4 Jul 1879, age 35y, h/of Rebecca, [DO]
Futter, Mary Ann, d. 1 Jul 1877, age 44y, w/of Henry, [DO]
Futter, Peter Harman, b. 1985, d. 1987, [DO]
Futter, Rebecca, d. 5 Jan 1864, age 80y, w/of William, [SS]
Gardiner, Richard Lyddon, b. 1 Sep 1832 Bristol, d. 13 Jan 1879, Great Yarmouth whilst on a Visit From New Zealand, [SS]
Garrod, Ann, d. 27 Oct 1888, age 68y, w/of David, [DO]
Garrod, David, d. 1 Jan 1888, age 67y, h/of Ann, [DO]
Garwood, Robert, d. 12 Jan 1904, age 78y, [DO]
Gedge, Caroline, d. 6 Jan 1901, age 91y, w/of John, [DO]
Gedge, Hepzibah, no dates, [DO]
Gedge, John, d. 24 Sep 1881, age 81y, h/of Caroline, [DO]
Gedge, Robert Johnson, no dates, [DO]
Gedge, Sarah Jaffery, d. 28 Jan 1879, age 37y, w/of Robert N Gedge, [SS]
Gedge, Thomas, d. 22 Feb 1871, age 66y, h/of Hannah, [DO]
George, Alfred, d. 4 Jan 1916, age 58y, [SS]
George, Edith Elizabeth, d. 18 Jun 1866, age 1 Month, [SS]
George, Edith Gertrude, d. 7 Jan 1963, age 76y, [SS]
George, Edward, d. as a Baby, s/of Frank Victor & Ellen Maud, [SS]
George, Elizabeth, d. 7 Feb 1866, age 20y, w/of Edward, [SS]
George, Ellen Maud, d. 16 Aug 1962, age 78y, [SS]
George, Frank Victor, d. 17 Mar 1961, age 79y, [SS]
George, Henry, d. 4 Jun 1876, age 77y, [DO]
George, Leoanrd Arthur, d. 1 Jan 1989, age 72y, [SS]
George, Margaret, d. 29 Mar 1866, age 75y, w/of Samuel, [DO]
George, Norman Harry, d. 1941, age 21y, s/of Frank Victor & Ellen Maud, [SS]
George, William Samuel, d. 20 Dec 1961, age 80y, [SS]
Gibbs, Ernest Albert, d. 19 Oct 1943, age 65y, h/of Hannah Maria, [DO]
Gibbs, Hannah Maria, d. 27 Nov 1937, age 60y, w/of Ernest Albert, [DO]
Gilham, Christiana, d. 4 Feb 1865, age 16y, sister of Malinda, [SS]
Gilham, Malinda, d. 16 Nov 1864, age 9y, [SS]
Gillings, Charlotte Maria, d. 25 Feb 1874, age 33y, w/of James, [DO]
Gladman, Caroline Annie, d. 15 May 1864, age 8 Mnths, [DO]
Gladman, Frederick George, d. 6 Oct 1865, age 9 Weeks, [DO]
Gladman, Herbert Ba......, d. date faded, [DO]
Godbold, James, d. 24 Apr 1872, age 54y, h/of Susannah, [SS]
Godbold, James, d. 31 Mar 1878, age 24y, Only s/of James & Susanna, [SS]
Godbold, Maria, d. 7 Jul 1912, age 75y, w/of Robert Aldous, [DO]
Godbold, Robert Aldous, d. 8 Jul 1887, age 51y, h/of Maria, [DO]
Godbold, Susanna, d. 23 Apr 1880, age 62y, w/of James, [SS]
Goddard, Rosamond G, d. 7 Jun 1915, age 98y, [SS]
Goffin, Sarah Flora Ann, d. 20 May 1955, age 83y, d/of Samuel Knights, [SS]
Gooch, Ann Caroline, d. 8 Nov 1949, age 84y, [SS]
Gooch, Anne Maria, d. 7 Apr 1941, age 78y, [DO]
Gooch, Arthur Pratt, d. 26 Apr 1935, age 79y, [DO]
Gooch, Elizabeth, d. 28 May 1877, age 26y, w/of Thomas, [DO]
Gooch, Emma, d. 29 Dec 1880, age 75y, [DO]
Gooda, Hilda May, d. 17 Dec 1929, age 30y, w/of William G, P, Gooda, [SS]
Gooda, William G.P., d. 17 Mar 1945, age 45y, h/of Hilda May, [SS]
Goodwin, Samuel, d. 5 Jul 1865, age 42y, h/of Elizabeth, [DO]
Goose, Mary Jane, d. 6 Dec 1876, w/of James B, [DO]
Goose, Mary, w/of Richard (Rest Of Stone Faded ), [DO]
Gordon, George, no dates, [DO]
Gosling, Frank, d. 23 Jun 1876, at Sizewell Suffolk Age 17 y, [DO]
Goulding, Catherine Spencer, d. 20 Feb 1865, age 80y, w/of John Barber Goulding, [DO]
Gray, Angelina P, d. 26 Nov 1871, age 46y, w/of James, [DO]
Gray, Emma Elizabeth, d. 9 Jan 1948, [SS]
Gray, James, d. 27 Aug 1892, age 80y, h/of Angelina P, [DO]
Green, Daniel, d. 28 Jan 1917, age 71y, h/of Maria, [DO]
Green, Elizabeth, d. 30 Oct 1865, age 27y, [SS]
Green, Jessie Rebecca, d. 24 Jul 1871, age 23y, d/of Charles & Jessie, [DO]
Green, Jessie, d. 7 Nov 1892, age 75y, w/of Charles, [DO]
Green, Maria, d. 11 May 1933, age 90y, w/of Daniel, [DO]
Greenacre, Alderman Harry Thomas, d. 21 Mar 1953, age 85y, h/of Mary Ann, [DO]
Greenacre, Elizabeth, b. 26 Sep 1812, d. 25 Jul 1887, w/of John, [DO]
Greenacre, John Henry, d. 3 Oct 1914, age 72y, [DO]
Greenacre, Mary Ann, d. 11 Jun 1953, age 84y, W/of Alderman Harry Thomas, [DO]
Greenacre, Mary Geraldine, d. 15 Feb 1991, age 92y, [DO]
Greenacre, Sarah Jane, d. 14 Aug 1930, age 86y, [DO]
Greenacre, Thomas, d. 16 Mar 1873, age 46y, h/of Sarah Ann Gladden Greenacre, [DO]
Greengrass, Sarah Ann, d. 13 Oct 1876, age 61y, w/of Thomas, [DO]
Greengrass, Thomas, date underground, [DO]
Greenwood, Charles Thomas, d. 1864, s/of Charles 7 Mary, [DO]
Grief, Elizabeth, d. 13 Sep 1879, age 61y, w/of William Valentine, [DO]
Grief, William Valentine, b. 14 Feb 1815, d. 29 Mar 1888, h/of Elizabeth, [DO]
Grimer, Catherine, d. 19 Nov 1866, age 36y, w/of James, [SS]
Grimes, Alice, d. 21 May 1938, age 41y, [DO]
Grimes, Eliza, d. 1875, w/of William Pestell Grimes (Rest of Stone Eroded ), [SS]
Grimes, Eliza, d. 2 ..., 1873, w/of William Pestell Grimes, [DO]
Grimes, Lily, d. 7 Jul 1949, [DO]
Grimmer, Charles, b. 1906, d. 1951, h/of Elizabeth, [SS]
Grimmer, Elizabeth Esther, d. 1 Jul 1910, age 55y, [DO]
Grimmer, Elizabeth, b. 1902, d. 196...w/of Charles, [SS]
Hacon, Henry Edward, d. 4 Jan 1930, age 58y, h/of Emily, [DO]
Hacon, James Thaine, d. 27 Sep 1872, age 42y, h/of Harriet, [SS]
Hales, James William, d. 19 Dec 1930, age 50y, [SS]
Hales, Louisa Elizabeth, d. 11 Sep 1937, age 70y, [SS]
Hales, Samuel, d. 11 Dec 1932, age 67y, h/of Louisa, [SS]
Hall, Arthur W, d. 8 Jan 1926, age 49y, [DO]
Hall, Charlotte, d. 15 Dec 1878, age 67y, w/of William Matthew, [SS]
Hall, William Matthew, d. 14 Oct 1895, h/of Charlotte, [SS]
Hambling, Ann, d. 10 Nov 1878, age 58y, w/of George, [DO]
Hambling, David R, d. 8 Jan 1872, age 26y, h/of Sarah, [DO]
Hambling, George Joshua, d. 6 Nov 1915, age 72y, h/of Mary Ann, [DO]
Hambling, George, d. 17 Jul 1884, age 63y, h/of Ann, [DO]
Hambling, Mary Ann, d. 14 Feb 1927, age 80y, w/of George Joshua, [DO]
Hambling, Rose A, d. 8 Feb 1875, age 11mo, d/of George Joshua & Mary Ann, [DO]
Hammond, James William, d. 4 May 1877, age 3 Days, [DO]
Hansell, Benjamin Waller, d. 28 Sep 1894, age 24y, Royal Naval Hospital Yokahama Japan, Nephew of Elizabeth King, [DO]
Harboard, Charlotte Nellie, d. 11 Jan 1955, age 83y, w/of Sir Arthur, [DO]
Harboard, Sir Arthur, d. 23 Feb 1941, age 75y, h/of Charlotte Nellie, [DO]
Harboard, Tpr Arthur Herbert, d. 6 Nov 1915 Malta, age 21y, s/of Arthur & Nellie, 1/1 Norfolk Yeomanry K.O.R.R, [DO]
Harbord, Charles, d. 14 Feb 1927, [SS]
Hardy, Susan, d. 30 Dec 1878, age 61y, w/of Daniel, [DO]
Harris, Harriet, d. 2 Apr 1897, age 70y, w/of John, [DO]
Harris, James, d. 23 Aug 1907, age 52y, h/of Jessica, [DO]
Harris, Jessica, d. 14 Jan 1935, age 75y, w/of James, [DO]
Harris, John, d. 14 Feb 1869, age 84y, [DO]
Harris, John, d. 22 May 1871, age 47y, h/of Harriet, [DO]
Harris, Mary, d. 20 Jun 1866, age 62y, [DO]
Harriss, George, d. 23 Jul 1886, age 59y, h/of Christiana, [DO]
Hartley, Maria, d. 12 Nov 1920, age 86y, w/of Robert, [DO]
Hartley, Robert, d. 24 Oct 1907, age 72yh/of Maria, [DO]
Harvey, Elizabeth, d. 26 Feb 1888, age 68y, w/of Robert, [DO]
Harvey, John, d. 18 Jun 1930, age 86y, h/of Mary Ann, [SS]
Harvey, Mary Ann, d. 5 Dec 1925, age 81y, w/of John, [SS]
Harvey, Robert, b. 18 Jul 1819, d. 8 Mar 1867, h/of Elizabeth, [DO]
Harvey, William Saul, d. 17 May 1878, age 6y 10mo, [SS]
Harwood, Benjamin, d. 18 Oct 1922, age 82y, h/of Elizabeth Maria, [SS]
Harwood, Elizabeth Caroline, d. 12 Nov 1947, age 74y, [SS]
Harwood, Elizabeth Maria, d. 24 Aug 1919, age 79y, w/of Benjamin, [SS]
Harwood, Frank, d. 29 Mar 1918, age 15y, s/of George 7 Eleanor, [SS]
Hayhow, Alice, d. 13 Mar 1942, age 86y, [SS]
Haylett, Charlotte Esther, d. 11 Feb 1878, age 36y, w/of Samuel, [SS]
Haylett, Dorothy Ann, d. 17 Apr 1939, age 76y, [DO]
Haylett, Edward Frederick, d. 28 Oct 1921, age 4 days, s/of Edward & Emma, [SS]
Haylett, Eleanor, d. 13 May 1879, age 60y, [DO]
Haylett, John, d. 14 Feb 1851, age 54y, [SS]
Haylett, John, d. 14 Feb 1851, age 54y, h/of Sarah, [SS]
Haylett, Joseph, d. 19 Oct 1878, age 71y, h/of Mary Ann, [DO]
Haylett, Mary Ann, d. 11 Nov 1876, age 68y, w/of Joseph, [DO]
Haylett, Robert George, d. 2 Mar 1946, age 81y, [DO]
Haylett, Samuel Sutton, d. 2 Mar 1879, age 63y, [DO]
Haylett, Sarah, d. 3 Mar 1869, age 74y, w/of John, [SS]
Haylett, Sarah, d. 31 Mar 1869, age 74y, [SS]
Hayman, Thomas William, d. 26 Sep 1932, age 64y, h/of Annie, [SS]
Herman, Ethel Maud, d. 6 Apr 1939, Auckland New Zealand, [SS]
Herman, Louisa Ann, d. 17 May 1931, age 81y, w/of Robert, [SS]
Herman, Robert, d. 21 Jan 1927, age 78y, h/of Louisa Ann, [SS]
Hibben, Arthur, b. 1 Aug 1876, d. 26 Sep 1876, [DO]
Hibben, Harry ??/?, b. 24 Jul 1850, d. 24 Dec 1882, [DO]
Hickling, Alice Tiney, d. 28 Feb 1931, age 61y, [DO]
Hickling, Lilian, d. 30 Jan 1872, age 3 Days, [DO]
High, Ann, d. 2 Oct 1875, age 78y, w/of Robert, [SS]
High, Martha Emma, d. 1 Aug 1927, age 77y, [DO]
High, Robert, d. 13 May 1875, age 84y, h/of Ann, [DO]
Hiles, Laura, d. 31 Aug 1881, age 23y, w/of Hiram E, [DO]
Hill, Benjamin, d. 11 Nov 1868, age 45y, h/of M.A. Hill, [DO]
Hill, Charles, d. 20 Oct 1973, age 69y, [SS]
Hill, Eric, d. 10 Jan 1938, age 19y, s/of Ernest & Alice, [DO]
Hill, Jeanne, d. 26 Dec 1934, age 4y 10mo, d/of John & Lily Hill, [SS]
Hill, Lily M, b. 1905, d. 2003, w/of John C Hill, [SS]
Hinds, Susanna, d. 6 Jan 1915, age 74y, [DO]
Hodds, Billy, d. 15 Jan 1997, age 85y, h/of Doris, [DO]
Hodds, Doris, d. 3 Oct 1995, age 82y, w/of Billy, [DO]
Hodds, Mary Ann, d. 13 Feb 1915, age 74y, [DO]
Hogg, Daniel James, d. 27 Sep 1875, age 40y, [SS]
Hogg, Emma Eliza, d. 15 Feb 1954, age 84y, [SS]
Hogg, James Coulsey, d. 22 Jul 1951, age 84y, [SS]
Holl, John, d. 13 Dec 1879, age 72y, h/of Emily, [DO]
Holland, Betsy, d. 17 Apr 1864, age 38y, w/of Robert, [DO]
Holley, Caroline Elizabeth, d. 26 May 1877, age 77y, [DO]
Holley, Thomas, d. Mar 1866, age 27 yrs, [DO]
Holmes, Agnes Leah, d. 16 Oct 1950, age 76y, [SS]
Holmes, Edward, d. 21 Jun 1879, age 69y, [DO]
Holmes, Francis John, d. Mar 1874, age 76y, [SS]
Holmes, Francis Sloman, d. 7 Sep 1872, age 78y, [SS]
Holmes.Ann, d. 8 Jan 1886, age 84y, [DO]
Holsworth, Mary Ann, d. 8 Feb 1948, age 85y, [SS]
Hone, Jane, d. 14 May 1889, age 51y, w/of James, [DO]
Hopkins, Sarah Ann Gladden, d. 12 Apr 1910, age 82y, [DO]
Houghton, Alfred Sterry, b. 1822, Southtown, d. 7 May 1885, age 62y, h/of Lorina, s/of Philip & Sarah Houghton, [DO]
Houghton, Charles Wright, d. 14 Mar ...., s/of William & Mary Ann, [DO]
Houghton, Lorina (Blogg), d. Jun 1909, w/of Alfred Sterry Houghton, d/of George Blogg, [DO]
Houghton, Richard, d. 9 Apr 1865, age 76y, [DO]
Houghton, Robert Page, d. 2 Apr 1898, age 79y, h/of Ann Houghton, [DO]
House, Ann Elizabeth, d. 27 Oct 1869, age 44y, w/of Edward, [DO]
Housego, Caroline, d. 26 Sep 1882, age 63y, w/of Henry, [SS]
Housego, Henry, d. 12 Mar 1880, age 64y, h/of Caroline, [SS]
Hovell, Alice Eliza, d. 31 Jan 1867, d/of Robert & Sarah, [SS]
Howard, Frank Rainer, d. 3 Jun 188......., [SS]
Howard, Georgiana, b. 31 Oct 1845, d. 14 Mar 1865, Only d/of Thomas & Mary Ann, [SS]
Howard, Hannah Maria, d. 27 Aug 1877, age 44y, w/of John, [SS]
Howard, Hannah, d. 17 Sep 1915, age 82y, Sister of Marinus Combes, [DO]
Howard, James, d. 23 May 1874, age 37y, h/of Persis, [SS]
Howard, John E, b. 29 Dec 1833, d. 10 Jun 1907, h/of Hannah Maria, [SS]
Howard, Minnie, d. 14 Mar 1865, age 9 days, Infant d/of Thomas & Mary Ann, [SS]
Howell, Elizabeth, d. 29 Jul 1881, age 29yw/of John, [DO]
Howes, Amelia Barcham, d. 21 Aug 1878, age 42y, h/of Henry, [SS]
Howes, Arthur, d. 24 Sep 1885, age 56y, [DO]
Howes, Clarinda Elizabeth, d. 23 Nov 1882, age 68y, w/of William, [DO]
Howes, Elizabeth, d. 18 Nov 1896, age 54y, w/of Walter, [DO]
Howes, George, d. 19 Apr 1860, age 23y, h/of Emma, [DO]
Howes, Hannah, d. 11 Aug 1900, age 55y, [DO]
Howes, Henry, d. 15 Apr 1886, age 43y, [DO]
Howes, Horace, d. 11 May 1896, age 42y, brother of Henry, [DO]
Howes, Louisa, d. 26 Apr 1926, age 82y, [DO]
Howes, Mary Ann Barcham, d. 22 Jan 1899, age 32y, w/of William, [DO]
Howes, Mary, d. 14 Mar 1868, age 58y, w/of William, [SS]
Howes, Richard, d. 2 Nov 1913, age 83y, h/of Mary Ann, [DO]
Howes, Susanna Maria, d. 10 Apr 1884, age 44y, d/of William & Clarinda E Howes, [DO]
Howes, Walter, d. 6 Oct 1923, age 82y, h/of Elizabeth, [DO]
Howes, William, d. 14 May 1890, age 76y, h/of Clarinda Elizabeth, [DO]
Hubbard, John Butterfant, d. 28 Feb 1935, age 82y, h/of Mary Ann, [SS]
Hubbard, Mary Ann, d. 13 Feb 1932, age 77y, w/of John Butterfant, [SS]
Hubbard, William, d. 23 Dec 1870, age 74y, h/of Frances, [DO]
Hubbard, William, d. 3 Jun 1879, age 54y, h/of Frances, [SS]
Huke, Eliza Elizabeth, d. 1 Mar 1869, age 4y, [SS]
Hull, Edwin Alexander, d. 11 May 1928, [DO]
Humphrey, Sarah, d. 27 Aug 1863, age 69y, [SS]
Hunn, Beatrice, d. 23 Aug 1917, w/of William Richard, [DO]
Hunn, Edwin Alexander Hull, d. 11 May 1928, [DO]
Hunt, Gertrude, d. 26 Sep 1966, age 72y, [SS]
Hunt, Henry Charles, d. 28 Feb 1962, age 69y, [SS]
Hunter, Lena Agnes, d. 6 Nov 1884, age 8 y, d/of Frederick James & Mary, [DO]
Hunter, Mary Ellen, d. 4 Jun 1934, age 63y, [DO]
Hutton, John Van, b. 10 Mar 1776, d. 16 Jan 1878, h/of Sarah, [DO]
Imes, James Thomas, d. 22 Aug 1878, age 23y, youngest s/of James Thomas & Rebecca, [DO]
Impson, Daphne Ann, d. 30 Oct 1937, age 1y 7mo, [SS]
Ives,, Graveplot Overgrown With Large Tree, [DO]
Jack, Frederick Billington, d. 26 Dec 1915, [SS]
Jackson, Rev Oliver, d. 11 Feb 1895, age 79y, [DO]
Jackson, Sarah, d. 11 Apr 1892, w/of Oliver, [DO]
James, Rev John, d. 21 Apr 1918, age 75y, [DO]
Jarmey, Eva Joyce, d. 8 Dec 1973, age 46y, [DO]
Jarmey, Percy, d. 1933 age 4y, [DO]
Jarmey, Thomas Henry, d. 4 Nov 2001, age 80y, [DO]
Jarvis, John, d. 8 Feb 1877, age 77y, h/of Susan, [DO]
Jary, Arthur, d. 14 Apr 1956, age 88y, h/of Henrietta Kate, [SS]
Jary, Frank William, d. 1 Nov 1949, age 68y, h/of Annie, [DO]
Jary, Henrietta Kate, d. 1 May 1952, age 88y, w/of Arthur, [SS]
Jary, Hilda Emily, d. 11 Oct 1987, age 88y, w/of Walter Frank, [SS]
Jary, Leonard William, d. 27 Feb 1986, age 82y, h/of Olive Maud, [SS]
Jary, Olive Maud, d. 6 Apr 1987, age 77y, w/of Leonard William, [SS]
Jary, Walter Frank, d. 19 Feb 1969, age 71y, h/of Hilda Emily, [SS]
Jay, Alice, d. 1889, [SS]
Jay, Ann, d. 1 Jan 1881, age 26y, w/of William, [DO]
Jay, Captain James, b. 8 Jul 1839, d. 12 May 1916, [DO]
Jay, Carrie, d. 1 Sep 1922, age 62y, w/of James, [DO]
Jay, Charlotte A, d. age 4y, [DO]
Jay, Charlotte, d. 24 Oct 1936, age 95y, [DO]
Jay, James, d. 11 Jan 1906, age 47y, h/of Carrie, [DO]
Jay, John, d. 1890, [SS]
Jay, Mabel M, b. 1893, d. 1980, [SS]
Jay, Margaret, b. Fraserburgh 9 Jul 1893, d. 9 Nov 1937, w/of George V Jay, [DO]
Jay, Mary Ann, b. 1856, d. 1947, [SS]
Jay, Maurice, d. 1935, [SS]
Jay, Walter J, d. aged 2y, [DO]
Jenner, Arthur Edward, d. 13 Feb 1898, age 30y, s/of Charles & Hannah, [DO]
Jenner, Charles J, d. 2 Jun 1899, age 75y, h/of Hannah, [DO]
Jenner, Charles John, d. date faded, [DO]
Jenner, Hannah, d. 30 Apr 1899, age 64y, w/of Charles J Jenner, [DO]
Jermy.Rosina Maud, d. 21 Jan 1977, age 88y, [SS]
Jinkerson, Raymond (Little Ray), d. 4 Mar 1917, age 3y, Only Child of Harry & Marie, [SS]
John, David, d. 13 Feb 1876, age 30y, h/of Rachel Late of Milford Haven, [DO]
Johns, Cyril Stanley, d. 12 Sep 1906, age 1y 11 Mnths, s/of Arthur & Kate Johns, [DO]
Johnson, Charles W, d. 22 Jun 1859, age 7y, [SS]
Johnson, Elizabeth, d. 14 Jul 1879, age 81y, w/of John, [SS]
Johnson, Ellen E, d. 14 Feb 1859, age 4y, [SS]
Johnson, Frederick J. B.Johnson, d. 12 Dec 1891, age 45y, h/of Mary Jane, [DO]
Johnson, Frederick William Freeman, b. 27 Mar 1871, d. 20 Aug 1871, [DO]
Johnson, Henry, d. 28 Feb 1881, age 70y, h/of Elizabeth, [DO]
Johnson, Jane E, d. 23 Jul 1870, age 3mo, [SS]
Johnson, John Robert, d. 4 Oct 1904, age 54y, [DO]
Johnson, John, d. 4 Feb 1878, age 81y, h/of Elizabeth, [SS]
Johnson, Lily Celia, d. 31 Dec 9141, age 57y, [SS]
Johnson, Margaret, d. 29 ........1861, age 43y, [SS]
Johnson, Margaret, d. 31 May 1862, age 55y, w/of Henry, [DO]
Johnson, Mary Jane, d. 23 Jan 1915, age 66y, w/of Frederick J.B. Johnson, [DO]
Johnson, Rose Christiana, d. 23 Mar 1898, age 44y, w/of John Robert Johnson, [DO]
Johnson, Samuel, Rest of Stone Eroded, [SS]
Johnson, Walter Richard, d. 2 Aug 1959, age 79y, [SS]
Johnson, William Gower, d. 2 Mar 1941, age 73y, [SS]
Johnson, William Steward, b. 14 Apr 1821, d. 7 Oct 1905, [DO]
Jones, Robert, d. 9 Aug 1875, age 36y, h/of Matilda Sophia, [DO]
Jones, William Harry, d. 23 May 1868, age 49y, h/of Sarah Ann, [SS]
Julier, 13 Children, d. In Infancy, 13 Children of Samuel Thomas & Elizabeth Mary, [DO]
Julier, Jessamine Emma, d. 17 Jun 1928, age 68y, [DO]
Julier, Robert Mornington, d. 24 Dec 1925, age 31y, [SS]
Julier, Sarah Alice, d. 14 Feb 1865, age 7y 9mo, d/of Miles & Sarah, [SS]
Julier, Sarah Eliza, d. 9 May 1931, age 56y, [SS]
Julier, Susan, d. 2 Feb 1888, age 87y, [DO]
Julier, Thirza Jane, d. 14 Oct 1878, age 29y, d/of Samuel Thomas & Elizabeth Mary, [DO]
Kanneigiesser, Charles, d. 16 Mar 1894, age 81y, h/of Margaret Jane, [SS]
Kanneigiesser, Margaret Jane, d. 30 Nov 1882, age 52y, w/of Charles, [SS]
Keeler, Harriet, b. 5 Nov 1815, d. 9 Feb 1872, w/of Richard, [DO]
Keeler, Richard, d. 12 Dec 1875, age 67y, h/of Harriet, [DO]
Kemp, Edward Curtis, d. 10 Jun 1881, age 86y, (Minister of St Georges Chapelery), [SS]
Kemp, Elizabeth Ann, d. 9 Mar 1878, age 81y, W/of Reverend E.C Kemp, [SS]
Kemp, Frances Mary, d. 10 Nov 1897, age 63y, [SS]
Kemp, Hannah, d. 27 Mar 1866, age 84y, w/of Joseph, [DO]
Kemp, Henry James, d. 11 Jul 1881, age 48y, [SS]
Kerridge, Arthur William, b. 24 Dec 1873, d. 20 Sep 1875, s/of James Daniel & Susanna Jane, [SS]
Kerridge, Susanna Jane, b. 3 Nov 1849, d. 20 Nov 1876, w/of James Daniel, [SS]
Kerrison, Agnes, d. 10 Feb 1936, age 64y, w/of James, [DO]
Kerrison, Emma, d. 11 Jul 1891, age 56y 5 Mnths, w/of John, [DO]
Kerry, James, d. 27 Apr 1879, age 30y, h/of Elizabeth, [DO]
Kesler, Bertie Wilfred, d. 14 Aug 1998, age 82y, [SS]
Kesler, Gladys Eileen (Paston), d. 27 Jul 2002, age 84y, [SS]
King, Alfred, d. 14 Apr 1879, age 47y, h/of Maria, [DO]
King, Amelia, d. 1 May 1924, age 72y, w/of Arthur, [DO]
King, Anna Maria, b. 20 Aug 1863, d. 17 Dec 1864, d/of David & Maria, [DO]
King, Arthur Sydney, d. 20 May 1969, age 71y, [DO]
King, Arthur, d. 26 Jun 1908, age 57y, h/of Amelia, [DO]
King, Caroline, d. 11 Jan 1892, age 60y, w/of Daniel King, [DO]
King, Catherine, d. 28 Jun 1882, age 29y, w/of Ambrose Gibbs King, [DO]
King, Charlotte Emily, d. 21 Jun 1972, age 88y, [DO]
King, David Richard Goodwin, d. 30 ...(.Rest of Stone Overgrown in Ivy), [DO]
King, Eliza, d. 4 Feb 1887, age 83y, w/of John, [DO]
King, Elizabeth, d. 5 Sep 1897, age 63y, [DO]
King, Emily E, d. 5 Jul 1970, age 82y, [DO]
King, Frederick John, d. 30 Jan 1879, age 29y, second, s/of Charles King of Halstead Essex, [DO]
King, Frederick, d. 27 Mar 1960, [SS]
King, Harriet Elizabeth, d. 1 Sep 1915, age 83y, w/of William, [SS]
King, Henry George, d. 21 Oct 1958, age 75y, [DO]
King, Henry William, d. 14 Sep 1904, age 78y, h/of Maria, [DO]
King, Jane, d. 5 Nov 1900, age 63y, [DO]
King, John, d. 16 Apr 1931, age 76y, [SS]
King, Louisa Elizabeth, d. 11 May 1877, age 29y, d/of Samuel & Elizabeth, [DO]
King, Louisa Maria, b. 28 Apr 1827, d. 16 Aug 1889, of Wymondham, [DO]
King, Maria, d. 11 Sep 1897, age 69y, w/of Henry William King, [DO]
King, Samuel, d. Feb 1871, age 24y, h/of Elizabeth, [DO]
King, Sarah Ann, d. 2 Jul 1956, age 71y, [SS]
King, Sarah, d. 17 Nov 1889, age 45y, w/of John, [DO]
King, Susannah Florence, d. 14 Aug 1960, age 67y, [DO]
King, William F, d. 29 Dec 1935, age 60y, [DO]
King, William Richard, d. 20 Oct 1959, age 70y, [DO]
King, William, d. 11 Dec 1900, age 72y, [DO]
Kirby, Mary Ann, d. 9 Nov 1919, age 85y, w/of The Late Thomas, [DO]
Kirby, Thomas, d. 3 Aug 1876, age 59y, h/of Maria, [DO]
Kirsop, George Herbert, d. 20 Dec 1872, infant s/of Reverand Joseph Kirsop & Isabella, [DO]
Knight, Emma, d. 15 Dec 1943, age 81y, w/of William George, [DO]
Knight, George, d. 10 May 1946, age 82y, [DO]
Knights, Ann Maria, d. 24 May 1878, age 68y, w/of George, [SS]
Knights, Anna Maria, d. 24 May 1878, age 68y, w/of George, [DO]
Knights, Charlotte, d. 31 Aug 1888, age 58y, w/of Late William Knights, [DO]
Knights, Edward (Ted), d. 7 Nov 1949, age 43y, [SS]
Knights, Frances, d. 21 Jul 1887, age 52y, w/of William, [DO]
Knights, George, d. 27 Jul 1882, age 71y, h/of Anna Maria, [DO]
Knights, Martha Elizabeth, b. 14 Nov 1824, d. 21 Aug 1897, w/of Samuel Gedge Knights, [DO]
Knights, Nellie Gertrude, d. 6 Feb 1975, age 89y, [DO]
Knights, Samuel Gedge, d. 1 Aug 1899, [DO]
Knights, Samuel Gedge, d. 30 Mar 1905, [DO]
Knights, Samuel, d. 18 Apr 1920, age 78y, [SS]
Knights, William Robert Mobbs, d. 28 Dec 1952, age 65y, [DO]
Lacey, Herbert Burwell, d. 12 Dec 1916, age 8y, [SS]
Lacey, Herbert James, d. 2 Feb 1926, age 45y, h/of Charlotte B Lacey, [SS]
Lacon, Harriet, d. 10 Oct 1881, [DO]
Lamb, Christiana, d. 12 Oct 1878, age 43y, [DO]
Lamb, Joseph, d. 2 Oct 1872, age 37y, [DO]
Lamb, Margaret Eleanor, d. 2 Dec 1901, age 44yd/of Joseph, [DO]
Lane, John Frederick James, d. 3 Feb 1936, age 2y, [DO]
Lark, Charles Palgrave, b. 9 Sep 1867, d. 25 Jan 1913, [DO]
Lark, Charles, d. 20 Mar 1907, age 69y, [DO]
Lark, Emma Jane, d. 27 Jul 1961, age 92y, [DO]
Lark, Gertrude Maud Martha, d. 4 Jun 1966, age 89y, [DO]
Lark, Martha Easter, d. 27 Dec 1899, age 54y, w/of Charles, [DO]
Lark, Sarah, b. 22 Jan 1864, d. 6 Mar 1956, [DO]
Larke, Sarah Elizabeth, d. 30 Aug 1883, age 51y, w/of Walter Henry Walker Larke, [DO]
Larkins, Henry Arthur, d. 6 Feb 1924, age 71y, h/of Elizabeth, [DO]
Larkins, James Riches, d. 10 Feb 1901, age 56y, h/of Sarah Ann R Larkins, [DO]
Lawne, Ellen, d. 1 Mar 1954, age 87y, w/of James, [DO]
Lawne, James, d. 25 Jul 1945, h/of Ellen, [DO]
Layton, Jane, d. 31 Jul 1871, age 50y, w/of Thomas, [DO]
Leach, Jabez William, d. 7 Jan 1932, age 66y, h/of Emily Sarah, [DO]
Lee, Rebecca, d. 11 Nov 1881, age 61y, w/of James, [SS]
Lee, Robert, d. 27 Jun 1930, age 72y, h/of Emily, [SS]
Leech, Charles, d. 26 Apr 1932, age 58y, [DO]
Leech, Eliza Elizabeth, d. 3 Sep 1886, age 47y, w/of Thomas Miles Leech, [DO]
Leech, Judith, d. 26 Nov 1900, age 53y, [DO]
Leech, Thomas Miles, d. 7 Jan 1914, age 74y, h/of Eliza Elizabeth, [DO]
Leech, William Miles, d. 27 Mar 1930, age 82y, [DO]
Leggett, James, d. 21 Oct 1926, age 78y, h/of Martha, [DO]
Leggett, Laura, d. 12 Jan 1893, age 27y, w/of James, [SS]
Leggett, Martha, d. 8 Feb 1916, age 66y, w/of James, [DO]
Lepard, Ernest Thomas, d. 6 Jun 1880, [DO]
Lepard, Henry George, d. 15 Sep 1882, age 11mo, s/of Thomas & Ellen, [DO]
Lepard, Horace, d. Nov ......, s/of Thomas & Ellen, [DO]
Lewis, Johnny, d. 7 Jan 1952, age 4y, [DO]
Liffen, Edgar Emmanuel, d. 12 Mar 1887, age 16y, drowned, [DO]
Liffen, Edgard E, d. 11 Mar 1947, age 60y, h/of Ethel, [DO]
Liffen, Emmanuel, d. 27 Oct 1930, age 81y, h/of Hannah, [DO]
Liffen, Ethel, d. 14 May 1936, age 46y, w/of Edgar E, [DO]
Liffen, Hannah, d. 16 Jun 1943, age 82y, w/of Emmanuel, [DO]
Liffen, Louisa, d. 6 Apr 1885, age 35y, w/of Emmanuel, [DO]
Liffen, Maria, d. 13 Feb 1897, age 71y, w/of William Saunders, [DO]
Liffen, William Saunders, d. 24 Nov 1879, age 58y, h/of Maria, [DO]
Limmex, Joseph, d. 7 Nov 1906, age 90y, [DO]
Limmex, Mahala, d. 17 Jul 1905, age 83y, w/of Joseph, [DO]
Lincoln, Edith, d. 17 Jul 1948, age 67y, [SS]
Lincoln, Frederick David, d. 15 Sep 1876, age 59y, [DO]
Lincoln, Lorina, d. 30 Dec ......, age 71y, w/of Horace J, [DO]
Lincoln, Phyllis, d. 6 Sep 1917, age 6y, [SS]
Lines, Harry George, d. 2 Nov 1902, age 32y, [DO]
Lingwood, Albert Victor, d. 30 May 1938, age 50y, [DO]
Lingwood, Elizabeth, d. 29 Jul 1868, age 48y, w/of George, [SS]
Lingwood, Frances Elizabeth, d. 12 Mar 1872, age 22y, d/of George & Elizabeth, [SS]
Lingwood, John George, d. 5 Aug 1852, age 5mo, s/of George & Elizabeth, [SS]
Lingwood, Robert William, d. 13 Jul 1904, age 41y, [DO]
Livock, Emily, d. 3 Jan 1880, age 25y, w/of George, [DO]
London, Mary, d. 16 Mar 1892, age 64y, sister of Richard Forder, [SS]
Long, Elizabeth, d. 10 May 1878, age 61y, w/of James, [SS]
Long, James, d. 6 Oct 1841, age 48y, h/of Mary, [SS]
Long, John Frederic, d. 10 Nov 1933, age 86y, h/of Mary Ann, [SS]
Long, Mary Ann, d. 15 May 1872, age 24y, w/of John Frederic, [SS]
Long, Mary, d. 8 Apr 1870, age 75y, w/of James, [SS]
Louth, Thomas, d. 26 Jun 1878, age 82y, [SS]
Love, Charlotte, d. 25 Apr 1891, [DO]
Love, Frances Anne, d. 24 Jun 1917, [DO]
Love, Georgina, d. 26 Dec 1905, [DO]
Love, Susanna, d. 25 Apr 1891, [DO]
Love, William George, d. 17 May 1963, age 38y, [SS]
Lubbock, Alfred, d. 23 Mar 1948, age 81y, h/of Maria Selina, [DO]
Lubbock, Maria Selina, d. 8 Sep 1962, age 93y, w/of Alfred, [DO]
Lugar, Charlotte, d. 12 Dec 1878, age 82y, [SS]
Lugar, Robert, d. 11 Mar 1872, age 75y, [SS]
Mack, Susan Hepzibah, b. 6 May 1817, d. 17 Feb 18.., w/of William, [DO]
Maddeys, Brian, d. 1 Feb 1936, age 5 Mnths, [DO]
Maddeys, Caroline Hannah, d. 27 Nov 1966, age 81y, [SS]
Maddeys, James, b. 28 May 1847, d. 25 Jul 1884, s/of James 7 Ann, [DO]
Maddeys, James, d. 22 Sep 1877, age 52y, h/of Ann, [DO]
Maddeys, Lily Edith, d. 25 Jun 1986, age 64y, [SS]
Maddeys, Teddy, Killed In Action 25 Jan 1941, age 13 yrs, [DO]
Maddeys, Thomas George, d. 21 Aug 1985, age 65y, [SS]
Maffen, Elizabeth Ann, Rest of Stone Eroded, [SS]
Mallett, Elizabeth Anne, d. 4 Apr 1866, age 66y, w/of Samuel, [DO]
Mallett, Emma, d. 27 May 1900, age 76y, w/of Joshua, [SS]
Mallett, Joshua, d. 24 Jan 1880, age 66y, h/of Emma, [SS]
Mallett, Samuel, d. 21 Jan 1876, age 70y, h/of Elizabeth A, C Mallett, [DO]
Mannall, Mary, d. 18 Dec 1888, age 80y, w/of Samuel, [SS]
Mannall, Samuel, d. 18 Oct 1876, age 74y, h/of Mary, [SS]
Mannall, William Austin, b. 1903, d. 1981, [DO]
Markwell, Robert Right John William, b. 1 Jan 1831, d. 26 Aug 1871, s/of John & Mary Ann, [SS]
Marsh, Richard Edward, d. 31 Mar 1933, age 78y, h/of Rachel Alice, [DO]
Marston, Thomas, d. 14 Jul 1877, age 52y, h/of Esther, [DO]
Martin, Susannah Houghton, d. 17 Mar 1934, age 52y, [SS]
Martin, William, d. 9 Oct 1948, age underground, [SS]
Mason, Maud, No Date, w/of Percy, [DO]
Mason, Percy, d. 23 Feb 1949, age 51y, h/of Maud, [DO]
Mayes, Arthur Henry, b. 31 Jul 1891, d. 17 Sep 1892, s/of Arthur George & Charlotte Eliza, [SS]
Mayes, Charlotte Eliza, d. 26 Dec 1881, age 27y, w/of Arthur George, [SS]
Mayes, Mary Ann, d. 5 Mar 1926, age 70y, W/of Arthur C Mayes, [SS]
Mc Dowell, James, d. 11 Nov 1867, age 53y, h/of Mary Ann, [SS]
McCord, Sarah, d. 2 Oct 1953, age 83y, [DO]
Miles, James Talbot, b. 21 Jun 1793, d. 25 Jan 1868, [SS]
Miles, Laura, d. 6 Sep 1881, age 10 Days, d/of Hiram E & Laura, [DO]
Milligan, Maria, d. 19 Dec 1879, age 39y, w/of William, [DO]
Mills, Charles T, no dates, [DO]
Mitchell, Ernest, d. 24 Jul 1928, age 2y, [DO]
Mitchell, Henry, d. 20 Sep 1909, age 9y, [DO]
Mitchell, Susannah, d. 19 Dec 1937, age 91y, [DO]
Mollett, Robert, d. 29 May 1873, age 55y, h/of Jane, [DO]
Moore, Clara, d. 27 Oct 1954, w/of George C, [SS]
Moore, Sarah Ann, b. 22 Feb 1820, d. 7 Mar 1898, [DO]
Morley, Amelia T, d. 29 Jan 1906, [SS]
Morley, David Benjamin, b. 13 Aug 1831, d. 14 Sep 1897, [DO]
Morley, Elizabeth Ellen, d. 18 Jun 1882, age 42y, w/of Joseph, [SS]
Morley, Elizabeth, d. 2 Sep 1900, age 71y, Eldest d/of Joseph, [SS]
Morley, Elizabeth, d. 7 Sep 1911, age 84y, w/of Robert Richard, [DO]
Morley, James, d. 21 May 1866, age 13y, [SS]
Morley, James, d. 28 Apr 1854, age 34y, h/of Maria Barnes Morley, [SS]
Morley, Rebecca, d. 2 Apr 1870, age 18y, [SS]
Morley, Robert Richard, d. 4 Apr 1894, age 67y, h/of Elizabeth, [DO]
Morris, Charles Christopher, d. 24 Oct 1878, age 21y, s/of James & Elizabeth, [SS]
Mortimer, John Thursby, d. 15 Apr 1882, age 69y, [DO]
Moss, Anne Harriet, d. 3 Sep 1913, age 33y, w/of Herbert Edward, [DO]
Moss, Harriett, d. 19 Mar 1876, age 60y, w/of Martin Moss Captain of John & Jane Of Great Yarmouth, [DO]
Moss, Jane, d. 29 Jan 1923, age 91y, w/of Thomas M Moss, [DO]
Moss, Maria, b. 1 Feb 1846, d. 9 Nov 1903, w/of Henry Moss, [DO]
Moss, Mary Ann, d. 2 May 1878, age 83y, w/of William, [DO]
Moss, Sarah O, d. 4 Dec 1921, age 96y, w/of William M Moss, [SS]
Moss, Thomas M, d. 13 Aug 1896, age 64y, h/of Jane, [DO]
Moss, Violet Annie, d. 7 Oct 1918, age 10y, [DO]
Moss, William M, d. 28 Jul 1877, age 47y, h/of Sarah, [SS]
Moyse, Ernest, no dates, [DO]
Munford, Judith Ann, d. 5 Apr 1878, age 61y, w/of Thomas Dawson Munford, [DO]

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